Allergy-Free Raviv at Kidzania

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From when I was pregnant until  I was breastfeeding, I avoided eating peanuts like the plague.  That’s because I was allergy-prone, and I wanted to do everything in my power to prevent my son from developing allergies.  I believe my prudence paid off, because as far as I know, Raviv could eat anything and use any soap without developing any rashes.

Unfortunately,  the unpredictable weather plus dust still cause Raviv to develop allergies.  There’d been so many times I was worried he’s got some nasty bacteria in his system because of his sniffles, only to find out his frequent singhot-sipon is just caused by allergies.  And our trusted pedia would always recommend Allerkid to combat the W.R.I.S.T. symptoms caused by allergy attacks:

  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy ears, nose & throat
  • Sneezing
  • Tickles in throat
Cetirizine Allerkid is the Most-doctor prescribed and No. 1 Allergy Medicine for kids. It is effective in relieving allergy symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis such as sneezing, nasal itching, watery eyes or what we call as “hatsing-singhot-kamot”. It is also used for Allergic conjunctivitis and Atopic dermatitis. Allerkid controls allergy in as fast as 20 minutes that lasts up to 24 hours, thus it can only be taken once a day. Kids will surely love the great grape taste of Allerkid because it uses TasteRite Technology which masks the bitter taste of medicines.
When Raviv and I were among the few mommy-and-child tandems invited to Kidzania sponsored by Allerkid, I grabbed the opportunity because:
  1. We haven’t been to Kidzania!
  2. …and Raviv really drinks Allerkid and in can say in all honesty that it works.
Basically, the mom and child bonding event was put together by Allerkid to increase awareness and promote allergy education.  Allergy education on the signs, symptoms and management of the condition will be presented by Dr. Shirley Kwong, an allergist from the Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (PSAAI) and Mr. Ony Carcamo, a renowned-ventriloquist to capture both the doctors and their kids through edutainment.

And what fun did Raviv have during his first trip to Kidzania!

Let’s check out what he wore first:

Thumb P6090089 1024
Thumb IMG 7890 1024

  • shirt: Guess Kids
  • pants: Maui & Sons
  • shoes: Native


Now here are Raviv’s moments at Kidzania:

Thumb P6090070 1024
 Checking out available jobs for him.

Thumb IMG 7879 1024

His dream job. 😬

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

First job:  Builder!  His dream job.

Thumb IMG 7882 1024His first earnings from his first job!

Thumb P6090074 1024

Thumb P6090078 1024

Thumb P6090080 1024

Thumb P6090086 1024My little firefighter!  Inarguably the most exciting career path he followed that evening!

Thumb P6090095 1024

Thumb P6090098 1024

The next time our dogs get sick, he'll be in charge. 🐶 #RavivongBata

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

The dashing dog doctor!

Thumb IMG 7888 1024Reunion with Rafael, the little kulit of Mommy Anna

Thumb IMG 7892 1024Mommy bloggers’s kiddos

 Notes and tips if you’re planning to go to Kidzania:

  1. Call Kidzania first before going, and ask what “jobs” would be available on the day you’re planning to go.  On the evening we went there, an exciting “job” was unavailable: being a pilot.  Sad 🙁 
  2. If your child is 4 years old and below, better save this trip for when he/she is older.  Many jobs disallow grown-ups from participating, as in you can’t even go inside the “workplace”.  Best you can do is look from the glass doors.  So if your child will just cry if you don’t go with them, sayang lang ang entrance.  Better go to Gymboree. 😉
  3. One of the jobs Raviv wanted was in the Milo Stadium.  However, it’s only for 7 years old & up and kids should wear rubber shoes.  The Native “rubber” shoes Raviv was wearing didn’t make the cut (and his age, of course).
  4. For grown-ups, wear comfy footwear as well.  Like what I said, you’ll just be watching from the outside, standing.  There are no chairs except for the ones near the restaurants.

Thank you so much Allerkid for the wonderful time we had at Kidzania, and more thanks for being a great go-to medicine everytime Raviv gets bothered by pesky allergies.

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“The Healthy School Baon for One Week” Challenge

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This schoolyear is my second year to run a preschool.  And my first year taught me a lot.  As in a lot.  So my teachers and I took serious note of all the nuggets of wisdom we learned from our first year.  Result?  A super-duper lengthy Parent Orientation on the Saturday before our first week of classes.

One of the things we lengthily discussed was about school baon.  Yep, snacks.  Akalain n’yo ‘yun, ‘di ba?  That’s because last year, we noticed that many of our students’ baon were either unhealthy or too difficult to eat.  Like there were students (three-year-olds!) who brought candies and chips to school.  And then one of my teachers reported that one her students brought—kumapit kayo—bangus!  Yes, as in pritong bangus.  Take note, hindi boneless! Therefore si Teacher ay naghimay ng bangus to the tune of Freestyle’s So Slow. =D

Honestly, I never thought it would be an issue, because when I was still accompanying Raviv in his classroom at Rainbow (during first first 4 days when he was 1.7 years old), almost all of his classmates’s snacks were healthy and easy to eat.  No one brought rice or chocolates.  Fruits, cereals, and sandwiches abound.  We followed suit.  So I was surprised when I noticed that many of our students’s baon were either junk food or hard-to-eat brunch.  Then I realized that most of Raviv’s classmates at Rainbow then were foreigners.  Ergo, they weren’t rice-and-ulam obsessed.  And some of them were vegetarians, so fruits galore.

I don’t really blame parents when their children’s snacks are not exactly healthy or easy to eat.  Because it’s actually difficult to think of baon that’s healthy and at the same time easy to eat.  Everyday pa.  Eventually, you’ll run out of ideas and you’ll turn to what’s easy to prepare.  Add the fact that children could be quite picky and would sometimes refuse to eat what their moms painstakingly prepared for them.

But pat me on the back. Because ever since he started going to school, Raviv’s baons have almost always been (relatively) healthy and easy to eat.  I personally attend to it.  So in Raviv’s last week of school last year, I started documenting his snacks so I could share them with you and you would have an idea of what to pack in your child’s snack bag.

(These were my son’s ACTUAL baon.  Like many moms, I’m also busy and I don’t have time to decorate my child’s baon.  So don’t expect artistically prepared baon.  Realistic lang. 😉 ) 

Day 1

Thumb IMG 7020 1024

  • Secrets of the Valley (cherry, green apple and grapes) 100% juice
  • Strawberry-flavoured yoghurt
  • fried plantain banana (saba)

Raviv’s Verdict: His teacher said that Raviv loved his yogurt (he even licked the lid cover, hehe).  He also ate some of the fried bananas, but he wasn’t too crazy about the fruit juice.

Day 2

Thumb IMG 6935 1024

  • Non-fat high-calcium fresh milk (not that I was too keen on the non-fat, but this was Randy’s and it was the only one available in the ref)
  • Organic Granola bar (not that I’m particularly impressed with the organic thingy—my Mom is a geneticist and swears that there is nothing wrong with GMOs)
  • Monde blueberry muffin

Raviv’s Verdict: He finished the granola bar, did not touch the muffin, and drank the fresh milk (but told me he didn’t like the fresh milk)

Day 3

Thumb IMG 6941 1024

  • 100% Red grape juice
  • cubed golden honey dew
  • 1/2 cheese sandwich (raisin wheat bread)

Raviv’s Verdict: Raviv finished the honeydew only.  He didn’t eat the sandwich and didn’t drink the juice.  The honeydew was probably too filling already, because I know he likes cheese sandwich. He drank his water instead of his juice.

Day 4

Thumb IMG 7014 1024

  • 100% Strawberry kiwi fruit juice
  • oatmeal raisin cookie chips
  • fried plantain banana (saba)

Raviv’s Verdict:  Raviv finished everything, except for the juice.

Day 5

Thumb IMG 8093 1024

  • 100% Carrot & mixed fruits juice
  • Greaseless salted peanuts
  • Cashew tart
  • Cavendish banana

Raviv’s Verdict: A little of everything, and everything went down into Raviv’s tummy!  These were just our snacks tira-tira, but none went to waste as Raviv loved the medley of flavours: something salty, something that’s a little sweet and something a little sweeter, and something a little bit sour.


Frequently Asked Questions of Parents, and Answers from the Point of View of Teachers

Q: Why are you not advocating rice and ulam as baon?

A: That’s because it is often difficult and messy to eat.  Even if the teacher and teacher aide assist your child in eating, remember that they are also assisting your child’s classmates!  When all  children bring food that’s difficult to eat, the allotted break time is not enough and teacher’s other lessons/activities will be cut short.  Aside from feeding the children individually, the teachers also pack away the children’s food and clean the tables and floors after.  Break time is not a downtime in a preschool (of course it’s a different story if we are talking about grade schoolers who eat lunch at school).

Q: But my child did not have breakfast!  I want her to have a complete meal.

A: Then prepare a sandwich for her.  A simple cheese sandwich will do 🙂  Wheat bread gives carbohydrates and fiber, while the cheese provides calcium and protein.  Add some fruit slices and voila!   It’s way more nutritious than the hotdog and white rice combo you were planning.

Q: I am not particular about what my child eats. Why should I bother to pack him healthy foods?  If he gets sick, that’s on me. I’m OK with him eating chocolates and junk food, because he drinks vitamins anyway.  And he eats healthy at home.  

A: Weh, hindi nga?  Joke! 😀  But seriously, even if you’re OK with the junk food at school, please think of your child’s classmates.  When they see your child’s mouthwatering chocolate drink, the 100% fruit juice they were excited to drink suddenly becomes too sour for them.  Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.  Parents should be united in making all children eat healthy.

Q:  But if I pack “healthy food” for my child, what if he doesn’t eat it?

A: We recommend packing more than one kind of snack.  You may have noticed that I prepare at least two kinds of food for my son.  I know that he can’t finish everything, but I make it a point for him to have more than one kind of snack. That way, if he does not like one, he could choose another.  One thing about kids is that they like having choices.  It makes them feel empowered.  And if your child is really hungry, I believe he’ll eat whatever you prepared for him.

Q:  Do you recommend making my child’s baon look nice?  Should I exert effort in decorating it?

A:  No.  Because chances are: 1) You won’t be able to sustain it if you’re a busy mom; and 2) By the time your child eats it, your “work of art” will most probably have been destroyed anyway (natutumba ang baunan sa bag, etc.)  Focus on the content na lang. 🙂

Q:  Any other baon suggestions?

A:  Let me share with you the list of healthy snacks (that are easy to eat!) we also shared to the Gymboree Sta. Rosa Preschool parents.  These are realistic, and everything may be bought from the supermarket, fruit stands and bakeshops.

  1. fresh fruits (melon slices, kiwi fruit, grapes, Cavendish banana, peeled oranges, pomelo and other citrus fruits)
  2. boiled/fried plantain banana (saba) or sweet potato (camote)
  3. Filipino delicacies (suman, puto, bibingka, kakanin, biko)
  4. hardboiled eggs
  5. cheese and crackers
  6. mini-sandwiches/pandesal with healthy spreads (lean ham and tomato, peanut or other nut butters, mashed avocado and cream cheese, chicken and lettuce, cheddar and grated apple, mashed sardines with greek yoghurt)
  7. oat bars and wholegrain cereals
  8. plain popcorn
  9. pasta (mac & cheese, baked mac)
  10. oatmeal cookies & pastry (preferably homemade)
  11. homemade pancakes & waffles
  12. yoghurt

Q: Other reminders?

A: Aside from the healthy snacks, please ensure your child has the proper utensils for his food.  If her baon is yogurt, make sure she has a spoon for it (spoon for children, please!)  If you prepared fried banana, don’t forget to pack fork.  If your child is allergic to chicken skin but his baon is chicken lollipop, then you should remove the skin.  Even though you told your child’s teacher of his allergies, don’t be complacent—What if teacher is absent and there’s a substitute teacher who doesn’t know your child’s allergies?

And lastly, prepare your child’s food lovingly.  Imagine how the healthy foods will help make him taller, stronger and smarter; and how the junk foods will cause his teeth to decay or strip off important nutrients from his body.

Hope this post helped.  Enjoy! 🙂


If you have more baon tips, I’d love to hear them!  Please comment below. 😉

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Dear Lebron James

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Dear Lebron James,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  My husband’s sanity depended on you.  😀

See, aside from us (his family), his other passions were his bullmastiffs, bird photography, and being your fan.

Early this year, he lost his favourite bitch–the “Mother of Champions”—Khaleesi.

12244596 452507444935836 1132294985082611812 o

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 12 42 AMThe progeny of Khal Drogo and the late Khaleesi

It was very heartbreaking for him.  He did everything he could to save Khaleesi, but his best was not enough.

To survive that very tragic episode in his life, he channelled his energy into bird photography.  Even though he was a newbie, his bird photos brought good vibes to the Newsfeed of his Facebook friends.

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 19 11 AM

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 20 27 AM

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 21 00 AM

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 20 03 AMA few of my favourites from Randy Ladaga’s bird photos

But a few weeks ago, a thief broke into his office and stole his bird photography paraphernalia: camera body and expensive lenses, and stuffed them all into his new backpack where his Ray-ban sunnies were also stuffed.

And oh by the way, check out his office:

Lebron James lifesize sticker

He discovered the theft a few hours before Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  He still watched, and his heartache doubled who you lost.  And lost, and lost.

I could just imagine how he was feeling when he posted this on Facebook two Saturdays ago:

NOT MY YEAR: The year 2016 has not been very good to me. Early this year, I lost my dear bullmastiff Khaleesi, leaving me with just her only love Khal Drogo. As an indirect result of my losing one of my dogs, my office got burglarized last week and I lost my birding camera and lens. I was just starting off with bird photography and it has somehow taken the place of Khaleesi, and now it has come to a halt. To top it all off, Lebron James is all set to lose this year’s NBA Finals again. I might not be showing it too much, but I’m probably the Philippines’ number 1 Lebron James fan. Bullmastiffs, bird photography, NBA. Can 2016 be any worse when it comes to my passions?

Oriental Pratincole (juvenile)
June 2, 2016, IRRI

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 07 13 AM

Yes Lebron, you were the finale.  He was counting on you to make everything right for him.  Watching you is one of the two reasons he wants to live a long life (the other being he wants to see our son grow up.  Yep, you before me. 😛  In fact, I remember that when I gave birth, he wanted us to go home as soon as possible because you had a game)

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 08 35 AMHe’s willing to burn bridges with anyone who lambasts you.

So when you started winning, he also started to perk up.

13466089 1742360606053577 2199984107229079468 n

And today, you made history.  🙂  More important, you made my husband very happy.  Our entire household expects that he’ll be in a good mood for the next few days, thanks to you.  He’ll realize all the more that indeed, he should live a healthy lifestyle so he could keep on watching you.

I don’t care about NBA, but I care about my husband so much.  So Lebron, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  Thank you for being a “once in a generation player”, and for being a huge part of bringing in one of the most exciting NBA Seasons ever.

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 11 11 53 AM

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 1 02 06 PM



The Wife of a True “Witness”

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Ang tunay na lalaki

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I rarely pay attention to–much less share–Sponsored videos I see on my Facebook newsfeed. But I recently did. It’s this touching Ariel commercial:

Watch the viral video that has been featured by CNN and has been applauded by global gender-equality icon, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. The video is about men who #ShareTheLoad through helping their wives do household chores – doing the laundry, for example.

I shared it not because I wanted to make “parinig” to the men in my life (my Dad and my husband), but because I couldn’t relate.

I couldn’t relate because I grew up seeing my father wash our clothes with my mom on weekends after a long work week in the city when we don’t have a maid. Sometimes, he would even be absent from work when curtains and beddings were scheduled to be washed and the weekend is not enough.

On top of that, Dad finds joy in cooking for us. Our standards when it comes to inihaw na bangus and inihaw na pusit are pretty high, because Dad’s ihaw skills are legendary.  A few hours before dinner, he would personally go to the market to ensure he gets the best fish and the biggest and freshest pusit. Then he would very slowly broil these seafood outdoors. While guarding our inihaw, I remember sitting on his lap while he points out constellations in the dark sky. But it doesn’t end there: he would go up to personally chopping our pusit, flaking our bangus, and putting them on our plates. All we have to do is sit and eat. (Although until I was 11 years old, I remember that my best meals where when I ate from Dad’s bare hands).  It takes hours before we eat, but the waiting is always well worth the wait: tasty, just-right, tender broiled fish and pusit all the time.

When he brings us to the airport to send us off to our maternal grandparents’s for summer vacation, he would always wear dark shades because he always cries. As in hagulhol, that Mom would chide him and say, “Uuwi rin naman!” Hehe.

And although careerwise my Mom is more successful, Mom always expresses that despite their differences, Dad is the wind beneath her wings.  Dad is never insecure about Mom’s career success, and allows her to shine.  He’s not one to demand that she be home early to do this or that.  For Dad, Mom’s success is also his success.

By my portrayal of my Dad, one would think he’s effeminate. But NO. Hahaha, NO!  His mere baritone voice would intimidate anyone.  His features would rival any Pinoy contravida’s. I don’t think anyone has ever thought he could be anything less than a man.

Fatherhood’s Casino Royale-themed 60th birthday party in December 2015

My Dad is not perfect, and we have hurt each other m’s feelings several times. There are some things about him I still fervently pray he would change. And though his barrio-tic and kuripot ways used to embarrass me (hehe), I realize that my childhood wouldn’t have been that fun or exciting if I had the corporate, sa-opisina-lang-ako-magtatrabaho Dad I have always wanted.  This Ariel commercial (bless the person behind it!) made me appreciate the kind of man Dad is.

And most importantly, I wouldn’t have been the woman I am if I had a different Dad.

Because of how Dad treated Mom, it had always been inculcated in my mind that a husband and wife must share the load in everything. That a real man is not conscious of what society delineates what a certain gender must do. A real man is more conscious of how his strength could lighten the load of and bring joy to his loved ones.

So because of Dad, the man I married not only works hard to provide our material needs. He also works hard to babysit our son just so I could sleep more, attend to my kaartehan, or just so he could spoil me.

He may not be a great cook like my Dad, but he’s my son’s best buddy!

Because my Dad is a real man, I married a real man. And my son will grow up to be a real man.

From Ariel and MomsterTeacher, happy Father’s Day to all the loving Dads out there!

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A parent’s worst fear

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Last night on our way to Los Banos from Sta. Rosa, something Randy said made me feel that we have an even better chance to catch the thief who broke into our house.  I immediately called up Dodong and instructed him to start checking a specific CCTV footage during the time of the burglary.

When we got home, our maid and houseboys (we hired more men) were all huddled in the TV area with Dodong, watching the CCTV footages.  We joined in, and so did Raviv.  Raviv was with us as we realized that there was not one but actually two thieves who broke in.  And we also realized that on the night our gate was left unlocked (Dodong obviously got mad because he religiously locks the gate—but during the night he was in Sta. Rosa so no one bothered to lock the gate anymore.  Grrr!) and we saw how the thieves just pushed the gate open.  Raviv was also there when Dodong told me that a few “nights” (around 1 a.m.) ago one of our houseboys saw two men peeking into our yard from the gate, and when he approached the men they said, “May tao!” and ran away.

As I was putting Raviv to sleep, he started asking about the thieves.  “Nanay, why are the police slow in catching the thieves.”  I forgot how I answered, but I did.  Then, “Nanay, why did we leave the gate open?”  I answered truthfully, that Kuya Joenard forgot to.  I told him to sleep already.  But, “Nanay, what if the thieves come back again?”  Randy said that if the thieves do we will be able to catch them, because we already have someone guarding us at night.  And we got back Bella, our Belgian malinois.  Plus we are making our fence higher, and we are getting more dogs.

But instead of sleeping, Raviv kept asking more and more questions about the thieves.  When we asked him whether he’s scared, his face crumpled, fat tears started to roll down his cheeks and he was choking sobs.  I hugged him and promised to him (but more to myself, actually) that I’ll never ever let anything bad happen to him.  I won’t even let anything traumatize him.

I’m the kind of parent who very rarely sugarcoats things.  I believe in telling children the truth.  When Raviv asked how he was born, I never told him that a stork brought him to us.  Instead, I searched on Youtube a video of a woman giving birth, and showed it to him.  The look on Raviv’s face as he realized how he was born was unforgettable!  He even begged me to stop, hehe.  This is the reason why Raviv never bugged me to give him a baby brother or a baby sister.

But last night, I realized that truly, there are some things that should be kept from children.  We never realized that my feeling-Nancy Drew moves and talk would cause Raviv so much terror.  Then I remembered that when I was 6 or 7 years old, I heard my parents and their friends talking lengthily about a house that has been broken into by thieves.  That night, I had a nightmare that felt so real:  I heard that the thieves were threatening our next door neighbor.  I was paralyzed with fear, and I could still remember how my body went frigid.  I was sleeping squeezed between my parents, yet I was so scared.  Sometimes, I would think that it was not merely a nightmare—it really happened but my parents just didn’t want to tell me to protect me.

After a long stretch of not bedwetting, Raviv wet the bed last night.  Even as I hugged him to sleep, I know he was still terrified.

Then when I woke up today, the first on my Facebook newsfeed was about the 2-year-old Lane Graves who was dragged by an alligator in Disneyworld in Florida.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, a family was vacationing in Disneyworld.  At about 9 p.m. the parents were watching an outdoor movie and their toddler boy went to the lagoon and waded his feet in very shallow water.  Suddenly, an alligator came from nowhere and dragged the boy.  Both parents jumped to the rescue and wrestled with the alligator.  The father even tried to pry open the alligator’s mouth, to no avail.  After 17 hours of search and rescue operation, the dead body of Lane Graves was found.  The only consolation was that only a few bite marks, and he died of drowning (not of being eaten or being bitten viciously).

SOURCE  Rest in peace, little boy.  You were loved by your parents.

Worse, some people are bashing the parents for being negligent.  Tsk.  I understand that indeed for probably about a minute, they could have been.  They could have too engrossed in the movie they’re watching, they could have been tired to run after Lane, they could have been arguing or talking about something important.  Or they could just never have thought a gator would do it since they were in a populated area.  So yes, they could have made a mistake.  But what parent doesn’t?  Randy said that he’s sure both parents are wracked with guilt, and blaming themselves every second.  Probably for the rest of their lives.  And to wrestle your child from the mouth of a gator and fail!

For me, what makes it very painful is the fact that in the last few seconds of this boy’s short life, it was fear that he felt.  Just thinking about the sheer terror that this boy felt until his last breath breaks my heart.  Again, I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to ensure that Raviv will not experience anything that would scar him for life.  But tonight as I am blogging, I realized that it is impossible.  And that’s the scariest part of being a parent.

“In the face of seemingly troubled times, we can be confident in our heartfelt prayers. We can pray over our children for their futures, not just their protection. We can pray circles around our children to grow them up in God’s hand.” – Heather Riggleman

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A thief broke into our house!

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I can’t sleep, and I’m palpitating.

Just a few minutes ago, I was already asleep.  I was reading a book and I felt that I dropped it and realised that I was already asleep.  And I was happy, because I napped for at least two hours this afternoon (I was up all night last night because of a super painful dyspepsia/hyperacidity.  I was only able to sleep fitfully at 3 a.m. after I begged Randy to microwave my cornbag heatpack and applied it on my stomach).  Because of that long nap, I thought I’d have trouble sleeping tonight.  But even before midnight struck, my eyes shut.

Then I woke up with this feeling of paranoia.  I tried sleeping again, to no avail.  I am freaking out, and I want to shout and cry.

See, yesterday was supposed to be a great day.  We were to leave Los Banos early to head to Sta. Rosa to attend an End-of-Summer Luau Party at Gymboree, while Randy watches Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  I woke up early and took a bath.  While I was towelling myself dry, Randy knocked on the bathroom door and told me in a somber voice, “Start (his version of “Sweetheart”), nanakaw ang camera ko.  ‘Yung ginagamit ko sa bird photography.”

I went out of the bathroom immediately to see whether he’s serious.  Seeing his face, I knew he was.  Apparently, he left his camera and camera paraphernalia in his office on the 2nd floor (Good thing he brought his laptop to our bedroom!)  He looked so broken, and I knew he was crumbling inside.  Randy has always been my rock, but at that time I knew I had to take charge.  He was in no mood to do anything about it, so I started to work.  I forced him to review the CCTV footage—NOW! (he said he’ll do it later—he was in no mood), and I called the police.

The police came, checked the scene of the crime, and that’s it.  We asked whether they could do fingerprinting, they said that we should call the SOCO to do that.  I honestly felt that the police were just going through the motions of checking out a place that has just been burglarized.  Send them the CCTV footage na lang daw.

Then we checked the CCTV footage.  Based on it, the thief entered our vicinity at around 9:30 p.m.  He was hiding in the dark part of our lawn armed with a flashlight.  Then at 11:30, he started patrolling the stairs—we know because he was flashing his flashlight on the stairs.  Then at 1 a.m., he went up the stairs and ransacked Randy’s office.  At 1:11 a.m., he was on his way to freedom, with Randy’s camera, lenses, and Ray-ban sunnies tucked in Randy’s new backpack on the thief’s back.

Thumb IMG 7729 1024This man broke into our building and went to Randy’s office to steal his Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600 lens, other camera lenses, his Rayban shades, and then stuffed them all into Randy’s backpack that this thief is wearing.  Please help us find this thief.  I have more footages, but I can’t open them in my MacBook.  We also offer a P25,000 reward to whoever could help us catch this thief and recover Randy’s gadgets

13391012 1124158417625863 702944045 n

13393243 1124158444292527 934939891 nSerial numbers of the camera and lens stolen

Seeing how seemingly easily this thief stole Randy’s beloved things is heartbreaking.  When the panghihinayang over Randy’s stuff started wearing off, I started to get angry.  I just got so angry that we were so lax when it comes to security.  For a long time, our house seemed thief-friendly.  To have cool, fresh air 24/7, our french windows were open even at night.  We used to have true-blue guard dogs that scared away the thieves, but now our only dog is Drogo, whom Randy wants to keep inside an air-conditioned room!  Randy often tells me I’m OA because every now and then I would bug him about locks and other safety precautions. But I was glad that I pushed to forego the convenience of not having anyone open and close our gates and insisted that our gates be locked every night.

I’m so angry and scared right now, I can’t sleep!  Without a painful stomach to distract me, I am having trouble accepting the fact that a bad person was only a few meters away from us while we were defenseless and sleeping!  I can’t help but replay the events that night, and tweaking each scene.

Sana lumabas na lang ako sa kwarto namin at nag-blog sa sala para akita ng magnanakaw na may nagpupuyat at naisip n’yang mahihirapan siya.

Sana hindi na lang pinalabas ni Randy si Drogo sa office n’ya nung gabing ‘run (Drogo has been sleeping in Randy’s office, except for that night).

Sana natuloy na lang na nakitulog si Sargei sa bahay kasi mahilig siyang magpuyat.

Sana, sana, sana, sana!

Tonight I am blogging in our living room in front of the TV set that shows CCTV footage.  We got a person to guard our house at night, and the windows are already all closed.  I also locked all the doors.  But I don’t think you could blame me if I still feel like crying, my heart is still beating very fast, and I’m still scared.

This is a cliche, but still let me say that I’m still grateful nothing bad happened to us.  I still thank God that none of us got hurt or threatened during that burglary.  I just hope that this burglary will jolt us to take more safety precautions.  As my Tita said, THIEVES ARE VERY DARING THESE DAYS.  You would think that common sense dictates they wouldn’t dare do this or that, but they still do.  Come hell or high water, tuloy ang pagnanakaw!

Let me share with you some ideas to secure our homes from thieves and any criminal intrusions, which I will ensure to employ:

  1. Make your gates and fences difficult to breach. Kahit chaka tingnan, lagyan na natin ng barbed wires at mga bubog/broken glass.  So kahit manakawan kayo, masaktan at masugatan man lang ‘yung mga bw*s*t na magnanakaw na ‘yan.  If you can afford it, invest on electric fence.  Randy has started asking his friend who’s an engineer in Ayala Land about electric fences. 
  2. Make sure your windows, sliding doors, backdoors and all doors have sturdy locks.  I read that burglars bypass homes that they think are too difficult to breach.  And when they have trouble opening, the bigger the chances of their being caught or seen. 
  3. Sabihan ka nang matapobre o snub, but don’t open your home to everyone!  If you don’t know the people well enough, you are not obliged to let them enter your home.  You can talk to them at the gate.  Ditto with delivery men—kesehodang mabigatan ka sa pagpasok ng mga bote ng distilled water o gas, ‘yaan mo na kesa makabisa nila ang bahay mo. 
  4. Keep your homes and gates well-lighted.  Like what I said, we saw that the thief lurked in the part of our yard that was dark.  He stayed there until all the activities seemed to cool down.  I also read that a well-lit home intimidates intruders because they know that they would be more easily seen. 
  5. Buy high quality CCTV cameras, and buy lots of cameras!  Burglars often operate at night, so low-quality CCTV cameras would be useless when it’s dark.  And put a camera in every corner—you’ll never know where they’ll pass by. 
  6. Invest in alarms.  There are already lots of good quality alarm systems that can not only protect your homes from intruders but even from fire.  Imagine how much alarms can help you—in the quiet of the night when an intruder opens your door, may magwawalang alarm na gigising sa buong subdivision ninyo! 
  7. Guard dogs are gems.  In fairness, when we still had “practical dogs” (hindi ‘yung pa-baby show dogs) that tirelessly patrolled our yard and house, and barked their scary barks to anyone who dared to get near the gates at night, no thief dared to enter our yard.  Drogo is cute and brought us great honour, but I can’t help but miss our dobermanns.

Philippine Champion DobermannsOur reliable guard dogs once upon a time: Ph. Ch. He-Man and Ph. Ch. Vanguard.  They were handsome show dogs who were also excellent guard dogs.  Together with another female dobermann (Pepper), they provided us a three-tier protection:  one dobermann roaming in the yard (Pepper), one Dobermann on the 2nd floor (Vanguard), and one dobermann on the third floor (He-Man).

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 1 48 36 AMOnce upon a time… 

And of course, pray.  I regret that on the night that our house was broken into, I have failed to pray my usual prayer to protect our house recently.  I usually sound crazy, but I’ve been doing it because Motherhood taught us to do it when we were young.  Basically, I just invoke the name of Jesus and I boldly cast out any evil spirit—I order them to get out of our house then I ask the Lord to cover our whole household with the blood of Jesus.  It must be done out loud, with full conviction and faith (READ THIS).

As a matter of fact, it’s probably what I should do now so I could finally have some peace of mind.

Guys, if you have more tips on how to secure our homes, how we can catch the thief or recover Randy’s stuff, I’d be grateful to hear from you.

God bless us and let’s be safe!

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Jazz the three of us

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Last week was an eventful one:  Raviv arrived on Tuesday, Randy and I celebrated our 14th anniversary on Thursday, Gymboree Summer and Kinder Camps ended on Friday, and my UPCAT review classes finally ended on Sunday.  Whew!  But let’s just focus on Raviv’s arrival and our 14th anniversary.

Busy week white background d render 36328734

Let’s begin with Raviv’s arrival.  He was away from us for almost two months, so we were very excited with his arrival.  As in!  The day before Raviv arrived, I went straight to S&R after a gruelling day of teaching at Brain Train’s McKinley Hill Branch in Taguig.  I’m usually too tired after a long day of teaching + travel and there’s nothing more I wanna do than to just plop on bed and eat.  But not on this Monday.  When Raviv arrives, I want to make sure he’ll be glad to be back with us.  So I bought him his favourites: chocolates, ice lollies (or in this case, ice cream sandwiches) and cookies!

My teaching assignment the following day was in Alabang, and Motherhood—en route to Los Banos—met with Randy at Festival Mall to “return” Raviv.  Then both Randy and Raviv fetched me from work.  Instead of sitting beside Randy on the passenger seat, I headed straight to the back seat and smothered Raviv with hugs and kisses.  Grabe, miss na miss ko si Ravivo!  He was unusually quiet and looked shy pa!  Randy said that while they were in Festival Mall, Randy wanted to spoil our Ravivo and brought Ravivo to Pixie Forest and toy stores.  Randy was ready to buy whatever Raviv  wanted, but Raviv was quiet the whole time and said he just wanted to go to the car.  Randy later confessed he was longing to hear Raviv call him “Tatay” again.

The following day, little by little, Raviv returned to his ebullient self.

My alarm clock today. #RavivongBata #TheReturnOfTheComeback

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

Dumaldal na nang bonggang-bongga!

On Thursday, Randy insisted we at least have dinner to celebrate our 14th year of being a couple. Yep, we’ve been committed to each other THAT long.  Akalain mo ‘yun?!?  Natagalan ni Randy mga kaartehan ko.  Hahaha!

Anyway, we decided to have dinner at Misto Restaurant in Seda Hotel Nuvali.  Upon entry, I gasped with pleasure because we were greeted by a man playing saxophone.  Saxophone!!!

Thumb IMG 7670 1024

I am such a fan of jazz music!  Been one since college!  In fact, just a few days before that my friend Munira and I were thinking of going to a jazz club.

Screen Shot 2016 06 03 at 8 02 25 PM

So you may ask yourself, if jazz is so good, “why isn’t everybody listening to jazz music?”. The reason is simple, most people prefer entertainment over art.

A gossip magazine is entertainment, a good novel or poetry is art.

A soap opera is entertainment, a good theater play is art.

Wrestling is entertainment, a painting exhibition is art.

“The Fast and the Furious” is entertainment, “The Godfather” is art.

Lady Gaga is entertainment, Esperanza Spalding is art.

Art stimulate [sic] your mind and your senses, makes you think and increase your sensibility. Entertainment is just a distraction and usually has the opposite effect of art.  And once you learn how to appreciate art, you’ll find out you’re also being entertained. – SOURCE

I knew right there and then it was gonna be a great night.  Intimate dinner with cool jazz on our anniversary?  Ah, perfect romantic dinner.

Except for the fact that Raviv was with us.  Nye!  But despite Raviv’s likot and ingay, we still enjoyed the night.

Thumb IMG 7556 1024

Great ambiance – CHECK!

Thumb IMG 7575 1024Tastefully decorated, spacious yet intimate, and comfy and not crowded.

Good music – CHECK!

Thumb IMG 7627 1024 Misto Restaurant at Seda Hotel has a great crooner!  Would have stayed longer just to listen to this lounge singer if only Raviv wasn’t demanding that we go home already.


Good food – CHECK!

Thumb IMG 7629 1024

Everything we ordered was delicious!  Three meals plus a slice of chocolate mousse for Raviv (not in photo), plus scotch on the rocks (not in photo) for Randy and classic martini for me (not in photo) cost us P2,000+++.  Not bad, considering that we were really full and had so much leftover (that we asked to be placed in takeout bag, of course!)

It was a glorious night, and on our way home, I was just so grateful to God.  Fourteen years with the love of my life, union blessed with a beautiful boy…and live jazz over dinner. 🙂



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The Waiting Game

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I’ve waited for today (Sunday!) the entire week, because it’s my only rest day amidst a really gruelling week.  But after three consecutive episodes of The Good Wife, I feel restless, bored and lonely.   Randy is in Taguig, teaching. Good thing Raviv called earlier to talk to me.  It was the highlight of my morning.

I just realised that if I were the single, childless, career-driven woman I still sometimes wish I were, this would be my life:  looking forward to a day off, and then getting bored on my day off.  See, I’m not a very sociable person (believe me!)  Neither am I adventurous, and I hate road trips (so I probably won’t be one of those single ladies enjoying the good life going to beaches or climbing mountains).  And I’m sure I won’t be living with my parents or relatives as well.  I’ll be really lonely.

One of the most memorable sad memories I have is Valentine’s Day 2002.  My a-few-months-old relationship has just ended, and the UPLB Feb Fair was in full swing.  Our dorm was empty because my dorm mates were either in their org booths/tents or with their jowaers, while my DevCom friends were at home with their families (they were all Los Banos-based).  Eh ‘yan lang circle of friends ko nung college (dorm mates and Dev Com barked) na natutuwa akong kasama.

But everything changed when Randy came into my life (yeeeessss! 😉 )  Even more so when Raviv was born.  With these two around (Randy the workaholic na allergic mahiga at matulog sa araw and Raviv aka “What, ‘Nay?” and “‘Nay, look at me!”), na-miss kong ma-bore.  Hahaha!

Speak of Raviv and of waiting, I’m just so excited to see him again on Tuesday, after almost two months!  I don’t expect him to be as thrilled to see me, because he is having such a swell time at my parents’ house with his cousins.  Although to be honest, I was also grateful that when I go home on busy days, I could just plop down on bed and do whatever I want to do.  No Raviv to feed, bathe, or entertain anymore.  Randy and I took advantage of being “dalaga” at “binata”: we would watch our favourite TV series, read on bed, occasionally go out with friends, and go to the mall to eat and shop.

Let me share with you my other “mga katas ng walang anak” adventures:

First, I realised that my long, straight hair is so blah.  So I got a haircut.

Thumb IMG 7388 1024Haircut done at Kate Spade Salon located at 2/F, Laguna Central Mall, Greenfield, Sta. Rosa City

 Verdict:  It’s awesome when I style it.  Otherwise, I just tie it.  I don’t regret it, neither am I too crazy about it.

Second, shoe shopping with my friend Zaira.  My reliable comfy everyday Grendha sandals gave and my years-old, reliable Outland clogs have gone missing.  That means napilitan akong mag-shoe shopping.  Hehehe.

Thumb IMG 7322 1024

Thumb IMG 7323 1024

Thumb IMG 7325 1024

Verdict: From P5,395 to P3,800 to finally, P2,200!!!  Not bad for a pair of genuine leather clogs!  Randy even complimented it, ang ganda raw.  The only caveat was, it was still heavy and too high for me.  Remember, I teach for 6 hours.  At hindi ako nakaupo magturo.  Buwis-buhay ako magturo.  That means I have no choice but to buy another pair.  Hay, kainis (hehehe).

So off I went to another outlet store, this time to Charles & Keith at Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Thumb IMG 7421 1024

Thumb IMG 7514 1024

Verdict:  It was love at first sight for me for this pair.  Even for my friend Zaira.  In fact, when I was checking out other pairs, she just removed the footwear from my hand unceremoniously and told me, “Tumigil ka, alam mong pangit ang mga ‘yan.  Alam mo kung and ang gusto mo talaga!”  So what’s a girl got to do? 🙂  Anyway, the reason I was checking out other pairs was that I found this pair expensive.  It cost more or less P2,000, e the material isn’t leather unlike the Aldo shoes I got earlier.  However, I’ve worn this for 2-3 weeks now and I must say that save for the kalyo I got while I was breaking them in, this pair’s perfectly comfortable.  Stylish, too! 🙂

Third, Randy and I went on a date.  We decided to have a quiet dinner at Cafe Arabella, located in Solenad 3.

Thumb IMG 7502 1024Ang haggard namin dito, I know.

Verdict:  Cafe Arabelle is a restaurant in Solenad 3 that serves American-Italian food.  I love its eclectic interiors and homespun ambiance.

Thumb IMG 7505 1024

Thumb IMG 7504 1024

Thumb IMG 7510 1024

Thumb IMG 7506 1024

The place and service were awesome.  But the food…not so much. 🙁  We ordered their specialties…

Thumb IMG 7508 1024Pork ribs in barbecue sauce (I forgot the exact term)

Thumb IMG 7509 1024Sloppy cheeseburger (I forgot the exact term)

Thumb IMG 7511 1024Guyabano with herbs smoothie

…sadly, none of them tasted really special.  Between the two of us, we spent approximately P1,300 and we can’t help but wish we ate at Kanin Club or Rack’s instead.  After that, we headed home.

Fourth, dress shopping.  Yesterday my class in Katipunan area ended at 12:30, so I was able to attend the birthday party of my friends Gerry and Mars’s daughter.  I rode a taxi to SM Aura from Katipunan.  It was my first time again after a long time to ride a taxi, and josko na-stress ako sa pagpapatakbo ni Manong.  If I were with Raviv I’d definitely have reprimanded the driver.  Nagdasal na lang ako.  Anyway after the party, I decided to just wait until the classes were finished so Dodong could just pick me up.  And I decided to shop.  I first tried going to the other boutiques that weren’t in Sta. Rosa.  However, sa Uniqlo pa rin ako bumagsak.  Uniqlo has become our family’s go-to shop.  Almost all of Randy’s walking shorts and polos are from there.  Raviv’s shirts, too.  In fairness naman kasi, the quality is good and the price is competitive.

At the party, seated behind me was an elegant-looking mom.  She wasn’t classically beautiful but she had this oomph.  Lash extensions (na hindi OA), check.  Discreet diamond studs, check.  But what struck me most was her dress.  She was not thin, but her sleeved shirt dress camouflaged whoever needed camouflaging well.  So I decided to get bulge-forgiving dresses, too.  I got two:

Thumb IMG 7517 1024Red orange crisp cotton shirtdress, Php1990.  I have come to accept that red orange is the color that best complements my skin tone, and not yellow. 🙁

Thumb IMG 7518 1024Striped short-sleeve dress, P1290.

Thumb IMG 7520 1024Soft white tailored jacket, from Php1990 on sale at Php1490.

Verdict:  I enjoy shopping alone, to be honest.  I get to buy what I really like, walang kontrabida at walang nagmamadali.  Anyway, it’s saddening that these photos failed to show the beauty of the dresses, because they’re really pretty!  Both dresses hide what need to be hidden, and they’re comfortable.  The red orange shirt dress is 100% cotton, so it’s not as stiff as it looks.  Pair it with a chunky necklace and it’s going to be a knockout.  Especially kung papayat ako.  Hehe.  The striped dress naman, well, Randy said it’s really cute.  It’s not often that Randy compliments my clothes, but he did when I tried it on yesterday. 🙂  As for the jacket, I was supposed to buy its thinner version.  However, this is what’s on sale.  I figured that it’s on sale because it’s summer.  Come the rainy season (soon!), the thinner version will be the one on sale.  But right now I’m crazy about this jacket.  It’s baggy with anything.  Added sophistication agad. 🙂


But to be honest guys, the real waiting game for me is over.  I’ve waited for something the past six days.  I happily thought it won’t ever come, but it did today.  I was disappointed, but at least I could drink tea again, and get my 8th underarm diode laser session.  Oh well, there’s always a next time.


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My Favourite Not-So-Popular TV Series

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The past nights, Randy and I have begun watching the latest episodes of Game of Thrones.  Our original plan was to just binge-watch in after all episodes have already aired.  But then two things:

1. I already know about Jon Snow.  Someone posted it the day after it aired.  Asar na asar ako.

2. I realized that once Raviv returns from his vacation, Randy and I would have trouble finding time to watch again.  If we don’t sleep early at night, Raviv will try to keep up with us.  And we can’t very well allow him to watch GoT with us because… #AlamNa

Thus we began watching Season 6.  And OMG, grabe ang ganda talaga!  The ending of Episode 4 left me in awe.  And made me rewind and rewind.  Basta, grabe!  Too bad we have to wait for next Monday pa uli.


So tonight, Randy and I will begin watching the episodes of the latest season of The Walking Dead naman.  And I’m excited!!!

Aside from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, I’m also hooked on other ongoing/recently concluded TV shows.  There are lots of times when I want to share my thoughts on Facebook, kaso nga lang feeling ko walang makaka-relate.  These series are in league with GoT and TWD, but are significantly less popular.  So if you are currently on the lookout for other TV series to be addicted to, here’s my list:

1. Downton Abbey

SYNOPSIS: Downton Abbey – a sprawling, lavish Edwardian mansion and park nestled in the lush North Yorkshire landscape – needs an heir. Dame Maggie Smith turns in a show-stopping performance as Violet, the charmingly stubborn Dowager Countess of Grantham, matriarch of Downton and the irrefutable authority on everything. Hugh Bonneville stars as her son, the stoic, unflappable Earl of Grantham; Elizabeth McGovern plays his far-sighted American wife, Cora; and a star-studded cast round out the glittering, gossipy, and beguiling men and women of this epic tale from Academy Award-winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park).

After a tragedy at sea claims the life of the presumed heir, Lord Grantham is faced with the possibility that the house he’s loved his whole life might someday belong to a distant cousin he’s never met. But before he can worry about that he must deal with his scandalous daughter, Lady Mary – considered by many to be the rightful heir to Downton. Even the staff has opinions on the family’s affairs. And while most are devoted to those they serve, there are others whose selfishness and scheming do more than simply disrupt the well-oiled inner workings of the estate. As the servants’ mischief escalates, even the most faithful employees begin to imagine a different life.

Pitting hundreds of years of British aristocracy against the tides of social upheaval and technical progress, under the looming shadow of World War I, will the fate of Downton and its family – above and below the stairs – be resolved? Or will life be altered so dramatically that its master no longer matters? (SOURCE)

WHY I LOVE IT:  Downton Abbey is not for everyone, to be honest.  Audacity, flamboyance and drama-rama are not the name of the game. The “drama” combined from Season 1 up to the last season (it has just finished) is less than the “drama” of one minute of watching Game of Thrones.  So why do I love it?

First, I am an old soul—I am curious how the social strata worked in the early 1900s, and how the people of that time (both the rich and poor) were reacting to the changing times.   I am fascinated what the people at that time found vulgar and honourable, and impressed how much pride and loyalty servants have for their work and employees, respectively.

Second, the clothes.  It’s like watching women in paintings and old photographs come to life.  And in fairness, the “old” dresses featured are wearable even today.  They are lovely!  I love the jazz era.

Third, the subtlety.  One may accuse Downton Abbey as being boring, and I won’t blame the accuser.  Like what I said, not much is happening.  At least on the outside.  But if you’re willing to go beyond the external and carefully listen to dialogues, watch the body language and analyse the facial expressions, you’ll be mesmerised.  Like I was.

Downton Abbey is like a crisp, white, cotton dress that’s elegantly and skilfully tailored amidst a sea of colorful clothes, both avant-garde and downright gaudy.


The Dowager Countess, Lady Violet Crawley.  Her caustic remarks and facial expressions are legendary. 🙂

If anything’s right at Downton, Mr. Charles Carson the butler is to thank for.  His unwavering loyalty to the Crawleys is priceless!

2. The Good Wife

SYNOPSIS: When a very public sex and political-corruption scandal lands her husband, Peter, in prison, Alicia Florrick (Emmy-winner Julianna Margulies ) must get past the humiliation and betrayal and assume responsibility for her family. She resumes her career as a defense attorney, shedding her persona as the embarrassed wife of a politician, and takes charge of her destiny. Years later, after Peter wins the gubernatorial election, Alicia must balance her evolving career and family responsibilities with her new position as first lady of Illinois. (SOURCE)

WHY I LOVE IT: I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer (just too lazy to take up law), and the courtroom drama here satisfies the lawyer-wannabe in me.  I just love how a seemingly open-and-shut case turns around, thanks to the brilliance and diligence of lawyers!  But that’s not all: St. Alicia’s life as a middle-aged mom and starting-from-scratch-again lawyer vis-a-vis her husband’s (or ex-husband’s) political career is always interesting.  Plus the never-ending power play and politics in their lawfim.  The Good Wife is anything but boring.

But I have to say that I really hate it when Alicia is playing footsies with anyone other than her husband.  Ewan ko kung bakit, e douche naman ang asawa n’ya.



Eli Gold is the character I hate loving. But I can’t help but do.  He’s so good at scheming, it’s charming!  And his eyebrows are epic.  Me thinks siya ang idol ni Boy Aura! LOL!

Boy Aura vs Eli Gold EyebrowsKilay Face-off: Boy Aura vs Eli Gold

Diane Lockhart is the essence of being a (successful career) woman!

If I were in a corporate setting, hers is the wardrobe I’d copy.  She is the oldest lady in the show, and she is not classically beautiful…but her low, controlled and authoritative voice and elegance are as sexy as hell.  She is the career woman I wanted to be.

3. Scandal

SYNOPSIS: When you get into trouble there’s only one person to call, Olivia Pope. Olivia is a professional ‘fixer’ who makes problems go away before anyone even knows they exist. For the moneyed, the powerful and even the President, Olivia is a legend in her field. Her spectacular success is mostly due to her unbreakable rule of always trust your gut. No matter how careful you are, when you do damage control for a living, you’re bound to cause some damage to your own life. She and her crew eat, sleep, live and breathe crisis. Each week, as the team races against the clock to defuse intriguing new problems before they become full-blown disasters, they also have to deal with their own personal issues. They may call themselves ‘gladiators in suits’, but little by little, Olivia and her crew begin to reveal the chinks in their armor. (SOURCE)

WHY I LOVE IT:  It’s like your modern-day Game of Thrones.  Each episode is packed with drama, action, and gruesome scenes.  Olivia Pope is like Liana Stark (only alive!), for whom the most powerful man—President Grant (modern-day version of King Robert Baratheon) carries a torch.  Of course, there’s the slighted First Lady Mellie Grant (our Queen Cersei counterpart).  The twist?  Olivia Pope is also the embodiment of political geniuses Petyr Baelish with the compassion of Lord Varys.  Scandal is created by Shonda Rhimes, the same woman behind who created (and wrecked!!!  Why Derek, why?!?) Grey’s Anatomy (another favourite of mine, but I think it’s already popular so I’m no longer putting it on this list).  So you’ll notice that some of the Grey’s Anatomy characters are also here.  And, most of the characters talk like Grey Anatomy’s Dr. Miranda Bailey.

Although I often feel like, “Grabe naman!!!” each episode, it still entertains.  In fact, I would often pester people and ask, “Huy, may Scandal ba kayo?  Gusto ko manood ng Scandal!”  And they would be surprised how frank I am about what I watch.  LOL!



I love Mellie!  Though she is Scandal’s “Cersei”, I love her.  In fact, even though Olivia is the key character of Scandal, I am for Melly!  Boo Olivia and Fitz!!!



Watch them at your own risk.  The risk being you’ll be hooked by them! 🙂  Toodles!


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Let’s All Go To Shakey’s!

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For Filipinos, going out to eat is never just about enjoying good food. It is now an opportunity to bond and spend quality time with loved ones. It is a special time carved out in our schedules to relax and reconnect with our friends and family, which is why finding the perfect setting is so important.  These days, however, with the constant sprouting of new concept restaurants all around the metro, choosing your next dining option can seem endless and exhausting.

But most of the time, all you want is something familiar, a place that feels like home. A place with a menu that you know by heart, you know exactly what you are getting. Where you are sure you will have fun in the company of family and friends. That place is Shakey’s – where all you need is one word to express exactly what you mean, where all you need to say is “Let’s”, when you want to go to Shakey’s.

Buendia 4

Famous for its Thin Crust Pizza and Awesome Twosome Chicken N’ Mojos, Shakey’s is everyone’s favorite fun, family, pizza restaurant—the place we all like to go back to visit, time after time.

Manager s Choice PizzaChicken n MojosGrowing up, Shakey’s may have been the first choice venue for milestone celebrations, but it has now evolved into a place where Guests can simply get together to have a good time and make great memories, no matter what the occasion. With menu favorites that are so consistently delicious they might as well be considered iconic, Shakey’s never disappoints when it comes to satiating your food cravings whenever you visit. Always ready to welcome back its Guests, Shakey’s is the go-to place for memorable meal-time moments with friends and family.

Buendia 5

So when you’re looking to catch a break in the middle of the day. Let’s all go to Shakey’s.  Figuring out where to go this weekend? Let’s all go to Shakey’s. Choosing a restaurant to hang out with your family? Let’s all go to Shakey’s. Instead of staying home tonight, Let’s. 🙂

For more information on Shakey’s, LIKE Shakey’s Pizza on Facebook and FOLLOW @shakeysph on Instagram.

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