Here Come the Ladagas, Davao! Part 2

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Continued from Here Come the Ladagas, Davao!


…I really made sure I have a picture with the scary-looking sailfin dragon.

I had this photo taken of me and more that are similar to this: pangit daw according to budding photographer Randy because the sailfin was under a shade while the sun was shining very brightly.  So I had to be more aggressive!  I actually asked a Crocodile Farm staff to assist me.

holding the water dragon…swerte dapat ang 2012!


And voila!  The sailfin is on my hands!  It was heavy and even if it is really harmless, I was still a tad scared, especially when I felt its scales rubbing against my hand.  I also persuaded Randy to hold it let me take his picture (he prefers being behind the lens than being the subject).

Randy with the water dragon

Prior to this, I also just had to touch a huge tortoise.  It got scared of me though, as it retreated its head and limbs into its shell when I touched its shell.  When it did, it produced a snappy sound that surprised me.

With the huge tortoise

After the tiring yet enjoyable tour of the Crocodile Farm,  we had to refresh ourselves.  At the exit, souvenir items were being sold.  I also saw coffee from civet cat poop being sold there.

A small pack costs a hefty P1,900!  A cup costs P150.  I ordered one for Randy (a coffeeholic) at Sweet Spot.

Sweet Spot

As I was ordering Randy’s coffee, several people with me were buying ice cream (which was a more logical buy considering the hot weather).  I got tempted and asked the available flavors.  The man at the counter told me only a few flavors were available because of there was a field trip.  One of the available flavors he mentioned was beer.  Yup, BEER!  I got curious and this was what I ordered.  I was told it was made of cerveza negra.

I think the beer-flavored ice cream is the one at the back on the left side.

I was surprised when I actually liked the beer-flavored ice cream!  And I’m not even an ice cream fan!  Randy, however, didn’t really taste any difference with the civet cat coffee.  He said maybe he’s no coffee connoisseur, just a regular coffee drinking dude.

After the Crocodile Farm, we proceeded to the nearby cultural village (I forgot the name…or is it really Cultural Village?)  Actually, the P150 entrance includes a tour of the Crocodile Farm, Cultural Village, and Butterfly Farm.  Unless you’re into studying the ways of living of indigenous peoples, nothing much was on the Village, but sample huts and statues.

After our brief stay here, we proceeded to the Butterfly Farm.  It was just that—a butterfly farm like many others I’ve visited.  Randy had a great time taking photos though, and my niece liked looking at the butterflies but got scared when they perch on her.

After the Butterfly Farm, we were really tired (we were up since midnight that day and just had a few minutes of forty winks in between) and returned to our hotel room to rest.  At around 7 p.m., we left again to head to Jack’s Ridge and have dinner there.  I felt Dad wanted to have dinner somewhere because he doesn’t like the food there, but we pushed through because Mom and I told Dad it’s the vista of the city lights we want to show Randy (we’ve all been here before).  Going there, we encountered heavy traffic!  As in!  Good thing that on the way, the Christmas decors entertained us.  I guess it took us 30-45 minutes to get there.  Was it worth it?  NO!  The food there was terrible!  Despite our hunger, we were not able to finish our food.  We ordered spicy spare ribs and tuna fish eggs, and we liked neither.  Ito pala ang sinasabi ni Dad.  As for the view of the city at night…I realized Randy isn’t too keen on seeing it, as we often have dinner in Tagaytay and see something similar.  We also had a similar view in our room when I gave birth at the Asian Hospital.  Anyway, here the some pictures:

After eating bland food, we went back to our hotel.  The kids were already asleep, as it was already 10 p.m.  And this officially concludes our day.  I had to sleep because the following day before we head to the town of Kabacan (my parents’ place), we had to shop for the remaining items we need for Raviv’s party.

To be continued on Here Come the Ladagas, Davao! Part 3 (which I have yet to write).

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  1. Romny Joyce Espanto says:

    Maam sa Tribu K’Mindanawan po yung name nun. 🙂 Glad you Enjoy your stay at Davao po maam! 🙂 God Bless po! ^^

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