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Meeting a Kind Kindred Spirit

Remember my blog brigade about the sad fate of Rochel Geronda, the sampaguita vendor who was raped and slain last February?  I must say that writing about her is probably one of the best functions of this blog, as I realized that several people relied on my blog to get updates about her.  Several people told me that this entry I made about her moved them to tears, and compelled them to take part.  But the most touching comment I got was from Dr. Bob Kemerait, an American professor at the University of Florida.  One lazy Saturday afternoon as I was Facebook-ing, I was surprised to see a wall post on the Momsterteacher "Fan Page": Thank you so much for the continued efforts you make to keep others (like me thousands of miles away) updated about the tragic loss of Rochel Geronda. MY wife's family lives near the location where Rochel was found and it is possible that my family may have even bought flowers from her in the past. Sadly we cannot bring her life back, but your words and … [Read more...]

My First Mother’s Day Card

...was given to me by Thea, our helper Alona's daughter.  Yesterday, she went into my office and gave me this with a huge smile on her face (showcasing her super dimples that would shame Cristine Reyes' dimples): I smiled and was deeply touched when she gave the card to me, and I hugged her tightly. By the way, Thea (whom I now call Punching Bag as a term of endearment) and I go a loooong way back.  I remember resenting the thought of her when I learned Randy wanted to have his former helper back with her "baggage" (Alona was left by Thea's father when Thea was just a five-month old fetus).  I do not know why but during those times I was allergic to kids.  But upon laying my eyes on Thea (who was then two years old), I think I fell in love with her immediately.  Actually, she calls me "Mommy", and it was all the doing of her 2-year-old mind.  You see, she heard her Mama Alona call me "Ma'am", and then she decided to call me Mommy.  I heard her Mama teach her to call me Ma'am … [Read more...]

The First and the Best Mother’s Day Gift I Got

Mother's Day 2012 Dear Raviv, It took me almost two years (after I married your Tatay on June 28, 2008) to finally be convinced to get pregnant.  You see, I got brainwashed against getting pregnant.  I knew it might ruin my figure, will disrupt my (non-existent) social life, and will force me to wake up early.  But most of all, I was afraid of having a baby because I was afraid of loving it too much.  So I kept on delaying and delaying, despite the constant prodding of my relatives and friends to get pregnant.  A neighbor even politely and shyly asked if we wanted to adopt.  I just chuckled because I knew they meant well--that they thought your Tatay and I were unable to conceive. Finally, in December 2010, your Tatay seriously talked me into getting pregnant.  I was hesitant, but I also knew I was bound to have a baby.  So in January 2011, your Tatay and I scheduled a meeting with the late Dr. Adelina Barrion.  Your Tatay and Lola Emma badly wanted to have a baby girl, and … [Read more...]