Weekend Drama

Not too long after I blogged last Saturday, I started fixing some of our clothes in the cabinets where we are supposed to put our curtains, bed sheets, etc. (because our clothes cabinet are not yet finished).  I googled the KonMari way of folding clothes, and I was pleasantly surprised that it’s similar to how I fold clothes, except for the part where you make clothes stand.  In fairness, I loved the KonMari method of folding and storing clothes.  Makes perfect sense: saves a lot of space and easy to maintain!  Even though it’s not our final storage area, sarap tingnan na maayos na ‘yung clothes. It's temporary but I already love how neat it looks!  And how easy it is to pull out clothes! As I was fixing our clothes--listening to Marie Kondo’s audio book (thanks Charissa!)—Randy barged into our bedroom and said that Ivy, our executive assistant was outside shaking and tearing up. Sinugod daw kasi ng kapitbahay.  Walastik. According to Ivy, our middle-aged neighbour who was a … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s Back!!!

Nope, not Raviv. Anyway, it’s my rest day today (after 4 consecutive days of gruelling, intense-na-intense teaching), and what I want to do is maglaba! Yes, you read that right.  I want to do the laundry, because it’s so freaking hot and I’m hopeful that if I do the laundry I’ll keep on touching the water and water will spill onto my body so I’ll groan with relief (eeew, did it just sound sensual?). Earlier Randy told me to just turn on the aircon in our bedroom while I was watching the 1994 Miss Universe pageant--that was held here in the Philippines--on YouTube.  In fairness, natuwa ako. :)  I remember watching it when I was 11 years old, stood 5’1”, and was worried because I had a keloid on my knee—the surefire sign that I was not meant to be a beauty queen, hehe.  Today, I thought that I would find the whole thing baduy, but surprisingly I didn’t. And two things stood out for me. First, I now realize I got a good reason aside from “patriotism” why the 11-year-old me was … [Read more...]

Sepanx & Conversations with Raviv Part 8

At this time, Raviv has probably already landed in Davao City. He will be in Mindanao for 2 weeks to a month—which is like eons for Randy and me.  The longest stretch of time we’ve been separated from him is 24-48 hours only.  So this definitely is a big deal for us.  That’s why when Mom and Dad asked us whether Raviv could vacation with them during the summer, it took Randy and me a long time to decide.  But eventually, we caved in.  Sending him there is the rational thing to do because: 1) Summer is a busy time for Randy and me—we will be away the whole day and will be doggone tired when we get home; 2) Raviv has no dedicated yaya; and 3) His cousins are also vacationing at my parents’, and he would definitely have fun with them, just as he always has.   But these valid reasons didn’t make it easy on us—we still had separation anxieties!  Especially because Raviv has been such a darling the past days.  That or because I took to heart … [Read more...]

Not for a minute, not for any reason.

Raviv and I have been together practically the whole day today. It was a long and exhausting day for both of us, but I'm sure it was even longer and more exhausting for him. I apologize I don't want to tell you (yet) where we've been, all I can say is that it had been physically and emotionally draining for us. With today's brouhaha, there were times when I made Raviv feel inadequate. My justification for that? To challenge him to be better, for him to strive harder. But tonight, seeing my innocent boy sleep peacefully beside me, I'm overwrought with emotions. By God, it dawned on me how utterly cute and handsome he is (if your opinion is otherwise, I couldn't care less anymore)! And how smart he is, drawing the most complicated mazes on his Sketcher and pointing out all road signs we came across today while being shuttled from one place to another. But what made tears form in my eyes the most was the thought of how much he loves me. What he did today, he did to make me … [Read more...]


Strike 1   Two days ago as I was strapping Raviv to his carseat in our garage, I heard a motorcycle and voices from beyond our gate.  Voices of kids and grown-ups who were obviously targeting the mango fruits of our Indian mango tree that’s thriving beside our garage.  There are fruits kasi on branches that have crossed over—that is, nasa labas na ng bakod namin. I have no problem with their getting these fruits because legally speaking, it’s no longer ours and it’s free for all (and those who ask from us whether they could get, we say yes).  But what first caught my attention was their conversation: Child 1: Kunin natin ‘yung mangga! Child 2: E ang liit naman! Grown-up 1:  Eh masarap nga ‘yung bubot! Child 1: Malalaki ang mga aso ng mga ‘yan! Child 2:  Eh ano naman?  Aso lang eh. At that point things have already been thrown, and a slipper fell into our lot beside the car.  The child who probably said, “Eh ano naman?" was propping himself up our fence.  The … [Read more...]

Health Comes First on World Health Day

Advertorial/Press Release Safeguard celebrates putting family health firstat the first Health Watch lecture In celebration of the upcoming World Health Day on April 7, Safeguard launches Health Watch, a lecture series aimed to equip Filipino moms with the information and the skills that they need to continue to keep their family healthy. For 50 years, Safeguard continues to be committed to promoting health and hygiene, making the brand synonymous with family germ protection. Consistent with this mission, Safeguard understands that mothers strive to keep their family healthy by staying updated on current healthcare issues. Every year, World Health Day is a reminder that health should come first. While every mom continues to think about health, the fact remains that there is still so much more that can be done to improve the health of every family and the nation. In the first Health Watch lecture among mommy bloggers, UNICEF shared figures about the State of Filipino … [Read more...]

Review: Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal at Skin Station

(This is one of those “I-wish-this-were-a-Sponsored-Post” blog entries.  But it’s not.) I’ve been getting a lot of private messages regarding my quest for hairless underarms courtesy of the IPL package I got from Mendez Medical Group, in reference to my blogpost entitled Tiis Ganda.  To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with it.  Although I got the 3-in-1 package (IPL + whitening + excessive sweating treatment), I ended up getting only the IPL during my later visits there.  Why?  Because I felt like the whitening and excessive sweating treatments were mema lang—padding lang.  Something to “sweeten” the deal.  I got this impression because when I was getting my treatments there, they were offering me the “more effective way” to whiten my underarms which was the blue peeling with diamond peel.  It cost me an additional P3,000.  As for the excessive sweating treatment, I have a feeling that its effectiveness was but fleeting.  So to save time, I would just tell the aesthetician to proceed … [Read more...]

Provinciated Living Relived

Thank God I’m alive! Before you panic, I’m just being OA, sorry.  I’ve just arrived from a meeting in Makati, and Teacher Clarice (our preschool head) drove my Mirage from Sta. Rosa.  It was her first time to drive to Makati without her Dad’s supervision, so ipinagdasal kami nang matindi, hehe.  I didn’t tell her but during the time na gitgitan sa EDSA kanina, my palms were sweaty.  Diyos ko, bata pa po ang anak ko! To calm both of us, nagdaldalan na lang kami.  One of the things we talked about was our favourite TV series.  And one of my super-duper favourites is really The Wonder Years. The Wonder Years is an authentic look back into adolesence. In The wonder years [sic] we see young Kevin Arnold explore the world of denial, friendship, hate and love. Never in my life have i [sic] seen a more perfect depiction of life as a young teen. The hardships with school, friends, your older brother, and the girl that [sic] lives on your street; these are all realistic struggles and … [Read more...]

The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 3: Superhero Get-ups & Guests

continued from The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 2: The Superhero Party Food, Cake, and Lootbag In fairness, I’m keeping my promise!!! After 3 months, here’s the last installment of Raviv’s superhero-themed birthday party at Gymboree, yahoo! The Amazing Raviv's Costume First, let’s take a closer look at Raviv’s outfit: Of course, he had to be Spider-man!!! Handsome face behind the mask revealed! Raviv loves this costume immensely.  It’s a “muscled" The Amazing Spider-man Costume.  He’s oh so proud when he wears it.  I was lucky to have found a seller online who’s based in Sta. Rosa!  Otherwise I had to order this from the US.  Kumusta naman lang pagdaan pa sa costumes at sa port congestion, 'di ba? This costume is actually for kids 7 and above, so it’s big for Raviv; the seller had no other stock so we had to make do with it. I got it in October, and I told Raviv he has to sleep early so he would grow and then the costume would fit him.  Hahaha! On Raviv’s invitation, we … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #37: Ravenous Reader Raviv’s Moving Up Day at Gymboree (March 19, 2016)

March 19 was a day of oxymorons.  It was bittersweet, and “Whew” and “Sigh” kept taking turns in my mind.  Many were happy, but many were also sad.  Parents were also both excited and apprehensive.  Especially the Pre-K parents.  And that includes me. So yes, on that Saturday, Raviv has officially “graduated” from preschool (I surmise kindergarten is no longer “preschool" since it’s already required by our DepEd?)  Thus the contradicting emotions.  As the cliche goes, how time flies. Look at my little big boy during Gymboree Play & Music Sta. Rosa Preschool’s Moving Up Day, aka the First Annual Gymbo Awards: Yep, our peg was the Oscar’s!  So my son was among the cuties who sizzled on the red carpet. Walking on the red carpet and striking a pose for the “paparazzi" Accepting his award from his Teacher Clarice Posing with his award, the Ravenous Reader Award.  The recipient of the award was described by Teacher Clarice as, … [Read more...]