Prevent Diaper Rash—Use the Right Products!


Diaper rashes will develop unless you know how to prevent it from happening to your child. Read on.

Changing your baby’s diaper and finding a sore bum right there is never a happy sight. If your baby’s bottom looks red and irritated, most likely a diaper rash has developed.

Diaper rashes may range from a few prickly red spots in one area to tender bumps that spread from the bum to the thighs, one of the main culprits of which is a faulty disposable diaper.

Keep Diaper Rash at Bay with the Right Skin Protection - Baby|

What causes diaper rash?

Here are some of the common causes of diaper rash and ways to help prevent them:


1. Chafing

Babies have ultra-sensitive skin which can develop marks and sores when it comes in contact with harsh materials. The same goes for the skin on their bums! Your baby’s rashes may be caused by the diaper rubbing against his skin.
Prevent It: It is important to note that not all diapers are made from the same quality of materials. Check the diaper: Is it rough to the touch? Does it feel like it can chafe the skin? If so, then most likely it is not suitable for your baby. It is best to use a top quality diaper made of breathable, soft fabric which can protect baby’s sensitive skin and one that has an adjustable fit to keep baby comfortable.


2. Wetness

Prolonged exposure of your baby’s bottom to wetness can cause irritation, redness, and eventually soreness.
Prevent It: It’s important that baby’s diaper is able to absorb and lock in wetness to keep him dry, even all through the night. In addition, you can help soothe the pain caused by diaper rash with petroleum jelly as it serves as a moisturizing blanket to reduce irritation.


3. Infection

Bacteria and yeast are nurtured in warm and moist environments – just like your baby’s diaper area! If your baby’s diaper is unable to absorb pee and poo quickly, your baby’s bum can develop an infection and cause painful rashes, especially in the cracks and folds of his skin.
Prevent It: Using a diaper that has lotion on its top sheet keeps baby’s bottom moisturized, protects it against skin irritations and can help prevent skin infections.

While diaper rashes are common among infants, the best way to help avoid them is by using a good quality disposable diaper – such as Pampers Active Baby.  It was awarded as the Best Disposable Diaper in Smart Parenting’s Best for Baby Awards 2014 and has bested other disposable diapers in:

Dryness – able to absorb wetness up to 12 hours, ensuring that baby stays dry even through the night.

Absorption – absorbs pee quickly, thus protecting baby’s skin from irritation and possible infections caused by exposure to wetness.

Softness – a soft, cotton-like cover helps prevent skin irritations caused by friction, contributing to baby’s overall comfort and wellness.

Comfortable Fit – provides a comfortable fit and has soft stretch waist and sides that adjust to baby’s every move.

Skin Protection – has hypoallergenic lotion on its top sheet which helps keep baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Keep Diaper Rash at Bay with the Right Skin Protection - Baby|

 In case an infection does occur, it’s best to still consult your derma-pedia as she will know best on how to treat and prevent a diaper rash from worsening.  
To know more about Pampers Active Baby’s 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website: 


Happy New Hair: My Keratin Treatment aka Brazilian Blowout aka Permanent Blowdry Experience

Hello hello hello hello!!!  My two weeks’ worth of chika are already jiggling with excitement as I type away!  I’m very sorry for being MIA for a long time. I know I’ve given this excuse many times in the past, but I swear I’m so busy that Randy is even frowning upon the fact that I’m squeezing this blogging in.

But how can I not blog?  Last week I got this really touching comment on my two-week old “latest” blog entry:

‘Di ba?  Denise, thank you so much for this very sweet message!  I truly, truly appreciate this!

Anyway, as Denise has alluded–happy new hair to me!  Yes, after almost three years, I’m straight again!

When my curls (digipermed in October 2013) have started getting really loose and the ends of my hair got really dry, I started hating my hair and knew pruning time was inevitable.  At first, my friends told me to renew my digiperm.  But I was tired of it.  I wanted to sport a bob to get rid of the remaining curls.

To convince my friends to support my quest to have a more modern and stylish hair, I actually pestered the salesladies of Metro Gaisano at ATC to put a wig on me:

 Chrys:  Dewmaine para kang si Katie Holmes, ang ganda…

After a few seconds…

Chrys:  Ay Dewmaine para ka rin palang si Charice nung paunti-unti na syang nag-a-out…Zaira tumabi ka kay Dewmaine, dali!  Tapos Dewmaine mag-pose ka nang parang ‘yung mga nakakunot parang si Charice…

Chrys:  Ayaaaan perfect!  Kayo na si Charice at Mommy Racquel!

Guys, ganyan talagang kaibigan si Chrysanthemum Collado! #SanayNaKami

Our peg.  Photo from Inquirer

Anyway, I actually sported a bob  five years ago.  And people told me I looked great. ;)  Lookie lookie:

Moi, 6 years ago sporting short hair with my student’s cute sister

In fairness, I think I looked fresh and young sporting that bob.  However, I’m a wash-and-wear girl when it comes to hair—as in I’m very lazy and terrible when it comes to fixing my hair (digiperms and stick straight hair give me that luxury).  And the hair in the photo above took me ten minutes to achieve, and I had to use a blower!  My hair tends to flyaway when short.  And I’m not willing to spend 10 minutes on my hair every day, thank you very much.

But my hopes went up when I heard about the Keratin Treatment aka Brazilian Blowout aka Permanent Blowdry.  When Randy went to Obagi at ATC for his checkup, I scoured the nearby beauty parlors and asked about Keratin Treatment aka Brazilian Blowout aka Permanent Blowdry.  I was told it does not straighten like rebonding but that it does remove the frizz.  I showed the hairstylists the hairstyles I’d like to achieve: [Read more…]

My New Year’s Goals Based on Marian Rivera’ s Instagram

In case you wanna know, I’m not Marian’s fan.  I know that for the second consecutive post, I’m mentioning her.  But I’m not really a fan—more of someone who wanted to hate her because I envied her, but then little by little the hatred became admiration.  Pero parang sa definition na ‘yan, fan nga ako.  Ahehehe.  Sige na nga, fan na kung fan.

So what flipped the coin?  Because I followed her on Instagram.  When I started to follow her, I still hated her for many things: for “stealing” Dingdong Dantes, for being beautiful, and for being popular despite her numerous grammatical errors and mispronunciations.  But I’m like that—I stalk the people I would love to hate (aminin n’yo, may pagkaganyan din kayo) more than the people I like.

marian rivera instagram

And wouldn’t you know it, I just found myself Like-ing her photos and rooting for her happiness.  I also learned several valuable things in life based on looking at her photos and Googling her.

So for 2015, some of my goals are actually things that took shape in my mind while I was mindlessly checking her photos on IG.

    1. Spend more time with—and be proud of—my family.  One of the first things I really admired about Marian is how much she values her family.  This is really admirable because everyone almost always wants to post photos that show how cool they are—that they hobnob with other sikat people at “in” places.  Only rarely do they post photos of their relatives.  And those who do, they do so because their family members (no matter how distant) are sikat or alta or good-looking.  But not Marian.  Even though her folks are not sikat or pasosyal, she would often—and proudly—post pictures of her Mama and Lola.  She also takes time to spend quality time with them often.  And the captions she puts—you could really feel how much she respects and loves the two women in her life.marian lola mommy

      marian rivera mama amalia lola
      cfc (431) I’m glad I made Motherhood’s 60th Birthday extra special…and Dad, sige na nga, hindi na kita pipiliting mag-sunblock for the sake na pumuti ka na rin!

    2. Invest my time and love to real friends.  Aminin natin—we want to be friends with the cool people, ‘di ba?  I am ashamed to admit that for a time, I may have spent an ample amount of time trying to be close to the “in” and “cool” people.  If I were in showbiz, I’d most definitely have wanted to be a part of the “It” Girls clique whose faces and gyrating bodies in bars are splashed all over Instagram, with captions that champion how it feels so good to be wasted, to be drunk, etc.  Even at a “local scale”, I’ve longed to be friends with the “in” people, never mind that I would hear petty fights among them (I might even have actually craved that drama in my life).  But Marian really isn’t into Tupperware parties like that.  She’s best friends with Ana Feleo (Ana Who? Yes, yan din ang naisip ko when she posted a photo of Ana) and Roxanne Barcelo (Hmmm, parang familiar ang name pero parang hindi).  At first I thought that made her a loser—not being friends with the “It” Girls or showbiz royalties or society girls—but later I realized that I’d rather have low profile friends who sincerely love me, rather than the most popular yet superficial friends…friends who declare their love for one another during a drunken stupor at a club, and then backstab you over coffee.  Or friends who stick together because they have to be together to be the “It” Clique and need to think of ways to be relevant.  In short, gamitan friends.  That’s tiring.  But with true friends, every minute is just pure bliss.

      marian roxanne ana feleo                Ana Feleo, Marian Rivera, and Roxanne Barcelo

      10502474_10152772262279230_2364697936669915371_n Local Ana Feleo, Marian Rivera, and Roxanne Barcelo…hahaha!  (Zai and Chrys, 
      pagbigyan n’yo na ako na ako si Marian…ako asa gitna eh!)

      I know this semi-celebrity who’s part of the most popular clique in her niche.  On social media, she and her co-members would post their photos together, commenting how they love or miss each other.  She would almost ignore the “less popular” ladies in the same niche, Like-ing their photos rarely and not bothering to reply to their comments.  Then on the most important day in her “career”, surprise, surprise:  none from her popular clique came.  Those who came and even helped with the preparations are those “less popular” ladies she almost ignores.

      I love you guys!  We’ve been through so much!  Missing you, Pau and Pong!

      This year, I will no longer waste time making people (friends and even relatives) who ignore me and my invitations feel like VIPs in my life.  That way, I’ll no longer feel bad to be “Seen”-zoned (as in they saw your message on Facebook but did not dignify it with a reply).  I will just focus on making those who truly treasure me feel treasured as well.

    3. Don’t air dirty laundry to the apathetic-to-your-plight-anyway or chismis-starved public.  How many times has Marian’s name been dragged in controversies?  And how many times has there been news that Dingdong was pursuing other women daw?  Answer to both questions is, MANY TIMES.  But have we seen Marian do a tell-all interview, feeding the chismis-hungry populace with ways to exonerate herself from being painted as the consummate palengkera or palaaway?  And on Instagram where bashers abound, does she waste her time acknowledging rude posts or comments carefully crafted to hurt her or elicit a response from her that would make the basher feel “important”?  I don’t remember her being this…luffa (that’s English for the vegetable “patola”, everyone Winking smile).  Although I very rarely post any negativity on my Facebook wall, it still makes me realize all the more that there are things better kept to yourself.  Especially those involving the people very dear to you.  Imagine if she told the world Dingdong’s shortcomings as a boyfriend, ‘di ba?  And just ignore people who say nasty things about you.  Like I said, they celebrate when they feel they have annoyed you…they feel that finally, they exist.
    4. Be yourself.  So she’s not good in English.  And the captions of her photos aren’t even witty.  That used to be a big deal for me, honestly.  But I respected Marian because she is not trying hard to sound sosyal.  She posts in Tagalog and speaks in Tagalog, but you can feel her sincerity in every post.  IMHO, pa-witty captions have become overrated.  Aaand, she’s also not afraid to make fun of herself.

      marian paolo
      At dahil dito hindi na nga ako magagalit kay Raandy sa pagpo-post ng mga wa-poise pictures ko!

      Life is too short to worry about how to impress other people.  As long as you’re not hurting other people and still obeying God, do what makes you happy.  For me, it’s ukay-ukay and not Rustan’s!  So I will have that ukay-ukay shopping galore!  But then it is Balenciaga and not Secosana…well,  who says I’m not allowed to be tutyal din naman even if I shop at ukay, ‘di ba?

    5. Get fit.  Heto na.  Heto naaa. Heto naaaa-aaaaah!  Hayst.  I can’t help but feel envious of her, because anything she wears is bagay!  And I credit that to her physique.

      jumperbf jeans
      Although Marian says she eats what she wants, she still gets physical.marian rivera dance
      Moreover, she hasn’t given birth yet (so I really have a lot of catching up to do!)  Ergo, for the nth time, para mawala na ang lahat ng bitterness ko kay Marian, I need to really get back in shape.  That way, quits na kami:  mas maganda siya, mas magaling ako mag-English…so ‘pag sexy na rin ako tulad niya, OK na, life is fair. Open-mouthed smileAnd when I’m super sexy like that…Randy might just get me my 4th “engagement” diamond ring (heeeey, I take the cake here:  Marian only has 2 engagement rings, yet Randy has already given me three: 2 pre-wedding and one post-wedding…the post-wedding one is para hindi magasgas ang interior ng koche nya!) like Marian’s Harry Winston.

marian rivera harry winston 2nd engagement diamond ring

So for a Harry Winston—este—for a super beautiful 2015, let’s all be positive and promote positive vibes like Marian!  And let’s return the love of those who love us!

Smile when you get back to work tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile

*All of Marian’s images, except for the one where she was wearing red, were lifted from her Instagram account.

Wardrobe Diary #66: Our Best Friend’s Wedding Date (Nov. 16, 2014)

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Now that all food preparations, and gift buying and wrapping are done, I feel good that finally I can blog again!!!  I have so many chika in me that I’ve wanted to share with you for the longest time, but couldn’t because of so much work and concerns the past months.

Anyway, I think the whole Philippines knows that two days ago, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes wed, right?

Front page talaga!!!

I really hate admitting it even to myself, pero oo na, sige na—inabangan ko ‘yan at excited ako jan!  And perhaps if I weren’t happily married myself, it’s either I’d be green with envy at Marian or I will swear to myself that Michael Cinco will also fly from Dubai to dress me on my wedding day, no matter what!  But since I’m happily married myself, I’m just happy for Marian.  I’m so happy that after this post I intend to blog again…something about Marian Rivera (yuck fangirling na ba ako ng DongYan?!?)

Now speaking of weddings I was about about, it wasn’t just Marian and Dingdong whose wedding excited me.  In November, my and Randy’s best friend, Irvin Domingo Jr., wed the girl of his dreams, Tina Rivero.  The wedding ceremony was held at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church in Tagaytay, while the reception was done at Nurture Wellness Village | Nature Spa, also in Tagaytay.

Facebook photo uploaded by Tereyza Yee BautistaTina’s gown was sooo lovely!

irvin tina weddingRandom wedding photos of the wedding

Take a look at their same day edit video…astig, panira lang ang song number ni Irvin.  Joke!  Actually, it made it unique and very memorable:

Randy and I were both on the entourage:  I was a bride’s maid, and Randy was the best man.

PB160406Randy giving his epic best man’s toast

It was a lovely wedding because in attendance were people who truly, truly loved the couple.  Of course, with Randy and me were some of the Brain Train teachers who’ve been close to Irvin for several years.  It excited us because, for the first time, we were going to be really pretty and handsome all together.  And my my my, weren’t we?  Look at how lovely we all were!

These are (L-R) Edu J, Mitch, Abel, Reg, and Enteng.  Beauties and Brains Train-ers eh!  Hihi


And here’s a photo of me and Randy at the church:

PB160176Di baaaa?!?

Wanna take a closer look at what I wore?  Here:

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Get Lost 2014!

I am so eager for 2014 to finally be over, because it hasn’t been very good to me (and up to the last minute:  I’m gonna greet the New Year with the firecracker-like coughs!)  I lost so much this year.

On New Year’s Eve last year, this was my message, quoted from Neil Gaiman:

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.

I so regret posting that.  From now on I’ll be more careful about what I “wish for”, kahit pa-effect lang or pa-witty kuno lang.  The fates conspired and indeed, I made so many mistakes this year.  Or the people around me.  That’s why so much was lost.

Here’s a list of Top 5 Things (Boo!!!) That 2014 Took From Me

5. Our Longtime Helpers – Midway this year, Alona and Peter left us to start a new life together as common-law husband and wife in Mindanao.  Alona has been with us ever since before Randy and I even got married and shortly after, Peter joined our family.  Her leaving left such a void because she really was more like a family to us.  We would share gossip, go to ukay-ukay together, have petty tampuhan, etc.



I miss her all the more this holiday season, because we used to spend the whole day on Christmas and New Year’s Eve poring over recipe books trying to cook new special dishes for Noche Buena and Media Noche.

Although we miss her so much, this is only #5 because she left to chase her dreams.  And I am hopeful that she will return, someday.


4. My gadgets – I’ve not lost a gadget for a looooong time, but this year quota na ako for several years!  This year I lost my two-month old iPad mini—how and where aren’t clear until now.  Then less than a month after, I lost my reliable, full-of-memories Samsung Galaxy S3 in Hong Kong.  I am salivating over the new iPhone 6 Plus, but I know I have to be punished for my carelessness.  Thank God for my pwede-na-rin Lenovo A536.


3. Brain Train Family Members Who Went Abroad – This year I lost Pau and Pong, two of the closest Brain Train teachers to me.  More than employees, they were good friends and we really consider them family.  At some point in their lives they lived with us, so it was inevitable for us to be close.  They made our lives colorful and fun.  And even though Randy and I were their mentors (I to Pong and Randy to Pau), we also learned so much from them.

Guys, kung nasaan man kayo…sana malaman ninyong hinding-hindi namin kayo kinakalimutan. (Actually alam ko kung nasaan kayo, hahaha!)

Pong’s Epic Farewell Party

It is of course sad to see them go, but we are also happy for them and proud of them.

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About a (Birthday)Boy

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

We are stuck here at home because of the rain, and the expected lethargy that comes along with it.  But besides that, I had also diligently worked hard (char!  Pero totoo!) since this morning until about a few minutes ago.  What work?  Weeeeeell, Gymboree Sta. Rosa is now open!!!  Waaaah!!!  That’s why on Saturday, we were able to push through with Raviv’s birthday celebration.  I’ll delve into more details about on another post (promise gagawin ko talaga!  I know andami ko nang utang sa inyo!!!), but here are some sneak previews:

10856496_832690620110692_8082719185777985467_oTreats/dessert table of a  Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

imageBirthday Party at Gymboree Sta. Rosa

Ay I tell you, it was a super fun party!  During our training I knew Gymboree was fun, but I was still surprised how much fun the kids—and even the adults—had!  I tell you, if your kid is gonna celebrate his birthday soon, celebrate it at Gymboree.

Anyway, I am blogging because I can’t let this day pass without paying homage to my raison d’etre, my Ravivo.  He will turn a year older tomorrow. Winking smile  This year, I’m gonna dish out stuff about Raviv, ala-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ang style.  So here goes:


aboutaboyAminin, ang galing ko!!!  Hihihi

FAQ 1: Why is his name Raviv?

Raviv is Hebrew for “dew” or “rain”.  We decided on his name on the day I was to be discharged from Asian Hospital, because a hospital staff said we should name him before leaving so they could do the baby’s paperwork.  Pressure ito!  Good thing I packed the baby names book given to me by my best friend (who’s Raviv’s Ninang) in my birthing luggage.  Randy picked it up, went directly to the letter “R” (because the males in the Ladaga family—his cousins, his cousins’ sons, and his Papa—have names that start with the letter “R”), and when he saw “Raviv” and what it meant, he knew that was gonna be our unico hijo’s name.  By the way, may kabaduyan kami dati ni Randy na kami ang “RainDew” Embarrassed smile.  And that was before nauso ang mga KathNiel or DongYan or JaDine.  Kasabayan n’yan ang Brangelina at TomKat.  So “Raviv” was definitely it.  Randy wanted to add “Wade” because he was so fond of Dwayne Wade assisting his forever love Lebron James in winning NBA championships, but the people he consulted were not so crazy about the “Wade”.  So decided to keep it simple, and Raviv was it.  And now, I’m so glad we picked the name Raviv—it is very meaningful, short and easily-spelled, sounds macho/masculine, and not common but not OA as well.

Only 134 Ravivs in the US!  Told you it’s not very common Winking smile

FAQ 2: Why does Raviv look so oriental?  That is, why does he look like an East Asian?

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Nurture Your Child’s Creativity! Join the Nesfruta #RealNaReal Promo!


Several readers of mine tell me that their favorite posts are my Conversations with Raviv series.  And I can’t really blame them.  My son says the funniest and darndest things that are so unexpected.  I blame (or credit, actually) it on his very wild imagination.

My son has ready access to gadgets and television.  But most of the time, he still opts to draw and play.  And these activities do a lot for his brain development!

2014-12-20 19.25.362014-12-20 19.26.10
Raviv drawing the “volcano cake” he wants as a birthday cake.  Plus the number “4” candle we have to put on the cake (because he’s turning 4 already!!!)  Will his volcano cake be granted by his pretty Nanay?!

His favorite activity with his Tatay is what he calls, “Action” and “Storytelling”.  When he tells Randy, “Tatay, action tayo, action”, that means Raviv would be Spider-man and Randy would be Sandman or Electro or whoever Spider-man’s nemesis is.

And if most kids mean “Tell me a story” when they request a “storytelling” session, well ibahin natin si Raviv.  When he says he wants a “storytelling” sesh, it means he wants to tell you a story using his action figures of rubber animals or characters.

10384477_10203015643545118_15795867243641012_nRaviv telling Tito Albert a story using his toys as characters.

Yes, Raviv’s favorite toys are not the expensive remote-controlled cars or robots that just let him watch and observe.  No sir!  His favorite toys are actually the sturdy cheapangga rubber toys that do not limit his imagination!  And his “storytelling” helps develop his vocabulary, speech, and reasoning skills.

2014-12-20 19.49.23

Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun. – George Scialabra

I guess his unbridled imagination is the reason why his favorite activity at school is arts…

2014-12-20 19.48.14

…and the way to his heart is Lego!


This is why I highly encourage my fellow parents to join the Nesfruta #RealNaReal Promo!  Imagine how your child would gasp at the sight of his or her drawing coming to life!  Take a look at Kendra and her friends:



See?  So join the Nesfruta #RealNaReal Promo!

How to Join the Nesfruta #RealNaReal Promo

If your child is 7 years old or older, Nesfruta can help bring your child’s drawing to life!


How exactly?  Here are the easy-peasy mechanics!

1. To join the promo, a participant must upload a photo of his or her child’s drawing by commenting on the promo post or by sending a private message to the NESFRUTA Facebook Page. The child who made the drawing must be aged 7 years old and above.

2. All submitted drawings will be pre-screened and qualified for electronic raffle based on the following:

  • Drawing must only have one character.
  • The toy to be created out of the drawing is safe and will not put children at risk.
  • The toy to be created meets quality standards of promo organizers.

3. Participants can send in as many entries as they like, provided that each submission is of a different drawing.

4. Only valid entries will be included in the weekly raffle draw.


1. Deadline for submission is every Sunday at 11:59 PM of the following dates:

a. Period December 16, 2014 (Tuesday) to December 24, 2014 (Wednesday)

Determination of Winners

1. Five (5) weekly winners will be drawn through electronic raffle from the qualified entries submitted during the draw week.

2. Entries drawn will be notified through Facebook and will be verified by asking participant to submit the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Age of child

3. A final email confirmation will be sent to the verified winner as proof of winning.

4. Winners will be given sixty (60) days to respond with their contact details. If no response is received after sixty (60) days, the prize/s will be forfeited in favor of Nestlé Philippines Inc (NPI), with the approval of F


(For the complete promo mechanics, go to THIS LINK).

Whatcha waitin’ for?!?  Join now!  I can’t wait to hear about how your children’s faces came alive when they see their drawings come alive!

Choose The Best Diaper For Your Baby’s Skin: We’ll Show You How


We’ll tell you what matters most in choosing the right diaper for your baby.

Are you a first time mom, clueless on which disposable diaper to pick? Or are you an experienced mom who has tried and tested many diapers but haven’t found “the one’”? Don’t worry, choosing the best diaper suited for your baby’s sensitive skin is a dilemma that a lot of mothers, whether new or experienced, have.


There are a lot of considerations when it comes to picking a diaper, but what is often overlooked is if the diaper can protect your baby’s sensitive skin. His bottom, especially, is very delicate because it comes into contact with irritants like pee and poop everyday. Using a good quality diaper then is important since your baby will be using them 24/7 during the first few years of his life. With so many diaper brands in the market today, how can you choose the best one for your baby?

Here are some of the key things to check when choosing the right diaper for your little one:

1. Can it absorb pee quickly and keep baby dry?

A wet baby is a cranky baby! One of the most common reasons why babies cry and wake up at night is because they feel wet and uncomfortable. A good diaper must be able to absorb pee quickly, accommodate multiple wettings, and remain dry for up to 12 hours to allow baby uninterrupted sleep.

2. Does it fit your baby comfortably?

Your baby is at a stage where he will be exploring movement and stretching his legs a lot. The diaper must be able to stretch to adapt to these movements while keeping baby comfortable. It must be snug but not too tight so that it wouldn’t cause friction which can mark and irritate the skin.

3. Is the material soft to the touch?

Remember, baby’s skin is much more delicate and sensitive than adult skin! Any rubbing against an abrasive and rough material will surely cause irritation. Your baby’s diaper should be made only with the softest materials. Do a touch test on the diaper  — if it feels rough to your touch, then it most definitely is not suitable for your baby’s skin. The diaper must have a soft yet breathable cover to allow baby’s skin to breathe to avoid excessive perspiration that’ll eventually lead to rashes.

We’ll simplify the selection process for you: Smart Parenting Best For Baby Awards 2014 has chosen Pampers Active Baby as the “BEST disposable diaper” because of its 5-star skin protection that provides superior dryness and skin protection for baby!

To know more about Pampers Active Baby’s 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website:

Conversations with Raviv Part 5

Earlier this evening as we were walking home from dinner at Karne Frio, Raviv was happily chasing his shadow.  It was so cute!  Randy must have been as amused because he just suddenly declared: “I couldn’t ask for more from a son!”  Kinilig ako.  I really love it when Randy expresses how happy he is with our son.

Speaking of Raviv, homaygas, would you believe he’s already turning four this December?  Grabe, parang kelan lang when he was still a helpless baby!


But now, he’s already an active and inquisitive little man…who says the funniest things!  Here are some of the things I remember him saying these past months.


Conversation 1: Kelangan bang i-memorize ‘yan?!?

When Randy was still a toddler, he got lost in a big park.  But he was able to go home because between sobs, he was able to tell the police officers their telephone number.  So one day at home, Randy was teaching Raviv basic stuff about himself (Raviv) in case (Lord wag po please) Raviv gets lost.

Randy:  What is your name?

Raviv:  Raviv Sales Ladaga.

Randy: Very good!  What’s your father’s name?


Randy:  Nye!  What’s the name of your Tatay?

Raviv:  Tatay Randy Ladaga!

Randy:  Good.  Where do you live?

Raviv:  Here!

Nyehehehe!  Naku, bawal ka talagang mawala anak!


Conversation 2:  Patience

Everyone knows my penchant for big eyes.  I’ve always been frustrated about my almond-shaped eyes, because I wanted soulful, doe eyes.  When I was pregnant with Raviv, I kept on wishing my child would have big eyes.  But wouldn’t you know it, God gave me a chinky-eyed son.  One time I was telling a friend about my sadness over Raviv’s chinky eyes.

I to a friend: Pinagdadasal ko nga dati na sana malaki ang mata ng anak ko, kaso ginawang singkit…

Friend:  Maganda naman ang singkit, mukhang Korean.

I: Oo pero gusto ko talaga malaki sana ang mata ni Raviv.

Raviv, butting in: Nanay magiging big din ‘yang eyes ko…small ‘yan kasi small pa ako eh, ‘di ba?


Ano’ng singkit?!?  Sino’ng maysabing singkit ako? – Raviv


Conversations 3 & 4: English Only, Please

Last summer, Raviv was almost 24/7 with his former nanny, Yaya Gigi (Yaya Isay got preggers, ‘di ba?  And Randy and I were too busy).  The thing with Gigi is that she can’t help but speak in Bisaya even when talking to someone who doesn’t understand a Bisaya word.  So of course, Raviv was already imitating her “Hala natagak!” (translation: Nabutas Nahulog), “Ay wa’y agas! (translation: Walang tubig), “Istoryahi!” (translation: Ikwento mo!”) and many more.  When he returned to school in June, we encouraged him to start speaking in English again (not because we just wanted him to sound sosyal but because they have to speak in English at school as he has several foreigner classmates) and told him that if he doesn’t speak English he won’t have friends as his classmates won’t understand him.

One night he approached me.

Raviv: “Nanay can I have some cookies?”

Before I could give him an answer he immediately followed up with…

Raviv: “English ba ‘yun?”

And then he groaned.  It was so cute!


But his obsession with the English language did not stop there.  One time I was telling him about his ancestry.

I: Raviv when people ask you why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because of your Lolo Roger.

Raviv:  Why?

I:  Because you got your eyes from your lolo who’s pure Chinese.  So when people ask you why why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because you’re part Chinese.

Raviv, shouting:  No, no!  Hindi ako Chinese!  English ako!


Conversation 5:  A valid question

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Is Your Baby’s Diaper Making Him Cranky?


Diapers are a must for babies—everyone knows that.  And with the bevy of diapers in supermarkets (and even in sari-sari stores!), it’s hard to choose.  Being the kuripot I am, I usef to look for the cheapest.  Totoo ‘yan!  Pinagtawanan pa ako ng mga tita ko when they saw the diaper brand in my diaper bag.  But I thought to myself there was no need to be brand conscious when it comes to disposable diapers, right?  True.  But let me tell you too that I regretted buying the “cheapest” because I found out almost immediately that it’s actually costing me more.  Financially and physically.  So what should you consider in buying?  We’ll tell you what to look for in a diaper—read on.

When I was preggers with Raviv, I was sooooo eager for him to get out of my tummy.  I usually sleep on my tummy (blame it on the horror movies I used to watch when I was young—I trained myself to lie on my tummy when sleeping to protect my heart and lungs from a manananggal’s tongue.  Hehehe), but of course my humongous butete stomach didn’t allow me to.  Ergo, sleepless nights.  I thought the cure for my sleepless nights was giving birth.


Photoshot days before I gave birth…see the eyebags?

And then I gave birth. Hard part over?  That’s what I thought: it was actually the beginning of super restless nights, since both Raviv and I were adjusting to our new setup!  Days felt like weeks, and weeks felt like months!  Sometimes, I can’t help but simply give up because I really didn’t know what Raviv wanted. Is he hungry? But I just fed him! Does he need to burp? But he just made a burpie!

Is Your Baby’s Diaper Making Him Cranky? - Baby|

Like me, new parents wonder endlessly their baby is cranky.  We could even go as far as thinking perhaps it’s because he is feeling cold or has a slight fever.

But one of the reasons may actually be as simple as using the wrong diaper on our baby!

First and foremost, you should know that a baby’s skin is very delicate. As such, exposure to wetness or irritants such as bacteria from pee or poo could cause even the slightest irritation on his skin.  A baby’s cry can be a signal of a wet diaper. But why is it wet when you just changed it? You could be using a faulty, disposable diaper and you wouldn’t even know it until your baby screams and skirmishes with all his might. Before you know it, he is in agonizing pain due to discomfort from a diaper rash.  No mother would want that!

Having a baby can entail around a dozen diaper changes a day. You may be thinking that disposable diapers are just pee and poo catchers, merely discarded on a day to day basis. Hence, it is easy to be lured by a lower priced diaper to rack up some savings. But paying a little bit more for a better quality diaper can actually reap more satisfying results! Do yourself and your baby a favor by being smart about your diaper choices.

How exactly do you know you’ve picked out the wrong kind of diaper? Here are some signs to look out for:

1. A diaper that leaks and has to be changed after one wetting
Take note of how fast you have to change your diaper. If it immediately leaks or stays wet even after one wetting, then you know it’s of poor quality. A good disposable diaper should be able to absorb multiple wettings and still keep baby dry be it daytime or nighttime, so that his sleep is uninterrupted.

2. A diaper too snug or too loose
A good-fitting diaper should be stretchy enough to adjust to your baby’s movements and snug enough to avoid leakages. See how it looks on your baby! A good diaper should fit well to keep your baby comfortable and serve its purpose whether at rest or at play.

3. A diaper that has an abrasive cover
Remember, your baby’s bottom is just as sensitive as the skin on the rest of his body. A diaper made of material that feels rough to the touch could seriously irritate your baby’s skin. Choose one with a soft fabric, preferably cotton-soft, so as not to chafe his sensitive skin.

Is your baby’s diaper exhibiting any of these signs? Then it’s time for a diaper change (pun intended!)

Keep your baby stress- and fuss-free by using a diaper that can protect his sensitive skin and keep him comfortable, from day to night – such as Pampers Active Baby.

Pampers Active Baby was awarded as the “BEST disposable diaper” by Smart Parenting Best For Baby Awards 2014. This is because it consists of cotton-like material and gentle ingredients such as a protective lotion to help protect your baby from skin irritation and the dreaded diaper rash. It is also able to absorb multiple wettings faster than other disposable diapers and keeps baby’s bottom dry even after he pees. Plus, it has stretchy sides that adjust to your baby’s movements, to help make sure he stays comfortable whether he’s active or sleeping. Diapers can significantly change the way your baby behaves, and this is why spending a bit more for a top-performing diaper can help you take care of your baby’s needs in the best way.

Say goodbye to your cranky baby and welcome the happy baby that he really is. Now that he is all smiles, more relaxed days and restful nights are in store for both you and your baby!

To know more about Pampers Active Baby’s 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website: