Why Raviv is Blessed to Have Randy as His Tatay

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Dear Raviv,

Here is a countdown of the top reasons why I (and you should too!) praise and thank God that your Tatay Randy is your father:

5. Your Tatay wants to spoil you rotten!
This is something we often disagree on.  You know I’m all for disciplining you, but your Tatay wants to spoil you.  He even thinks you DESERVE to be spoiled because  “Raviv is such a good boy!” as he often says, and we have the means to do so.  You see, your Tatay had very, very humble beginnings and he wants to make sure yo will never be in want.  I, however, want you to experience to be in want, for you to appreciate the things you have more.  So I guess, if your Tatay were a different Tatay, you’ll get new toys only every Christmas (which is also almost your birthday, hehe).

You got to eat chocolates because your Tatay deliberately let you “steal” the chocolates from the ref!  And then when he called me he told me it was too late, so pabayaan na lang!  And then he looked so proud of himself!

4. Your Tatay teaches general science passionately.

Last summer, one f our review students wrote this about your Tatay, “Raviv is so lucky to have Sir Randy as his father because he will know the real reasons behind each phenomenon.  Raviv will know that thunder is caused by air expansion and not because nagbo-bowling si San Pedro” or something to that effect.  I realized, yeah how true!  Isn’t it that kids often ask why something is such?  “Why is the sea blue” or “Why do glasses with ice inside ‘perspire’?” and so many other things.  While other parents will make up stories behind each occurrence or will berate their children for being so inquisitive, I’m pretty sure your Tatay will only be too eager to answer your questions correctly.

Explaining how a toy xylophone works?

3. Thanks to him, you got good genes!

You know son, whenever I thought of entering into a serious relationship, I seriously considered whether the guy would be able to give me Class A children.  Even when I was seriously into a guy but I see some genetic traits (be these genes dominant or recessive–recessive, because I look at his other relatives as well) that I don’t want the future you or your future siblings to have or lack, he had no chance of falling into my “may-future-kami-nito” category.  And so when your Tatay came into the picture wanting a super, “futuristic” relationship from me, I had my checklist ready

The Randy-Raviv Face-off

  • intelligent genes – CHECK! Your Tatay is a graduate of the Philippine Science High School Main Campus, got 96% in the National Medical Admissions Test, (and take note, biglaan ‘yung pag-e-exam niya so zilch preparation siya) among others
  • street-smart genes – CHECK!  Your Tatay is a self-made man who has a good command of English grammar
  • high-bridged, pointy nose – CHECK!  And because of that, one of the comments people make about you even when you were a newborn was always, “Wow ang tangos ng ilong!”  Even the anesthesiologist who looked at you during your encephalocele scare commented that.  And I thank your Tatay for passing it on to you.  My nose is not that bad but compared to your Tatay’s pang-aristocrat nose, mine looks too pudgy.
  • The nose knows!

    Honestly, my list is long and there are some minor traits he lacked but the three I mentioned are the most important ones I need.  And of course, he had a lot, lot more to offer–traits I realized were important after getting to know him more.

2.  Your Tatay is a good role model.

True, your Tatay is not perfect (who is, anyway?), but I am very grateful that you have him to emulate.  Let’s take a look at this vice list:

  • smoker – X!  Your Tatay does not smoke.
  • illegal drugs user – X!  Both your Tatay and I have NEVER EVER taken them.  WE both recognize that it is a stupidity to take something detrimental that you will most probably get addicted to.
  • drunkard – X!  Your Tatay drinks very, very occasionally.  Oh he does drink a few sips of cheap red wine every night for health purposes.  But definitely, he is no slave of alcohol.
  • gambler – X!  There was a time when we were, erm, “very entertained” by slot machines, but that was a long time ago (you might have chuckled had you seen us: the ratio is 2:1, as in two of us play one slot machine, salitan sa pagpindot ng button, while those around us are 1:3, as in one person plays three slot machines).  Tatay has never been fond of betting or playing cards.
  • womanizer – X with me!  He may have had his heydays of womanizing, but I believe the minute I stepped into his life it stopped.  We’ve been together for ten years and so far, I’ve never caught him do anything to justify the green-eyed monster in me.  So far.  (Babe, if you’re reading this, you know how the gree-eyed monster in me rears its ugly horns, so just a word of caution, Huwag mo akong subukan!)
(Your Tatay however has this vicious vice, something innocuous at the outset but can be pretty annoying at times.  What is it?  His sheer addiction to NBA!!!  He can pretty much drop off anything when LeBron is playing!  Hmpft hmpft hmpft!  But I guess this is waaaay better than any of the vices I mentioned above.)

1. You mean the world to your Tatay.

Yes, you do.  So please, don’t do anything to make your Tatay’s world crumble.


Babe, Happy Father’s Day!  I knew it–you’d be an A-1 dad!  I am very happy you are my boy’s man.  I will never tire telling Raviv to honor, respect, and love you.  Mwah mwah!

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  1. Happy father’s day to Randy! 🙂

  2. Happy father’s day to Tatay Randy 🙂

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