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Help, I Need (House)Help!

Decent ones, that is.

Last November, our household was a full house.  We had four houseboys and four maids.  It may seem like a lot for a family of three, but they also help out in our business and drive for us.  What I’m saying is, even though we had eight helpers, I was still lifting my fingers.

Our eight helpers were “pairs”.  Two of them are bf-gf (Peter + Alona and Dodong + Yaya Isay), while two of them are brothers and sisters (Rose + Jojo and Joy + Jocelle) .  The two brother-sister pairs arrived just last November, while the bf-gf pairs arrived at different times one by one.  We felt so lucky when we had them, especially the girls.  The girls looked neat, were diligent, and were pleasant.  One trait I valued most about them was that they were able to distinguish the fine line between being makapal ang mukha/kups and knowing to how to makimasama.  You know–tama lang ang daldal.  I liked it that they easily follow instructions and were jolly most of the time.  I even blogged a  Randy and I loved them so much that we often consciously thought of instances and places where we could bring them with us to pasyal.  We wanted to please them.  It was the first time I really loved ALL of our helpers.

Randy, Raviv, I with our househelp and office manager Jayson (the one wearing eyeglasses) just before Christmas

But alas, some good things never really last, for now, only the bf-gf tandems remain–the brother-sister pairs have gone.  Reasons: [Read more…]

Wardrobe Diary #18: Cheap, Chic & Black (July 29, 2012)

Although I taught for just two hours today, I had to be up and about early because aside from our regular high school entrance tests review session, we also had UPCAT Refresher sessions today.  I helped out in the office, in the canteen, and sold BT@20: Going Neh-she-nuhl tickets.

Since it rained practically the whole day (and I’m really getting fat), I braved wearing an all-black ensemble.  The top, although sleeveless and made of cotton, kept me warm (and made me sweat) while I was helping out in the canteen.

So anyway, here’s what I wore:

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Wardrobe Diary #17: Majestic Magenta (July 26, 2012)

Yesterday was quite a day for me.  First, Randy and I took Raviv to Children’s House Montessori to inquire about their toddler classes.  I was told that the minimum age they accept is 2 years old, because their program is already structured.  When they asked how old Raviv was, I realized that that day was exactly the day Raviv turned 19 months!  My, I forgot!  Used to be that I celebrate his monthly birthday.

Anyway, aside from looking around for a toddler school for Raviv, I led my Victory Small Group yesterday as well.  It was heart-wrenching to listen to the woes of one of the members.  I felt really sorry for her that when we were praying for her, I just found myself speaking in tongues!!!  Grabe, as I was doing it I was surprised and happy!  I’ve wanted that spiritual gift for a loooooong time and when I wasn’t stressing about it, it happened!  Thank you God!

After my Victory Group meeting, I almost flew back home because I had another meeting, this time with my BT@20: Going Neh-she-nuhl actors.  I hosted dinner, and then after the delicious meal (so they said), we went don to run through our lines for our short skit.  Though we were serious in practicing, we can’t help but laugh now and then.  I swear, BT@20: Going Neh-she-nuhl won’t disappoint (so I urge you readers, go buy your tickets now!!!)

So let’s cut to the chase–this is what I wore yesterday in accomplishing all those tasks:

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Fish and Penguin Galore at the Manila Ocean Park Part 3 (Review + Kwento)

Continued from Fish and Penguin Galore at the Manila Ocean Park Part 2 (Review + Kwento)

STOPOVERS: North Park and arcade beside the Penguin Talk Show Theater

It was past noon when we finished our Trails to Antarctica, so we first had lunch.  After a messy lunch (thanks to a hyper Raviv) at North Park, we started looking for the Penguin Talk Show Theater.  When we finally found it, we were told that it was already ongoing and that we would have to wait for 15 minutes before another show commences.  Good thing that beside the Penguin Talk Show Theater was an arcade.  Raviv rounded the cars there, much to the delight of his elder male companions–Tatay Randy and Lolo Edwin.

Toys for the Little and Big Boys!

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Fish and Penguin Galore at the Manila Ocean Park Part 2 (Review + Kwento)

continued from Fish Galore at the Manila Ocean Park Part 1 (Review + Kwento)

Second stop: Trails to Antarctica

The Trail to The Trails to Antarctica

I also enjoyed our “trails”.  I’ll let you in on a secret:  I’ve never stepped foot beyond the Philippines (I know, I know!  Don’t ask why), and it has been my childhood dream to go to a place with snow.

Before we actually entered the snowy section, we first went to see the penguins.

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Fish and Penguin Galore at the Manila Ocean Park Part 1 (Review + Kwento)

Remember when I said in one of my previous posts that there is going to be a second Raviv Day?  It happened on June 26–the day Raviv turned one and a half years old.

Since summer, Raviv has been obsessed with animals.  One of his obsessions is fish.  Thus, Randy and I decided to bring him to the Manila Ocean Park.  Coincidentally, my dad was vacationing at our place at that time.  So together with my dad and Yaya Isay, Randy and I brought Raviv to the Manila Ocean Park.

We were supposed to get one of the promos offered at Metro Deals; however, one can replace the vouchers with tickets only during Wednesdays, eh we were all set to go on a Tuesday.  Besides, we realized that the price difference between the Metro Deals activity bundles promos was not that big compared to the in-house promos of the Manila Ocean Park.

I chose to buy Package 1 of the Mid-year Big Bonus Promo (valid from June 16-Sept. 16, 2012 only), as I wanted a promo that includes both the Trails to Antarctica and the Oceanarium.

Manila Ocean Park Mid-year Bonus Promo (print screened)

So for Php700, the five of us (Raviv also had to pay in full 🙁  No discount for toddlers) got to go to the Oceanarium, Trails to Antarctica, and watch the Jellies Exhibit and the Penguin Talk Show.

Manila Ocean Park Promo Ticket

So how did each attraction fare?  Here are my thoughts:

First stop:  Oceanarium

Entrance to Oceanarium

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Wardrobe Diary #16: Black and White (July 16, 2012)

Helloooooo!  It’s been some time since I last posted my outfit (the last time was during summer!); my last two Wardrobe Diary entries were guest fashionistas features).

Anyway, here’s what I wore yesterday when Randy and I went to the Intellectual Property Office in Taguig for a mediation hearing.  This is in connection with the infringement case we filed against another review center that is based in **** City (secret muna–I’ll do a tell-all if they don’t settle) we caught them using the review materials that Randy (esp. Randy) and I authored.  Though I am tempted to vent, this is not a verbal diarrhea post, so let’s focus on what I wore in meeting the enemy (hehe).

July 16, 2012 Outfit of the Day

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Liham sa Taong Nagbigay sa Akin ng Kauna-unahan Kong Black Eye

Black eye

Bakit mo ito nagawa sa akin?  Dahil lamang hindi ko pinansin kagabi ang iyong paglalambing?  Hindi ba’t sinabi ko na sa iyo na ako’y may karamdaman?  Nilalagnat ako, inuubo at sinisipon.  Naisin ko mang yakapin ka rin, talagang hindi ko kaya dahil napakasama ng aking pakiramdam.  At dahil lamang hindi kita pinansin, nagawa mo nang hampasin ako gamit ang sarili ko pang cellphone. [Read more…]

Beauty, He-Man, Itsy, and Co.: The Ladagas’ Best Friends Part 2

  • Oversized “Beauty”:  Our Bull Mastiffs

I was not particularly fond of dobermanns because I prefer flat-faced canines.  True, I appreciate the elegance and intelligence of the doberman pinscher, but there’s something about flat-faced dogs that charm me.  Randy shares that sentiment as well, so we were very glad when we had bull mastiffs!

Our gentle giants: Gorilla (RIP) and Tabachingching

Bull mastiffs are gentle giants.  They look scary alright, but they are sluggish.  It’s just because of their looks that they make good guard dogs (and massive weight na rin.  But they do not hold a candle to dobes when it comes to guarding.  Dobes keep on pacing back and forth, making sure no stranger can enter their master’s fortress.  Still, our bull mastiffs, Gorilla and Taba, looked intimidating.  And when they get mad, oh my!  There was time when these two bull mastiffs ganged up on Vanguard, and Vanguard got beaten up (and was bit too).  Too bad though, because Gorilla passed away because of erlichia.  I was at a teaching stint in San Pablo when it happened.  Randy even kept that information from me (that Gorilla died) until I finished teaching, because he knew I’d be crestfallen.

I with Gorilla

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Beauty, He-Man, Itsy, and Co.: The Ladagas’ Best Friends Part 1

My post yesterday reminded me how important dogs are in our lives.  Before Raviv came along, our dogs were our babies.  Randy and I walked them in the afternoon, brought them to family and company outings, campaigned them in dog shows, and did several other activities with them.  Randy also met several of his friends because of dogs.  Since they were (and still are) a big part of us, let me introduce you to our most beloved dogs.  Some of them are still with us, and some of them are already in a better place.

  • Beauty the Pug

One of Randy’s first gifts to me is my pug, Beauty.  It is just a pity that Beauty has incontinence and that she almost cannot move her hind legs–she used to be inside our house, playing with anyone.  But because of her incontinence and the presence of babies, that’s no longer possible.  The early onset of her not being able to use her hind legs properly was probably brought about by a nasty fall she had in her younger days (she is now almost 10 years old)–see, she kept on running to the roof on the second floor of our building, feeling omniscient.  One time, it has just finished raining and the roof was slippery.  Upon hearing dogs barking outside our gate, she ran to the roof and slid to the cemented ground below.  Blag!  Randy said Beauty was immobile (I was out-of-town that time), and he thought the worst had happened.  He immediately brought Beauty to the vet and upon reaching the vet, Beauty was back to her usual malikot self.  Talk about tragedy becoming a comedy.

With Beauty when she was still a puppy

Beauty brought us so much joy, even though we think she’s either very stubborn or just plain stupid.  I remember a time when Beauty got lost.  I really thought it would be impossible to see her again.  While I was creating a missing dog ad, I was crying.  The following day, I rose very early and put up signs all over Los Banos.  And later that day, we were told that Beauty was just in our neighbor’s house.  Sheesh.

  • Randy’s Pride:  His Philippine Champion Doberman Pinschers [Read more…]