My New Cellphone’s Blog Debut

Don’t hold your breath, it ain’t the much-talked and hyped-much iPhone 6.  #WishKoLang.  Actually, far from it.  Not even its significantly less expensive counterpart from Samsung.  But I’m already so happy with it.  So anong kwento?


How to retain your lost/stolen mobile number

OK, so when I returned to the Philippines phoneless from Hong Kong, Randy was inconvenienced because I kept on borrowing his phone.  So one of the first things I did was to go to Globe to request the same number.  You need to present either an affidavit of loss or your old SIM bed.  If you have registered for G-Cash, an ID would do.  But I recommend that on the onset you tell the Globe people that you’re there to get a SIM so they could tell you right there and then whether they could provide you a SIM with your old number.  Because on the first Globe center I went to, I was told they had none available after I had lined up for half an hour!  But they were nice enough to call other Globe centers and informed me which branch had the kind of SIM I needed.


Back to bar phone

When I had my new SIM card, I inserted it to one of our existing cellular phones.  We had quite a few in our office lying around, as we only used some of them during the summer.  So I got to choose whichever I liked.  This was my “first pick”:

I did not ask Randy to buy me a new phone (because, believe it or not, I’m far from being a gadget freak.  So I let Randy choose my gadgets.  My phones and laptops last with me for a long, long time until they get broken or, in this case, lost/stolen.  Gaaah!) because I felt like I had to be punished for being so negligent.  So I told myself to suck it up.

But after weeks of being back on bar phones, I was ready to explode with frustration and tears.  First, I always had to wait for Randy to sleep before I could even check my Instagram.  Next, I read emails quite late.  Third, my thumb got sore from texting.  And fourth, I would always feel so helpless not being able to document the mundane yet pretty things around me, and the biglaang monumental stuff without a camera phone.

Inggit na inggit ako sa cellphone ng yaya ni Raviv mga baks!

I’m not fond of joining mga raffle-raffle pero guys, nag-Google search na talaga ako ng mga raffle na iPad or smartphones ang premyo at pinatos ko silang lahat!  I was that miserable.  Inisip ko na ring sumulat kay Vicky Morales sa Wish Ko Lang at i-exaggerate ang mga kamalasan ko sa gadget para bigyan ako ng bagong smartphone, but thank God my inner delicadeza and common sense won over me.

So I had to swallow my pride and went up to Randy to tell him I wanted a smartphone.  Yun lang, wala nang gana ang lolo natin na ibili ako ng gadget.  His running joke that our helpers found funny was that the surprising thing with me was that I haven’t yet lost my MacBook Air.  Of course imbyerna yan, but I didn’t have it in me to complain over his lack of enthusiasm and his joke.  I headed to my next “consultant”—my gadget-freak BFF.  Who also happened to be mean.  I poured out my heart to her via text.  She seemed to empathize.  I should have know better!


My frenemy

Nung gabing nakita kong may pinost siya sa Facebook ko, I knew she is letting the whole Facebook world see my inner misery, which I carefully cultivated to appear as though it was not a big deal.  At ito na nga po ang bumulaga sa akin pagbukas ko ng Facebook ko:


With the caption:


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Superheroes at a Shakey’s Birthday Party!


Casual dining restaurant showcase the biggest league of superheroes for unforgettable birthdays!

As a mom of a toddler boy, I know how much little boys love super heroes.  So much, to the point that I have to namedrop them when I have to ask Raviv to do something.  Little boys are just in so much awe of superheroes!  Like two weeks ago when we attended a dog show, we “rewarded” Raviv’s patience during the dog show with a stop over at this place where stone figures are being sold.  Of course, he spent much of his time just touching and staring at the superhero statues.

I could only imagine how exciting it is for Raviv to gather his playmates for a superhero-themed afternoon playtime!  And the thrill Raviv would if I can actually bring that theme into play for his birthday party!  The caveat is that throwing these “lavish” parties may take so much time and effort.  Kung dati keri ko pa, ngayon hindi na because of my workload!

But I heard some great news:  Raviv’s favorite pizza restaurant chain Shakey’s is making this possible for those who want to throw an unforgettable party for their kids!


Bringing in the “superpowers” of DC’s Justice League, Shakey’s is now offering the Justice League Unlimited party package, inclusive of signature dishes, activities, and even props that will further enliven the gathering. Mind you, they even encourage guests to dress up for the party!

JLU Image

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Wardrobe Diary #63 (Hong Kong Trip Day 3): Ribbon and Lace (Sept. 24, 2014)

As I said on my previous blog entry, this is probably my happiest day in Hong Kong! Being in Disneyland gave me a sense of déjà vu, because everything seemed so familiar.  I felt like I’ve already sung and danced in the cobblestone streets there.  And when I saw the Disney princesses—Belle in particular—I was torn between feeling like I was best friends with her and that I was she in my past life, LOL!

Anyway, isa pang ikina-torn ko ay ang OOTD ko on this day.  See, I brought the black lace shorts I bought from Bangkok last year.


It’s really sooo cute and I’ve wanted to wear it for the longest time.  However, you guys know naman that I have issues with my legs.  Plus Randy is also in the ultra-conservative side.  Aside from these usual issues, I was also scared I won’t be comfy because I really am not used to wearing shorts.  I was also scared that while walking to the MTR or crossing the street, Raviv might pull my shorts down and BOOM, another Hong Kong blooper nanaman!  But when Randy told me there was no way we would be boarding a bus/tram/MTR on the way to Disneyland with our luggage, I decided to wear these shorts. I just had a good feeling that Disneyland would be more relaxed than Ocean Park, plus we would be staying in a Disneyland hotel.  I showed my OOTD to Randy and he gave it a thumbs up.  Napansin niya sigurong malayong mas malalaswa ang outfit ng ibang mga turista, hehe.

Anywho, here are photos of my full ensemble on our 3rd day in Hong Kong.

At the lobby of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel after check-in:


At the corridor of our hotel room:


At Fantasyland in Disneyland:


  • white blouse with puffed sleeves: Kashieca
  • black lace shorts:  Bobae Market in Bangkok 
  • gold metallic ballet flats: Yosi Samra
  • red leather bag: Balenciaga City


By the way, I have a confession to make: a bad mommy moment. ;)  See, when we left our hotel, it was drizzling.  I borrowed an umbrella from the concierge before boarding the shuttle to Disneyland.  It was still drizzling when we reached Disneyland (because hello, it was only five minutes away).  I started to panic because I didn’t want my baby to get wet.  So anong bad mommy dun?!?  Weeeeeell, the baby I was talking about was not Raviv…it was…my bag.  Hehehe!  Of course I also did not want Raviv to get wet—but honestly, I was more scared for my bag.  Raviv is a healthy boy so I was sure the light drizzle won’t harm him.  As for the bag, well, that’s a different story altogether.  But because I did not want to be a terrible mom naman to my little boy, I thought of something:  I wrapped my bag in its dust bag (Randy said, “Grabe dala mo talaga ang dust bag?!?”  I told him I really brought the dust bag in case of rain and because I always have a water bottle with me.  Ayoko nang maul it ang nangyari sa Chloe bag ko dati), wrapped it in my cardigan and put it on Raviv’s lap.  I gave Raviv strict orders to take care of my bag.  My sweet little boy must have known how serious I was, thus he really took my instructions to heart.  Then I held my umbrella over my two beloved babies.  Look at us:

And even when it stopped raining, Raviv still took care of his nanay’s other beloved:

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Familia Ladaga in Hong Kong Day 3: I Love Disneyland!!!

I sound like happy kid, no?

We spent two days on the “happiest place on Earth”, or in Hong Kong, for that matter.  I decided on this because I was told that one day was not enough to fully enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland.

On our third day in Hong Kong, we checked out of our hotel (Residence G) in Tsim Sha Tsui to go to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel where were supposed to spend our last night in Hong Kong.  We got a taxi to bring us there, because we could not afford to walk and transfer vehicles with our heavy luggage.


Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

When we arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Randy was clearly overjoyed, because he hated our hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui (even though it’s Rank #20 out of 667 hotel in Hong Kong on Trip Advisor).



Pag pasok pa lang, positive na positive na ang ambiance!  The lobby smelled really good and has this happy and friendly atmosphere.



It’s unlike other high end hotels we’ve been that are either too “cold-looking” or too intimidating.  This one’s really grand yet cozy!  It was so nice that while I was checking us in, Randy was already taking pictures!



Hahaha!  Raviv was so happy that he was posing even when eating!


When we entered our bedroom, it was even more “WOW!”, because I got us the sea view room:



I’ll post more photos in later a post when I feature the hotels we stayed in.  But in case you miss it, I tell you:  Disneyland Hotel is in a league of its own, and definitely a must for families!
Anyway, after resting a bit and eating, we boarded a shuttle to Disneyland.  The free shuttle goes to the hotel every 5-15 minutes or so.



Here we were by the entrance:



Main Street USA

It was raining when we arrived at Disneyland.  Good thing I borrowed an umbrella from the concierge. ;)  But the rain failed to dampen the spirits of the people in Disneyland.  We arrived just a few minutes before the parade of Disney characters.  While waiting for the parade, I can’t help but marvel at the little, quaint town that looked as though it were lifted straight out of my fairy tale book!  I just loved, loved it!


Medieval village, cobblestone roads, quaint village shops and friendly people!
Things got even more exciting when everyone’s favourite Disney characters paraded!



After the parade, we went to see the other attractions.



Here are some of our photos at Tomorrowland:



Our first “ride” was at the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters.  It’s a roller coaster ride where the thrill was not the fear of falling (thank God!) but was to help Buzz save the universe!  Hehe. I can’t really explain it, but what sets Disneyland apart are these “indoor” rides that are a feast for the eyes!



Buzz Lightyear, the endearing space ranger who refuses to believe that he is actually a toy, is out to save the universe, and he needs your help! Team up with Buzz Lightyear and spin your Star Cruisers 360 degrees while you fire hand-held laser cannons. Blast enemy targets and amass points. Compare your high score with other Space Rangers or go for a personal best. Climb up the Space Ranger ranks as your scores soar to astronomical heights each time you play. Save the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg and wow your friends and family.…inspired by Disney‧Pixar’s Toy Story 2

It’s like being inside a video game!



Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #28: Bear and Green It! (Sept. 23, 2014)

On our second day in Hong Kong, Raviv looked about as fresh as a Judge spearmint chewing gum.  Take a look at my toddler boy’s OOTD:

Before entering Ocean Park


Aboard the Sea Carousel at Ocean Park
By the fountain at the entrance

Actually, I love this look so much that this ensemble had a repeat performance less than a week after.  That was when we attended the Family Day at Raviv’s school on Friday last week.

  • polo: Garfield
  • mint green jeans: Mossimo Kids
  • shoes: Florsheim Kids
  • sunnies:  SM Kids’ Fashion


Repeat performance at the Family Day

Look at Ravivo:



Naiba lang ang shoes-ey!  These Florsheim boots are actually Raviv’s favourite footwear.  As in.  It is the only pair of footwear he asked me to buy for him. Almost every time I think aloud which footwear to make him wear, he would always mention his boots.  He actually wanted to bring these boots to Hong Kong, but I was scared his feet would hurt from all the walking.  Anyway, the reason I made him wear this ensemble again was because I wanted him to be terno with Randy.  Look at my mag-ama here:


Sinong mas pogi?
‘Di ba halos terno? I was wearing brown because the theme of our familia was nature-nature kuno.  Sila yung dahon, ako ang lupa, hehe.  Hindi ko nga lang kayang pagsuotin si Randy ng mint green skinny jeans.  Haha, hindi ko rin ma-imagine!


Watching Raviv being bullied

Anyway may kwento ako sa inyo about that Family Day.  Warning, baka ma-OA-yan kayo sa akin.  After the program during socialisation time, we told Raviv to play with his classmates.  The thing that we noticed about Raviv is that he’s a tad shy around other kids, pero bibo with adults.  I guess it’s because we always have adult guests at home pero walang ibang bagets ever since cousin Yoona went to live in Davao.
So ayun na nga, we told him to play with the other kids and he did.



As he was playing, we noticed that there’s a kid na parang dinidibdiban si Raviv tapos may sinasabi-sabi.  Raviv would move away from him, but this kid would follow him around na nakatingala pa kay Raviv with a grimace at bulung-bulong.  I called Raviv and asked him why that kid was following him.  Ravivo told me that the kid was saying bad things.  I told him not to go near that kid and just play with the nice kids (note:  all the kids in the photo above were the nice kids).  But “dibdiban” boy was really following him.  As in sunud nang sunod kay Raviv!  And then it became obvious from the boy’s expression that he was saying nasty things to Raviv.  So I kept close watch, while the boy’s parent was busy chika-chika with other people.  Then later, I saw him wrestling Raviv.  Raviv was moving away from him with a somber expression on his face.  Naiiyak na ako nang mga panahong ‘yun, and I was keeping myself from making patol to the kid.  And, masama ba that I wished Raviv would fight back?!?  I know it was bad but at that time I was a lioness who wanted to protect her cub.  You know I kept telling Raviv not to fight back whenever may nang-aaway sa kanya, but at that moment I wish I had ESP to mentally instruct Raviv to fight back!  Well, I must have ESP because not long after Raviv started fighting back!  He started throwing punches that would make Manny Pacquiao proud, at hindi na nakalaban si dibdiban boy!  The boy just stood there receiving Raviv’s wrath, until I sprang to my feet to pull them apart.  Dibdiban boy went away, and Raviv hugged me.  He buried his face on me and I could feel he was fighting back tears.  Kung hindi lang ‘yun school event, umiyak na talaga ako.  I really fought back tears because I knew that dibdiban boy hurt Raviv a lot for him (Raviv) to have reacted that way—‘yung parang lumabas ‘yung naipon n’yang galit.  


Reality bites

Anyway, now I feel more for the parents who seem to overreact when their kids are bullied.  Masakit pala talaga.  However, I’m also against being too protective of children especially of their feelings.  The big world out there is full of cruel people who will trample on our feelings, that’s a fact.  Another fact is that we can’t protect our kids from such people 24/7.  Ergo, our kids also have to learn how to handle unpleasant people and unpleasant situations on their own.  I don’t want my son to be spineless.  So I was also proud of myself because even though I was watching live how my kid was being hurt emotionally and physically, I allowed him to handle things, and I meddled only when I saw that he was the one who might hurt the other party.
Moral lesson?  There are stressful times that we just need to “bear and grin (green) it” O di ba na-connect ko ang title?!?  Tapos may panda “bear” pa sa umpisa!


Can you give me tips on how to handle bullying?  What do you tell your kids and how do you keep your emotions in check?

Gymboree Sta. Rosa’s Pumpkin Patch Party at Greenfield City!

Greenfield City hosts Children’s Pumpkin Patch Craft, Parachute Event and Costume Parade.  Featuring prizes for voted best costume!

Pumpkin Patch Party Sta. Rosa jpeg

Santa Rosa City, Laguna – Prior to its grand launching in November 2014, Gymboree Sta. Rosa will give children 1-5 years old a taste of how fun Gymboree Play & Music is!

On October 26 (Sunday), Gymboree Play & Music will offer a hands-on Pumpkin Patch Halloween project and costume parade for kids and parents at Laguna Central and at Paseo de Sta. Rosa.  Guided by Gymboree Play & Music instructors, children will create crafts to take home, as well as sing songs and participate in a fun “Parachute Time activity.”

Session times are at 3:30 p.m. (Laguna Central Atrium) and at 5 p.m. (Paseo de Sta. Rosa 4).  These activities are FREE OF CHARGE, but slots are limited.  Space is first come first served, and each child must be accompanied by an adult.

Prizes will be given for kids with the best costumes!

For further information about the event, please visit us online at or call (049) 576-0595.

See you there!!!

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market!


The Urban Food Collective (TUFC) understands that food brings people together, that food is at the center of some of life’s best moments. Its vision is to be the premiere food community in the country.

Current, informative, and educational, TUFC aims to be the food hub where people can share their passion for gastronomy. TUFC’s online community will feature everything food – articles and recipes, exciting deals featuring the country’s best culinary fare, and “The Urban Food Collective Marketplace” which will retail unique food items and implements. To bring the online community even closer together, TUFC will champion various food lifestyle events, where foodies can meet and indulge in their passion for unique flavors and gustatory delights.

What’s love for food when you have no one to share it with? Let The Urban Food Collective be your community for food. Stay hungry for the good things in life.

urban food collective

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market:

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Kids Gone Kawaii! SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest 2014


Retail giant sets Japanese kawaii trend for the country’s stylish tots

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—A prominent aspect of Japanese culture, and embraced by the most fashion forward of stylephiles, “Kawaii” is the theme of this year’s SM KIDS’ FASHION TOON FEST, incorporating bright colours, graphic visuals and everything cute and lovable.

For this stand out collection, three categories take the lead—Princess, Cutie, and Hero.

Princess goes with a glitzy slant on the trend with playful tutu skirts and pretty tulle dresses matched with princess tees in colourful pastels. Watch out for those hoodies with built-in tiaras, it’s perfect for today’s modern little princesses that want to juxtapose their royal style with a little street flair.

1SM Kids Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest princess


Character tees, fun hoodies and vibrant button-downs are the highlights of the Cutie category. Garfield, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the lovable Sesame Street characters provide an eclectic mix of colours, prints and quirky pieces that will definitely be “conversation-starters” at school or the playground.

1SM Kids Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest cutie


Everybody wants to be a Hero—especially if the look comes with head-turning graphics, colourful denims and hip hoodies. Ben 10, The Avengers, Adventure Time and Cars provide items to help show off super style that your kids will surely love and have fun with.

1SM Kids Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest hero


Every piece from the collection carries the quintessential appeal of kawaii trend; looking fun, vibrant, and adorable. With SM Kids’ Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest, dressing up is made more fun and imaginative for the tiny trendsetters.

See the collection with your kids at the SM Store.

Wardrobe Diary #62 (Hong Kong Trip Day 2): Now, I’m the Star! (Sept. 23, 2014)

If you have already read our Ocean Park adventures (thank God it’s no longer misadventures!), then you already know that on this day, I was no longer just hobnobbing with the stars because, well, I was one of the stars!  Yeah, promise!  This is no joke!  I was actually one of the stars during the dolphin show at Ocean Park.  Because when the staff was asking for volunteers, I volunteered.  Thus, the pa-star actually and finally became a star.  Hihihi!

But before I give you tips on how to be a star at a dolphin show (errr, that didn’t sound too flattering), lemme first show you what I was wearing on our second day in Hong Kong:

Posing by the stores of “Old Hong Kong” at Ocean Park


  • gray beaded top: bought from Gallery F
  • gray cotton cropped pants: J. Crew
  • gold ballet flats: Yosi Samra
  • red leather bag: Balenciaga City
(Note:  You will get tired of my shoes and bag because these were the only bag and shoes I brought to Hong Kong.  They will be a staple to my wardrobe diary entries until the last day.)

Here are more photos of me in my almost-monochromatic outfit-ey:

Against the vista of South China Sea


Reporting for my mommy duties

Familia Ladaga in Hong Kong Day 2: Sunshiny Day at The Ocean Park

With all that’s on the news about Hong Kong these days, I realized that we are still blessed despite our Familia Ladaga in Hong Kong Day 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events!  That’s because God let us tour Hong Kong peacefully sans the riot that happened almost immediately after we left!

Anyway, our next days in Hong Kong were far better than our kahindik-hindik at kaiyak-iyak na Day 1.  So what happened on Day 2?  Well, we spent almost all of it at the Ocean Park.

We rode a bus going to Ocean Park.  We had a bit of difficulty looking for the bus terminal, but we left our hotel early and arrived at Ocean Park just in time when it opened.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Entrance


We opted to go to the Oceanarium first, as it’s the attraction nearest the entrance.  The queue was very long, super!  It was a good thing that we bought water and snacks to pacify Raviv, who was on his stroller.  It was a hot day!!!

TIP 1: A stroller is a must at the Ocean Park!  Aside from the fact that it would save your backs and arms big-time (your little one would definitely get tired because of all the walking and ask to be carried!), kids in strollers are prioritised—there are different lines for kids in strollers and their parents!  Woohoo!

When we’re somewhat near the entrance (but seems far because of the people in front of us), the personnel at Ocean Park approached us and took us to a different, way shorter line.  Apparently, kids in strollers with their parents have a different entrance—we were made to ride an elevator going into the Oceanarium.  Hoooray!!!

Raviv had an amazing time at the Oceanarium, because he definitely loves fishes and water.


For me though, it was so-so because it was just very similar to the Manila Ocean Park.  And since I knew that the Ocean Park here in Hong Kong has a lot more to offer, I convinced Raviv (with great difficulty!) to leave the fishes.

Our next stop was the Panda Village.  It was great because it’s significantly cooler there!  Its highlight of course is/are the panda/s that was/were donated by China to Hong Kong.

First time to see a panda!
Since it was getting really hot, we decided to have lunch first.  There are lots of restaurants at Ocean Park, by the way.  But we just chose the nearest one.  A simple meal for the three of us cost us nearly P3,000!  Grabe no?!?



TIP 2: Unlike most theme parks in the Philippines, Ocean Park and Disneyland do NOT prohibit bringing of outside food!  So if you’re kuripot like us, I suggest that you raid the nearest supermarket on your way to Ocean Park and buy:

  1. lots of drinking water:  there’s a 500ml bottled sold for HK$3 (Php18), and something similar is sold at the Ocean Park for HK$25 (Php150); and
  2. biscuits, bread and noodles:  like I said, a normal meal in Hong Kong costs almost just as much as a Vikings buffet!  Biscuits, bread and noodles will go a long way, promise!

Because if you don’t, you’ll forget how difficult it is to earn your pesosesoses and just buy the ultra-expensive food and beverages in Hong Kong, because the alternative would be to faint from hunger!

After our lunch, we headed out again.  Here are the attractions we visited:


Raviv and I rode the Sea Life Carousel


The double decker at “Old Hong Kong”

Even though it was scorching hot inside, Raviv enjoyed jumping and bumping inside the trampoline

The Frog Hopper is a mini “EKstreme Tower”:  it brings you up, then down, then up, then down.  It’s for kids but as an acrophobic, I was screaming like a scaredy little girl all throughout, much to Raviv’s delight!