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When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 2)

continued from When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 1)

…A few hours after, she came.  I told her about what the neuro-pedia said.  She told me to pray, and I told her I didn’t want to because I think it’s futile.  She explained to me that God wants us to ask from Him, to put our faith in Him, to be closer to Him.  Before Li’Ann left, she laid her hands upon your lump, and we prayed.  That jumpstarted my deeper relationship with Him.

Jan. 31, 2012

Right after Li’Anne left, I started to pray.  Other relatives called, and I still cried whenever I talked about it.  But then when I was alone, I’d pray again.  I finally took you from your nannies, looked at your face, touched your lump, and prayed while I cried.

The following morning (Sunday), we were able to get your X-ray, urinalysis, and CBC results.

Urinalysis, X-ray, and CBC results

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When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 1)



January 30, 2012

Dear Raviv,

I’ve just barely finished typing “Dear Raviv” when I started to well up.  I’ve both been dreading and anticipating this post.  This may be my most important post on this blog yet.

A year ago yesterday (January 29, 2011) was the most devastating day for me.  You see, when you were born, you had a soft lump on your head.  It was quite visible, actually.  When I asked the midwives and your first ever pedia at the Asian Hospital about it, they told me that your lump was normal–it was brought about by my giving birth to you.  So I ceased to worry.  Still, when we brought you to your regular pedia, Dr. Resa De Jesus (Jan. 7, 2011), I asked about your lump again.  She told me almost the same thing: it was brought about by my labor, and it will eventually subside.

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My Man and My Boy

Randy and my conversation late afternoon as we were taking care of and playing with a super likot Raviv…

Randy: Kanina naluha ako nung naisip ko si Raviv.

Me:  Bakit?  Ano’ng naisip mo?

Randy:  ‘Yung love ko sa kanya.  Kanina asa Festival Mall ako, nakita ko ‘yung mga dinosaur (malamang statues or toys), bigla kong naisip pag lumaki-laki na si Raviv dadalhin ko siya dito, tuwang-tuwa sigurado siya.

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Now That I’m Already A Mom, Gets Ko Na!

There were so many things I never fully understood before Raviv came into my life.  If you’d known me before I became a mom, I’ve always hated OA mothers who can’t stop blabbing about how great their children are (now that I already have Raviv, I am that annoying Mom who always finds a way to connect any topic to her son).  The fog has cleared and I can see things clearly now.   Here is a countdown to five things that have always puzzled me:

5. Feet that fit into my palms.  I’ve always wondered why there were plenty of photos of baby’s feet.  When Raviv was born, my Victory small groupmate Li’Anne visited me.  She immediately requested me to remove Raviv’s booties so she can take a look at Raviv’s feet.

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The Yaya Dialogues

Setting 1:  Randy and I were going to our lot at Sta. Rosa Business Park at Greenfield  because the BRAIN TRAIN satellite building there is under construction.  That day the postes are bubuhusan, so Randy wanted us to go there and throw coins.  Raviv has to come of course, so Yaya Isay was also coming with us.  Our other helper Rose also came with us since it was her day-off and she wanted to go to places.  Yaya Isay was convincing Yoona’s Yaya Tet to go with us, but Yaya Tet doesn’t want to.

Upon arriving at the site, Yaya Isay saw several shirtless construction workers.

Yaya Isay:  Naku sayang wala dito si Tet!  Andami pa namang boys!

Rose: Eh parang wala namang gwapo.

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Wardrobe Diary #2: Casually Sweet Goth (Jan. 27, 2012)

Today, I went for casually sweet goth—goth because of the red and black combination;  casually sweet because it’s just a pair of leggings with a simple red blouse.  I wore this to the office and then later as we visited Papa’s (Randy’s father) crypt and to IRRI field to let Raviv play.

I finally braved asking Hubby Randy to take my Wardrobe Diary pictures.  You see, I didn’t like asking him to do so because he always teases me, and I get pikon (annoyed).  He just has this really annoying laugh!  Just this morning he was teasing me and I got so annoyed!  So it was really a leap of courage when I asked him. [Read more…]

UPDATE: Brain Train’s UPCAT Passers and Outstanding DLSU CAT, ACET, and UPCAT Passers

To all those took time to correct their names and add their names on my previous post (For the huge, yellow tarp: BRAIN TRAIN’s 2012 UPCAT Passers List), thank you!  Grabe, we thought we already had so many UPCAT passers, ‘yun pala mas marami pa!  On the first list I gave, wala pa pala dun ‘yung passers ng isang venue.  Again, thank you for getting that BRAIN TRAIN advantage!  Thank you too for remembering and praising the Dewmaine’s INUNAT Formula© (don’t forget the copyright!)  Question: ‘yung Dewmainean Theorem© hindi na ba ninyo naaalala?  Haha.  Anyway, here’s our new list.  Again, please check your names ( Brain Train’s yellow tarps are being posted right now in Los Banos and Cavite.  Expect the other tarps within the next weeks).

PS: I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Brain Train‘s Outstanding UPCAT, ACET, and DLSU CAT Passers!  Here they are:


 Vaugirard Scholarship  (DLSU CAT Top 120 examinees)

  1. Kimberly Palomique
  2. David Benedict Robles
  3. Marvin Darron Santiago
  4. Francis Manuel Resma

 Star Scholar Candidates

  1. Kimberly Palomique
  2. David Benedict Robles


 San Ignacio de Loyola Merit Scholar (1 of only 10 Awardees)

  1. Aliya Luisa Dalmacio

 Director’s List (Top 2% in the ACET)

  1. Christopher Patrick Elegado
  2. Kimberly Palomique
  3. Angelo Gabriel Dionora
  4. Ria Mikhaella Panis (updated Jan. 29, 2012)


Oblation Scholars (UPCAT Top 50)

  1. Kimberly Palomique
  2. David Benedict Robles
  3. Christopher Patrick Elegado (updated Jan. 29, 2012)

 INTARMED Candidates

  1. Oscar Acopiado Jr.
  2. Zyra Krizia Arcos
  3. Kimo Anthony Bello
  4. Maika Loise Dingal (updated Jan. 29, 2012)
  5. Christopher Patrick Elegado
  6. Kimberly Palomique
  7. Ria Mikhaella Panis
  8. Francis Manuel Resma
  9. David Benedict Robles
  10. Marvin Darron Santiago

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Wardrobe Diary #1: Channeling Blair Waldorf (Jan. 25, 2012)

Someone told me, “The byline of momsterteacher is ‘The Chronicles of Nanay Dew:  The lioness mother, the witchy wife, and the teacher with a nice wardrobe’.  Your blog has been a testament that you are indeed a lioness of a mother (protective) and a witchy wife (‘coz you bewitched your husband).  But it doesn’t show that you’re a teacher with a nice wardrobe, because you don’t even have an outfit-of-the-day post.”


Actually, my blog’s byline wasn’t the brainchild of days of brainstorming.  Actually, not even hours.  It came in a spur of the moment.  I just started with “The Chronicles of” and then what came into my mind right away was “the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.”  So I just modified it to fit what my blog would be all about: my being a mom, a wife, and a teacher.  But then I agree with my friend that I have to live up the last portion of the byline. [Read more…]

For the huge, yellow tarp: BRAIN TRAIN’s 2012 UPCAT Passers List

For more than a decade now, BRAIN TRAIN Tutorial and Review regularly publicizes its list of UPCAT passers.  The names of UPCAT passers are placed on a huge, yellow tarpaulin and posted in every BRAIN TRAIN review venue.  What was supposed to be just an advertisement turned out to be a tourist spot!  We’ve seen several BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT passers posing beside this huge yellow tarpaulin, and even making it their profile pic on Facebook!  Sometimes, motorists even stop and stare at the list, looking for a familiar name.  Apparently, we didn’t expect that seeing their child’s name on this yellow tarp means so much to parents.  In fact, about 2-3 years ago, a father called us asking why her Brain Trainee daughter who passed UP Diliman wasn’t on the tarp.  We apologized for the oversight, but he insisted we put her daughter’s name on the tarp…dream daw nilang makita yung name ng anak nila sa yellow tarp na yun (mas importante pa sa website ng UPCAT, haha)!  So we did on the tarp that is in their municipality.  After a week, we received another call again…bakit daw wala sa tarp na nasa Calamba!  Nung dumaan daw siya, hinanap niya dun!  Haha.  We were amused, even flattered that the BRAIN TRAIN yellow tarp is a HUGE deal.  My mom told me that it indeed was a HUGE deal, and that we SHOULD add the name.  At that time, Randy and I still did not have our Raviv, so I guess we weren’t that sensitive to parents’ feelings.

BRAIN TRAIN Family (wala ako!) against the 2011 Yellow Tarpaulin

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Brain Train’s Very Own Phil(ing) Younghusband

Image courtesy of

I first saw Phil Younghusband on TV in a showbiz-oriented talk show on GMA7.  To gain popularity mileage, the story this talk show concocted was that Phil, a popular football/soccer player based in England saw Rhian Ramos’s photo on the internet and then got smitten, then came to the Philippines to pursue her.  When Phil was being interviewed, it was obvious that the press release wasn’t true–para may angle lang at mapag-usapan.  Then he was almost never heard from again, until the rise of the Azkals.

When I saw Phil again (this time even more popular than Rhian Ramos), I just  stared and stared on to his face NOT because I was one of the many girls with a huge crush on him, but because he reminded me so much of someone…I kept on thinking and thinking and thinking, until it hit me:  tisoy version siya ni Gilbert!
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