Why Cousin Yoona Cried

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Yoona: Help me, help me…

If you guessed it was Yaya Isay’s doing, you’re partly right!

If you’re no longer new to my blog, you probably know how protective Yaya Isay is of Raviv.  Waaay more protective than I even am.  As in nothing is ever Raviv’s fault.  And because Raviv’s only other baby ka-interaction is his cousin Yoona, in the eyes of Yaya Isay, it’s always Yoona who’s at fault.

Like, just about a week ago, Yaya Isay made sumbong (I know, I know, it’s just that I can’t think of a better term) that “Sinabunutan ni Yoona si Karbee Ma’am…”  I replied with a dispassionate, “Ow talaga?” and went on to do my stuff.  Later after I’ve had my lunch, Raviv and Yoona were in Raviv’s playpen when I reached for Raviv’s cheek to kiss him before I proceed to my class.  Raviv wanted me to get him, and cried “Na!  Na!  Nana!”  Unfortunately, I can’t get him because I really had to go.  Then, he started pinching Yoona’s face (I think he was doing it so I would get him).  I told Yaya Isay what Raviv was doing (she was washing the dishes), but she merely replied:  “Ganti niya lang ‘yan sa ginawa ni Yoona sa kanya kaninang umaga Ma’am…”  I had no time to lecture Yaya Isay that we’re not supposed to teach Raviv that “Revenge is a dish best served cold” motto.  I told the story to Randy and we had a good laugh.  Then days after that incident, Yoona and her family left to live in their summer home.  I loudly wondered, “Will Yoona miss Raviv?” to which Yaya Isay replied, “Oo mami-miss ni Yoona si Karbee…wala na siyang aagawan, wala na siyang sasabunutan, wala na siyang aawayin...”  (O di ba ang bitter?).  OK Isay, we get it.  Santo na ang alaga mo.  Martir kung martir, haha.

Ok, so what’s with the photo of Crying Yoona?  See, while Raviv and Yoona with their nannies were swimming, I gave Raviv my water flask (whose lid he loves using as teether).  Yoona wanted to get it from Raviv, and of course, Yaya Isay came to the rescue.  She hugged Raviv and used her hand to shield her ward from his FEMALE cousin!

See those eyes flashing?

But Yoona was relentless and determined!  She was bent on getting the water flask from Raviv.  But she can’t get past Yaya Isay’s protective hand!  As if her warding off Yoona were not enough, Yaya Isay even told Yoona: “Ano, aagawan mo ang alaga ko Yoona?  Subukan mo lang!”  Of course, Yaya Isay won’t lift a finger to hurt Yoona, so it was just hilarious for us, seeing Yaya Isay in action protecting her ward.

Yoona crying, “You’re unfair Yaya Isay! Yaya Teeeeet, heelp meeee!!!”

Yaya Isay: Yoona ‘wag mong agawan si Karbee!”  Yoona:  “Hmp, walang kwenta si Yaya Tet, hindi ako tinutulungan!  Malayasan nga kayo!  Goodbye!”

Makes me wonder though whether Raviv would grow up a wuss because his nanny fights his battles for him…I sure hope he’d grow a pair despite Yaya Isay’s always being there for him!

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  1. Love na love talga ni Yaya Isay si Raviv, no?. If you take a look at her reaction, alam na agd na walang pwedeng umapi sa alaga niya. In the end, parang ng uuto si Yaya Isay while telling Yoona “bati na tayo, wag mko isusumbong sa mommy mo ha?!”. 🙂

  2. hahaha classic si yaya isay 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Hahaha. Naalala ko sinugod pa ni Isay si Tet dito sa apt kasi pinupuan ni Yoona yung pool.

  4. maybe Yoona is scared ..

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