Puppy Love

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Last summer when Yoona vacationed in Mindanao; Randy and I were busy; and there was no available driver to pasyal him, Raviv found himself a new best friend in Itsy, our female toy poodle.  Actually, he has been “friends” with Itsy even when he was very young.  In fact, I have a video of him as a four-month-old baby harut-ing (“nakikipagharutan”, hehe) with Itsy.  And then he grew up and got preoccupied with other things.  But last summer, Itsy and Raviv’s bond got tighter.  They just love each other–Itsy follows Raviv wherever he goes, and Raviv cries when Itsy leaves him.  Raviv even quickly learned how to call Itsy: he has learned to snap his fingers (no sound comes out of it though), bend his knees, and call out, “Tseee, tsee!”

Raviv ad his BFF, Itsy

Raviv even follows Itsy when Itsy goes under the table…balik sa gapang si Raviv just to be with Itsy (there was a time he stood up while he was under our dining table and BOOM!  Ang lakas ng untog, but he continued as if nothing happened).

Raviv “stooping down to Itsy’s level” to be closer to her  female)

Raviv visiting Itsy under the dining table

Raviv just loves hugging Itsy so much.  He does not like stuffed animals, but Itsy is one live stuffed animal he really loves!  He can sit still for a long time just hugging Itsy.


Raviv and Itsy also love kissing each other!  Good thing I read from Smart Parenting magazine that a dog’s saliva is practically harmless–that a human being’s saliva actually has the MOST bacteria.  We just make sure Itsy takes a bath very often.

…and kisses

Randy and I are very happy because Raviv loves animals.  Raviv is gentle with Itsy (poodles are very sensitive–they easily cower and easily get hurt), that’s why Itsy loves him.  Cousin Yoona, on the other hand, still does not know how to handle animals.  There was a time when Yoona pulled Itsy’s ear and kicked Itsy, perhaps out of gigil.  Because of those incidents, Itsy hides whenever Yoona is around.  But when it comes to Raviv, Itsy is a fan.  And we are fans of Raviv as well, seeing how he treats animals kindly, young as he is.

PS: And oh yeah, actually, this is not a puppy love!  That’s because Itsy is no longer a puppy.  She just looks like one, but she’s already a fully grown adult poodle. 🙂  When we see a chocolate brown male toy poodle, she might become a “woman” and then a “mommy dog”.

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  1. OMG! Raviv is just too cute! Nakakagigil silang dalawa ni Itsy 🙂

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