Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Gymboree Birthday Party Part 1: The DIY Decor & Aesthetics

Finally more than two months after, I’m now blogging about mi amocito’s super fun and super DIY birthday party at Gymboree Sta. Rosa! This time around, the theme was dinosaurs!  Raviv’s interest in dinosaurs was recycled.  Perfect, because Gymboree already has a customized dinosaur-themed play & learn birthday party celebration.

Since I knew that I’d be fulfilling one of my passions—event styling—through Gymboree, I decided to make Raviv’s party super DIY.  As in no catering, no chairs supplier, everything will be done by me and “my team”.  That way, we could already practice our artistic prowess (naks!) in case someone who books a Gymboree party in Sta. Rosa also opts to get an upgrade and have a customized and special decors.

So without further ado, here are the details:


The Venue

Raviv’s birthday party was held at the room adjacent to the Gymboree playfloor.  The room was really bare and had a low ceiling.

DIY Dinosaur Party Set-up 

Tables and chairs

Since I had no catering, I had to make use of Brain Train’s existing monobloc tables and chairs on top of Gymboree’s colorful kiddie tables and chairs.  Since the monobloc look so plain, I bought some cloth as and had a seamstress create table cloth and table runners out of them.  I would have wanted to cover the chairs as well, but since we were running out of time, I just put a rosette with dinosaur foam shapes on each chair.

DIY dinosaur party chair

It was matrabaho, yes, but it definitely made the place look hundreds of times better.


The Ceiling drops

I used latex and mylar polka-dot balloons to further prettify the place.  But the highlight among the ceiling drops were the diosaur pompoms that Yaya Beth and I painstakingly made.

DIY dinosaur birthday party pompoms

I would like to say that it’s actually easy to do that, but we actually had several tries before we perfected it.  Once we were able to discover how to properly do it, medyo dumali na rin.


The Invitation

DIY dinosaur birthday party invitation

If you’ve been following my blog since Raviv’s first birthday party, then you’d know how maarte I am when it comes to invitations.  I’m almost allergic to generic, impersonal invitations. #sorrybutnotsorry  Thus, career kung career ang invitation ni Raviv.  I designed the dinosaur cut-out (I just looked for an image of dinasaur online and took it from there).  Then I bought cardboard and cut out the “cracked egg” shapes.  But the most madugo part is the green mosaic you see—that’s real egg shells that I’ve painted, dried, pound, and stuck to the invitation.  Yes, I rounded up our neighbors and asked for their egg shells for 50 handmade invitations.  Sulit din naman because people gushed how cute Raviv’s invitation was!


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You Wanna Know What Love Is?

Before February ends, I want to share with you what I have learned about love in the past years.  I am in my guru mood, so pagbigyan n’yo na.

Disclaimer muna:  I’m no love expert—I hold no psychology degree, I don’t avidly attend seminars about love or relationships (never did)…heck, I don’t even read self-help books on love and relationships (or any book from the Self-Help Section in particular)!  And Randy and I still have regular shouting matches and cold wars.
Now what gives me the credibility to talk about love?  Because I have been in love with the same man for more than a decade, and I know he has been with me for a longer period of time (lagot siya sa akin kung hindi!)  It’s still a relatively short period of time for many, but it’s also a long period of time for some.  So for whatever it’s worth, I want to share with you things that I’ve learned about love for the past years, which I deem are nuggets of wisdom.  I’ll do away with the pa-awwww and pa-witty definitions of love.  Andaling i-Google ng mag yun.  But what I’ll be sharing with you are my personal realizations about love.  These are from the heart, from humbling and humiliating moments, through tears and laughters.

1. Love can’t exist without respect.  Have you ever experienced being in love with someone and yet you still fantasize about cheating?  I did.  In retrospect, I realized that I was like that because I did not respect the person I was in a relationship with.  I just felt I was in love, but because I did not respect them, I still had wandering eyes and wondering mind.  Of course those relationships miserably failed.  With Randy though, I would feel guilty and feel really bad when I cheat on him—get this—in my dreams!  Alam n’yo ‘yung sa panaginip n’yo may ginawa kayong kalokohan and in that same dream I would cry and feel anguish and fear because darn—I cheated on Randy!  Ganun.  That’s how I respect him and yes, fear him.  I guess I respected Randy because at the onset, I knew he wasn’t in this relationship just for fun.  I knew he was in it for the long haul, and he was a great catch that I didn’t want to do anything to ruin our relationship.

2. To stay in love is a decision and a commitment.  This is what many fail to realize.  You know when I was young, I used to believe that when the person I’m in a relationship with falls in love with another person, I have to let go without any anger.  In fact, I felt I had no right to get angry because hello—that’s what he feels, ‘di ba?  Mako-control ba ang feelings?!? Well, the answer is, “Yes.”  I guess the “decision” part takes a certain level of maturity, that’s why immature young ones should stay away from getting married.  And when you are in a committed relationship and you respect the person you’re in the relationship with, you actually decide to stay in love.  We should not rely on our “feelings”, because they’re very unstable.  Haller, I’ve felt like punching Randy and pulling out his hair and kicking his butt hundreds of times already.  I’m sure he felt the same way too, thousands of times pa!  There were also times we considered separating because we just hated each other so much!  But here we still are.  Why?  Because we want to make our relationship work.  We both do.  We know that the hatred we feel toward each other is fleeting, and if we let our feeling of being annoyed rule over us, we wouldn’t have lasted even for a month.  Remember, the head is above the heart.  If you let your feelings rule over your sensibilities and commitments, please don’t ever get married.  The hot-and-heavy aka honeymon period doesn’t last forever, keep that in mind!  And when it ends, marriage isn’t something you chunk almost without a fight and just say, “OK I made a mistake, but I deserve to be free and have a chance at happiness again.” [Read more…]

Wardrobe Diary #68: It’s All About Love (Feb. 14, 2015)

My Valentine’s date story hasn’t ended yet!!!  So please, please allow me to relish my Valentine’s date.  But before that, let me show you first my Valentine’s Day outfit:

Here I was by our hotel room door at Acacia Hotel before having breakfast:

And here I was at the Acaci Restaurant after a very satisfying breakfast:

Sequined shift dress: Culte Femme

Bag: Marc Jacobs Stam

Ballet flats: Yosi Samra

You know, I had second thoughts about wearing a shift dress because shift dresses tend to make me shapeless.  And looking at the photos above, medyo nga.  But this Culte Femme dress looked and felt so good to wear that I took the risk.  Besides, the fact that its waist wasn’t cinched was perfect because I planned to eat a lot. ;)

Anyway, back to our date.  So Randy and I had a scrumptious buffet breakfast at Acaci Restaurant.  That’s part of our Valentine’s package at Acacia Hotel. [Read more…]

Reminder to Self: Do not be overprotective!

I feel sad today.  It started as a happy day, but things went to a disparate turn when I received an email.  I will no longer delve into it as that would make me unhappier, but the cause of my unhappiness reminded me again of something:  that parental love—that pure, unconditional love we have for our children—could be the reason why our kids don’t realize their full potentials.  Or worse, the reason why they suck at being a good friend, subordinate, spouse, or even a parent.

I’ve read and heard that “a mother’s love for her child is so great and unparalleled, blah-blah-blah” a gazillion times, that such declarations have become trite and unmeaningful for me.  Until I became a mom myself.  It was then that I realized that the “exagerrated accounts” of a mother’s love were no exaggerations…they may even be suppressions of the greatmess of the miracle of being able to love the way moms love their kids.

You changed my life in a moment, and I’ll never be the same again…

When I became a mom, seeing my one-year old Raviv being told, “You are not our friend!” (by an older girl whose mom did not even berate) pained me more than any heartbreak I have ever experienced.

Seeing him having trouble breathing because of clogged nose made me act as though he had a life-threatening disease.
Seeing him being appreciated by people whose guts I hated made me treasure such people, while seeing him snubbed by people I loved made me hate these peole’s guts.

Indeed, being a parent is nothing short of a miracle.  It’s like discovering another compartment in your heart and only your child could unlock and occupy it.  Nothing bad can be said about the pureness and nobleness of a mother’s love.

But this same love may also hinder our children from being the best that they could be, as this love makes us overprotective and always biased for our children.

More and more studies have authenticated that children of overprotective parents are risk aversive, have difficulty making decisions, and lack the wherewithal to become successful in life. Furthermore, children of overprotective parents cannot deal adequately with hardships and other frustrations of life. In other words, they have very low tolerance for frustration- they crumble at the first sign of frustration.

- lifted from THIS WEBSITE

If there’s anything good that the email I received yesterday did me, it always reminds me to raise Raviv not just to satisfy my maternal instincts, but for him to satisfy the other roles in his life.  It (along with the other instances connected to it) makes me promise that I will raise Raviv in such a way that:

  1. He honors his commitments.
  2. He does not easily give up.
  3. He acknowledges his mistake and owns up to it.
  4. He knows the world does not revolve around him.
  5. He knows we will love him no matter what, but there will be times he has to be alone.

It really saddens me to see good kids with great potentials “debackboned” by parents who think that just because it’s their kid, everyone else has to be understanding and make allowances.  Anyone who hurts their kids are automatically bad people.

So allow me to give myself a pat on the back for biting my tongue on the two instances I saw Raviv being bullied.  It hurt, yes, but like what I said, I always have to remember that (1) Raviv has to learn to deal with problems, and (2) Raviv isn’t always right.

When I realized how much I love my son, I knew I had to rein myself from being an overprotective mom. I would always remind myself that “a diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well”. Let us make our kids extra special by teaching them integrity, honor, honesty, responsibility and independence.
Let us remember that our kid is not just our kid; he/she is also someone’s friend, classmate, and student. Eventually he/she will become a spouse, parent, employee or boss. Our kid being “our kid” is but a speck of all the roles he/she will play in his/her lifetime. And each role has its own challenges whose goal is to make a diamond out of him/her.

Wardrobe Diary #67: High on Love (Feb. 13, 2015)


I hope you had a love-filled Valentine’s weekend, just as I did!  I loved how our Valentine’s date went.    And boy, did we make the most out of it. ;)

This is a big deal for me because:

1. This was only the second time we had each other only to ourselves on an overnight date ever since Raviv was born.  ‘Yung first one, ang jologs pa nung place.

2. Valentine’s Day used to be stressful for us, because February used to be super busy for us.  As in sakit pa ng ulo for me because I would reluctantly heed Randy’s request na mag-date naman daw kami (#AkoNa).  And after a lunch date somewhere without any reservations, we would rush back to work.  Going through the motions lang talaga para hindi masabing wala na kaming romansa sa katawan.

But not this year.  Five days to go before Valenrine’s Day, we already had a concrete plan (yes, prepared na kami nang lagay na ‘yan!)

In the afternoon of Friday the 13th, Randy and I dropped Raviv at Gymboree Sta. Rosa then headed to Acacia Hotel in Alabang.  We got Acacia Hotel’s Valentine’s staycation package, and we also had tickets to its Valentine’s show.  We chose to spend it in Alabang because Randy is allergic to MMDA and traffic.  Eh haller, Saturday ang Valentine’s!

We arrived at Acacia Hotel at almost 4 p.m.  I loved almost everything about Acacia Hotel, by the way.  It’s a big part of why it was such a pleasant Valentine’s weekend.

I can’t help but feel extra special with Acacia Hotel’s little welcoming token, with matching “origami” of a turtle!

 Randy and I just had ample time to rest and “be a couple” (wink!) before the pre-Valentine’s show cocktails at 7 p.m.

Katuwa si Randy—he usually is KJ when it comes to selfies and photo ops, but he was game that afternoon!

 And then at almost 7 p.m., I changed into my “date” outfit.  Here I was:

little black dress: La Copa

bag: Louis Vuitton Alma

shoes: Aldo

Can I just say how much I loved my dress?  It’s a little black dress that just hid my love handles, made me look slimmer, and really comfortable. [Read more…]

Most Memorable Valentine’s Dates

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Sooooo…five days to go before Valentine’s Day!  Planned anything yet?  I have often heard that plenty of couples skip this special day because they find it baduy.  Guys, your girls may have told you the same thing.  But I swear to you, deep inside a girl’s heart is a longing to be swept off her feet on this day.  I know because I’m like that, too.  I often tell Randy to skip all the hoopla on Valentine’s Day, but when he tells me that he doesn’t want to be like a jaded couple whose romantic bones have died, I would feel a certain kilig, and I beam with pride that my husband is like that.

Although we did nothing on Valentine’s Day 2014, and I was sincere in not wanting to do anything.  Why?  We were buried in work and Valentine’s 2014 was a Friday, so kumusta naman ang traffic n’yan ‘di ba?

But this year, we are planning to do something.  Something ordinary that will be made extraordinary by us.  Charot!  Sana matuloy, because we haven’t yet found time to book and buy!!!  Waaaah!  But this plan is really simple, as in Alabang lang.

So anyway, I asked some of my friends and acquaintances to share with us their most memorable Valentine’s Day dates.

Guys, be ready to take down notes!  You may just get a Valentine’s date idea here!  May time pa!


The Perfect Boyfriend

It was our fifth Valentine’s Day, a horrible Friday pay day and a traffic Armageddon in EDSA. It didn’t help that I was PMS-ing and had a backlog of cases to read by the end of the week. So for the first time in five years, I took a rain check for Valentine’s Day.

After a two-hour drive from school, I was longing for a good night’s sleep. But as I parked my car, I saw my boyfriend in the garage, hugging a grocery bag. He canceled client meetings to grill some steak for dinner. “Aalis din ako kagad, pagluluto lang kita!” he told me. I felt that he was guilt-tripping me. Then I thought, this guy runs his own company and has so much responsibilities to attend to ― yet he made time and I didn’t.

Hence, no candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant, no Instagram-worthy photos, just lots of smiles and awkward silences in the kitchen! It was quiet and simple. Maybe I wouldn’t call it a “memorable” Valentine’s Day; instead it was a reminder.
I realized I was hell-bent on becoming a lawyer that I almost forgot what matters in the end ― relationships. I was too busy waiting for the big things to happen, that I took the little moments for granted.  Christmas Astronomo, law student

(Eh kasi kung kasing-pretty naman ni Christmas, dapat talagang effort kung effort si boyfie!)

The Pang-asar Husband

Waaah. Parang wala yata akong mashe-share sa ‘yo kasi si Khan ang taong walang katamis tamis sa katawan to think na sobrang lapot ng dugo niya due to diabetes ha! Hehe. Anyway, basta Valentines, expected na talagang masama ang loob ko. Kasi either deadmakels siya, aasarin niya ako kasi sinasadya niyang hindi ako bigyan ng flowers (that, or magnanakaw siya sa kapitbahay para ibigay sakin) or he’ll give me money to buy myself chocolates or go shopping. Kaasar diba? Haha. Sorry, bitter lang.  Ay teka, last year pala he gave me a bouquet of flowers. Feeling ko nga umabot diyan sa Laguna ang hair ko!  Pero sabi niya after 10 years na raw ako ulit makakatanggap ha.  Hehehe. – Myra Michelle Tiquio, work-at-home mom and founder of M+K=A

(OK lang ‘yan Em.  At least sure ka that after 10 years, may bouquet of flowers ka uli!  Hahaha!  And, may sense of humour si Khan!)

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God is never late!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I was supposed to blog about the (long overdue!) details of Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party, but then I was reminded of how much it almost never pushed through, and how much I just had to keep the faith in Him.

(Warning: This may be trivial to some, but I am grateful for little tests of faith like this. Such always, always reminds me that I have a living God whom I can still count on even in situations that others would deem trivial.) 


Here’s the deal: My son’s birthday party would “unlock” Gymboree Sta. Rosa on Dec. 21, 2014.  It was a win-win idea because:

1) Raviv would get to experience the fun of a Gymboree party (it’s only up to 4 years old, and he was turning 4)

2) Having a “deadline” is always good because it pushes people to work doubly hard.

3) We would have a “practice” as to how birthday parties are conducted.

Almost all of our guests were either from Los Banos or Metro Manila, so I know I have to make this party worth their trip.  That said, I know that the Gymboree playfloor will motivate them to come.  Thus, it was a must that the Gymboree playfloor be ready on his party.

Problem solved?

Remember THIS POST?  I would like to tell you that things started to sail smoothly after that.  Unfortunately, things would go from bad to worse.  Like, just when I’d start to heave a sigh of relief, something would come up again that would make my heart feel as though it would jump out of my chest.

So yeah, the first batch of equipment has been delivered weeks before the party.  Because of that, I was no longer nervous.

But into the second week of December, I still had no delivery schedule of the second batch, which contained the flooring!


Then five days before the party and still equipment-less, I started to seriously get worried!





OMG ‘di ba?!?  And on top of that, the Gymboree party host I initially booked got sick and couldn’t go to Raviv’s party!  Total disater!

Fortunately, I was able to convince Teacher Eli Santiago aka “Gymboree’s best teacher” (according to many), to host Raviv’s birthday.  But unfortunately again, Eli’s good friend passed away a few days before the party and she told me that if the funeral coincides with the party, she may not be able to host it.

I was left hanging for two things: my equipment and my host—the very essences of a successful Gymboree birthday party!



The following day, still no luck.  At that point, I knew that I needed nothing short of divine intervention.  While I’ve been praying the whole time, I also sought the help of my churchmates.



I had some good news:

I was overjoyed beyond the moon!  But I couldn’t help but still be wary.


When Mama Gi (my leader in our Victory group) said that “God is never late”, it gave me some sense of comfort.  All the more when Motherhood said the same thing to me when I told her my concerns.  Motherhood, who’s usually all about punctuality and preparedness, took my worries lightly and confidently told me to trust that God will deliver.  She just knew it, she said.

Moreover, Eli said that she would be able to host Raviv’s party, too.  Yahoo!!!


I was told that the truck will leave the port at 11 p.m. because it first had to be inspected by the customs, and then it had to wait until the truck ban was lifted.  That meant that the truck will arrive at our center around past midnight.  So technically, it would be there on the 20th—only a day before Raviv’s birthday!  But the utility staff of the Gymboree corporate office assured me that they will work double time to make it well before Sunday.


I woke up early on this day and eagerly called our staff in Sta. Rosa, asking whether they’ve managed to finish our playfloor.  But my oh my!!!  I was told that only one truck has arrived, and worse, this truck did not contain our flooring!!!

Que horror!!!  The truck that arrived at dawn contained some wood equipment and Gymboree toys only!  No flooring!!!  The flooring was the most important thing as it takes a long time to install!  Moreover, the equipment can’t be set-up until after the flooring is finished!  We surmised the flooring was in the other truck that was held by the Customs!  I wanted to bawl, but I also had to get moving because we had review classes that day (In retrospect, I remember that Dec. 20 was date I initially wanted Raviv to celebrate his birthday.  However, Randy vetoed it because we had scheduled classes on that day.  Buti na lang!  Nagalit pa nga ako kay Randy!)

In between my classes, I would call everyone: from Sandra (Gymboree Corporate Office personnel communicating with the Customs) to Cathy (Gymboree Corporate Office personnel doing the inventory of materials at our site) to Kuya Eric (Gymboree Corporate Office personnel who installed our playfloor set-up) and to Yuske (our staff in Sta. Rosa).  All of them could not answer my question as to whether the truck would arrive in time for the flooring to be set-up.  The broker in-charge also could not say what time the truck would be allowed to get off the pier.

We thought of sending our L300 FB van over to Gymboree Manila Polo Club branch to gather and borrow the foam flooring.  However, I realized that our L300 FB van was in Los Banos and Dodong was too busy with our classes to drive it over.  It may take several trips, too.  So I said we had no choice but to wait.  Again.  But I also felt that was God’s way of telling me to trust Him and resist my urge to meddle.

But at 10 a.m., Cathy called it.

What she was saying is that she thought it was useless to wait for the second truck, because we’ve been waiting forever.  She was thinking that the second truck might also arrive at dawn the following day and we will no longer have any time to install the flooring or assemble the equipment.  I felt the stirrings to gaining control again, but a small voice was telling me over and over again that I had to be patient because “God is never late”.  So I ignored Cathy’s text message and told God that I trusted Him.  I told Him that I did all that I could–I never slacked off–and that this time, the ball was in His hands.   [Read more…]

Bad Morning :(

Hi guys, finally, I’m back!  I really hope I’ll be able to maintain a regular gabfest with you.

So how are you today?  I hope you’re doing fine!  As for me, I’d say that this week has been pretty good to me.  Even though I had to wake up earlier than usual to drag my lethargic body to Sta. Rosa everyday and I have a lot in my mind, I’m still happy.


Because since Gymboree Sta. Rosa opened on Monday, we have new enrollees everyday.  Indeed, God is good!  Ang saya ko!  I feel that our efforts are starting to pay off.


Naku however, I started the day today by being super pissed off.  That’s because at past 1 a.m., my mobile phone rang, e nasa ulunan ko pa naman.  I remember that before I fell asleep, I felt at least 3 relatively strong earthquakes (did you also feel it last night?!?  Scary!!!)  So I was already worried to begin with.  Now back to the call.  I was shaking as I reached for my cellphone, anticipating the to hear the worst.  I mean, why would anyone call at past 1 a.m., if not for an extreme emergency, right?  Within a split second I was expecting news that my parents or brother had been seriously injured or God knows what!  Then I saw an unsaved number.  Shucks, baka ambulance or rescuers ito…

Me:  Hello?

My voice was groggy yet nervous.

Caller:  Kaanu-ano mo si Zion?

It was a female, mataray voice.

Me:  Huh?

Caller: Ikaw ba ang may-air?

Me:  May-ari ng ano?

Caller:  May-ari ng number na ‘to.

Me: Yes..

Caller:  Eh anong pangalan mo?!?

Me:  Bakit mo tinatanong?

Caller:  Ay mukhang tulog ka na yata.  Sige babay.


What the?!?  Ano ‘yun, di ba?!?

I was shaken: I was worried sick, then I got confused.  Anong nangyari?!?  It took me a while before I fell back asleep again.


This morning, I called the number.  After several attempts, she answered.  I wasn’t able to control myself and really expressed my anger to the caller, “Bakit ka tumawag nang 1 am?  Hindi mo ba alam takot na takot ako?  Tapos antaray mo pa!  Akala ko may nangyari nang masama sa pamilya ko!  Tapos sasabihin mo pang baka tulog na ako.  Malamang 1 am na yun!”  Then she apologized naman and said it was a mistake and she called the wrong person.

Sheesh.  I really should turn off my phone before sleeping.

Then another irritating event this morning:  for the nth time, someone dumped their garbage in front of our gate.  Again.  Siniksik sa mga halaman namin.  This has been happening almost every week.  There was even a time when they just dumped an old, thick comforter at the same place.

This time though, they left incriminating evidence.  Aside from the Jollibee takeouts and icky used sanitary napkins, in the trash are Meralco bills and even Claim Stub at a photo shop.  In the Claim Stub are her name and mobile number.  Now, we know who you are.

Buuuuut, the heavy cloud of gloom hanging over my head somewhat cleared.  To get me in the mood for an early morning romp, Randy just blurted out (while I was calling the 1 a.m. caller):  “Sweetheart, bili ka na nga ng bagong bag para sumaya ka.”


So I guess the rest of the day, with my filled with the prospect of having a new bag, will be full of sunshine!

These are the bags I’m salivating after: [Read more…]

Your Newborn’s Sensitive Skin Deserves the Best Protective Care


Your newborn has ultra-sensitive skin that needs your tender loving care. We’ll show you simple ways to care for and protect your baby’s skin.

Newborn skin is much thinner and more delicate than adult skin, which is why it should be handled with extra care. Protecting your newborn’s extra-sensitive skin is very important because it is at this stage that it is most prone to irritations and skin infections.

Newborn skin is much thinner and more delicate than adult skin, which is why it should be handled with extra care. Protecting your newborn’s extra-sensitive skin is very important because it is at this stage that it is most prone to irritations and skin infections.

Your Newborn’s Sensitive Skin Deserves the Best Protective Care - Baby| SmartParenting.com.ph

Here are some ways to make sure your newborn’s skin is cared for and protected:

1. Choose diapers suited for newborn’s sensitive skin

Your Newborn’s Sensitive Skin Deserves the Best Protective Care - Baby| SmartParenting.com.ph

With the vast number of products in the market, you should be more discerning about the products you use on your newborn and make sure that these are suited for their sensitive skin. This is most especially true when it comes to diapers, since your baby will be using this product the most for the first few years of his life. The skin on your baby’s bottom is just as sensitive as the rest of his skin so use a quality diaper that’s specifically designed for sensitive skin, such as Pampers Active Baby – the top choice of the Smart Parenting Best for Baby Awards 2014, tested to absorb pee quicker and keep baby’s skin dry longer than other brands with its soft and absorbent fabric. Its top sheet is also infused with hypoallergenic aloe lotion to help prevent irritation and protect your newborn’s skin. Plus, its flexible, stretchy waist design also keeps diaper snug, keeping your newborn comfortable, whether she’s resting or actively stretching her legs.

Your Newborn’s Sensitive Skin Deserves the Best Protective Care - Baby| SmartParenting.com.ph

2. Keep bath time short

Your Newborn’s Sensitive Skin Deserves the Best Protective Care - Baby| SmartParenting.com.ph

Long and frequent baths could strip off the natural oils from your newborn’s skin, leaving his skin dry. Ideally, your baby should have a short bath just once a day. Make sure you feel the temperature of the water, too; lukewarm is best and just right for your baby. Also use bath products suited for infants because adult bath toiletries may contain ingredients that are too harsh for newborn skin.

3. Keep baby’s skin moisturized

Your Newborn’s Sensitive Skin Deserves the Best Protective Care - Baby| SmartParenting.com.ph

As newborn skin tends to be thin and dry, moisturizing helps keep it smooth and prevents skin patching or cracking which can cause great discomfort for your baby. After bath time, pat the skin gently to dry with a towel and then gently massage hypoallergenic lotion or baby oil onto your baby’s skin.

Moms, just heed these simple tips to be able to protect your newborn’s skin in its early stages. Your newborn’s skin needs to be tended with only the best tender love, care and protection that you as a mom can give him!

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Dare your Mind to Create!


When I was young, I heard people say that southpaws are creative and artistic. And as a true-blue and proud leftie, I must say that I have flashes of creativity in me.  Despite being a teacher and entrepreneur, I have always DIYed my son’s birthday parties!

 whole_stageRaviv’s Jungle Safari-themed First Birthday Party, event styling by yours truly

Raviv’s Dinosaur-themed 4th Birthday Party, styling—and cookies!–courtesy of yours truly

Crafts are major stress-busters, especially when you see your finished products. More so when people gush at how lovely your handicraft is!  That’s why despite my busy schedule, I still find time to let my mind create something I can be proud of!

Two Tuesdays ago, I had the privelege of meeting several creative ladies who have successfully incorporated crafting into their lives: Alessa Lanot, Candy Reyes-Alipio, Karla Quimsing, Len Cabili, Marielle Nadal-Reyes, Mikko Sumulong and Trey Ajusto.  I just love the works they gave us in our lootbag!

2015-01-13 20.24.37

These amazing ladies, together with my fellow amazing bloggers, had a tete-a-tete at Early Bird Breakfast Club at Century City Mall in Makati through the event Handcrafted, sponsored by DMC.

2015-01-13 16.05.10The creative ladies!

2015-01-13 16.03.46Lovely focal table pieces made of DMC threads!

2015-01-13 16.04.08Way to prettify an ordinary bottle using DMC threads!

Here are more details about our very creative and truly inspiring crafters that afternoon: [Read more…]