Summer Post Script Part 1: Changes

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My Haggard-ous Versoza-ish summer has finally come to a halt.


Now, I can have this one-sided conversation with you again…, I’m sooooo back!  A lot, as in a LOOOOT of things happened during the summer.  But I was too busy troubleshooting them, or taking a break because of them, that I really had no time to write about them.  But since I want to immortalize them, I’m summarizing the significant things that happened to me during the last two months.  Also, the lessons I have learned this summer.

For this first post, I am going to have countdown of the changes that occurred.  While we know that “There is nothing permanent except change.” (Heraclitus), the summer that passed brought significant events that impacted our lives in a major way, or made me rethink several things.  Here they are:

5. I had hyperacidity!  And the pain it brought was no joke.

That’s why the sight of chocolates and too salty foods repulse me now. I used to think that people who squint their faces because of hyperacidity were just being OA.  Now I know better.  My hyperacidity rendered me absent for two days during the review.  Imagine that!  I will (try to..hehe) blog about hyperacidity more in depth-ly.  But to summarize, stress and bad diet are the major culprits.  Aaaand, watermelon saved me (thanks Tita Tess Dia-Melo for the advice!)

4. Raviv gained weight.

A loot of weight.  You want proof?  Here:

This was Raviv in March:

2014-03-30 09.59.55

Here he was in May:

photo (8)Dibaaaa?!?!

Not enough proof?  Well, less than a month ago I bought him clothes at Uniqlo (my new favorite store for Randy and Raviv!!!).  I knew he has become fatter, so I consulted our driver Dodong which size to buy.  His estimate was the same as mine, although I still had some doubts.

2014-05-27 20.22.13

But still, I got the size that Dodong and I thought was enough for Raviv.  But then…

2014-05-27 20.17.292014-05-27 20.19.56

2014-05-27 20.20.102014-05-27 20.20.14

Try as we may, the two pairs of pants did not fit.  Waaaah!

I dunno why or how he gained that mich weight quickly, but it may be because:

a. He stopped going to school.
b. He very rarely goes out of our bedroom because it’s too freaking hot outside.  Ergo, his activities are just watching TV or playing with the iPad.
c. His Yaya Gigi overfed him.

Whatever the reason is, I’m trying to control Raviv’s weight now.  Randy has forbidden me to do so, because he thinks Raviv is sooo cute right now.  I agree that Raviv may be cuter now that he’s “chubbier”, but according to

Overweight and obese children are at a greater risk of developing serious health problems such as:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • bone and joint problems
  • asthma
  • restless or disordered sleep patterns
  • liver and gall bladder disease
  • depression and low self-esteem


Childhood obesity doesn’t always lead to obesity in adulthood, but it does raise the risks dramatically.  The majority of children who are overweight at any time during the preschool or elementary school are still overweight as they enter their teens.  Most kids do not outgrow the problem.

So I better start acting now, right?  It’s not that I’m depriving Raviv of delicious foods—I’m just trying to add more fruits and veggies and meat, while minimizing junk food and sweets (which is often the cause of my and Randy’s debates: Randy would say, “Kelan mo papakainin ng masasarap?  ‘Pag matanda na at bawal na?  And I would say, “At least tumanda!  Hindi maagang namamatay!”)

3. Raviv is no longer Peter Parker—he is now Ben Tennyson a.k.a. Ben 10.

And as proof of how busy we were last summer, I didn’t know how that happened.  Basta na lang one day nung umuwi ako, ayaw na n’ya kay Peter Parker at si Ben 10 na raw siya!  Everyone who knows how obsessed he is with Spider-man was shocked.

Remember these moments?

Waley na ‘yang mgayan!  These are what’s uso with Raviv now:

2014-06-05 18.08.01

2014-06-05 18.07.41Yes, watch collector na si Raviv!  Hahaha!

I never thought this day would come when I would actually push Raviv to liking Spider-man.  Not too long ago I was so exasperated that Raviv wants to wear nothing but his Spider-man costume.

Raviv's big problem. #adik #spidermanaddict #spidermancostume #spiderman

A video posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

But now that all he wants to do is slap his watches and shout (in a modulated and husky and rough voice): “Huuuuu-mongousssaur!!!”, I actually feel for Spider-man.  Naaawa ako.  I feel like pinagtaksilan ni Raviv si Peter Parker.  I want him to return to Peter Parker.  Aaand, call me judgmental but I find Ben 10 baduy.  I dunno why.  Maybe it’s because, yun nga, I feel betrayed for Peter Parker (I have a feeling I will be like this when it comes to Raviv’s girlfriends.  Masusuka ako sa obssesion niya sa first girlfriend n’ya, and if he dumps her and gets a new girl, I’ll miss the girl terribly and make him return to the former.  Hehe)   That’s why even though our summer was very hectic, I coerced Randy one Sunday for us to go to Bonifacio High Street to watch Spider-man in 4D.

2014-05-18 13.00.19

After hours of travel, nyek, palpak!  First, Raviv was too young to watch in 4D; second, tickets were sold out.  So we proceeded to SM Aura.  3D na langPalpak again: first, no Spider-man movie was available in 3D—2D na lang!   Second, tickets were still sold out.  This was despite the fact that Spider-man was already in its 3rd week!

All we could do was take photos in front of Spider-man posters.  Sigh!

2. Yaya Isay and Kuya Dodong already have a baby!

Yes, these past months Yaya Isay was pregnant all along.  I’ve planned to post about it before but I keep on forgetting.  Here’s their baby together with Ravivo:

She (the baby) was born while in the midst of the busy summer.  So for some time, Dodong was sleepless!  I would force him to sleep because he drove for us.  He would say he was OK, but I would tell him it was not OK for me because I didn’t want our lives endangered.  The baby’s name is Bethany.  Sosyaldi ba?  However, I am trying to convince Dodong and Isay to change the name, especially because they have not registered her yet anyway.  Bakit kamo?  Because Dodong can’t pronounce “Bethany” properly!  He would say something like, “Bitani”.  LOL.  Sayang ang magandang pangalan.  Sabi ko “Ana” na lang para no problemo when it comes to pronunciation. Winking smile

PS: Why do I feel like Dodong and Yaya Isay are Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati with this news?  And this blog is like It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez?  Hehe

1. Alona is leaving left us.  Crying face

Just yesterday.  It was so sad.  Although I knew all along that the time when she would build her own life—alone—would eventually come, I kept on hoping against hope that it will never come.  I know in my heart that I wanted her to be successful and to finally reap the rewards of her diligence, humility, and hard work; yet at the back of my mind, my selfish side also wished she would break up with Peter (hehe) so she need not want to get married and have a child with Peter.  Because I know that means she’d leave us.

I do not want her to leave not just because I know very well how difficult it is to get good helpers—I can actually make a book of helper horror stories!  It’s more than thatit’s because with Alona’s leaving, I will be losing a friend.

Alona started working for Randy since a year or so before we tied the knot.  We have sooooo many memories together. From altering my wedding gown to debating how to discipline her daughter to cooking and baking to ukay-ukay and Divisoria shopping to ganging up against Thea’s real father (who knocked her up, left her when she was five months pregnant, and went MIA until Thea was already 7 years old and Alona was doing fine).  She was so much more than a helper/cook-turned-office staff.  Though she knew I treated her more than a helper, she always respected me and even spoiled me rotten.  We have our tampuhan moments when neither of us would talk.  But not for long—because after a while we would gossip about something or laugh about something.  She was, is, and will always be a friend.  A friend who spoiled me rotten—who understood and tolerated my mood swings and even empathized with the monster I’ve become during my first trimester.

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, 2008. Alona has just started working for us.  Super dark and thin pa!

kal3Tagaytay Highlands, 2009.  My hair was short and Alona was still slim.

Baguio City, 2011.  We made Alona’s ardent dream come true:  we brought her to her dream destination, Baguio City!

kal8Anvaya Cove, 2012.  Alona wearing the wide-brimmed orange hat

kal6Zoobic Safari, 2012.  I with Raviv; Alona with Thea

UP Los Banos Nativity, 2012.

Clark Hot Air Balloon Fest, 2013

kal9Alona’s 30th birthday celebration

  I will really, really, really miss her.

Home, June 2014.  A few hours before Alona left.

Part Deux, soon!

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  1. Wow dami nangyari! But I better get some Ben10 stuff now for Ravivo. It’s not so hot anymore so maybe he could play outdoors para pumayat-payat siya. Ako rin eh ayoko bawasan yung pagkain niya, he seems so happy eating. More outdoor activities and more play dates na lang! 😀

    • momsterteacher says:

      Dami talaga Ninang Light! I’m not losing hope–baka mapabalik natin sa Spider-man. Yes, every afternoon lumalabas na siya.

      Visit us when we go to Soho Central 😉

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