Raviv’s “Bosom Buddies” (Help! Is My Son Going to be a Perv?!?)

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These last few weeks, I noticed something about my son:  He is obsessed with, as he says it, “Dede!!!”  I guess I shouldn’t be concerned if it’s “dede” as in milk, but nooooooo!  He’s referring to mammary glands.  To breasts.  To boobs.  To chesticles.  Dede nga!

I really don’t know how it happened, all I know is that one day, he kept on saying, “Dede, dede, dede!  Dede! Dede!”  As I was about to call his nannies to give him milk, he suddenly pulled down the neckline of my dress and then smiled, and said, “Dede!  Dede!  Dede!!!”  I asked his nannies where he learned it, they said they do not know, and that he does it to them as well.  And that when they dress in front of him, “Kinikilig siya Ma’am, tuwang-tuwa!”  Actually, I’ve also experienced it myself.  When I was “dress rehearsal-ing” the new maillot I bought, he was giggling all the time!  Happened again when one of our teachers joined me in trying on swimsuits in our bathroom and Raviv was there…kilig na kilig ang loko!  He was even hugging our legs and jumping up and down!

I told Randy about it but he just shrugged it off.  Until the other night, when Randy and I were chatting with our teachers Regina Martinez, Pong Garcia, and Raviv’s Ninong Irvin.  Raviv was playing nearby, and then he went up to his Ninong Irvin blurting, “Dede, dede, dede!”  He pulled Irvin’s shirt up and happily pressed Irvin’s nipples!  Everyone was flabbergasted yet laughed.   When I got my camera to document it, Raviv even posed and smiled, seemingly proud of himself!

Look at that grin!!!

The following day (yesterday), a scene greeted me as I exited my office:  Raviv was in his inflatable pool, and beside him was our driver/Yaya Isay’s jowa Dodong.  What was Raviv doing?  ClueS:  He was not swimming and Dodong’s shirt was up!

OMG.  Moms and dads of baby boys, is this normal?  Or should I start scouting for toddler psychiatrists?  Huhuhuhu!  Or do you think this is because of these:

Vocabulary Lessons from Yaya Tet

Yaya Isay the Child Molester

Help, help!!!

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  1. Heheh. Nakakatuwa. I guess he is just curious. Kasi Lia does that, too. With his daddy’s nipples and navel! She loves exploring them! Minsan magugulat na lang kami, magigising si Daddy niya dahil kinukurot ni Lia and nipples niya. Kahit ilayo namin, bumabalik pa rin 🙂

    • momsterteacher says:

      Mars thank you! Ganung-ganun nga rin si Raviv, pusod pataas sa dede! Hay salamat naman at normal lang pala, haha!

  2. Hehehe I agree with Mars. Baka naman natutuwa lang ang bebe. Toddlers this age are Curious George’s. Pero if you don’t like it anymore, divert his attention every time he does it or just ignore him. The more he sees na he’s amusing people, the more he will do it. At least that’s what Dr. Harvey Karp said in his book. 🙂

  3. Oh no that’s defo normal! He’s in that age that he’s exploring body parts and getting fascinated with it. I believe we should even encourage it because there’s nothing more natural than our own body. Our little one sees us naked ever since she’s very little until now (she’s only 2). We bathe together and all that. She had the period of getting fascinated by intimate parts and would want to touch them. We made it like our private jokes, making fun of it in a way (like saying: ayyyy pengpeng! Bastos!… Or alaaa, pituytoy!!) And we’d laugh so hard 😀 . After a while, she grew up on it. Everytime she sees these “things” she’d just look at them like it’s the most natural thing in the world 🙂 So don’t worry about it at all.

    Spanish Pinay

  4. Ninong Irvin says:

    Whew! Then Raviv is normal after all. Haha! Thanks to M’s testimony. haha! Lia and Raviv are in the same league!!!

  5. Gwen is also like that with her daddy. With my boobs, she still looks at it as her milk (food). But with her daddies “dede” and navel, laruan nya yun.

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