Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 3

Continued from Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 2


Cakes, with an “S”

What’s a birthday without a cake?  At first, I thought he’s not gonna have a nice birthday cake (the one on top of the cupcake stand, because I wanted to DIY his cupcakes), so imagine my glee when he had two jungle-themed cakes:  I ordered the fondant cake while the fondant-looking one was given as a gift. I wanted Raviv to have a really nice birthday cake, and at first I was worried that I won’t be able to get a fondant cake artist in our place.  Good thing my sister-in-law Ruth told about KC Cakes from (not-so) nearby Kidapawan City.    Aside from the 9-inch cake on top of the five layer cupcake stand, I also ordered matching cupcakes.

Raviv’s Jungle Safari-Themed Top Cake and Cupcakes

As you can see, the design really looks good!  And I really wanted a lion because Raviv’s costume is a lion.  Plus, Raviv is the King of the Republic of Raviv, remember (in the AVP I created, the background music is “I Just CAn’t Wait to be King” from the Lion King) ?  So lion is perfect.   We were really pleased with the design.  Downside is, nakakahinayang kainin!  Parang crime kainin!  Until now, the animal toppers are still in our ref. Raviv’s other cake is a gift from my Mama Cristy.  Mama Cristy is almost like my tita, and one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know (along with her daughter, my kababata Bubbles).  The cake she gave isn’t fondant—pero look at it!  The cake artist is really, really good!  Sugar icing lang ito:

Can you believe this isn’t fondant? This jungle safari themed cake is Raviv’s cake #2, given by a very thoughtful Mama Cristy.  Love you Mama Cris!

It really looks fondant that upon its arrival, Hubby even dutdut-ed it, as he was expecting it to be hard like fondant.  The top layer is coconut-flavored, which is so yummy!  It was like eating a really soft, good batch of macaroons.  The bottom layer is chocolate-flavored.  I prefer the “macaroon” flavor because I’m so used to chocolate-flavored cakes. The cupcakes under it are the same ones I got from KC Cakes, but the ones with plastic animals were made by my sister-in-law.  I know, I know, hindi maayos yung pagkaka-arrange and even yung DIY cupcake.  But at that time, because of my lethargy and sleepless nights, I no longer cared.  It was I who was supposed to pipe the sugar icing but a few hours before the party I asked my sister-in-law to do it.  Eh ang “expertise” niya whipped cream icing, which requires several hours of refrigeration to settle.  Since it was biglaan, it was palpak ‘coz we had no time to refrigerate.  The plastic cupcake toppers were from Oriental Trading, by the way.

Invitation and Loot Bags

Of course, DIY pa rin!  I designed the jungle safari themed passport to the Republic of Raviv and had a printing press print it.  The seal of the Republic of Raviv on front is 3D–not flat.  I insisted na hindi flat para mas mukhang special, kahit pinaghirapan ko uli yung pagka-cut at pagdidikit-dikit.

DIY Invitation to the Jungle Kingdom of the Republic of Raviv plus Loot Bag

The loot bags were from Divisoria.  Actually, I was kinda sad with this because I realized this was the Pambansang Lootbag of Jungle Safari-themed Parties after I have bought it.  So I personalized it by sealing it with the Republic of Raviv sticker.  Trivia: the sticker was an accident–the printing press where I had Raviv’s DIY invitation printed thought I wanted the logo to be a sticker because I told the owner my plan that I want it to be raised and that I’ll dikit it on top (when he thought I wanted stickers, he may have thought it was a stupid plan, as there’d be no difference if I just had the logo printed).  So as he was about to discard the printed stickers, I asked for it and told him I’ll be able to use them somehow.  And I did! :)  Here are even more pics of the DIY jungle safari themed invitation + the Pambansang Lootbag of Jungle Safari-themed Parties:

Jungle Safari Lootbags and Passport Invitation to the Jungle Safari Party in the Republic of Raviv (invitation designed by your truly)

The Outfits

Nanay Dew’s Outfit

Mine first :)  I actually bought my supposed outfit in May 2011 (OA ba?).  It’s a blue/green/brown dress with leopard prints, held at the shoulders by a rope-like interwoven thread.  The first time I laid my eyes on it hanging on a rack at The Ramp Crossoings, I told myself, “This is it!”  I fell in love with it even more when I tried it on–its jersey fabric is rich, cool to the skin, soft and hugs me at the right places.  Even my mom wanted it.  A month prior to Raviv’s party, I even bought a blue matching bowler hat with animal prints as well.  So that was really it na ‘di ba?  That was, until I kalkal-ed my dress closet and found this simple, khaki dress na Venus-cut (or p’wede ring Amazona cut) from Plains and Prints I have never worn (I’ve had it for four months, I guess).  I realized it would look more appropriate for a jungle safari-themed party.  Then I got my almost a decade old, leopard printed scarf and saw its potential.  I tried the khaki Venus cut dress and tied the leopard print scarf around my waist and realized it also looks nice and yes, a lot more appropriate.  Mas bagay sa jungle safari look.  The catch is that it makes me look fat.  Hay, I’ve gained a few pounds pa naman this past few months.  Anyway, I packed both dresses with me to Mindanao and asked some people which was better.  They had the same opinion as I do– the khaki Plains and Prints dress looks more jungle safari-ey but the dress from The Ramp looks more bongga yet a tad more formal.  So no decision pa rin.  It was only until my friend Charissa visited me that I decided to wear the khaki dress that makes me look fat, as she insisted it looks nice and appropriate.  And so I wore it.  On the day of the party, as I was handing out animal print headbands to my nieces, I saw an extra garter bow headband that matched my scarf-turned-into belt, and I wore it.  I think it finished the touch of my outfit.  As for the bowler hat, I used it only during the candle-blowing (much to Hubby’s reret, ‘coz he thinks I look pretty wearing it), as I feared its blue color might clash with my accessories.  Plus the bowler hat looked a tad formal.  So anyway, here’s my jungle safari outfit on Raviv’s birthday party:

Nanay Dew’s Amazona-slash-Wilma Flintstone-slash-Feminine Explorer Look for Jungle Safari Party

PS:  I forgot to mention, may buntot pa nga palang kasama ‘yung headbands, hahaha!  Hubby Randy insisted I wear it as well.

Tatay Randy’s Outfit

Naku, we had difficult time looking for his!  We scoured departmemt stores before we were able to get a polo with lotsa buttons and breast pockets for that safari/explorer look.  Good thing it was even on sale–P600+.  I didn’t want to buy something expensive just for the party.  Tapos ito pang Randy laging tinatamad mag-shopping!  After buying the polo, mas mahirap pang maghanap ng matching cargo shorts!  The shade of his polo was difficult to match!  Sinuyod na rin namin ang department stores to no avail.  And then it hit me:  I told Randy that when we arrive in Mindanao, I’ll ukay his shorts for him.  I was certain I’d find a match, and I did!  But take note, it took me a while because the shade of his polo was rare.  Para akong ewan, holding Randy’s polo and comparing it against a throng of cargo shorts!  But my efforts paid off because I scored this Wrangler cargo shorts whose color is almost exactly like the shade of his polo.  It cost me P120 (originally P180 but with constant tawad I got it for P120).  Thing is, it was a size 38!  We had it repaired for a song, and it was as good as a new, tailor-made shorts for him.  I also bought him a hat, also from ukay!  P70.  Sayang kasi ‘coz he’s not a hat person, props lang talaga.  So dapat mura lang.  Here’s his outfit:

Tatay Randy’s Matanglawin-slash-Katipunero Outfit for Jungle Safari Party

By the way, the clown made fun of Randy’s hat…the clown said he looked like a Katipunero.  Randy took it lightly and even laughed, but upon seeing his photos, told me:  “Yaiks, mukha nga akong Katipunero!  Pinag-hat-hat mo pa kasi ako!”

Raviv’s Outfits, yes, with an “S”

If you read my previous blog entries, you’d know Raviv was to wear two different outfits.  It was suggested by my fashionable mother-in-law, kasi nga naman baka raw magdumi or pawisan yung outfit #1.  His first outfit was from Oriental Trading–a lion cub outfit.  It was the main subject of my 26 Days to Go Before… blog entry and Success!  Raviv Wore His Lion… blog entry.  He was supposed to look like this:

Raviv’s Supposed Outfit #1

but on the same day, Hubby told me the headgear made Raviv look like a clown and not a lion, so I settled on having him use the Pambansang Pampa-cute na Headgear ng mga Bata–the stuffed toy-looking headgears that are sold practically everywhere.  I easily put it on Raviv’s head!  You see, I arrived at the party venue earlier than he did (grand entrance ang celebrant syempre!  But aside from that, we didn’t want him to be stressed so he only arrived when the program was really about to begin).  And when he arrived, he didn’t have a headgear yet.  Upon his arrival, he seemed so amused and curious of his surroundings–all the people, decor, music, etc.  In his amusement, he didn’t notice me slipping the headgear onto his head.  And so he looked like this in the beginning:

Raviv the Lion King of the Republic of Raviv

And just after an hour or so, his diaper leaked (Huggies Dry Pants to blame!  I wonder why it leaked!  Me thinks it’s an old stock, because it and its “fellow diapers” in the packaging kept on leaking!  Dati naman hindi)

…And cue in outfit number 2 (thanks Mama for the heads-up).  Outfit #2’s story is in the blog entry Just a Week to Go…  Here’s how Raviv looked like in outfit #2:

King Raviv’s Outfit When He Treks His Kingdom

By the way, I bought his footwear from a boutique beside Vintage Restore on Jupiter St. in Makati.  I accidentally stumbled upon this baby store as I was waiting for my turn to be entertained when I brought my Chanel bag for repair (wanna see how it turned out?  Here:  My Chanel Bag Restored…)  I bought that pair along with another.  The other is a pair of sandals that says “jungle boy”, but Mom said it looks ordinary.  Besides, this anti-skid footwear has “built-in” socks and isn’t removed easily.  The colors also blend with the motif.

The Guests’ Outfits

I didn’t really require the guests to come in jungle safari outfits, so I was both surprised and glad when a handful took the effort.  Of course, my parents were dressed to the nines.

Lolo Edwin, Nanay Dew, Tatay Randy carrying the Lion Cub King and Lola Emma with Ate Ponz and Ate Stellar

Of course Raviv’s cousins were dressed to the nines as well.  Even Jane, my Mom’s assistant-slash-Sales Family ampon, took an effort.  Jane wore a dark blue animal print blouse, which super matched my bowler hat.  Of course, she used my almost unused bowler hat.

Clockwise: Cousin Yoona, Jane, and Ate Ponz (with painted face and the pink footwear [hay naku, I told her it’s not bagay but she insisted!  ‘Yung una pang footwear at pink ballet flats with matching pink socks

Ponz and Stellar’s outfits were patahi.  Actually the sewing of their outfits + repair of Randy’s size 38 shorts + repair of my blouse’s sleeve only cost P200!  Other kiddie guests also came with animal ear headbands, stuffed animal headgear, etc.  But the kiddie guest with the best costume was…

His mom, Ate Pam, said: “Hindi siya prepared ‘no?” Sabay tawa. :))

Love, love his effort!  O divah?  May hunting gun, binoculars, pockets at pati compass!  He even upped the ante with his bold and daring (pang-sexy star ang adjectives ko!) face paint!  My bother told me there should have been a Best in Costume award…sayang nga hindi ko naisip agad.  It would’ve been a great idea, para may time to shine onstage ‘yung nag-effort, and prize as well.

Other adult guests who weren’t in costume settled for the jungle safari hats I gave.  These were from Divisoria.  Again, it looked personalized because of the sticker.

Jungle Safari Hats with Animal Spot Prints for Adult Guests

By the way, the one in the orange hat below is Ate Gemma, the person responsible for the centerpiece arrangement and the last minute treats table design.  Auntie Cely, the one in the green hat, also took charge of arranging the treats in the treats table.  Kuya Mark in the white hat took some awesome photos.  Ate Pao in the white hat participated in the games.  Thanks a bunch to them for being more than just guests!

This entry is already far too long.  Pero marami pang ire-review, like the entertainment.  So to be continued uli :)

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  1. great job mommy dew!

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    I love it! Belated Happy Birthday, Raviv!!!
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  3. hi mommy, san po sa divisoria ung lootbags? thanks!

  4. I would like to know where is the printing press located? yung meron silang passport stamp… thanks!

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hello Joyce! I’m sorry for reading your comment just now. I think you give the design to the printing press :)

  5. hi po, beautiful party! just wanted to ask re: safari hats kung san sa divi po nabibili? my dad’s office chrismas party theme kasi is Safari and we’re looking for a hat (actually more like the one your husband is wearing) pero baka okay na din with him yung nasa divi. :) thanks in advance!

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Maan! Naku I forgot the street…Tabora ata ‘yun. It’s somewhere near the store selling party hats & balloons. It’s not inside any mall. :)

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