Like or Dislike: Raviv aka “Baby Ama”

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About a month ago, Randy and I were able to squeeze in some personal time into our über busy summer.  We also brought Raviv with us, because his hair has grown long again.

This time, however, he immediately complained when he was put on the chair, unlike the first time he had his hair cut.  I guess it was because the babies’ barber shop was busy that time.  The barber suggested that Randy just carry Raviv while he chops off his hair.

When the barber asked us how we want Raviv’s hair to be cut, we were stupefied.  We knew we liked his earlier haircut, but because it was summer (and Raviv’s head easily sweats, as in!  Kahit naka-aircon!), Yaya Isay suggested “Skinhead!”  I hesitated for a bit but his Tatay agreed.  Yaya Isay even furthered, “Gusto ni Ma’am Emma (my Mom) ‘yan Ma’am, malinis daw tingnan.”  So I agreed.  And so while Randy was carrying Raviv, the barber started shaving off Raviv’s hair.

No need to say it: Oo na, I’m bad at taking pictures.

Almost done!

Presenting, Raviv “Baby Ama” Ladaga (if you don’t know who Baby Ama is, it is Robin Padilla’s jail inmate character in one of his earlier and most popular movies.  He had his head shaved there too, and looked like a total sanggano):

Meet Baby Ama.  Ano, lalaban kayo?

Hay, I honestly dislike it!  In my opinion, Raviv looks like a shaolin!  Worse, he sometimes looks like a batang kantong yagit to me, especially because his skin was burned (brought about by his almost daily backyard swimming in April).

Others like his new look though, especially his Ninong Irvin.  Whenever he enters our living room, his Ninong Irvin would start chanting:  “Ba-by Ama!  Baby Ama!”  They said he looked tough–that no playmate of his would lift a finger to hurt him.  Almost like he’ll most likely be the play yard bully.  Nooooooooooo!  Bring me back my sweet, innocent-looking boy!

Anyway, I’m consoled with the fact that his hair will grow back long before I know it (but it’s been a month, and he still looks like a shaolin).  Sigh.

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  1. He looks like a Shaolin kid – pwede na ipa-VTR. Cute padin naman, sis. Mas astig nga ang dating. Yun nga lng, nakakamiss talaga yung boy next door look niya. Don’t worry, hahaba din yan 🙂

    Btw, you may want to add a teaspoon of oyster sauce sa Chicken tapa para mas malasa 🙂

  2. Irvin Domingo Jr. says:

    One word – “MAANGAS!” Haha!

  3. oh my. what happened to raviv?? summer na summer ang look! 🙂 but he is still a cutey 🙂

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