I Survived (and will continue to)!

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Hi everyone!  As of writing, I have a splitting headache.  And a terrible backache.  But I just miss having this one-sided conversation with you so much, so keber muna ang aches-aches. 😉 Plus I’m quite happy about my headache…bakit kamo?  Because it means I survived the day!!!  See, beginning yesterday I’ve been on USANA’s RESET™ weight-management program.  This means that for five days, I’ll only be drinking USANA shake proteins, fruits, and boiled vegetables sans ANY seasoning.  Kahit asin bawal.  My goolai!

nutrimeal USANA reset

I decided to take drastic measures because I’ve been talking about my balik alindog project for the longest time and yet nothing has happened.  Plus I binged during the holidays, and nada exercise.

Para akong patabaing baboy—I would eat and eat and eat even when I was full.  And then I would sleep or watch a movie.  Ganun.  Even when I knew I was bingeing and that my tummy was bulging, I would not stop eating.  And I was too lazy to at least exercise.  Grabe talaga!

Happy New Year from the finally(!!!) perfected leche flan by yours truly! #yum #medianoche #holidays

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When I analyzed why I was like that, I realized it was because I was in a gloomy mood.  Bakit kamo?  Probably because we just stayed at home during the long holiday break (read: I wasn’t able to go shopping.  Did not see any “beautiful things”, ‘di ba Zaira and Chrys?  Hehe).  And the only time we did, major palpak pa!

And then I learned that our church was suggesting that its members undergo a 5-day Prayer and Fasting to start the year right.  I’ve been with Victory Christian Fellowship for years now (and I am still a work in progress), but I’ve never attempted to fast.  If you’re close to me, you’ll know how huge my appetite is.  ‘Pag gutom ako at kainan na, walang poise-poise, lamon kung lamon talaga ako!  I eat like a construction worker, kahit naka-dainty outfit pa ako!  So deciding to fast was a huge deal for me.  Other devouts may criticize me for thinking of dieting when fasting (because weight loss should not really be the goal), but let’s put it this way:  I’d never be on USANA’s RESET™ weight-management program if not for the fact that our church is on fasting.  Isinabay ko na lang.  Anyway, I was told that there were different kinds of fasting:  liquid fasting, one meal a day only fasting, etc.  So mine would be like this.

I know this is not ideal and all, but I hope this would be a start.  This is a leap of faith. I am actually afraid to receive flak for this (for a start, that I’m “announcing” I’m on fasting like the hypocrites on Matthew 6:16).  I salute those who can fast with only water the whole day, but I know I haven’t reached that level yet.  Kasi ako, ito pa lang, hirap na hirap talaga, pramis!

Sa sobrang hirap, nakapag-cheat ako kahapon.  Waaaaaaah!  Super sayang ‘coz I was doing fine the whole day.  My day was planned so my mind will be off food.  Eto ha:

    • Woke up at 5:30.  Prayed and read our fasting manual
    • Worked out from 6:30-7:15 on the elliptical machine (while watching the Episode 12 of Pretty Little Liars…shocker!!!)
    • Accomplished so many things in the office from 8 – 12:30.  When I crave for something, I’d slap myself.  That was effective in shaking me up.
    • Was in the parlor from 1-3:30.  My diet “sponsor” (parang Alcoholics Anonymous lang ang peg, hehe) Regina Martinez suggested that I do something I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time.  And going to the parlor was on top of my mind.  Besides, Monday was my designated day off (I work hard on weekends, mind you).  Nagugutum-gutom ako nung mga panahong ‘yan, pero nawawala.  I was reading a back issue of Yes! Magazine in the parlor, and the topic was the Barrettos.  O ‘di ba?  And by the way, eto ang katas ng pagpapa-parlor ko:1525269_10202102068847528_1131769264_n
      and these “kulay swimming pool” nails:

2014-01-07 21.42.11

  • Continued working in the office from 4-6 and played with Raviv for a little while.  Took my mind off food kasi ang cute-cute ng anak ko.  Look:

Kalat fiend?!? This looks like a jib for Supermaaaaaaan!!! #superman #supermancostume

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

Yes, kelangan talaga may cape kahit naka-chinelas lang at nagwawalis ng bakuran. #ravivongbata #superman #supermancostume

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

Then at 6 p.m. I retired.  I thought I was safe.  Pero ano’ng sumalubong sa gutom na Dewmaine?!?  I want to say blueberry cheesecake, beluga caviar, or any other sosyal food.  But noooooo!!!  My kryptonite yesterday was dinuguan.  But not just any kind of dinuguan—yung meat na ginamit galing sa lechong baboyAno’ng laban ko dun ‘di ba?  So ‘yun, I cheated on Day 1. 🙁

But todayaaaay…well todaaaaay…so far so good.  I admit that I salivated upon remembering the dinuguan, buuuuut I only had protein shakes and fruits today.  I was on the road in Metro Manila almost the whole day with Dodong, taking care of some papers for our business permit.  Imagine n’yo ang paglalaway ko sa bawat billboard ng Rack’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc.  And I thought I was really gonna lose it when we went to Trinoma and I had to pass the food court many times.  Kumusta naman ‘di ba?  But I.  MADE.  IT!  And you know how?  Because I prayed every time I was craving.  I would utter a silent prayer—ask God for strength (to not give in to the cravings of my flesh), thank Him for my blessings, and plead that He answer my prayers.  Ayun!  Hindi na kinailangan ung sampal-sampal at chismis tungkol sa Barretto clan.  I guess that’s what was wrong about me yesterday—the “PRAYER” in my Prayer and Fasting was set aside.

I still have three more days…wala pa ako sa kalahati!  But I’m just really happy that today, I survived.  Kudos to my self-control, and of course to Him for giving me strength.  God, kaya natin ‘to di ba?

Guys, I gotta go now.  Talagang nagugutom na ako.  I have to drink water, pray and then sleep.  Walang gutum-gutom sa tulog.  At walang calories kung kumain man ako ng dinuguan at Rack’s ribs sa panaginip. 😉

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  1. funny! pero ang hirap talaga ng fasting if every now & then, nakakakita ka ng mga yummy food. 🙁

    you can do it, dew! push mo yan. 😉
    peachy recently posted..[CHRISTMAS TIME at the malls]My Profile

    • momsterteacher says:

      I know! Ang sakit nanaman ng ulo ko Peach! Pero hay. Sayang ung effort ko kahapon kung sisirain ko lang. Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂

  2. Nasa Trinoma ka lang pala sana inabot ko na lang regalo ni Ravivo sayo!

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