Wardrobe Diary #14: Summer-y Christmas by the Beach (Guest Fashionista)

Nope, not the actual “Christmas” as in December 25!  I’m talking about my gorgeous former student (not just once, but twice!) Christmas Astronomo!

I first met Christmas when she was just a petite, quiet sixth grader with puppy dog eyes, reviewing at BRAIN TRAIN to get into the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) and/or UP Rural High School (UPRHS), and had written her name as “Christmas Astromo”. I remember my husband telling me, “Ano kayang nangyari dito kay Tuesday (she used to go by the name Tuesday then, haha!), ang tali-talinong bata nagkamali pa ng spelling sa pangalan!”  Harhar.

I also remember being fond of how she sweet and innocent she looked…little did I know that fast forward to just a few years, I’ll be asking her about her clothes and hair.  Why?  Take a look at her now:

Ano’ng say ni Julia Montes kay Christmas?

My “relationship” with Christmas “deepened” when she asked me details about my wedding, for at that time, she was to celebrate her 18th birthday.  I think I gave her some information, and then I waited for the pictures of her debut on Friendster (haha, Friendster pa nun!).  Her photos blew me away!  Grabe, parang nakailang gown change in a single night!  And take note, iba pa ‘yung gowns niya nung pre-debut pictorial niya ha!  I was fascinated that at that time, I swore I was gonna have a daughter and that Christmas’ debut will be my yardstick!  I was so blown away that I even carried my laptop and showede her photos to Randy, demanding that he give me a daughter like Christmas:  an authentic beauty and brains!

Oh by the way, I failed to mention that she passed both PSHS and UPRHS but went to the former.  And despite being a Pisay alumna, she took up  English Studies minor in European Languages (and studied in Europe for quite some time, as an exchange student, I surmise) in UP Diliman.  She’s currently enrolled in Ateneo Law School.

Looking at Christmas’ Facebook pictures, I got into a frenzy looking at and salivating over her outfits.  But because I was supposed to make this entry BEFORE summer, I chose this:

 She looked simply elegant and radiant when this photo was taken at Kamana Sanctuary in Subic.  Of course, I got the details:

Blue dress from Sunkissed (Christmas said: “It’s a small bikini shop in Landmark at Robinson’s Galleria. I bought it December-ish when all bikini shops are on sale. Hehe!”)

Calvin Klein sunglasses

Belt from Forever 21

Indeed, a very lovely Christmas!

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    Ang ganda-ganda naman ng batang ito, Dewm.

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