A “Yey!” (for Miami) and a “Yay!!!” (for Manny) in the Ladaga Household

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Today is a big day for my husband.  Nope, it’s not our anniversary!  It’s also not his birthday.  It’s because today was Game 7 for the Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics.  And oh yeah, laban din nga pala ni Pacquiao.  Haha.  Yep, P.S. lang ‘yung Pacquiao-Bradley for him.  In fact, I asked him last night:

Me:  Babe, which will you watch if you have to choose: Miami vs kung-ano-man-ang-kalaban o Pacquiao vs kung-sino-man-yung-kalaban?
Randy: By far, ung Miami.

We had classes this morning (good for Randy because he had no class this morning–he was able to fully watch the Miami-Boston Game 7) and we were sweet talked by the students’ parents to bring a television to the canteen, and we did.  Our class ended at 12 p.m., just in time for the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.  As Randy and I were watching the Pacquiao-Bradley fight, I asked him whether he won.  He said he did, and it was such an exciting game.  He said he was alone, standing up all throughout the game, and even shouted, “I love you Bosh (sp?)!!!” to himself!

And then came THE decision that Pacquiao lost.  I was very affected (I feel bad for Manny–I pray that he won’t think his being closer to God, his doing away with superstitious beliefs, etc. were the reasons why he lost), but Randy does not seem to be!  I know why:  coz Miami won, that’s why.  Hrmpft!

Anyway, after the interviews and all, I immediately checked my Facebook and braced myself to what the Filipino populace had to say.  And I had a good laugh for most of the time.  Lemme share them with you:

This is one of the first ones I saw, and I really laughed.  Actually, this is the only one I “Shared”:

How true!

And then there are these posts from Sir Rem De Leon, my former DevCom instructor whom I am coaxing to go full time on blogging to give The Professional Heckler a run for his money:

R E de Leon

House Speaker Belmonte has just announced that congress is more than ready to file impeachment charges against the judges.

and another:

R E de Leon

That’s gonna totally suck the oxygen out of the room for an entire news cycle. If anyone wants to announce some piece of bad news, or pass some controversial policy, do it now. You won’t get a better chance to get your resulting news item buried.

Yep,  it’s DEFINITELY take out the garbage news day. Go to the press with ALL your dirty laundry press releases right NOW. You won’t get a better chance to be ignored for ages!

Hahahaha!  Love, love them Sir REM!!!  Here are more:

Annie Aguirre

‎@JLin7: That was disappointing…Manny landed double the punches, but Bradley landed double the hugs #boxingisdead – O pati si Lin disappointed…awww…

Annie Aguirre

What happens in #Vegas stays in Vegas. And remember folks, Vegas always wins.

And of course, natawa rin naman ako sa mga hindi ganyan ka-“intellectual” pero right on target pa rin:

Fran Garcia

SOMEONE TWEETED THIS : “pwes, tinext ko na si ate claudine mga mars ahahahaha — “ate clauds, nakita ko po si bradley binibidyo nya po kau i sware” HAYUUUPP!!! LOL

Here’s another:

Carla Isabella Ross

HAHAHA! Kung ano ano nakikita ko sa twitter. Papasok daw ng Bahay ni Kuya si Bradley kasi puro yakap ang alam. XD Laughtrip,mga Pinoy tlga. PBB Teens?

And another:

Joy Santos

Sabi daw nila, luto ang laban. Tingan niyo, sunog ang kalaban. hahahaha. (nabasa ko lang :))) )

And these two from Twitter:

Kasabihan ‏@MgaKasabihan “The more you hug, the more chances of winning.”

ogie diaz ‏@ogiediaz Analysis ng friend ko, “Dati naman kc, ndi naman umiinom ng Sting with Malunggay si Pacman eh!”


And I can’t help but be amused with the banter between these two youngsters, hahaha!

Marvin Borlaza: Pag natalo dinaya agad? o.O

——–Justine Ignacio marunong ka ba tumingin ng score?

—————-Marvin Borlaza marunong ka mnuod ng laban?

——————————-Justine Ignacio oo.

Chill lang, haha!  Anyway, much as I want to declare that there really was cheating, I can’t because I’m no expert in boxing.  The commentators were saying that “the scoring in boxing is not an exact science–the judges may have been right or wrong.”  But one thing they are sure of is that “Bradley won the match fair and square”.

At dito na ako magre-react!  Mali!  Dapat “fairly and squarely”!!!  Adverb, NOT adjective, because we are describing the verb “won”!  


PS.  I know that “fair and square” is an idiom so it’s untouchable/may protection from the grammar police.  Hehe.  Wala lang, makahirit lang. 🙂

PPS. Another Tweet I did not like/not find witty:  “O Manny, are you going to say that ‘It’s God’s will’ again?”  Because it is  (unless the poster was trying to say that the result was indeed ‘cooked’).

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  1. Hahaha! Maging ako po Ms. Dewmaine, binuksan ko pa ang Twitter ko ngayon para lang basahin ang mga reaksyon sa laban ni Pacquiao (pampalubag loob ba). Eto pa Ms. Dewmaine.

    Ed Tolentino (sports analyst): They say it is “zero crime rate” when Pacquiao fights. That is true up to this day. Because the biggest crime happened in Vegas.


  2. Hi Ma’am! This is Lyen, the trying-hard-to-be-funny student from 2E. Hehe~
    Really funny blog post! :)) (Natawa po ako sa impeachment charges post) :))

    Anyway, not that I’m happy about the result of the fight, but whenever Pacman wins, I notice a wave of commercials with him in it suddenly appear on TV (nakakasawa rin po minsan na siya palaging nakikita, lol)
    I just feel relieved I won’t be seeing a lot Pacman commercials soon. :)) That’s all 😛

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Lyen! Tingin ko nga dahil natalo lalo pang pinag-usapan. Kung nanalo yun, tingin ko less exposure, hehe.

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