Beauty, He-Man, Itsy, and Co.: The Ladagas’ Best Friends Part 2

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  • Oversized “Beauty”:  Our Bull Mastiffs

I was not particularly fond of dobermanns because I prefer flat-faced canines.  True, I appreciate the elegance and intelligence of the doberman pinscher, but there’s something about flat-faced dogs that charm me.  Randy shares that sentiment as well, so we were very glad when we had bull mastiffs!

Our gentle giants: Gorilla (RIP) and Tabachingching

Bull mastiffs are gentle giants.  They look scary alright, but they are sluggish.  It’s just because of their looks that they make good guard dogs (and massive weight na rin.  But they do not hold a candle to dobes when it comes to guarding.  Dobes keep on pacing back and forth, making sure no stranger can enter their master’s fortress.  Still, our bull mastiffs, Gorilla and Taba, looked intimidating.  And when they get mad, oh my!  There was time when these two bull mastiffs ganged up on Vanguard, and Vanguard got beaten up (and was bit too).  Too bad though, because Gorilla passed away because of erlichia.  I was at a teaching stint in San Pablo when it happened.  Randy even kept that information from me (that Gorilla died) until I finished teaching, because he knew I’d be crestfallen.

I with Gorilla

  • Raviv’s BFF:  The Toy Poodle(s)

A very pregnant I with our toy poodles (this was taken a day before my labor day)

It was during my last trimester when Randy impulsively bought the poodles.  Yup, poodle”s” with an “s’.  Itsy (for Itsy Bitsy) had a sister that we named Teenie (for Teenie Weenie).  Unfortunately, Teenie died because she got bitten on the head by Vanguard–Vanguard was muching on a big bone, and then Teeny got a tad close to him, playing.  Vanguard probably thought Teeny intended to steal or share his bone, so he opened his mouth to let Teeny’s tiny head in.  One of Vanguard’s sharp teeth damaged Teeny’s fragile skull, and Teeny instantly died (Teenie was not even able to cry).   Actually, this wasn’t the first time Vanguard did this–he did the same thing to one of Beauty’s puppies, Whiskey the pug.  While his teeth did not cause any serious damage to Whiskey’s skull, Whiskey got so scared that his eye popped out of its socket.  It was a very pitiful sight.  We rushed Whiskey to the vet and his eye was placed back into the socket.  However, that eye got blind.  Lesson here: Be careful pa rin with dogs, especially with kids.  Do not disturb them when they are eating!  And that indeed,  robbers were right to keep off our premises!

I with Vanguard and the Poodles

I had no chance to get close to these poodles because of the timing: Randy got them at the time when bending was such a feat for me (and they were so tiny I really had to bend to touch them) .  Then Raviv was born.  But Raviv more than made up my lack of bond with Itsy, as you might have read from my previous post.


  • The New Blood of Guardian: Our German Shepherds

Before Raviv was born, our other dobermann Pepper died.  When Raviv was born, I was feeling very protective of him.  I bugged Randy to do more precautionary measures to ensure of safety from lowlives.  I said Vanguard (and our four houseboys) may not be enough to protect our home, because at that time, our other dogs aside from Vanguard were just the poodles and Beauty.  Ano namang aasahan namin sa mga ‘yun diba?  Sabi nga, baka i-welcome pa nila ang masasamang loob!  I told Randy to get more dobermanns (because in fairness, they’re really good guard dogs!)  However, Randy said he does not want a pet type dobe.  Being the owner of “the” He-Man and Vanguard, he does not want to own a mediocre-looking dog, especially now that his dobermann circle went on full force with buying imported, millions-worth dobermanns.  Since Randy thinks keeping up with the dobermann Joneses is too much (thank God!), he opted to get another breed of super guard dogs that he does not feel that passionate about:  German shepherds.

Raviv with his bodyguards: Vax and Zora the German Shepherds

Randy said Vax and Zora were a good deal.  I do not know how to judge a German shepherd’s looks, but Randy said they that Vax and Zora were blessed physically.  And yes, they are good guard dogs.


To the parents and kids out there feeling envious of our dogs, know this: aving dogs are pretty much like having babies: they provide happiness but they also come with a LOT of responsibilities.  I remember when I first got Beauty…I was imagining blissful walks with her, sleeping beside her…but I got the shock of my life on our first day together:  I was woken up by the putrid smell of her poo!  And that was just the beginning.  I did spend some sleepless nights because of Beauty’s cries, her wanting to go out, peeing, etc.  When she was a puppy, my apartment reeked alternately of dog poo-and-pee combo, and then Zonrox, and the dog poo-and-pee again, then Zonrox, and the cycle goes on.

Taking care of our dogs is actually one of the major responsibilities of our houseboys.  Feeding them, bathing them, cleaning our kennel, scheduling their free roaming schedule, taking them to the vet…these tasks are actually tedious and time-consuming.  So just like having a baby, having a dog should be well-thought of.

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