Wardrobe Diary #2: Casually Sweet Goth (Jan. 27, 2012)

Today, I went for casually sweet goth—goth because of the red and black combination;  casually sweet because it’s just a pair of leggings with a simple red blouse.  I wore this to the office and then later as we visited Papa’s (Randy’s father) crypt and to IRRI field to let Raviv play.

I finally braved asking Hubby Randy to take my Wardrobe Diary pictures.  You see, I didn’t like asking him to do so because he always teases me, and I get pikon (annoyed).  He just has this really annoying laugh!  Just this morning he was teasing me and I got so annoyed!  So it was really a leap of courage when I asked him.

Me: Babe, picture-an mo ako para sa Wardrobe Diary ko sa blog. (trans: Babe, take my picture for my Wardrobe Diary blog).

Randy: Busy ako eh…(trans: I’m busy)

(and then had a revelation…)

Randy: Ah sige, payag ako…sa isang kondisyon…(trans:  OK I agree, but I have one condition)

Me:  Ano? (trans: What?)

Randy, while smiling an annoying smile:  Basta pwede kitang asarin (trans: As long you’d allow me to tease you!)

Me:  O sige na nga (trans: OK fine)!

And then he was smiling as he took pictures.  After each picture, I would peek at the photos.

Me:  Ay ulitin mo mataba ako tingnan dito (trans: Repeat it, I look fat.)

Then he’d take pictures again.

Me:  Ay ang taba ko pa rin. (trans: I’m still fat)

Then again.

Me:  Ay ang taba nanaman! (trans:  Still fat!)

Randy:  Ay bahala ka na nga!  Bumili ka ng camera na may feature na nagpapapayat!  Hindi worth it yung deal na pwede kitang asarin. (trans: I’m tired!  You go buy a camera with a slimming feature!  Your allowing me to tease you isn’t worth this trouble!)

Hmpft.  Anyway, here’s my 2nd Wardrobe Diary entry.

Top from ukay
Leggings from Divisoria
Sling bag from Dooney & Bourke
Gladiator wedges from Steve Madden

Belt from Cinderella (forgot the specific brand)


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  1. joy d. brawner says:

    love the shoes,dew!!! :)

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