The Raviv Day

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On June 16, we celebrated the Raviv Day.  Nope, it was not Raviv’s birthday, but Randy was bent on making it all about Raviv–all about his having fun with us.  Randy and I were both feeling guilty that we were not able to spend much time with him last summer because our very heavy schedule, thus we wanted to make up for it.  We decided to bring him to Festival Mall in Alabang to let him play and buy him toys.  But before proceeding to Festival Mall, we had to drop by our lot in Greenfield City in Sta. Rosa because Randy had to meet our contractor-engineer.

Raviv visiting his future “realm”, hehe

Raviv inspecting his future “edifice” and making a punchlist, ;)

After the inspection

After visiting the construction site and eating at King Bee Chinese Restaurant (where Raviv enjoyed looking at the aquarium-ed sea creatures) , we proceeded to Festival Mall.

First stop was a train ride at the basement.  I accompanied Raviv on the train ride, and while we were moving, Randy was very diligent running after us, as in he was running like crazy in the mall just to make sure he gets our picture while on the train.

Nanay Dew and Raviv Festival Mall Train Ride

Afterwards, we went to the third floor.  First stop was at Tom’s World.

Tom’s World

Unfortunately, Tom’s World was not habitable for Raviv.  It was more suited for older kids.  Nag-holding hands lang sina Raviv at Tom, ‘yun na ‘yun.  So I led them to Pixie Forest which was not that far.

Pixie Forest Play Yard

Pixie Forest was way more suitable for toddlers.  Raviv rode some cars (those you insert tokens into and then something like an earthquake with a magnitude of 2 takes place), but he spent an ample time in the play yard.  This play yard was quite unique, as it had some features that we were not able to see in other play yards.  What I don’t like about it though is that going up to it was so difficult…para akong sumali sa Amazing Race, parang obstacle course na ng older kids.

Side kwento nga pala: While we were in the play yard, Raviv saw a ball and was trying to shoot it into a low ring.  Then an older kid got the ball from him.  Before I could react, Yaya Isay to the rescue na!  In a loud voice heard by everyone (including the older kid’s dad), she said, “Ay nangagaw!” with matching frowning expression.  Hehehe.  Time and again, I’ve seen how protective Yaya Isay is of Raviv, as in I am confident no one can touch my son with his Yaya Isay in tow.

After an hour or so at Pixie Forest, we went around the surrounding toy stores.  And that’s when Randy and I clashed.  Eto ha, Randy wanted to buy practically ALL the toys that Raviv picked!  Nakakaloka!!!  Of course kumontra ako, especially because I’ve just recently read Mars’ blog entry saying that she doesn’t want to buy her Lia new toys, as Em, Maqui, and Maggie were apparently advocating household stuff as toys so the kids get more creative.  And then ‘yung anak ko hindi magiging creative kasi ibinili ng maraming toys…worse baka maging spoiled brat pa!  I swear, Randy was willing to buy all the toys Raviv picked.  And when I was protesting, nilitanyahan ako ng para saan pa raw ‘yung mga pinagtrabahuhan namin nung summer, at kesyo mabait daw na bata si Raviv thus he deserves these things!  And the salespeople chimed in and said, “OK lang ‘yun Ma’am, si Sir naman po ang magbabayad.”  But I held my ground and was able to narrow down to just two toys (Note:  every time we go to the supermarket may uwi lagi si Raviv na at least two new toys, yun nga lang yung mga cheap-cheap lang.  But still, laging meron!  Almost every week!  While I’m buying our groceries, he and his Tatay are in the toy section.  Then when I see them bukas na yung toy, so I can no longer protest.  Honestly, I felt ambivalent:  while I was afraid my son might get spoiled, I also can’t help but feel warm inside that my husband is such a loving dad to our son!)

Toy 1: Basketball ring that makes cheering sounds when a ball touches its ream. Also emits light. (Pictures taken at home,when father and son were assembling it)

Toy 2: Car wheel with buttons that make different sounds and lights (Photo also taken at home when father and son were assembling it)

After buying the toys, we proceeded to some baby-toddler stores to look for other stuff for Raviv.  I saw cute bags that I wanted for him, and this time it was Randy who protested: “Ayaw ibili si Raviv ng mga gusto niya, tapos bibili ng mahal na bag na hindi naman gusto ng bata!  Makabili lang ng bag e!”  I know, I know, my husband had a point.  But still…hmpft. >:(  And then I saw these feeding sets from Little Tikes that were really cute!  One of them was designed like a turtle.  At that time, Raviv was obsessed with turtles (I guess because he was able to see a live one at Anvaya Cove).  So when I picked the turtle feeding set up and showed it to Raviv, Raviv immediately said, “Toi toi [turtle]!” and got it from me.  And that was enough to convince Randy.

Raviv’s “Toi-toi” Feeding Set

As if these were not enough, Raviv insisted we buy Raviv books.  So off we went to National Bookstore and again, Randy wanted to buy Raviv all the books the toddler wanted!  Mas na-inspire si Tatay when he saw Raviv sitting on the aisle, immovable and oblivious to the world, engrossed in turning the pages of books and looking at the contents of each page.  Again, I narrowed down the books.  While Randy kept on getting and getting, I kept on choosing which books to shove aside.  Still, we were able to buy plenty:

Raviv’s New Books

Since I did not buy myself anything (nor intended to), I channeled my apparel-buying addiction to my son:  I insisted we buy him a new pair of shoes.  And because it was technically for Raviv, my husband agreed and was even elated (sorry, I was not able to get pics of the shoes!)

After the shoes, we did some grocery at Shopwise and then off we went.  Raviv was so tired he was already sleeping while sitting on the grocery cart.  As soon as he woke up when we got home, he cuddled up to his Nong-nong Irvin [Ninong Irvin] and coaxed him into reading his new books to him.

Raviv being read to by his Nong-nong Irvin

Raviv being read to by a “Neh-she-nuhl” Champion…

…not just once, not just twice, but thrice!!! Swerte ka Raviv!

Then he and his Tatay excitedly opened the toys and assembled them (as shown in the photos above)…

Sharing toys and books with Cousin Yoona

…which of course, are more fun to play with, when shared with his cousin Yoona.

I think the Raviv Day was celebrated well.  Raviv had a blast, and so did we–seeing our son happy makes us happier a thousandfold.  Thus, we decided there has to be a Part 2 the following week. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But the better question is, kelan kaya ang Dewmaine Day?  ‘Yung tipong lahat ng designer bags [e.g. Balenciaga City (brown; regular sized), Marc Jacobs Stam (classic stam and any color  will do), and Chanel Classic Flap (large)] na damputin ko, Randy will happily buy (HAPPILY being the operative word) them for me?  At ‘pag kumontra ako, sasabihin niya rin, “Para saan pa ang pinagtrabahuhan ko kung hindi rin kita ibibili ng designer bags?  At ambait-bait mong wife so you deserve it them.”

Hihihi.  Just wooondeeeriiing aaaalouuuuud… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. He he Many fathers are like that, Dew. If they can, they will buy their kids the world ๐Ÿ™‚ pasukan mo na lang ng konting creativity si Raviv sa mga play time ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and incidentally, Lucas has the same basketball set. He likes it when the voice cheers when he “shoots” the balls ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You had me at “kelan kaya ang Dewmaine day”? ๐Ÿ™‚ Oo nga naman, you deserve it! Before you became a mother, you were a wife, and still is, of course. Kaya tama lng na ma-spoil ka ๐Ÿ™‚

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