Conversations with Raviv Part 4

Hi guys!  Our busy season officially began last week.  Aside from that I have to wake up very early everyday, “perform” in class for six-seven hours everyday and do administrative jobs before, after, and in-between each teaching stint, what’s so difficult for me is the fact that I’m separated from my boys most of the time.  Last week was the longest I’ve been away from them.  Randy and Raviv had been in our Sta. Rosa building from Sunday to Friday, while I had been in our condo here in Manila.  So yesterday (the only day when I had no classes), I spent much time with Ravivo talaga.  And boy I’m glad I did because now, I’m “single” and “childless” again.

So para hindi ko ma-miss nang todo si Little Boy Ravivo, I’m reminiscing the funny things he has been saying.  So ladies and gents, here’s Conversations with Raviv Season 4. Winking smile

Conversation 1

Randy bought Raviv this toy:

2014-03-10 14.22.56

Raviv loved it so much that he would play with it night and day.  Two days after its purchase, I noticed that the battery-operated car already had difficulty going up ramps.

2014-03-10 14.24.482014-03-10 14.24.25
When we saw this at Toy Kingdom, Randy initially did not want to buy as he thought it cost at least P4000.  When he learned it was only P1000, wala nang isip-isip, buy na agad!

Me: Raviv I think your car needs a rest.  Look o, it’s no longer moving.  It’s already tired.

Raviv:  No Nanay, hindiyan tiredna-traffic lang.


Conversation 2

One time I was teaching Raviv the sounds of each alphabet letter…

Me:  “A”—its sound is “ah”…

Raviv:  Ah-ah-ah…apple!

Me: Very good!  Next this letter naman.D!

Raviv:  Duh-duh-duh…dede!

Me:  Nye!  That’s right.  But there are other words that start with letter “D”duh-duh-duhDog!

Raviv:  OK.  Duh-duh-duhdog!  Duh-duh-duhdoor!

Me:  Very good!  Next is the letter P.  Its sound is “puh”.  What starts with the letter P?

Raviv:  Puh-puh-puh…pitoytoy!!!

Me: Whaaaat?!?  Other words anak that start with “puh”!

Raviv:  Puh-puh-puh…puwet!

At may narinig akong malakas na tawang guilty sa labas ng kwarto sa likodSi Yaya Gigi. Mga pinagtututuro talaga sa bata!

Conversation 3

I was nagmamaktol to Randy because the bag I’ve been eyeing and intended to buy was no longer available.  I was supposed to buy it weeks ago when we were condo-hunting, but Randy did not want to drive to Greenbelt.

Me:  Baaaaaabe!!!  Wala na yung gusto kong bag!!!!

Randy:  Ow ganun ba?

Me:  Nabiliiiii naaaaa!

Randy:  ‘Yaan mo na.  Marami pa namang iba.

Me:  Wala na!  ‘Yun na ang gusto ko!  Bihira magka-available na yellow na Twiggy!  Tapos mura pa ‘yun!  Perfect nayun eh!

And then I was pouting and sulking and frowning.  And then biglang sumingit ang Raviv.

Raviv:  Nanay, ‘wag ka na ngang sensitive!

In fairness, napangiti ako kahit sobrang depressed ko.  I got a dose of my own medicine—see, when Raviv cries over something said to him, we always tell him, “Raviv ‘was kang kang sensitive.”  Ayun, ako naman ang nasabihan.

Similar to the bag that got awaywaaaah!!!! Image courtesy of

Conversation 4


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Giveaway: MomsterTeacher x SM Kids’ Fashion

Calling all fashionable tots out there….

Ola!  I’m so egg-zoi-ted with this blog post, because I again have an opportunity get to give back to my loyal readers.  So yeah, this is a giveaway, so hoooorraaaay!!!

Anywho, it’s summer once again and fun is the theme of the season. SM Kids’ Fashion delivers on cool styles to combat the heat and give a broad range of options for young ones to choose from. Bright colors, patterns, and a whole lot more make playtime an enjoyable experience for the coming months.

Take a look at just a few of my favorite outfits from SM Kids’ Summer Collection.

Here are just a few of my favorite girls’ outfits:





And these are for the boys:



So cute eh?  I’m sure they’ll look even cuter on your li’l one!  Take a look at Raviv wearing clothes, footwear and headgear from SM…yes, SM ‘yan mula ulo hanggang paa!

photo (3)photo (6)

2014-03-30 10.03.462014-03-30 10.04.01

    • green graphic tee: JustTees
    • shorts: Brentwood
    • sandals: Chicco
    • newsboy cap: SM Dept. Store

(Thank you SM Kids’ Fashion for Raviv’s shorts and shirt!)

Now here’s the great news:  you can also dress your cute kiddos in these adorable clothes!  Take a look:

SM Kids' Fashion X MomsterTeacher2

Now here’s how to join:

  1. Follow MomsterTeacher on Instagram.
  2. Follow SM Kids’ Fashion on Instagram.
  3. Like MomsterTeacher on Facebook.
  4. Like SM Kids’ Fashion on Facebook.
  5. On Instagram and Facebook, post a Summer OOTD of your kid wearing pieces from SM Kids’ Fashion on Instagram, put a caption and use this hashtag: #MomsterTeacherXSMKidsFashionSummer.  Do not forget to tag @momsterteacher and SMKidsFashion so we won’t miss your entries, okies? Winking smile
      This contest will run up to MAY 6, 2014.  So start being creative and us those entries…now


      !  I’m so excited to see them.

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Wardrobe Diary #57: Flower Power in the Summer (Mar. 12, 2014)

Last March 12 Raviv and I attended another kids’ fashion show, this time the launch of the summer collection of my favorite carrier of fashionable and reasonably-priced kids’ apparel, SM Kids’ Fashion.

The invitation said to wear something floral, as we were to have “garden party” at Shine Bakery at SM Aura Premiere.  Honestly, I had a hard time choosing which dress to wear because I have plenty of floral dresses in my cabinet–most of them I have never even used.  You may have noticed that I have a penchant for feminine fashion.

But I finally settled on this one:



Randy actually chose this after I modeled about five dresses for him.  He said he liked this best because of the 50’s vibe it gave.  And I agree!  I love how dainty it is, and how soft and flowy the skirt of the dress is.  Indulge me in my arte poses:

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #25: At the SM Kids’ Fashion Summer Collection Launch (Mar. 12, 2014)

On March 12, Raviv and I attended the launch of SM Kids’ Fashion Summer Collection.  But before going to the fashion show, we dropped by our newly-bought condo (yes, we got it!!!) to bring in stuff and to clean.  Yaya Gigi was with us, and she was excited about our new condo.  Like me, she also found it maaliwalas.  I will show you pictures of it later on this post.

Anyway, guests were asked to wear something floral.  That was quite a feat because Raviv was a boy.  Good thing that when I scoured his closet I found something floral and Hawaii-ish.  Take a look at my toddler boy’s outfit:

th_IMG_4896Photo taken by Luther Abcede

th_IMG_4897Photo taken by Luther Abcede


SM Kids Summer Fashion Raviv Ladaga[12]

  • Hawaii-ish polo: Nui Nalu (which is really from HawaiiWinking smile )
  • jeans: Zap, available at SM Kids’ Dept.
  • checkered hat: SM Kids’ Dept.
  • leather boots: Florsheim Kids, available at SM Kids’ Dept.

Anyway, while doing the collage of the last photo I was amused with Raviv’s photos.  Especially the one where he was looking down and his hand was in his pocket.  He wasn’t really posing, pero aminin natin, ang ganda ng dating ‘di ba? Winking smile  Para s’yang rakista.  Haba pa ng buhok (though clean cut na s’ya ngayon).  And I thought his outfit would make him look like Lito Atienza’s grandson.  Hehe.

Images lifted from Wikipedia and Youtube, respectively

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Wardrobe Diary #56: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Thighs…Hoooo!!! (Feb. 25, 2014)

If you can relate to this post’s title, then you’re probably a batang 80’s.

To the young blood bekis, you may be wondering where the senior bekis got the “thunder cats” term for those who are, well, “tanders”.  Well, that’s from the ‘80s hit cartoon ThunderCats.  Aaand, favorite ko ‘yan nung bata ako.

But this blog is not about the cartoons ThunderCats.  This is about something that kinda sounds like it.

It’s about my thunder thighs.

Because for the first time, I took the plunge.  For the first time, my thighs will take center stage here in my Wardrobe Diaries.

Are you ready?  If you are, then shout/chant with me (ala-Lion-O)…



Thunder thighs, Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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UPDATE: The “Lean and Fab” Lie and Fib

Shortly after I published my blog entry The “Lean and Fab” Lie and Fib, Reg was empowered to speak out and issue a statement:

To Everyone: I have NEVER used LEAN and FAB.And I don’t plan on endorsing it in any way. Please do not believe any false claims. I do not believe in magic and products that promise instant effects and unrealistic results.
My weight loss came from almost 2 years of blood and sweat, hardwork, diet and exercise. I have used Herbalife and USANA, but I still recommend exercise, effort, determination, and living a healthy lifestyle.
It pains me to see my photos and story being used to fool and mislead people for the financial gain of some.
I made a decision to lose weight because I owe it to myself and I believe I am capable of change. I believe that I deserve all the rewards that come along being healthy. Most especially to inspire other people that they can do it too.
I am no FAN of ranting in the internet. BUT this has forced me to do so.
I have never written about my journey because frankly, I am in no way near my fitness goals, because it is a process, and it takes a lifetime of commitment to be healthy.
I am not LEAN nor FAB because losing weight is not just about that.
It is sooo much more than that. It is about a person telling herself, that I can do anything, achieving it, and exceeding expectations. It is about a person letting go of the past. It is about a person feeling happiness and freedom that is self-imposed. It is about choice. It is about change. It is about LIVING.

Reg spent the night (and the morning) here again.  We of course asked for an update regarding the Lean and Fab fiasco.  I expected her to say that the people behind Mean and Fab, este, Lean and Fab apologized and promised to take down her photos.

But nooooooo!

According to Reg, she posted her statement denying her use of Lean and Fab on the wall of the Lean and Fab Facebook Fanpage.  But the moderator would just erase it.  Then Reg would post again.  Moderator would erase her post.  This went on and on until finally, the posting of comments was disallowed the Lean and Fab moderator.

lean and fab

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #24: Ang Mahiyaing Magtataho (Mar. 7, 2014)

This day was the last day of Raviv’s 3rd quarter at school.  And sadly, probably his last day at his current school.  Randy decided to pull out Raviv from school because last year we had a problem sending Raviv to school.  Lahat ng drivers and vehicles namin, wiped out during summer.  Moreover, Randy wanted to spend the remaining days of March bonding with Raviv because we know that come April and May, we will both be MIA.

Anyway, Raviv’s class’s topic for the past quarter was on community workers.  To cap it off, the students were required to go to school as community workers.  Normally I’d prepare for that weeks before the event, but we were already too busy preparing for the grueling summer.  Ergo two days before the program nag-panic na ako at nag-post sa Facebook ng SOS.

community worker costume

Good thing I have several creative friends.  Each idea was great, but at the end I opted for the simplest and most unconventional suggestion by my über creative friend, Maqui Endaya.

Meet Manong Raviv, ang magtataho ng Rainbow/Brent Community:


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The “Lean and Fab” Lie and Fib

Last night our former employee, friend forever, and my diet guru Regina Martinez visited us.  She was very upset because her before and after photos were being used as advertisement by Lean and Fab.  She was surprised when several of her friends sent her private messages asking her about Lean and Fab.

Apparently, the Internet was splashed with her photos as Lean and Fab’s unwitting “model”.

lean and fab

lean and fab 2

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Giveaway: MomsterTeacher x Babypalooza/GP Bulilit Bookstore

Happy Sunday everybody!

You know, for the longest time, I dreaded Sundays.  That’s because for more than a decade now, Sunday has been the most grueling day of the week for us, being in the review center business.  But from February to March, our Sundays are free.  So I ensure that our family would be able to go to church.  I know I speak on several people’s behalf that getting ready for church could be such a chore.  But you know what, when I’m already in the church (especially at Victory!) listening to how much God loves me and you and how much Jesus has sacrificed for sinners like us, I feel good.  Soooo good.  Sobrang sarap ng feeling to be in His presence with my fellow believers.  I like feeling shame and guilt for my transgression, because after that I would just be in awe of how God could love a sinner like me.

Of course, not everyday could be a Sunday, and there are Sundays when we simply cannot go to church.  But that does not mean our connection with He-Who-Has-Sacrificed-His-Son-For-Our-Sake should be non-existent on other days.  God wants us to communicate with Him as often as possible.  How?  We tell Him our woes and joys through prayer, and He admonishes, reassures, comforts, gives His promises, and reveals His plans through the Bible.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” – Psalm 119:105  (NIV)

As parents, it is our responsibility to inculcate into our children’s minds how much God loves them.  It will do them a great deal of good if they know that there is someone who will never fail them (because as much as we try not to, we still fail our kids).

I knew the value of that, that’s why more than a month ago I bought Raviv his first “Bible”.  It’s high time he learns that God is waaay more powerful than all fictional superheroes combined, and Raviv hears of God’s superpowers through the Bible stories in his Bible.  Ang kyut-kyut n’ya pa because I trained him that when he goes to Kids’ Church, dala-dala n’ya ang Bible n’ya.

2014-02-16 12.00.56Mukhang nakatulog sa quiet time si Raviv ah!


When Kat of Babypalooza contacted me and asked whether I’d like to host another giveaway, I said “Yes!” right away because it’s such a good opportunity for me to reward you, my dear readers.  Imagine my excitement when I saw the item that MomsterTeacher and Babypalooza was gonna give awayhere o:


GPGMy First Bible Stories Set.  Learn about some of the much loved Bible characters with these 6 beautifully illustrated board books.

Diba?!?  I’m so excited for your kids, pamangkin, or inaanak to have this!!!  Thanks to GPG Bulilit Bookstore and Babypalooza!

GPG Bulilit Bookstore is all about nurturing young minds’ imagination.  It offers a wide variety of books and toys for kids, young and young at hearts, at very reasonable prices.  You may inquire about its products more through 0915-5729859 and  Or you may visit GPG Bulilit Bookstore and several other mom and baby-oriented stores through the 5th Babypalooza Bazaar that will be held on March 29, 2014 at the Walter Hogan Conference Center inside the Ateneo de Manila campus in Quezon City. The shopping venue is air-conditioned and within a few steps of clean rest rooms.  The Babypalooza Bazaar is fast becoming the go-to event for AFFORDABLE baby and parenting needs. Babypalooza gives equal exposure to both brand new and pre-loved (i.e. gently used) products and gear for babies, toddlers and moms.  Special areas will be available for breastfeeding, diaper changes, rest and play.

Now, let’s follow the Rafflecopter instructions for you to win this awesome prize (if you’re new to Rafflecopter, don’t be intimidated because it’s really easy, promise)! [Read more...]

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #23: Little Valentino (Feb. 14, 2014)

Hellowee!!!  This is probably going to be my shortest post ever, because all I’m going to do is splash Raviv’s photos that were taken on Valentine’s Day.  See, I was about to post a different blog entry but as I was scanning his photos, I saw his V-Day outfit and I can’t resist featuring it.

Here’s my little Valentino on V-Day:





Ang cute di ba? Rolling on the floor laughing  And aside from that, I feel like this is the last time he’ll wear that long-sleeved top because as you can see, halos hanging na.

Here are the outfit details:

  • red long sleeves: Disney Baby
  • blue pants: Rustan’s Jr.
  • checkered hat:  SM Kids’ Fashion
  • shoes: Tough Kids, available at SM Dept. Store

Yun lang, hindi ko lang ma-resist.  Bye-bye and enjoy the rest of the day, mwah!