Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #19: Ze Birthday Boy (Dec. 26, 2013)

Happy New Year again everyone!  I just want to share with you how we celebrated Raviv’s REAL birthday.  As you may have read in a previous post, his birthday was also celebrated at school, s’yempre Spider-man ang theme.

But still, we wanted to do something on his ACTUAL birthday.  The day began with Raviv opening his birthday presents.

birthday and christmas gifts


Andaming gifts ‘no?!?  Nadagdagan pa ‘yan even after Christmas and New Year!  So to everyone who gave gifts—Raviv’s current and former classmates and teacher (Shinee Park, Sydney Bucannon, Anna Setiyono, Mico Cuenco, Gab Lapina, Inigo Vega, Constanza Oliva, Joy Sison, Kylie Ariate, Giada Legaspi, Teacher Liezel); my and Randy’s friends & Raviv’s godparents (Chug-chug Katimbang, Tita Mitch Bincolado & Tita Cha Reyes, Sugar & Koco Blanco, Nonong Irvin Domingo, Ninang Chrys Collado); to Raviv yayas and angels (Yaya Isay, Yaya Gigi, Ate Kalona & Ate Jina) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  You really made Raviv happy!  Whatever your gift was—from books to toy cars to pillows to clothes to footwear to Spider-man toys—you all made Raviv very happy!  He actually got lotsa Spider-man action figures; nevertheless, he still loves each and every one of them!  He still gets excited whenever he gets a one!


PC260037  On behalf of Raviv, THANK YOU ALL!!!

And then we set off to Tagaytay.  Here’s Raviv on his birthday (s’yempre hindiyung jammies at sandong nabili sa Divisoria at Greenhills ang outfit ni Raviv na ififeature ko dabah?)


PC260177 PC260075

  • Footwear: Florsheim Kids
  • Skinny denim jeans: Rustan’s Jr.
  • Checkered polo: Garfield
  • Inner green shirt: Avirex
  • Houndstooth print fedora hat: SM Dept. Store

But before leaving, we made Raviv blow his Spider-man birthday cake at our garden:

PC260048 Of course, we joined him in spinning webs. :)

The main destination in Tagaytay was supposed to be—you guessed it right—Sky Ranch!  Just like thousands of the tourists in Tagaytay this holiday season.  When we got there, there was a long queue of vehicles patiently waiting to get in the vicinity.  This was, of course, a major turn off.  Randy chickened out and asked me to suggest where we could go instead.  That proved to be challenging because this year alone (excluding this one), we’ve gone to Tagaytay thrice (I, four times), and pasyal kung pasyal ang ginawa namin.  I had no choice but to suggest The Puzzle Mansion, for I was on a Nuffnang event san any of them when I went there.

I initially thought it would bore Raviv out of his witsI mean hello, we were in a museum!  But I was wrong because there were plenty of finished puzzles Spider-man and other superheroes.  Alam n’yo naman si Raviv, kahit microscopic na Spider-man thingie lang buhay na buhay na.


inside the puzzle mansion in tagaytay

Randy and Raviv Ladaga Aminin n’yo:  Ang gwapo ng mag-ama ko ‘no? 😉

We also got Raviv Spider-man puzzles at the souvenir shop, pandagdag sa birthday presents.

2013-12-26 12.53.06

The woman behind this amazing museum even helped us pick for Raviv:

puzzles for sale at the puzzle mansion

And here we were with her:

gina gil lacuna puzzle mansion tagaytay city

If you want to know more about The Puzzle Mansion and Ms. Gina Gil-Lacuna, READ THIS.

When we drove off The Puzzle Mansion, we saw the loooooong line of vehicles going back South.  Uh-oh!  So we had no choice but to move North.  So our next stop was:  Sonya’s Garden.  Randy pondered about having lunch there, but backed out when we saw that the set meal which cost about P800/head was not exactly carnivore-friendly.  I loved Sonya’s fresh salads and all but I’m sure our angels (seven of them) would have felt like goats.  Or cattlehindi masusulit ang P800/head!  So we ended up buying super delicious breads from their bakery.

Here are some snapshots:

PC260113 Raviv and our angels, sans Alona

grandmother and grandson playingRaviv and his paternal grandma, my MIL

PC260120_thumb.jpgThe three of us

Afterwards we took the long route to avoid the congested traffic.  I don’t know exactly what route that was, but I remember we passed by Indang and then Dasma.

And because palpak ang Sky Ranch, we had to stop by this “theme park”, at kumustahin ang best friends niya?

spiderman statue

If you’re wondering where this waspagawaan lang ito ng statues sa may Calamba.  Everytime we pass by this area with Raviv, tinuturo koyung wall sa opposite side, at magtataka siya bakit ko tinuturoyung wala namang kalatuylatoy na wall using my super animated voice.  Kasi ‘pag nakikita n’ya ‘to, patay na.  Kelangan bumaba siya at magbigay pugay sa friends niyang superheroes.

Alona:  Ma’am, bilhin na lang kasi natin itong mga ‘to!

Me:  Ang laki-laki ng mga ‘yan!

Alona:  Yaan mo na!  Gift natin kay Raviv!

Me, talking to the owner:  Magkano po ba ang isa?

Owner:  Twenty thousand po!

Alona:  Ay nye ang mahal pala!

At dahil na-realize ni Alona na hindi namin maiuuwi…sinamantala na niya si Hulk:


LOL!  Buka bibig at taas paa pa ‘yan ha!

And when we reached LB, we decided to have another stopover—the Christmas decors at UP!

Me:  Babe ngayon na rin tayo punta na rin tayo sa UP.

Randy:  Hindi ka pa pagod?

Me:  Pag kasi ibang araw na tatamarin nanaman tayo.  At least ngayon bihis pa tayo for picture-taking.

Alona:  Oo nga Sir!  Ngayon na lang kasi maganda porma namin!

Randy:  O sige na nga.  Tawagan ko lang si Jonathan (office manager) sabihin ko ‘wag munang umalis.

Alona:  Ay anong oras na ba Sir?

Randy: Mga 5:30 na

Alona: AYYYYY!!!  Uwi na lang pala.

Me:  Bakit?!?

Alona, in a small voice:  E hindi ko na maaabutan ang Anna Liza!

Walanjo!  But still we pushed through with our picture-taking at UP.

family at nativity

PC260199 2013-12-26 18.19.32


PC260185 PC260206

PC260201 Ansaveh ng mga poses ko sa mga posing ng angels namin?!?

It was a very simple—and even palpak—celebration!  So what did we receive from Raviv?  This:

happy toddler

It was his birthday but it was he who was giving us the gift of sheer joy!  As I’ve said, Raviv was God’s Christmas gift to us, and Raviv just makes every day feel like Christmas. 😉

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