UP Rural High School 2013 Passers

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Dear God, thank you so much another blessing!

The UP Rural High School Entrance Test results were released today!  For the information of all, the UP Rural High School Entrance Test results are a big deal here.  Every year, about two thousand six graders from Laguna and even Cavite and Batangas vie for 125 slots for incoming high school freshmen (now junior high 7th graders).

For the past years, students of our review center, BRAIN TRAIN, have always dominated the topnotchers’ and passers’ lists of the UP Rural High School.  And this year is no exception.

We haven’t filtered the passers’ list yet, but just at first glance, we immediately learned that we got 8 out of the 10 topnotchers.  Again, 8 out of 10, bey-beh!!!  Here are our gems:

UP Rural High Topnotchers from BRAIN TRAIN:

#1 Celestina Dianne Nicole Larona (Morning Star Montessori)
#3 Jethro Navasero (Christian School International)
#4 Justin Jay Del Mundo (Christian School International)
#5 Angelica Joy Camacho (Christian School International)
#6 Carlos Lowel Alvarez (Morning Star Montessori)
#7 Justin Christopher Paras (Maquiling School, Inc.)
#9 Kate Mary Ann Biscocho  (Greenville Academy)
#10 Eainna Faye Tagalog (Morning Star Montessori)

2013 UP Rural High Entrance Test Top 10 (There are 8 Brain Train reviewees on this lis

2013 UP Rural High Entrance Test Top 10 (There are 8 Brain Train reviewees on this list!!!)

Since the UPRHS Results aren’t yet available online, and I know so many parents are eager to check whether their children made it, I took pictures of the passers’ and topnotchers’ lists.  Pardon the images for I had to siksik with the other parents and students earlier.  I can’t exactly position myself well to take excellent photos.  Plus I was just using my mobile phone.  And plus I’m not a really good photographer.  Now enough with apologies, here’s are the photos of the list of the 2013 UP Rural High passers/qualifiers, topnotchers and waitlisted candidates:


Passers: Abasolo-Cortez

Passers: Ching - Larona

Passers: Ching – Larona

Passers: Leonor - Ramos

Passers: Leonor – Ramos

Passers:  Rayos - Visco

Passers: Rayos – Visco

Passers: Rayos - Visco

Passers: Rayos – Visco

Waitlisted Candidates: Rank 126-146

Waitlisted Candidates: Rank 126-146

Waitlisted: Rank 146 - 160

Waitlisted: Rank 146 – 160


Again, I’d like to thank God for giving us the grace to teach the students well.  Thank you Lord for honing me and my colleagues become the mentors that we are right now.

I’d also like to thank the parents who entrusted their children’s review with us, and the students who listened to us.

Kids, if you did not make it despite having done everything you can, please don’t be in despair because God just might have better plans for you 🙂  Although getting into UP Rural High is a step nearer to a great future, it is still just a step.

Remember what the Sorting Hat told Harry Potter?

You could be great, you know.  It’s all here in your head.  And Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, there’s no doubt about that.  No?

Harry went to Gryffindor and still he became great 🙂


UPDATE:  To God be the glory!!!  Aside from getting 8 out of 10 topnotchers, we also got 96 out of the 125 qualifiers, 27 out of the 35 waitlisted applicants!  That’s a total of 123 Brain Trainees making it to the Top 160!

For a list of the names of BRAIN TRAIN qualifiers, visit THIS LINK.

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