The Yaya Dialogues

Setting 1:  Randy and I were going to our lot at Sta. Rosa Business Park at Greenfield  because the BRAIN TRAIN satellite building there is under construction.  That day the postes are bubuhusan, so Randy wanted us to go there and throw coins.  Raviv has to come of course, so Yaya Isay was also coming with us.  Our other helper Rose also came with us since it was her day-off and she wanted to go to places.  Yaya Isay was convincing Yoona’s Yaya Tet to go with us, but Yaya Tet doesn’t want to.

Upon arriving at the site, Yaya Isay saw several shirtless construction workers.

Yaya Isay:  Naku sayang wala dito si Tet!  Andami pa namang boys!

Rose: Eh parang wala namang gwapo.

Yaya Isay:  Ay wala namang pili yun si Tet eh! (parang pagkain lang, walang pili!)

Tatay Randy and Baby Raviv at where BRAIN TRAIN Greenfield Sta. Rosa Branch will soon rise.


Setting 2:  I was teasing Yoona’s Yaya Tet to our regular carpenter whom we call Tatang.  Tatang was already in his 60′s.

Me: Tet, hindi mo ba type si Tatang?

Tet:  Naku naman Ma’am!

Alona: Bakiiit???  Eh lalaki din naman yun ah! (‘yun lang ang criterion?)


Setting 3: We were going to IRRI field this afternoon to let the babies play and run.  Yaya Isay had to convince Yaya Tet to come with us.  As we  were passing through the rice fields opposite well-manicured lawns…

Yaya Isay:  Ang ganda talaga dito sa IRRI ‘no?  Sarap pa ng hangin.

Yaya Tet:  Oo nga.  Pero maganda pumunta dito Sabado at Linggo!

(I was silently wondering why, and silently guessed it was because there’d be less people during weekends)

Yaya Isay:  Sabado at Linggo para walang Face to Face!

Yaya Tet:  Hahaha!  (Kaya pala ayaw sumama!)

Yaya Isay (left) and Yaya Tet (right, carrying Yoona) at IRRI Grounds


Setting 4:  Yaya Jocel was bathing Raviv for the first time.  I let her do it on her own, but I was in our bedroom (less than half a meter away from the bathtub) and listening:

Yaya Jocel:  En da nim op da Fader…op da Son…op da Huli Speret…Imen!  Yihey, Kristiyano na si Rabeb!  (bininyagan nung shina-shower-an!)

Raviv: Nye, nabinyagan na ako! (Note: I know my boy looks ugly here, but this photo of him makes me laugh!)

Raviv in deep reverie as he was being Christened.

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