The BRAIN TRAIN Family Anva-yeah Getaway Part 1

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On the 5th of June 2012, our BRAIN TRAIN family went to Anvaya Cove, an exclusive, members-and-guests only resort located in Morong, Bataan, all thanks to the sponsorship of my friend Light Manuel’s dad, Engr. Bienvenido Manuel.

Our three vehicles (an L300 FB, a pick-up, and an SUV)  left Los Banos at 4:45 a.m. and carried 26 BRAIN TRAIN teachers, office assistants, drivers, house help, and of course Raviv.  I was with Randy (driver), Raviv (of course on his car seat), Yaya Isay, and Raviv’s Ninong Irvin.

Because we were much faster, we arrived in Morong way ahead of the others.  Instead of proceeding to Anvaya Cove right away, we decided to look for nearby beach houses that will be cheaper (there were almost 30 of us, and renting a beach house within Anvaya for all of us will be soooo expensive).  We visited about 3-4 houses until we settled on this:

The beach house where we spent the night in; sorry for the blurry photo–it was raining when I took it.

We chose this because its beach front was wide (sorry, no photo), and it was roomy.  We could have swum in the morning if not for the fact that many of our companions were in a hurry to go home.  I think we paid about P10,000 for this.

Anyway, after our overnight beach house hunting, we proceeded to Anvaya.  It took us some minutes to get to the resort entrance from the main Anvaya entrance.  Sponsored guests by the way may only go there on weekdays, and the first 20 guests have to pay P450/head (of which P250 is consumable in the resort) while the rest have to pay P1,000 each (again, P250 is consumable).  A baby or toddler and the baby/toddler’s nanny are not included in the headcount and are free of charge.

As expected from an exclusive resort, it was clean, well-maintained, tastefully decorated, and has very accommodating staff.  So as expected, our first activity was…cam whoring!

Familia Brain Train by the entrance of Anvaya Cove

Familia Brain Train in the resort, near the beachfront

Kaartehan pic (L-R: MomsterTeacher, Pao Perez, Reg Martinez, and Love Nagpala)

Faceoff: MomsterTeacher vs PaosterTeacher…hehe
It’s a tie! Both are equally fab!

The two most handsome in Anvaya


Here are some breathtaking vistas at Anvaya:

Anvaya Cove Beachfront

Anvaya Cove Swimming Pools

The greenery and lush hills at Anvaya Cove

Each member of the Ladaga family got his/her own lounge chair; Randy gasping that the prices of the food in the restaurant are expensive.

Too bad I was very sleepy that day because I slept at about 1 a.m. (because I watched Corazon Ang Unang Aswang on DVD the night before) and woke up at 4 a.m.  I also was not able to sleep during our trip because Randy, Irvin, and I were talking.

Trying to get my forty winks

Thus, I spent most of the morning on the lounge chair, trying to sleep while the others were having so much fun by the beach.

Familia Brain Train having fun in the sun and sand


It’s getting pretty late and I still have a class in Sta. Rosa tomorrow so I have to cut this.  Wait for Part Deux 🙂

Update:  THIS IS PART DEUX, the continuation 🙂


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  1. Glad you enjoyed yourselves Dew. By the way, my Dad’s a CPA. 🙂

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Light! I think I must have confused your dad with Ate Maya’s. Yung kanya yung engr, tama ba? Hehe

  2. Ninong Irvin says:

    Bitin! Haha! Reading part deux now!

  3. Dew, what’s the name of the beach house you stayed in? And the address thanks

  4. Good day, may I know of the house of Mr. Bienvenido. Manuel is for rent? We are interested to rent for April 5 to 7. Thanks Mau barreiro

  5. Hello there teacher! 🙂 Is it ok if you could share with me the no. of Eng. Bienvenido? Is his house in anvaya for rent? My family wants to visit the place but I believe a member should endorse or give us an authorization letter to get inside right? Or do you know any travel agency that could help us visit anvaya? Thank very much! 🙂


  6. @momsterteacher:
    “Sponsored guests by the way may only go there on weekdays” – Too bad. We plan to go there on a weekend sana, overnight. 🙁

    Anyway, would you email me too about the rates(?) and contacts? Thank you, sis. 🙂

  7. Hi po,

    Good afternoon, I got a family of 4 and I would like to bring them to Anvaya Cove too this coming week. I would appreciate if you could share Engr. Bienvenido Manuel’s contact number so that I could ask permission for sponsorship in Anvaya.

    Thank you and God bless po!

    Gerry Rosales
    Country Manager – Sil-Tech Chemical Phil Corp
    HP: 09175381xxx

  8. Jen Rotea says:

    hi… please send me engr. manuel’s email address… thank you very much…


  9. le anne diaz says:

    hello momsterteacher,

    Can i ask for Engr. Manuel’s contact number please? we’re very interested in staying 3d 2n at anvaya cove.
    Would greatly appreciate your reply.

    Thank you 🙂

  10. hi, we’re planning to celebrate my husband bday in anvaya, may i ask for engr. bienvenido’s contact? thanks so much!=)

  11. Hi I love your post about the place, i really wanted to get to experience too and i think renting like you did is the best way to experience it. I hope you can share the contact info & the rate of the place you stay.

    Thank you!!

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Mj! I’m still on trip. If I fail to email you in the next 5 days, feel free to nag me and post again. Thanks for droppung by!

  12. can i also have of Eng. Bienvenido number? thanks so much

  13. Marguirette says:

    Hi! Can I also have the contact number please? Thank you so much.

  14. Hi can I have mr Manuel’s no? We’re planning an overnight night stay this weekend

  15. Hi Maam Dew! 🙂 Can we have Engr’s contact details too? Many thanks! Shall appreciate your response. 🙂 —Anne

  16. Hi Momsterteacher,

    Hope you can share the Engr’s contact details with me too. I know you;re crazy busy but hoping for your response! I love your post and would love to go there with my family 🙂


  17. Hi there Momsterteacher!

    My family and I are planning on a weekend getaway. Could you pls also share Engr’s contact info to me as well? =)


  18. Hi Maam Dew! Im planning to celebrate my mama’s birthday at Anvaya.. would you be kind enough to share Engr. Manuel’s contact details or email address? SALAMAT 🙂

  19. april ann says:

    Hi! Hope you can share the details too! I am interested to rent this summer. Shall appreciate your response! 🙂 Thanks a lot! 🙂

  20. Hi teacher,

    Can I also have the email or contact info of the owner in Anvaya. We’re planning to spend a night or two there this summer. Thank you in advance.

  21. ardis sola says:

    i would appreciate getting contact info of both the bataan beach front house and the anvaya. thank you in advance. God bless.

  22. Hi Would like to know your contact for this anvaya trip thanks

  23. Hi,

    I would like to know the beach house that you rented outside of Anvaya? Do you have their number? Thanks.

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