Happy Father’s Day, Tatay Randy!

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One of my worst fears is Randy’s early demise from this world.  We have been together for more than a decade, and since then we have almost never parted.  I just know I’d be a basket case if I were to lose him.  But you know what my greater fear is?  It’s that Raviv would lose him.  Just thinking about it makes me want to bawl.

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Raviv loves his Tatay so, so, so much.  And with a good reason.  Everyone who sees Randy with Raviv is always in awe.  The strict, workaholic businessman would “squander” his precious time learning the names of the aliens in Ben 10, just so his son would know what to shout when Raviv slaps his Ben 10 watch.  My Tita, upon seeing Randy with Raviv, even quipped (in her Tiaong-in accentWinking smile ): “Ay grabe si Randy ano?  A-a.  Bilib na bilib ako sa tiyaga sa pag-aalaga at pag-e-explain kay Raviv.  Kainaman ang galing sa bata!”

Love this picture I took of my family this afternoon. Ü #dogwalk # bullmastiff #bullmastiffs #fatherandsob #familybonding

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Last summer, I remember phoning Randy (who was to sleep in our place in Sta. Rosa while Raviv and I were in Los Banos).  Before saying goodbye, Raviv wanted to talk to Randy.  Of course, Raviv said nonsense things.  And then they said goodbye.  Less than 30 seconds after hanging up, Raviv said he wanted to talk to his Tatay again.  So we called him again.  Then came the nonsense  conversation.  Randy gently told Raviv he has to hang up because he was busy.  They said their goodbyes.  And then Raviv insisted on calling Randy again.  Same nonsense talk, then goodbye.  Then Raviv called again, they talked about the same nonsense things, and then goodbye.  This cycle was repeated for at least six times.  At one point, I was telling Raviv to stop because his Tatay was busy and might get mad at him for disturbing his Tatay.  But Randy interrupted what I was saying and told Raviv, “No Raviv, I’ll never get angry at you for wanting to talk to me.”  Randy was in loudspeaker then, and Yaya Gigi was listening.  Gigi was blown away by what she heard and said, “Ah grabe talaga ang pag-love ni Sir kay Raviv Ma’am, no?”  Summer is always a very busy time for us, especially for Randy who not only teaches but manages everything in between.

Raviv with his "spoiler" Tatay.

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So I can’t really blame Raviv with what he said a few days ago.  See, I was in so much stress the past week.  One day last week, I just really burst and expressed my anger and frustration.  I was talking to Randy in a loud and strained voice, and well, blaming him about some things.  Randy probably sensed that I just needed to erupt, so just listened to me.  And then Raviv interrupted.

Raviv:  Nanay, inaaway mo ba si Tatay?

I kept quiet.

Raviv:  Nanay, bakit ka mad kay Tatay?

I kept quiet pa rin.

Raviv:  Nanay ‘wag mong awayin si Tatay ha?  Wag kang mad sa kanya.  Good ang Tatay ko!  ‘Wag mo siyang awayin.

Ah, the perks of marrying a handsome man: 1. You're happy to show him off 2. Your son is also handsome #happywife

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Thinking about Raviv’s unconditional for his Tatay, who also gives him unconditional love, makes my heart swell with so much joy and pride, that there isn’t room for even a tinge of jealousy.

Greetings from my outdoor-sy boys! #fatherandson

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Babe, deserve na deserve mo ang pagmamahal ni Raviv.  They say there’s no perfect father, but I honestly think you are.  You always find time for Raviv, you’re a good example to him, you work hard for your family, you’re very thoughtfuland you always, always prioritize us. I don’t think I could ever love a man after you, because no one could measure up to your greatness as Raviv’s Tatay.

This Father’s Day, I pray for your good health, Sweetheart.  Thank you because you are disciplined enough to wake up early in the morning to exercise and to just eat oat bran in the morning (and because of that, you are not fat.  I like that.  I do not want to be married to a losyang man 😉 ).  But aside from that, please do not stress about the littlest things.  I know that your being a perfectionist that brought you success.  But you have already achieved so much—it’s time you enjoy life.  A long life with us—your family.  Every time you feel like entertaining negative thoughts, remember the sight of this cute, adorable little boy who means the world to you:

as you can see, you also mean the world to him.  You know he bawled like that just because you did not pick up your phone when he was calling you.  How much more if something were to happen to you,di ba?


Happy Father’s Day, Sweetheart!  Raviv and I love you so, so, so much!

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  1. Nonong Irvs says:

    Dew, pwede bang maging anak niyo na lang din?

    What a moving post! This is definitely one of my favorites

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