Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 2

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Continued from Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 1

Here are the decors of Raviv’s jungle safari-themed party.  I conceptualized the design, and had a group do the rendering for me.  I was at my proudest moment when guests gushed how nice the decor is was…I really think Task Force Raviv was able to get the jungle safari look for the party.

Jungle Safari Venue Set-up (Party Venue: Cafe Martina, USM Compound)

You might be wondering why the table cloth and chair covers are white…well, that was it or pink!  Unfortunately, my venue only has these two colors.  To mitigate, we just tied each chair with cut pieces of cloth that have animal prints then inserted anahaw leaves at the back of the chairs.  It’s not perfect I know but voila: we got matching jungle safari chairs at almost no cost!


Jungle Safari Set-up Stage Decor 1

Jungle Safari Stage Set-up Decor 2

This was how the stage looked like.  As you may know, the invitation to Raviv’s party is a passport to the Republic of Raviv (DIY too), thus my idea of putting a huge seal of the Republic of Raviv at the center stage.  The idea was, the invitation was the guests’ passport to enter the Jungle Kingdom of the Republic of Raviv.

We put animal mylar balloons in between the plants, to make it look as though the animals were hiding (and were terrible in camouflaging, hahaha!).  After the party when we announced that the mylars may be taken home, the kids went crazy over collecting them.  Hubby told me I should have bought more, seeing how much the kids loved them.  These mylars were bought from Divisoria.  On the ceiling, we hung balloons (also from Divi) and zoo animal dangling swirls I ordered from Oriental Trading.  The shipping address I gave Oriental Trading was my mother-in-law’s in the US, and then my mother-in-law sent them to us in a balikbayan box along with my other orders.

Table Centerpiece

Jungle Safari Table Centerpiece

Jungle Safari Party Table Centerpiece

The monkeys hugging the bamboo vases were bought from Divisoria.  I bought 20 pieces, although we used only about twelve (we used the remaining ones in the treats table and buffet table).  Even though I generally hate monkeys (I can’t even touch stuffed toy monkeys, diring-diri ako), it was “love at first sight” when I saw them, as I immediately visualized it would be perfect  for my center piece.  Moreover, these monkeys produce a sound when you pinch their tummies.
I won’t take all the credit with this center piece, because it was my Mom’s friend/churchmate Ate Gemma who arranged them.  It was her idea to put anahaw leaves under, and even the vines, leaves and flowers.

Buffet Table

Raviv’s Jungle Safari Buffet Table

Raviv’s lechon was Lolo Edwin and Lola Emma’s gift.  I loved the buffet table!  At the back of it was a cabinet where we put plants, vines, and animal stuffed toys (trivia: I only bought the stuffed toys at ukay-ukay in Davao City a few days before, kasi wala ito sa plano!)  This bunch below cost only P500, all in!  And when I bought them, they were a little damp and smelled of Downy–bagong laba.

Jungle Animals Decor (This bunch for just P500! I love ukay!)

Jungle Safari Buffet Table

Here are more detailed pictures of the buffet table when there was still no food on top of it.

I must say, we were able to give the jungle safari party theme vibes with this table as well.  My team and I agreed that we had to make the buffet table look nice, as everyone was definitely going to visit it.  Big help yung ukay stuffed animals!  The wiggly plastic snakes were from Oriental Trading as well.

Cakes and Sweets Table

This is something I’m not too proud of.   You see, this was a last-minute addition.  The treats, according to my original plan, was supposed to be with the buffet table (where the lechon was placed).  But the night before the party when we were doing the decors, I realized that it wasn’t appropriate to put the sweets there.  So at the very last minute, we decided to add another table.  Ayun, awkward tuloy ang itsura ng background.  But what’s more annoying was the fact that the arrangement of the sweets on the table was good and even ingenious, YET there is no decent picture.  Proud pa naman ako sa paglalagay ko ng treats sa coconut shells (uy nagka-idea!  hihi), tapos walang clear photo!  🙁  Anyway, here are the pics.

Jungle Safari Sweet Treats Table

To be continued to Part 3



UPDATE: Here’s Part 3 of Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari Party


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  1. What a nice party! I’m glad that my blog post has helped you plan your son’s birthday party. Belated happy 1st birthday Raviv!

    • momsterteacher says:

      Thanks Mommy Mai! And even more thanks to your site! Parang “bible” ko ‘yung website mo when I was doing the preps. DIY kasi ito, as there aren’t exactly suppliers of superior caliber in the province.

  2. Hi sis! Despite your rant about the photos, your party is a success and that’s all that matters! I love the effort and the execution of the party decors! Kudos to you Mom!

    And yes, tayo lang Moms nakakaintindi why importante ang photos nang decors. Haha! Lalong lano na kung DIY!

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Sis Lyra! Thank you very much! It feels so good that someone understands. Yes, I guess kaya nga siguro ako very upset kasi DIY party yun–talagang pawis at brain cells ko ang puhunan ko (at syempre pera rin). Thank you very, very much!

  3. Super nice birthday party! Id be very happy if id be able to throw out such a party! You are one clever mom! I super love it!

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Dra. Mummy (checked you blog)! Thank you! Good luck on your pregnancy–I experienced the same (baka nga worse) discomfort! ‘Pag labas ni baby plan natin ang party niya 🙂

  4. Bini Dizon says:

    Hi Dewmaine/Randy,

    What a blast!


  5. This party was a blast! Like nothing Kabacan has ever seen before. Hahaha! How i wish we spent more time together. Till next time Dewms. Kiss Raviv for me 🙂

    • momsterteacher says:

      Chrsy! I miss you! And thanks very very much. Kaw rin ang nag-convince sa akin sa outfit. I trust your judgement. 🙂

  6. Eileen Villegas says:

    I’ve been waiting to see this blog about Raviv’s birthday celebration, Ma’am. 😀 I can really feel that the party was a big blast! Great theme and all. 😀 Lucky Raviv. 😀

    • momsterteacher says:

      Eileen, thank you sweetheart! Pero ang next siguro ni Raviv ay pag 7 years old na siya…kakapagod sobra! By then, I hope ma-feel na nga niya na lucky siya 🙂

  7. I enjoyed reading your post, sis. I love the way the cake looks like as well. Kudos to your successful party and good DIY stuff. Thanks for sharing Oriental Trading. I will order a couple of stuff for my daughter’s 7th birtday.

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Tani! Thank you thank you 🙂 Oriental Trading has plenty of stuff! But read the reviews first before you order. I don’t recommend buying their stationery set–it’s too expensive for what you’ll get.

  8. Marie ni Paul (N@W sis) says:

    very very nice birthday party Sis! Galing galing!

  9. sis, san ka nkabili ng animal mylar baloons sa divisoria?thanks

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Deza! Naku, nalimutan ko na exactly, pero it’s NOT in the mall. Sa may eski-eskinita. I’ll check my email, parang in-email yung address sa akin dati 🙂

    • momsterteacher says:

      I’ve already seen the email to me! I bought it at a store across Divisoria Mall, which is at the corner of Tabora St. There’s a big tarpaulin on the store. They sell balloons. I even bought this machine that makes putting air into balloons easy. Hope I helped 🙂

  10. wow you had an awesome party.. very nice!

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