Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal: Pizza Plus Pizza Plus Mooooore!!!


They say there is something about the appetizing look of pizzas that whets every food lover’s appetite, no matter what time of the day it is.  But the operative word here is, “they”.  Because I have a confession to make:  I do not like pizzas all that much.  I like them, but not like others (like my husband and son!) who are willing to eat pizzas 24/7.

So wait, what am I doing, writing advertorials about Shakey’s?!?

For one, Randy and Raviv loooooove pizzas so much.  Second, we are talking about Shakey’s, bey-beh!  And Shakey’s isn’t just pizza!  Whenever I’m with my man and my boy or with friends, and they say they crave for pizza, I’d always suggest Shakey’s.  Why?  Because even when I’m in no mood for pizza (but usually my mood changes when it’s thin crust and still hot and smellin‘ so good!), Shakey’s has a lot, lot, lot more to offer.  And I have a lot, lot, lot more to salivate after!  Whenever I’m at Shakey’s, I always have a difficult time deciding which one to buy because I love everything on the menu!

That’s why I’m so psyched with Shakey’s latest Grand Slam offering: the Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal!  This deal is so super and grand because it allows guests to pair their favorite pizza combination with a generous serving of signature starters or pasta, plus a pitcher of Nestea Iced Tea or Coca-Cola softdrink. It’s an immediate feast, no matter what the occasion is!

Shakey's Super Grand Slammin' Deal Poster

So here’s how the Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal works.

  1. Choose any of your favorite starters or pasta; this could be the seasoned and deep-fried Calamari Crrrunch or the tender and juicy Buffalo wings or the hot and crispy perfection of Wings’n’Rings. If you’re a pasta lover, perhaps try the deliciously creamy Carbonara Platter or the delightful Spaghetti Platter.
  2. Select your 18-inch Grand Slam Pizza flavor combination, Original four delicious flavors: Shakey’s Special, Pepperoni, Classic Italian Sausage and Friday Special or New Combination flavors: Angus Steakhouse, Hi-Protein Supreme, Pizza Castellana and Managers Choice.
  3. And lastly, top it all off with a refreshing pitcher of your choice drink.

If that treat isn’t enough, ordering the Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal also entitles you to one (1) free SuperCard, all for only Php999! Shakey’s SuperCard allows card holders to enjoy discounts and freebies, including a free pizza for every pizza delivery order with drinks to match. So upon having the SuperCard, you can start enjoying all the amazing treats from Shakey’s.  So, is this a grand deal or a super deal?!?  Well, it’s both!

The promo runs until December 17 only, so make sure you get your Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal in any Shakey’s branch near you!  I know our family will!!!

Wardrobe Diary #65: 31-year olds at the Forever 21 Fashion Show (Oct. 24, 2014)

This is a blog post I’ve been sooooo excited to share with you for a long time!  That’s because for the first time ever–at 31 years old–I was finally able to attend a fashion show for grown-up (because all I’ve been attending were for kids).


I’ve actually received several invites in the past.  Yun lang, I was always unavailable.  So when Krissy of ARC PR sent me an electronic invite and passes to attend—get this—the Forever 21 Fashion Show during the Fashion Week, boy was I in Cloud 9 because I had no other commitments on that day aside from a small task in Makati hours before the fashion show.  Krissy allowed me to invite two more friends, so talagang it was fun!

Anyway, here is what this 31-year old was wearing at the Forever 21 (gaaah, I’m a decade older than Forever 21’s target clientele!!!) Fashion Show during the Philippine Fashion Week:


PA240148I know mejo suman ako sa suot ko, but I hope hindi pa ako mukhang nagmumurang kamias.

  • blue and black block dress: Blessed Shop
  • black quilted leather bag: Marc Jacobs Stam
  • gold infinity bracelet: Divisoria
  • leather wedge sandals: Aldo

And guys, please ask me kung nagpa-hair and make-up ba ako (kasi ang ganda ng hair ko diba?)  Because I’m proud to say that I did, pero libre langyan!  How and where?  Well, I’ll let you in on a secret how you could get your hair and make-up done for free!  Since the fashion show was done at the SMX Convention Center (sooo near SM MOA), I first went to the hair and beauty department of SM.  I first went to JML.  I told the SA that I bought a JML plantsa-cum-curler from them.  Then she volunteered to curl my hair.  O di ba?  Then I went to the make-up counters, stopping at the Majolica Majorca counter.  The SA again volunteered to line my upper lid, which she winged very well.  She also did a bit of contouring on my face using the brand’s blusher/bronzer.  Since she did very well and since I also needed one, I bought the eyeliner she used on me.  So the next time you buy your make-up (kung hindi naman nagmamadali), I suggest you it when you are headed to an event. Winking smileSo back to the event.  I arrived at SMX Convention quite early, and my friends have yet to arrive.  I was beyond thrilled when Krissy gave me Forever 21 gift cards!  I mean, I love Forever 21!  I could spend hours at a boutique just admiring the quirky and fashionable clothes and accessories!  After that, I headed in because there was a mini-Forever 21 boutique.  Several celebrities were also there, shopping.  I literally rubbed elbows with Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Bubbles Paraiso, etc.  Aaaaand, may chismis ako sa inyo.  But before that, take a look at this photo that I grabbed from ARC PR’s Facebook PageOpen-mouthed smile:

Diba wala lang naman?  But my malicious friend Teta was insinuating something:

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New Business Birthing Pains & Gains

Hello everyone!  It’s been a looong while since I posted random things about my life’s happenings.  I really wanna do it, but I swear, sobrang busy lang talaga!  These days all I’ve been blogging are sponsored posts and advertorials!  I am happy because they are blessings: aside from that it’s extra moolah for me, they also make my self-esteem high because it means MomsterTeacher is trusted by recognized and highly esteemed brands.

But I really miss my usual chika with you guys and girls and gays.  So many things have been happening in my life, and believe me that at each time, I long to share it with you.

Anyway, let’s get it out of the way:  Bakit nga ba busy-busy-han ako these days? If you follow me on Instagram, then you’d know I’ve been hands on with my new baby: Randy and I are the new proud owners of the soon-to-open Gymboree Sta. Rosa!!!



It’s a lot of work, but I am immensely enjoying!  Andaming stress (as is expected when opening a new business), but they are often quickly negated.

Mga stress:

1. The delay of construction of Gymboree site – supposedly, kahapon ang Grand Opening namin.  However, because of the frequent rains, the construction was often put to a halt.

2014-11-09 15.13.38The second floor that’s under construction is where Gymboree Sta. Rosa will be

2. The Search for the Next Gymboree Sta. Rosa teacher eto pa.  It all started when I lost my phone.  As early as September, I already had two prospects.  But since I lost my phone, I lost contact with them.  It took me a while to contact them.  And when I finally did, one of the two had already accepted another job offer because she thought I didn’t like her.  Asus!  Then I interviewed more.  And then after so many candidates, I got another one.  We started our training na and all.  Then after two weeks, she dropped a bombshell:  she didn’t know she was preggers, and she had a miscarriage.  She underwent a D&C procedure, and her doctor told her she can’t be moving around.  Kumusta naman?!  Until now, I’m still looking for another teacher.

3. Port congestion – I guess you’ve heard this news: there’s a port congestion!  My Gymboree equipment were ordered from Gymboree US.  And now I don’t know when they’ll become available.  I can’t open without my equipment!!!

But there are a lot of positive things that make me super excited and still optimistic about this whole Gymboree Franchising thing:


Things that get me excited

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Tips on Caring for Baby’s Sensitive Skin


One thing that makes us crazy about babies is their smooth, velvety skin.  I remember using every minutiae of my willpower just to prevent myself from biting almost all of Raviv—his cheeks, his hands, and even the supposedly icky places like toes and, yes, his bum!
Raviv at 6 months old…you get what I mean now?

However, things can take a disparate turn when our baby’s skin develops rashes and allergies.  A simple rash is very visible.  Worse, babies would feel very uncomfortable.  They might start scratching and before you know it, the circumference of your little bundle of joy’s rash has already ballooned plus you have an irritable crybaby pa!  Suffice it to say, taking care of our babies’ skin—especially those with sensitive skin—is a major (and should be!) a major concern!  It’s so unlike our own skin because a baby’s skin is thinner than an adult’s skin.  It’s definitely more delicate and more sensitive, so it’s important you take extra precautions to protect your baby’s skin.

Here are some tips to ensure your baby’s skin is velvety smooth all the time:

1.  Use products that do not irritate baby’s skin.
Be more discerning about products you use on your baby, such as soaps, detergents, and diapers. Soaps and detergents may contain harsh ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin. Opt for gentle cleansers and detergents which are hypoallergenic and will not cause your baby’s skin allergies. To know which skin product  is best to use on your baby, you could do a simple skin test on your arm. Products that are too harsh for your  skin may cause redness or even tingling, causing even more irritation on baby’s skin.

2.  Choose soft clothing. 
Consider the materials your baby’s clothes are made of.  I learned this lesson early.  I remember being in a mall and seeing fasyon baby clothes that were cheap.  As expected, I hoarded.  But when I made Raviv wear them, I regretted it immediately.  Clothes come in direct contact with their skin, and these clothes were really rough on Raviv’s soft skin.  I could not subject my son to such torture—I really felt that the rough texture would rub and might wound my son’s skin.  So from then on, I only bought clothes with a soft, smooth material such as 100% cotton instead of other fabrics that can chafe and mark on a  baby’s extra-sensitive skin.

3.  Keep out of the sun. 
As much as possible, avoid leaving the house with your baby during peak hours, 10AM  to 4PM, as this is  when the sun can get ultra-hot. Harmful UV rays will not only darken baby’s skin, but possibly result to  dryness, blemishes and even worse, sunburns which can turn into blisters.

4.  Use a diaper that has 5-star skin protection.
Your baby’s bottom is even more sensitive than skin on other parts of his body because it is exposed to pee  and poo every day. Prolonged wetness on baby’s skin makes his skin prone to irritation, causing diaper rashes  and other allergies. It is so important to use a good quality diaper that will make sure the skin on baby’s  bottom is protected every day, even if it is exposed to continued wetness.

Pampers Active Baby has been tried and tested by the Smart Parenting Best For Baby Awards panel to be the best disposable diaper in the market, besting other disposable diapers on essential diaper features such as absorbency, dryness, comfortable fit and skin protection. Learn more about the test results here.

To know more about Pampers Active Baby’s 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website: 

Mockingjay Part 1 Special Screening at SM Calamba!

If you’re like me who was so bitin with Catching Fire, then you’re in for a treat!!!


Guys, this is it!!!  We “’provinciated” fans of The Hunger Games Trilogy no longer need to go to the Metro to watch because the UPRHS Class of 2013 (about 90% of whom were my students when they were in Grade 6 and in third year high school—hay, how time flies!!!) is bringing the special screening of this much-anticipated movie to Calamba City, bey-beh!!!  This special screening is gonna be on Thursday already, so better reserve a ticket now!

Hope to see you on Thursday at SM Calamba, OK? Winking smile

Madame EKS (aka Motherhood)’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party Part 3: Photo Story

Continued from Madame EKS (aka Motherhood)’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party Part 2: The Great Revelation

Here are more up close and personal photos during Motherhood’s 60th Masquerade Themed Surprise Birthday Party, plus comments on my suppliers.

Venue: UP Seniors’ Social Garden

cfc (10)

cfc (819)

Honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’ll host a party here.  I pass this almost everyday, and when “undressed”, it looks plain.  Wala man lang flowers to make it a beautiful “garden”.  But since the other options were so ridiculously expensive and my stylist/caterer assured me that UP Seniors’ Social Garden is a great “canvass”, I agreed.  Indeed, it was prettified.  The only caveat is that there is no airconditioning.


Event Styling & Catering: Berris Cuisine

I chose Berris Cuisine when I learned they also do event styling.  Surprisingly, only a few caterers also do customized event styling.  I chose not to get a separate event stylist because I feel that a caterer-cum-stylist would be cheaper.  I mean, caterers already provide table centerpieces, right?  Thus magiging redundant lang.

cfc (12)Table centerpiece for a masquerade-themed 60th birthday party

Venue set-up for a masquerade-themed 60th birthday party

cfc (311)Celebrant’s chair/stage  for a masquerade-themed 60th birthday party

I was satisfied with the overall setup, however, my major complaint about the company is that the point person is quite difficult to contact.  I had to initially text and then forward my original message almost 10 times in span of 48 hours before a curt reply.  Ditto when calling her—antagal mag-pick up!  I also specifically requested to use an orange-y red and not a maroon-y red, but still I ended up with the latter.  Good thing she’s friendly when you actually talk to her.

cfc (154)
Dessert table for a masquerade-themed 60th birthday party


cfc (168)Chocolate liquers given by my sister-in-law Ruth were added to the dessert table

As for the food, IMHO, it was OK—something you expect from a regular caterer.  But no dish served got any raves, unlike when we got Center Table Catering (for Raviv’s baptism/dedication) and Passion Cooks (Randy’s birthday party last year).  But note that Center Table and Passion Cooks’ (especially!) rates were more expensive than Berris’.


Cake and cupcakes: Bakeville by Nek Manaig-Penalba

I always order themed fondant cakes from Rainbow Confections, but since I opted to order a traditional cake and matching cupcakes this time, I tried something new.  The cake and cupcakes with “boiled icing” (‘yun pala tawag dun!) were from Bakeville.

cfc (50)
Cake for a masquerade-themed birthday party

I find the cake and cupcakes reasonably-priced.  Aaaand, I loved the taste and texture of the cake.  The icing was not too sweet but not bland.  It’s really delicious and soft to the point that I kept the cake in our personal fridge in our bedroom (meaning, not for sharing) and allowed it to pile more and more calories in my body.  But Randy—who rarely eats cakes—shared with me.  Bonus:  Nek, the cake artist and baker, is also very nice.  Even though we were only communicating via Facebook, she would always reply promptly and very respectfully.  I love suppliers like this!

Cheesums (Extra Dessert) by Patricia Hilao of Pattycakes

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Wardrobe Diary #64: Failed Flapper Girl Getup (Oct. 4, 2014)

If you’ve been reading my blog, chances are, you’d be able to guess what this wardrobe diary entry is.  If you’re thinking that this is about what I wore when I went clubbing, then BOO, you’ve been absent for a long time!!!  Or is it you’re first time here?

But those who have been in my loop would surely know that this is about my outfit/OOTD during Motherhood’s surprise 60th birthday celebration.  Since the theme was masquerade and most of the guests were, well, uhhh…”vintage”, it was but fitting that the guests (and host) wear something glamorous and Old Hollywood-ish.  And since one of my current favorite TV series is Downton Abbey, I chose outfits from the roaring twenties!  Here’s what I wore on Motherhood’s Masquerade Theme Surprise 60th Birthday Party Celebration:



Lemme hear a roar if wagi ang outfit natin!  Kung hindi, tumahimik na lang kayo.  Hihihi!  Anyway, I actually got a lot of compliments for my dress.  Another guest whose outfit I loved was Tita Romilyn’s. Look:

cfc (616)

Davah?!?  Complete with fishnet stockings pa ‘yan!  The other guests actually commented that our dresses were similar—I guess in the sense that they’re both fab—and because of that Tita Rom and I had a “contest”…

Tita Rom:  Oo nga parang pareho tayo ng outfit na makislap-kislap.  Pero mura lang ‘ting akin!
I: Ay Tita, mura rin itong akin!
Tita Rom:  Hoy, sa tiangge ko lang ito nabili…P750 lang ito!
I:  Wala ka Tita, ukay lang itong akin—P150 lang ito!
Tita Rom:  Ay panalo ka nga!

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Pinoys Benefit from the Taiwan Seal of Excellence


Even though local Pinoy products abound, we have to admit that there are products from other countries that are cheaper.  However, we often belatedly realize that a cheap find does not necessarily mean that it’s also a good find.  How many times have we heard the chide, “You get what you pay for!” whenever a cheap find turns out to be poorly made or worse, are made of materials that are detrimental to our bodies!

Promoting the Best of Taiwan with the Seal of Excellence

To ensure that we Pinoys only get the best of Taiwan products, the country’s Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan (BOFT) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) have come up with a very helpful program: the Taiwan Excellence campaign!

Taiwan Excellence is a campaign that recognizes high-quality Taiwanese brands, guaranteeing their superior quality and value. To qualify for these awards, the products go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are of the highest standard and can proudly represent the unique and innovative culture of Taiwan.


The Genesis of Taiwan Excellence

The Taiwan Excellence campaign was part of the Ministry of Economic Affair’s (MOEA) five-year plan in the 1980’s in an effort to raise Taiwan’s international competitiveness by supporting its local brands.  As  and as early as 1992, the Taiwan Excellence Award campaign was established under the Image Enhancement Programs. The coveted seal of excellence was only awarded to deserving products based on R&D, design, quality, and marketing efforts.  Those that are awarded this seal of excellence would proudly showcase the seal.

Organized_Implemented_New Taiwan Excellence

Getting the Coveted Award

All Taiwan based brands—consumer and business IT, fashion, arts and culture, sports, education, transportation, and others—can be a part of the campaign.  However, not everyone are given the coveted seal of excellence.  Each brand or product is meticulously judged by an international panel of judges based on: R&D, design, quality, and marketing. Only when the product fares well in ALL categories are they allowed to carry the Taiwan Excellence Seal.  But it doers not end there: from among the selected products, the judges choose those who deserve the Silver and Gold Award recognition. They will select thirty from the original winners, with only ten to be given the Gold Award, the highest recognition under the campaign, while the remaining finalists will be given the Silver Award.

Taiwan Excellence in the Philippines

The Taiwan Excellence Campaign aims to help Filipinos choose Taiwan-made products that are worth their salt.  With the theme “Excellent Lifestyle”, the Taiwan Excellence Campaign wants us Filipinos identify and recognize the 56 excellent brands (which include Acer, Asus, HTC, Tatung and BenQ) under Taiwan Excellence that are guaranteed to help us have an excellent lifestyle.

Through the Taiwan Excellence Award, we Filipinos will have more informed choices.  It is definitely a great help to us in deciding where to put our hard-earned pesos.  Truly, this initiative helps us recognize the best of Taiwan products!

To know more about this helpful campaign, visit these websites:

Taiwan Excellence Website
Taiwan Excellence Facebook Page

Pampers Receives Seal of Approval From Best For Baby Panel!


When I got past my first trimester, I thought that my mommy-related dizzy spells were over.  But once I gave birth, they were back.  This time, my hormones were not the culprit, but the variety of baby products in the market!  Shopping actually became a chore for a certified shopaholic like me, because I would get dizzy just looking at the myriad baby products!  It’s so difficult to choose the ones our babies really need, the ones that are worth our hard-earned penny, and the best among the rest.

Good to know that Smart Parenting’s Best For Baby Awards was actually founded to help mothers make only the BEST choice for their babies!


“It has always been our mission at Smart Parenting to be able to inform readers the best products for kids out there and I think, this Best For Baby Awards is one great step to be of service to our readers,” editor-in-chief Mia Fausto-Cruz says.

Among the baby products tested? Disposable diapers, of course!

When Raviv was still very young, I admit that I use to think that all diapers were created equal, and that some were pricier just because they choose to air TV commercials and high overpriced models.  So as a certified kuripot mom, I used to buy whichever was the cheapest.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that the cheapest diapers were causing my Raviv’s sensitive skin have rashes!  I soon learned that when it comes to choosing a disposable diaper, performance and quality should be a top priority to ensure that their baby’s delicate skin is protected. Through different tests by the Best For Baby panel, Smart Parenting has discovered that Pampers Active Baby is the best disposable diaper in the market!

Testing, testing…

Smart Parenting’s Best For Baby Awards was comprised of panelists from Smart Parenting magazine and Summit Media: Editor-in-chief Mia Fausto-Cruz, senior staff writer Rachel Perez, art director Jenny Inumerable-Suarez, and group publisher Christine Sandejas. Nanny trainer and blog My Dearest Nanny’s Menchit Ordoveza and’s Fleur Sombrero also took on the challenge and were surprisingly delighted with the results.

The best thing about these panelists? All of them are mothers.

Pampers Receives Seal of Approval From Baby Experts! - News|

It also helped that most of the panelists who did the testing and who actually tried the take home products were mothers. “Mothers are very maselan with the products they use on their children. It needs to not only be effective but at the same time, very safe for their kids. Their opinion really matters on choosing the best products,” Mommy Fleur adds.

Nanny trainer Menchit Ordoveza found the Best For Baby testing process interesting too. She says, “I didn’t really expect (anything). Today we were able to do it the most scientific way. For Menchit, she feels that “it was fairly judged.” To ensure this, Smart Parenting masked the diapers and used controlled testing environments for each tests – be it through standardizing amount of liquids or using reliable systems of measurement, among others.

For the disposable diapers test, the Smart Parenting Best For Baby panelists were tasked to review the products according to a five-point criteria: dryness, absorption speed, comfortable fit, softness, and skin protection.


Here’s how the tests went:

1. Dryness

To gauge a diaper’s ability to absorb wetness and still keep baby’s skin dry, a controlled amount of liquid was poured onto each disposable diaper and a sheet of tissue paper was pressed on top of the diaper’s top sheet afterwards. After pressing, Pampers Active Baby had the driest tissue paper, symbolizing that baby’s bottom will still remain dry in the diaper even after baby pees.

2. Absorption speed

To measure how fast a diaper is in absorbing pee, the same amount of liquid was poured onto each disposable diaper. The panel discovered that Pampers Active Baby was able to absorb the liquid faster than the other diapers in only 40 seconds! This means that in Pampers, baby’s bottom will not be soaked in wetness for a long time.

3. Comfortable fit

A “stretch test” was conducted on each of the diapers to measure how long its waistband can expand. Pampers Active Baby’s stretchy sides expanded the most, ensuring that the diaper will adjust to baby’s movements and still fit perfectly.

4. Softness

To determine how soft the disposable diapers are, a “touch test” was employed wherein each of the panelists felt and stroked the top sheet material of the diapers to check if it’s coarse or smooth. Pampers Active Baby had a cotton-like softness which is good for baby’s sensitive skin.

5. Skin protection

Lotion on disposable diapers helps create a barrier to protect baby’s skin against friction and irritation caused by wetness from pee or poo. For this criteria, an oil film was rubbed against the diapers’ topsheet and the diaper which left a visible oil mark onto the film validated presence of lotion. Pampers Active Baby was the only diaper which showed presence of baby lotion on the topsheet.


Smart Parenting ed-in-chief Mia also encourages moms to test their baby products as well. “If you’re a new mom, you can actually do these tests at home. You can tell the one that’s best for baby and you could try it out first.”

Watch the video of the actual testing here.

Best of the Best

This is why Pampers Active Baby was the best disposable diaper!

Pampers Receives Seal of Approval From Baby Experts! - News|

Madame EKS (aka Motherhood)’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party Part 2: The Great Revelation

On the day of the party, Tita Len was also at our house because I also “invited her to my launching because of Sharon Cuneta”.  Everything seemed to go well, until I got a phone call just before noon.  It was Tita Romilyn.  She was with one of the guests, Tita Ayet, who came all the way from Pangasinan just to grace Motherhood’s birthday.

Ang mahihiwagang bangus at rosas

But Tita Ayet’s thoughtfulness did not end there:  she also brought with her 7 bangus fish!  Since they had no ref or anything, Tita Romilyn asked me to get them.  Patay na, because I was also preparing for my afternoon class!  So I asked Tita Len to get the bangus for me.  Tita Len also bought roses from the market because, “Gagawin ko raw bouquet para ibigay kay Sharon.”  Hahaha!

Hours before the partey

I was not able to primp early because I had classes from 1-3pm. Alangan namang nakatodo make-up at 4-inch stilettos ako sa klase ko dabah? My students might just belt out a mocking “King & Queen of Hearts” upon my entrance.  That is, if they are familiar with the song.  So I was only able to start doing my hair (Parusa!  I’m so clueless when it comes to hairstyling!) and make-up at around 3:30 pm.  I was able to leave at 4:30 pm, na medyo disater pa rin ang hairdo ko.

The Plan

Since Randy’s class was to end at 5:30, the plan was that he would drive Motherhood and Tita Len to “Gymboree Sta. Rosa”.  Our good friend Regina Martinez also played a big role:  she was to do Tita Len and Motherhood’s make-ups, and help delay their leaving in case it’s necessary.  I couldn’t leave the task to Randy because Randy has no acting skills whatsoever.

At the event venue

When we (Dodong, Raviv, Raviv’s Yaya Beth and Dad) arrived at the event venue (UP Seniors’ Social Garden), Motherhood’s immediate relatives from Tiaong and Tita Romilyn and Tita Ayet with hubby were already there.  The place has also already been set-up, and my photographer friend with his photobooth were already there as well.

60th Masquerade Theme Surprise Birthday Party setup

60th Masquerade Theme Surprise Birthday Party setup2Venue set-up

However, Tita Romilyn and her co-dancers were still busy practicing their surprise number: they were gonna sing (lipsync) and dance Liza Minelli’s “Cabaret”.

Liza Minelli’s Cabaret

cfc (67)Tita Romilyn and her “Cabaret” back-up performers, Patty-uh and Albert

The UPLB senior who does not know the places in Los Banos

O di ba bonggels?  But at 6 p.m., several other guests haven’t arrived yetincluding the host, LOL! So I was busy communicating with Reg and Randy and Tita Len how to delay their arrival.  Ang giraffe guys!!!  Reg said that Motherhood was already having tantrums—those who know Motherhood know that she is the consummate on-time-dapat-lagi person!  She was stressed because I told her that the party will start at 6 p.m., eh bibiyahe pa to Sta. Rosa.  So pa’no na?  Well, I ain’t the mistress of surprise parties for nothing.  A great idea hit me: Fatherhood’s older sister, Auntie Cely, was in town visiting her grandchild studying in UPLB.  Motherhood and I invited her to the “Sharon Cuneta” affair (but I told Auntie Cely the truth days before the event).  So I told Randy to tell Motherhood that Aunty Cely was on her way to our home to ride with them to Sta. Rosa.  And voilà, that shut Motherhood up from hurrying to leave.  However, Reg called me to inform me that Motherhood was calling Auntie Cely!!!!  Patay na patay na!!!

cfc (146)

cfc (199)60th Masquerade Theme Surprise Birthday Party preparation
Caught on cam: Stressed because 1) I was panicking; and 2) I was using a bar phone at ang sakit na ng daliri ko!

I called Aunty Cely right away and her phone was busy.  Shet na malagket!  When I finally got ahold of Auntie Cely, I heaved a sigh of relief when she told me she didn’t answer Motherhood’s call.  Then I told her that I used her in my plan.  Later on I learned that this conversation happened:

Motherhood:  O Ate Cely asan na kayo?

Auntie:  Ay hindi ko alam.

Motherhood: Pakausap ako kay Nina (my niece who’s a senior at UPLB) siya tatanungin ko.

At nag-panic daw si Nina!

Motherhood:  Nina malayo pa ba kayo?

Nina:  Dito po sa may paliko….

Motherhood:  Anong paliko?  Diba galing ka lang sa FO e dire-direcho lang naman papunta dito?  Asan na ba talaga kayo?

Nina: Lola Emma…hindi ko po alam asan na kami.

Motherhood, thinking (not out loud):  Ano ba naman itong si Nina, 4 years nang nakatira sa UPLB hindi pa alam ang mga lugar?!?  UP student hindi nag-iisip!


And finally when almost all of the guests have arrived (plus the host), and Tita Romilyn aka Liza Minelli  and her gang have already practiced their special number, I called Randy and gave them the go signal to leave.  The plan was that Reg will be dropped off to the Seniors’ Social Garden where she is to attend a wedding (but while waiting, Mom was thinking again:  Ano ba naman ito si Reg napakalapit lang ng Social Garden magpapahatid pa eh late na nga kami kay Sharon!)

The plan

The host announced that Motherhood was coming.  So we dimmed the lights and all were asked to stand up and put on their masks…

Preparing for Madame EKS’ arrival.  Everyone’s wearing masks for the masquerade party

and Fatherhood was to escort Motherhood into the hall.

60th Masquerade Theme Surprise Birthday Party1

cfc (209)Dodong putting on the mask of the escort for the 60th Masquerade Theme Surprise Birthday Party

The arrival

Then we saw our car driven by Randy with Reg, Tita Len and Motherhood.  Reg alighted from the car, and asked Motherhood to get off as well.  Of course did not want to, kasi bakit naman daw siya mskiki-attend sa weding reception na hindi siya invited.  But then Randy also got off and said, “Uy Mom si Irvin!  Baba tayo Mom, tingnan natin!”  Still she did not get off, at nas-stress na siyaThen even Tita Len got off the car and expressed her interest to attend the wedding reception.  She was already alone in the car so she exasperatedly got off.  And then she saw Dad daw, who pulled her to the party.  Now she was getting confused and angry: Bakit andito ang mga tao eh dapat asa Sta. Rosa?!?  At bakit kami makiki-attend sa party na hindi kami invited?!?

Let’s take a look at the development of Motherhood’s expression, caught by the lens of my friend Charles Caramihan’s camera:

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