The Girls of Raviv

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Girl 1: Raviv’s First Kiss (I’m talking about Raviv’s first, non-parent, open-mouth-with-saliva kiss!)

About two Thursdays ago, Randy and I went to Alabang to do some last minute personal shopping before the start of our hectic summer.  We brought Raviv with us, and Yaya Isay also came along.  I did some bag shopping at Alabang Town Center, and then off we went to Festival Mall to do some grocery shopping at Shopwise.  During the short drive from ATC to Festival Mall, Raviv fell asleep.  Patay, eh the plan was he would play in this “cushioned pay playground” (dunno what to call it!) at Shopwise.  But I was confident he would be up and about once he sees kids and toys.  And I was right!  We carried him inside the playground and shook him, and then voila:  Mabuhay!

Ganyan ba ang antok?!?

We left him with Yaya Isay in the play area while Randy and I shopped.  After an hour, we were done and ready to go home.  Yaya Isay reported that Raviv had his first kiss in the play yard!!!  She said Raviv was really enjoying because the kids with him were nice, and there was this pretty chinita girl (Yaya Isay: Bagay sila Ma’am, pareho silang singkit!) whose Yaya she also befriended.  Yaya Isay said that Raviv and the girl hugged, and then the girl’s yaya asked her ward to kiss Raviv.    As she was about to kiss Raviv’s rosy cheek, Raviv took the girl’s face by the hand and positioned the face so they would kiss, lips to lips!!!  And he was successful!  According to Yaya Isay, he kissed the slightly older girl full on the lips, mouth open with dripping saliva!

See the girl with the blue circle around her?  That is she!

Yaya Isay:  Hihihi, bata pa matinik na si Raviv!  Mamrublema ka dito paglaki niya Ma’am!  Lips agad ang gustong i-kiss!  Pero in firness (fairness), bagay sila!  Maganda ‘yung babae!


Girl #2: Raviv’s Future Girlfriend, Pre-Approved by Yaya Isay

About two Saturdays ago (just two days after Raviv’s first kiss with an Alabang girl), a wedding was held in our lawn.  It was the wedding of one of my Victory Small Groups contact.  I was one of the principal sponsors (of course, I reacted violently!  Sabi ko, “Nooooooooooooooo!!!!  Bakeeeet?????  Ang bata-bata ko pa!!!!) and Raviv was the ring bearer.  Since it was just an intimate gathering, I did not bother myself with buying a new gown for myself or buying Raviv’s ring bearer outfit (I just recycled his christening/dedication outfit).  Although hours before the wedding, I scoured (but failed) Los Banos looking for black leather shoes for Raviv because it suddenly dawned on me that he might look kawawa, as when I saw the wedding invitation there were other bagets who were part of the entourage (initially, Raviv was supposed to be the ring, coin and Bible bearer–translated to, I will be a Raviv-bearer so he can be a ring bearer/Bible-bearer/coin bearer; but at the last minute the couple found other bagets who became part of the entourage, thus Raviv was just ring bearer).  Anyway, we later found out that the coin bearer, the other bagets was a girl (the Bible bearer was no longer a bagets), and…she was sooooo pretty!  No, not just pretty but beautiful!  I learned from her mom that she was about Raviv’s age (she was only two weeks older).  Look at her:

Xyra the Beautiful Coin Bearer (trust me, she’s even more beautiful in person)

O di ba?  And she’s even more beautiful in person!  Look at Raviv’s expression:

Raviv: Mmmmm, ganda!!! (grrr Jayson ba’t ang labo ng kuha mo!)

Aside from that face, Raviv even made further pa-cute.  You see, Yaya Jocelle gave Raviv Sky Flakes when the ceremony was about to begin to placate him.  When Xyra saw Raviv eating Sky Flakes, she reached out her hand.   My gallant son extended his hand with a piece of cracker to Xyra’s empty palm…we were already gushing that he was already making the moves, when he suddenly seemed to change his mind and put the cracker into his mouth instead, then he laughed.  Nye.  Palpak anak, palpak!  Even Yaya Isay was disappointed because, upon seeing the beautiful baby, she whispered this to Raviv…

Yaya Isay:  Raviv, tandaan mo ‘yang baby girl na ‘yan ha!  Tandaan mo siya para paglaki mo ‘yan ang liligawan mo.  Boto ako sa kanya, payag ako maging girlfriend mo siya paglaki mo.  ‘Wag na ‘yung taga-Alabang, mas maganda ‘yan.

At take note, I was in front of her when she said that!!!  Parang ako, wala nang say basta ang mahalaga eh siya ang boto!  O diba?  Hahahaha!

And another quotable quote from Yaya Isay on that day, before the wedding….

Yaya Isay:  Jocelle, ikaw na ang tumulong kay Ma’am mamaya sa pag-aasikaso kay Raviv sa kasal.  Kasi kung ako nanaman, hindi ka na sisikat.  Ako sikat na sa internet ikaw hindi ka pa kilala.  Ako kilala na ako ng mga nasasalubong ko (I told her that someone messaged me that she saw Raviv with Yaya Isay somewhere, I asked how the person knew Yaya Isay and the person replied that she knew Yaya Isay through my blog).

O what can you say?  Hahaha!  Take note, Yaya Isay was serious when she said that!!!

Raviv ha!


Girls #3 and 4:  Yaya Isay and Yaya Jocelle, the Girls Who Love Raviv No Matter What

This was just supposed to be up to Girl #2, but as I do this entry, I realized again how lucky we are to have Raviv’s two nannies.  I know they both love Raviv so so so much that I don’t feel THAT guilty when I leave Raviv to them.

With the girls who love every single cell of Raviv, no matter what



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  1. Another winning post that made me LOL. Naku, ang bata pa ni Raviv he already has a way with the ladies. I agree Girl # 2 is very pretty. And tell Yaya Isay, oo siya na, siya na ang sikat sa internet! =))

    • momsterteacher says:

      Haha Light, this was what I was telling you about, but took me a loooong time to post. 🙂

  2. haha chickboy na agad! 🙂 awww. 2 talaga ang yaya ni Raviv ha. Lucky little chickboy 😉

    Spanish Pinay

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi! Yes he has two because he is a handful!!! He is heavy and super likot pa! One nanny’s shift is 5am-12, then 1-3.30pm while the other’s is 9:30am to 1, theen 2-8pm. During the times the two nannies overlap, they help our other helpers do some household chores. 🙂

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