The BRAIN TRAIN Family Anva-yeah Getaway Part 2 (Baby Perks)

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continued from The BRAIN TRAIN Family Anva-yeah Getaway Part 1

Though I was lethargic, I was restless and can’t really sleep on the beachfront lounge chair, comfy as it may be.  So I dragged myself to change into my swimwear and swam in the pool.  While walking to and from the pool, I saw a disparate pool for babies and toddlers tucked near the main pools.  I got excited for Raviv and called him and his Tatay to go swimming there.

Nanay Dew and Krabito

Raviv really loved the balls, plus the pool was really shallow.

with Yaya Isay

Nanay Dew, Krabito Ravivo, and Yaya Isay

In case you’re wondering why I’m wearing the mustard yellow polo over my maillot monokini, ask Randy.  Hrmpft (He wanted me to wear a Speedo-type maillot, as if I’ll be joining a swimming competition!).  He kept on glaring at me every time I walk around wearing my swimsuit sans a cover-up, even though we were surrounded by girls and women wearing two-piece swimsuits.  And that prompted me to just stay with my son, as my co-BRAIN TRAIN teachers were running around, playing mataya-taya, Frisbee, agawan base, and volleyball (my least fave sport, so thanks but no thanks) in their swimsuits sans any cover-up.

Anyway, I later realized that Anvaya was so family-friendly!  Adjacent to the  kids’ swimming pool was its own shower room (no need to share with the adults’).  Plus, an outdoor playground and an indoor playroom!  Here are the photos of the outdoor playground:

Anvaya Cove children’s outdoor playground

Raviv in the tube slide, assisted by “Yayo” Dodong

While here are photos of the indoor playroom:

Anvaya Cove indoor playroom

Raviv had the playroom all to himself!

The playroom had a variety of things to entertain kids–from stuffed animals to educational toys to even books!  It was also cool and cozy there.

Anvaya Cove indoor playroom

Raviv and I in the playroom

Raviv with Tatay Randy in the playroom

The Ladaga Family horsing around in the playroom

Aside from the pool for babies and toddlers, the indoor playroom, and the outdoor playground, Anvaya even has a room where toddlers and their guardians can rest (thank God, because earlier I was berating Yaya Isay for forgetting to bring Raviv’s stroller where Raviv could sleep).

Topmost photo: The bed where the baby’s guardian could sleep and where the guardian could put the baby’s paraphernalia (see the drawers and the hole underneath?)
Middle photo: Crib for babies
Bottom photo: Guardian’s bed and baby’s crib

This is actually where I got my siesta after I showered and decided I will no longer swim.  It was cool (see the airconditioning unit above the guardian’s bed, covered by the rectangular wooden thingy?) and comfy there.  Raviv slept soundly, and so would I have been had it not been for the fact that the noise from the swimming pool and shower room was very audible.  Anyway, I’m not complaining, as it was waaaaay more than I expected.  Raviv was only roused from his sleep when Tatay Randy entered the room and woke us up (after getting envious that we had such a place to rest) to enjoy the rest of the day.

Part Trois to be continued 🙂


Update:  Here is Part Trois

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  1. Waaah. I wanna go there, too! I’m sure super nag-enjoy si Krabito Ravivo 🙂
    Ikaw na, ikaw na talaga ang hot momma! Take it off, sis. Baka pwede sa photoshop. Hihi 🙂

    Hmm.. 😀

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Em! You want to be sponsored by Light’s dad din? I’ll ask her if you want to 🙂

      • Kiliiiig! Really? Bigla nmn akong nahiya.. Hihihi.
        I’ll ask the hubs kasi tag-ulan na. 🙁 But most likely September or first week of October if the offer is still available 😀

  2. Oh wow, Raviv no longer looks like a baby. He looks like a 3 year-old even if he’s just about to turn 2 right? Growing up so fast. Okay rin siguro if you have a little girl running around *hint hint*. Dew make more cute kids please! Hahaha

    • momsterteacher says:

      Yes I know! I actually miss having a REAL baby, hehe. But the thought of morning sickness and nighlt feedings + diaper changes bursts my bubble of having a fashionable baby girl.

  3. Ninong Irvin says:

    Let me translate Raviv’s mumblings… Salamat Tatay and Nanay (spoken the Raviv way, haha!).

  4. dew, i eagerly await your bikini pix. 😛

    • momsterteacher says:


      I don’t have any. Wala lang akong cover up sa water mismo. At kung meron man, Randy will never allow me to post it (which is OK, given the fact that I also do not want to expose my lovehandles). Hehe.

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