Fish and Penguin Galore at the Manila Ocean Park Part 2 (Review + Kwento)

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continued from Fish Galore at the Manila Ocean Park Part 1 (Review + Kwento)

Second stop: Trails to Antarctica

The Trail to The Trails to Antarctica

I also enjoyed our “trails”.  I’ll let you in on a secret:  I’ve never stepped foot beyond the Philippines (I know, I know!  Don’t ask why), and it has been my childhood dream to go to a place with snow.

Before we actually entered the snowy section, we first went to see the penguins.


By the way, the emperor penguins are not real.  What’s real are the small penguins.  They actually look like big ducks.  For an additional P500 (I think), two people can get inside a tube-like glass and feed the penguins.  Beside the penguin-arium was a TV set where Happy Feet was being shown.  There was a little girl watching, and my suave, debonair son made the moves…

Raviv: “Is the floor beside your seat taken?”

In fairness, pinansin naman siya ni little-but-I’m-sure-is-older girl after niyang magpa-cute (smile-smile, ingay-ingay, lakad-lakad sa harap ni girl).

Raviv: Yeeesss!!!

Honestly, if it were just the small penguins, I would feel I’ve been shortchanged.  Good thing that aside from the penguins and the Snow Village (which I’ll show you later), there were the labas-ulo-for-picture-taking figures:

The men of my life: Randy, Dad, and Karbee

and the Slide of Fun!

Hubby and I

About to experience the Slide of Fun

The Slide of Fun was fun indeed!  Too bad Raviv isn’t yet eligible to experience it (safety reasons).  Randy and I were the first ones to try it.  I was screaming the whole time, and just when I was about to have a cardiac arrest, tapos na!  Bitin!  I wanted to do it once more!  Because of my shouting, Yaya Isay and Dad wanted to pass, but I told them that they ought to!  Afterwards, they thanked me for pushing them to do so.

After our Slide of Fun adventure, we proceeded to the Snow Village.  We were told to wear coats, and were warned to avoid using our cameras inside as the frigid air may damage our gadgets.  Thus, I thought of posing in front of a picture depicting a snow village (since hindi pala pwede mag-picture-picture sa loob):

Fake ito. Our background is just a painting/picture.

And after the photo ops in front of the wall, we were let in.  Oh boy, was it coooold inside!!!  I was so tempted to use our camera but I was afraid it will be damaged…until a man also went inside and took photos of us.  I noticed that he was using an exactly the same camera as we brought!  Aba aba aba!  So I took out our camera and started shooting.

All were brrr!-ing, except for Raviv!

By the way, notice that Raviv was trying to remove his coat!  When he successfully did, we all expected him to start shivering.  Instead he lughed and wanted to roam around without the coat!  Samantalang ako, nanigas agad ang kamay ko when I was attempting to take photos!

And oh, by the way, our camera is still working fine.  I therefore conclude tinakot lang kami so we will buy the photos they took of us.

In conclusion, I think the Trails to Antarctica was well worth the money we paid.  While the “penguin-arium” and the Snow Village were both small, the other inclusive attractions made me give it a thumbs up.

Third and Fourth stops in the last installment, to be posted hopefully tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Finally.
    I’ve been wanting to know if toddlers are allowed on the slide. Hindi pala 🙁 Looks like we have to postpone ang trip to Trails to Antartica.

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hey Em! Oo, bawal sa slide. Ako ngang adult nagsisigaw eh, haha. Pero OK sa Snow Village. 🙂

  2. waaaah! i’ve been wanting to go there with Lucas! ipapakita ko kay Mike ito and tell him “see? see? nagpunta na sila dun!” i love penguins kasi hehe

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Maggie! Go! I’m sure Lucas is going to looooove it! Though you may want to wait for a while–a few months is a huge difference for babies/toddlers! Medyo mahal pa naman ang entrance. Just last December we went to a zoo in Davao City, deadma si Raviv! But now, naku, Randy is itching to bring Raviv to the Manila Zoo!

      Re: penguins, yun nga, small penguins lang. Randy said he wanted the big emperor penguins.

  3. It’s been years since I last went to Manila Ocean Park, ang dami na pala nagbago. Tapang ni Raviv sa lamig ha. Baka manginig ako. Heheh 🙂

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