Wardrobe Diary #22: Channeling Rachel Bilson (Aug. 18, 2012)

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Yesterday, I taught the BRAIN TRAIN High School Entrance Test Batch 3 reviewees for the first time.  Since I was to teach the Grammar Handbook for four hours straight (meaning, standing up the whole time!) plus another two hours in the afternoon, I opted to wear something comfortable–something that won’t require me to wear heels.  Enter my gorgeous maxi skirt!

In our living room after six hours of teaching

I could have paired this Aztec/Indian-print maxi skirt with a plain upper torso hugging blouse, but I did not have anything plain and short-sleeved that complements the skirt (my other figure-skimming plain, short-sleeved tops compete with the design of this “statement” skirt).  Thus, I opted to pair it with a spaghetti-strap cami with a high neckline.  I chose this cami because of the delicate lace that’s strewn with pale blue threads.  Since the top I was wearing was very simple and I decided not to wear any necklace, I went for chandelier earrings whose color combination is quite similar to my skirt (olive + blue-green).  I finished my look with a beaded flat pair of black sandals which, on hindsight, was competing with my statement skirt for attention.  Looking at my photos, I realize I should have worn simple thong sandals or flat doll shoes.

Mea culpa: I should have worn simple thong sandals!  And, before you say I have no waistline, lemme just say that this skirt and cami are loose.

  • Maxi skirt from Pois Italy
  • Unbranded white cami
  • Bejeweled black flat sandals from Mendrez
  • Chandelier earrings from me (yes, ako!  I made these earrings about 8 years ago!)


Tonight, as I googled maxi skirts, I saw this photo of stylish actress Rachel Bilson in an outfit similar to mine (I swear, I saw this just tonight) on fashionoftheyear.org:

 As I googled further, I realized that Rachel Bilson has a penchant for maxi skirts!

Image lifted from maccyy.blogspot.com

I don’t blame her, for I too absolutely love maxi skirts!  As I’ve said, they remove the need for me to wear heels.  Why?

  1. the part between the shin and the ankle will be hidden (which heels help make look slimmer)
  2. maxi skirts make not-so-tall girls look and feel tall (I don’t recommend maxi skirts to really petite girls because they might “swallow”/overwhelm the very petite wearer)


Me thinks (I know, I know, sinasadya ko) I’m going to invest on more maxi skirts!  And, as early as now, I’m warning you that this maxi skirt is most definitely going to do a comeback on this blog…of course, I’ll pair it with a different top and wear a simpler footwear.


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  1. Looking youthful as ever, Ma’am!:) You really do have the best taste for footwear po as well, hehe.

    • momsterteacher says:

      Hi Ria! Thank you for the encouraging words. However, I have to humble myself and say that I’m no “shoe expert”. I’ve long given up on fashionable shoes a long time ago, because of my profession (that is, teaching). I decided to choose comfort over fashion (but boy did I try to teach in high heels!). I console myself by buying fabulous bags.

      PS: Congrats on your blog! Welcome to WordPress!

  2. I’m investing on maxi skirts and dresses, too, but I have to work on my flabby tummy first before I could wear them 🙁
    Ikaw na! Ikaw na talaga, Mommy Dew! 🙂

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