Our Liliw and Majayjay Sunday Getaway Part2

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Continued from Our Liliw and Majayjay Sunday Getaway Part1

We left at around 2 p.m. because nobody wanted to continue swimming anyway (ang lamig nga kasi!).  Then I suggested that we go to Liliw na lang, which all the ladies in our delegation supported.  Hernan (Randy’s friend who was with us) said that Liliw was but 15 minutes away.  Because Randy was in a good mood, he agreed despite the fact that Liliw = footwear shopping (hooray!).

And the Liliw adventure is what I’ll write about on my next post. :)

So we arrived in Liliw at about 2:30 p.m.  Problem was, we had no money!  The P1,000 I had in my wallet was used when we stopped for gas (we stopped for gas at somewhere really rural thus credit cards were not accepted).  Randy too only had but a few hundreds, and my aliporeses did not bring cash either!  Of course, they also wanted to buy their own footwear and were counting on me to give them advance salary.  Good thing we saw an ATM near the shoes shops!  Anyway, here are the goodies, to show you but a few:

Cute and chic little girls’s shoes from P80-180! If only I also had a girl…

I know I don’t have a baby girl, but I can’t help it!

Loved this, but it only came in size 9! Sayang, cost only P250! And it was comfy!

Alona choosing from children’s shoes for her size 4 feet, hehe

Yaya Jocelle posing with our toy poodle Itsy

Even Raviv seemed bored! Didn’t even look at the camera. Hay, boys will be boys!

See the pink slipper I was holding? I bought it! P85 only!!!

Here’s a closer look

Aside from this pair of pink slippers, I only bought another pair of bootie-sandal-wedges…I know, I know–you’re asking, “Why just two?!?!?” Take a look at this:

While we girls were going gaga shoe shopping, my husband our houseboys were bored to death! Hah, typical!

When you see your husband’s and your other male companions’s faces like that, you know that the party’s over!  Too bad I didn’t just buy and buy the shoes I loved–why oh why did I have to run through the shoes stores in a block twice and when I knew what to buy, I saw those faces!  Hrmpft.  So the only other pair I got was this bootie-sandal wedges I told you about earlier:

This pair’s just P250! :)

I’ve already worn this pair in one of my first classes this summer (see it HERE), and I was surprised that these shoes were really comfortable!  I wore this for almost six hours straight standing up and pacing around the classroom while teaching.  With the delight and surprise came the regret once again.  Grrr, I should have gotten more!!!

Anyway, I and our female helpers immensely enjoyed our shoe shopping in Liliw.  By the way, the Liliw Tsinelas Festival will kick off on April 30.

Liliw Tsinelas Festival

I’ve been to a Tsinelas Festival about six years ago with a pal I miss, Carla Calumpang (aww Carla.  It’s been a loooong time!) and I went half crazy with all the footwear on sale there were!

If you’re on a budget yet are craving for shoe therapy, go to Liliw!  You’re gonna love it there, swear!


PS: Pa-Wardrobe Diary na rin:

Blue sundress from Old Navy

Bag from Cath Kidston (thank you Ate Marivic Suravilla!) –perfect for this getaway because it was waterproof!


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  1. Dew’s cracked nails effect (pedi) care of HandJob Nails and Spa, Los Banos, Laguna! Yay! hahaha

    • momsterteacher says:

      Ab! Yes! I was about to edit my entry and put it, but wanted a different entry solely for it 🙂

  2. Sis, I dreamt of you last night because of this post. We went to Liliw’s daw and got lost. Hihihi.
    Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure kokonti ang shoes dun kasi magpupuntahan ang mga readers mo 🙂

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Em! Haha, you’ll get lost and drown in shoes. Go there na, and make sure you buy several pairs. Magsisisi ka if you don’t! Go go go!

  3. sarap talaga magshopping sa pinas with these prices. and dami pang cute selections. mas lalo akong na-atat sa summer with your outfit haha 🙂 wow, 2 na yaya ni raviv, 2 pa houseboys? kakaiba! 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi! We actually have 4 ladies and 4 men. Andami, not because our house is soooo big or we do not ever want to lift a finger but because they also help in our business. The two girls are for Raviv, 1 all around for the house, 1 who cooks and helps in the office. Two men drive for us, do errands, etc. The other two take care of our dogs and help out in carpentry, etc. It seems we have so many but during summer, kulang pa!

  4. oh drooling, drooling over those shoes! I still can’t find anyone to come with me and visit liliw! definitely not my husband too 🙂

  5. oh by the way, i love your new site design 😀

  6. Wish I could go back to Liliw, too. I want to go shoe shopping!!!

  7. I love to visit Liliw! Love the wedges Dew, Raviv is a big boy na pala.

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