Wardrobe Diary #11: MonsterTeacher (yep, moNster) Dew (Mar. 29, 2012)

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Yesterday was our 2012 “This is it!!!” day, because it signaled the beginning of our annual two-month nerve-wracking, fatigue-inducing, weight-losing, yet fun-filled summer, a.k.a., the start of our annual UPCAT Review!

Before I divulge what I wore on that momentous (momentous daw o!) day, I’ll let you in on a secret.  See, I want my students’s first impression of me to be mala-Cruella DeVille.  I want to appear fabulous, fierce and fearsome all at the same time.  This way, I will automatically command respect from my students.  And when I already establish that “Don’t you dare!!!” impression, the real Ma’am Dew is unraveled: more fabulous, fiercer, yet not THAT fearsome.  Hehe.

So, OK, let’s get back on track.

Since it was a cold day yesterday and because I wanted to appear fearsome, I wore a black jumpsuit that my sister-in-law Ruth once described as “pangkontrabida”.

So just how much of a villainness did I look like?  Here:

Getting ready to scare the students

Making sure I’m really channeling a villainness

Do you think I successfully instilled fear into my students when they first saw me yesterday?  I sure hope I did!

Tired from teaching for six hours but managing a smile.

Black jumpsuit from The Ramp (Pink Manila) 

Black gladiator sandals from People Are People

Red wooden earrings from a stall in Festival Mall

Red vintage satchel bag from Balenciaga

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  1. Jessa Barbosa says:

    Hi, Ms. Dewmaine! I was one of your students last summer and I adore your clothes so much! 🙂 You never fail to pull off a youthful style. 😀

  2. Jessa Barbosa says:

    Caritas Don Bosco School. I really loved your shoes back then, Ms. Dewmaine. 😀

    • momsterteacher says:

      Which pair? I don’t remember wearing fab shoes when I teach (it’s difficult to wear fab AND comfy shoes).

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