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Last Day of Classes Blues

Our "gerund pose". With one of my most favorite sections this summer and Raviv. Miss ko na kayo! Image courtesy of Yaya Isay using Lyen Castro's camera

Yesterday was the last day of our Los Banos Batch 2 review classes, while today is goodbye for Los Banos Batch 1 students.  It bugs me.  I’ve been with these two batches (12 sections, about 360 students) for almost three weeks.  Teaching theem was a joy–there was almost never a dull section.  My corny jokes were “benta” to most everyone (aminin ninyo!  Finding Nemo, Dora the Explorer, and ofcourse, the latest: birds have hands!  harhar) , and almost everyone was in awe of how I explained grammar in terms of math: Dewmainean Theorem Proving in Pronoun Cases, Trigonometric Functions in Verbs, Inequality Statements (?) in Prepositions, Problem Solving in Double Negatives, and many more!  Hay.  I feel sad because: [Read more…]

“Wag Okrayin ang Okra” – Raviv

Yesterday, as I was about to go to my afternoon class and handing Raviv over to Yaya Isay at the kitchen, Raviv suddenly pointed to something furiously, with matching, “Wooo!  Woooo!  Woo!” soud effects, and mala-Julia Montes/Angelina Jolie nguso pointing to something on the dining table…he was pointing to the okra!  Yaya Isay got him an okra and then he started to munch on it with so much gusto!

Munch munch munch!

Raviv greedily eating an okra

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Why Cousin Yoona Cried

Yoona: Help me, help me…

If you guessed it was Yaya Isay’s doing, you’re partly right!

If you’re no longer new to my blog, you probably know how protective Yaya Isay is of Raviv.  Waaay more protective than I even am.  As in nothing is ever Raviv’s fault.  And because Raviv’s only other baby ka-interaction is his cousin Yoona, in the eyes of Yaya Isay, it’s always Yoona who’s at fault.

Like, just about a week ago, Yaya Isay made sumbong (I know, I know, it’s just that I can’t think of a better term) that “Sinabunutan ni Yoona si Karbee Ma’am…”  I replied with a dispassionate, “Ow talaga?” and went on to do my stuff.  Later after I’ve had my lunch, Raviv and Yoona were in Raviv’s playpen when I reached for Raviv’s cheek to kiss him before I proceed to my class.  Raviv wanted me to get him, and cried “Na!  Na!  Nana!”  Unfortunately, I can’t get him because I really had to go.  Then, he started pinching Yoona’s face (I think he was doing it so I would get him).  I told Yaya Isay what Raviv was doing (she was washing the dishes), but she merely replied:  “Ganti niya lang ‘yan sa ginawa ni Yoona sa kanya kaninang umaga Ma’am…”  I had no time to lecture Yaya Isay that we’re not supposed to teach Raviv that “Revenge is a dish best served cold” motto.  I told the story to Randy and we had a good laugh.  Then days after that incident, Yoona and her family left to live in their summer home.  I loudly wondered, “Will Yoona miss Raviv?” to which Yaya Isay replied, “Oo mami-miss ni Yoona si Karbee…wala na siyang aagawan, wala na siyang sasabunutan, wala na siyang aawayin...”  (O di ba ang bitter?).  OK Isay, we get it.  Santo na ang alaga mo.  Martir kung martir, haha. [Read more…]

Our Holy Week Picnic…Guess at Which “Resort”!

Clues:  There’s no place like “it”; we pray that God Bless “it” always; and “it” is sweet.  Another clue:  we did not have to spend on gas, on entrance fees, or on cottages.  Sirit na?

Welcome to our backyard resort!

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Our Liliw and Majayjay Sunday Getaway Part2

Continued from Our Liliw and Majayjay Sunday Getaway Part1

We left at around 2 p.m. because nobody wanted to continue swimming anyway (ang lamig nga kasi!).  Then I suggested that we go to Liliw na lang, which all the ladies in our delegation supported.  Hernan (Randy’s friend who was with us) said that Liliw was but 15 minutes away.  Because Randy was in a good mood, he agreed despite the fact that Liliw = footwear shopping (hooray!).

And the Liliw adventure is what I’ll write about on my next post. :)

So we arrived in Liliw at about 2:30 p.m.  Problem was, we had no money!  The P1,000 I had in my wallet was used when we stopped for gas (we stopped for gas at somewhere really rural thus credit cards were not accepted).  Randy too only had but a few hundreds, and my aliporeses did not bring cash either!  Of course, they also wanted to buy their own footwear and were counting on me to give them advance salary.  Good thing we saw an ATM near the shoes shops!  Anyway, here are the goodies, to show you but a few:

Cute and chic little girls’s shoes from P80-180! If only I also had a girl…

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The Girls of Raviv

Girl 1: Raviv’s First Kiss (I’m talking about Raviv’s first, non-parent, open-mouth-with-saliva kiss!)

About two Thursdays ago, Randy and I went to Alabang to do some last minute personal shopping before the start of our hectic summer.  We brought Raviv with us, and Yaya Isay also came along.  I did some bag shopping at Alabang Town Center, and then off we went to Festival Mall to do some grocery shopping at Shopwise.  During the short drive from ATC to Festival Mall, Raviv fell asleep.  Patay, eh the plan was he would play in this “cushioned pay playground” (dunno what to call it!) at Shopwise.  But I was confident he would be up and about once he sees kids and toys.  And I was right!  We carried him inside the playground and shook him, and then voila:  Mabuhay!

Ganyan ba ang antok?!?

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Wardrobe Diary #13 (Mar. 31, 2012): Circles

This is what I wore on the second day of Los Banos Batch 1:

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…will be installed tomorrow morning, and I am so excited!  Ever since I moved my site from the WP-hosted to my self-hosted, I’ve been itching to revamp the look of my blog.  But since I am meticulous yet do not know a thing about tweaking template codes, I was stuck to this clean yet blah free template:

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Our Liliw and Majayjay Sunday Getaway Part1

Holy Week has begun and if you still do not know where to go, go where the Ladaga household went three Sundays ago:  to Majayjay and Liliw, bey-beh!

See, Randy mentioned that he missed being in a countryside, a sentiment I almost never share with him (the typical Philippine countryside depresses me, unless there’s something else besides farmlands, nakatambay adults outside shanties, and native dogs treacherously crossing the streets).  But of course, I want to please him and take advantage of his rare “I want to petiks” peg.  So I suggested Majayjay to him.  Majayjay has the best of both worlds: Randy would quench his thirst for that countryside tour, and I’d gladly pass through this countryside because of the pot of flowing silver water at the end–the magnificent Majayjay Falls (this is the “something else” I am talking about)!

I’ve been to Majayjay some years ago when I was still the Information and Education Campaign Program Officer of Tanggol Kalikasan.  We briefly dropped by there to take footages, and I remember being in awe of the falls (it was my first time to see a waterfall) and not being able to resist bathing in the cool, clear water despite the fact that I don’t have any clothes for changing.  Our stay there was soooooo brief that I swore to myself I’d return there.  Fast forward to three Sundays ago, I made that promise come true.

The Ladagas, our househelp, Yoona’s Yaya Tet, and Randy’s friend Hernan Anonuevo plus our dobermann Vanguard and toy poodle Itsy Bitsy all came (we had to leave Yoona and her parents behind because they were busy).  We left at around 8 a.m. and arrived there at around 10 a.m.  Randy drove the BRAIN TRAIN mobile a.k.a. our white L300 FB van (there were 12 of us!) to get there.  On the way, Raviv was making pa-cute almost the whole time (Read about it HERE).

When we arrived there, lo and behold—andaming tao!!!  Actually, Randy suggested we go to Majayjay during Holy Week but I dissuaded him because I told him, “Maraming tao“.  But despite the fact that it was still about a month to go before Holy Week, omigosh, we had so much difficulty looking for a space to put our things.  Well, what do you expect:  The entrance is just P20/head and it was a Sunday (it was a weekday when I went there years ago).

But the view did not disappoint:  the water was still as clear as I remembered, and the falls was {I checked, FALLS in this context is singular} still majestic.  The two-hour drive and the fifteen-minute walk were, in my opinion, sulit.

15-minute walk to the falls from the resort entrance

Tatay Randy and Raviv against Majayjay Falls

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