Conversations with Raviv Part 5

Earlier this evening as we were walking home from dinner at Karne Frio, Raviv was happily chasing his shadow.  It was so cute!  Randy must have been as amused because he just suddenly declared: “I couldn’t ask for more from a son!”  Kinilig ako.  I really love it when Randy expresses how happy he is with our son.

Speaking of Raviv, homaygas, would you believe he’s already turning four this December?  Grabe, parang kelan lang when he was still a helpless baby!


But now, he’s already an active and inquisitive little man…who says the funniest things!  Here are some of the things I remember him saying these past months.


Conversation 1: Kelangan bang i-memorize ‘yan?!?

When Randy was still a toddler, he got lost in a big park.  But he was able to go home because between sobs, he was able to tell the police officers their telephone number.  So one day at home, Randy was teaching Raviv basic stuff about himself (Raviv) in case (Lord wag po please) Raviv gets lost.

Randy:  What is your name?

Raviv:  Raviv Sales Ladaga.

Randy: Very good!  What’s your father’s name?


Randy:  Nye!  What’s the name of your Tatay?

Raviv:  Tatay Randy Ladaga!

Randy:  Good.  Where do you live?

Raviv:  Here!

Nyehehehe!  Naku, bawal ka talagang mawala anak!


Conversation 2:  Patience

Everyone knows my penchant for big eyes.  I’ve always been frustrated about my almond-shaped eyes, because I wanted soulful, doe eyes.  When I was pregnant with Raviv, I kept on wishing my child would have big eyes.  But wouldn’t you know it, God gave me a chinky-eyed son.  One time I was telling a friend about my sadness over Raviv’s chinky eyes.

I to a friend: Pinagdadasal ko nga dati na sana malaki ang mata ng anak ko, kaso ginawang singkit…

Friend:  Maganda naman ang singkit, mukhang Korean.

I: Oo pero gusto ko talaga malaki sana ang mata ni Raviv.

Raviv, butting in: Nanay magiging big din ‘yang eyes ko…small ‘yan kasi small pa ako eh, ‘di ba?


Ano’ng singkit?!?  Sino’ng maysabing singkit ako? – Raviv


Conversations 3 & 4: English Only, Please

Last summer, Raviv was almost 24/7 with his former nanny, Yaya Gigi (Yaya Isay got preggers, ‘di ba?  And Randy and I were too busy).  The thing with Gigi is that she can’t help but speak in Bisaya even when talking to someone who doesn’t understand a Bisaya word.  So of course, Raviv was already imitating her “Hala natagak!” (translation: Nabutas Nahulog), “Ay wa’y agas! (translation: Walang tubig), “Istoryahi!” (translation: Ikwento mo!”) and many more.  When he returned to school in June, we encouraged him to start speaking in English again (not because we just wanted him to sound sosyal but because they have to speak in English at school as he has several foreigner classmates) and told him that if he doesn’t speak English he won’t have friends as his classmates won’t understand him.

One night he approached me.

Raviv: “Nanay can I have some cookies?”

Before I could give him an answer he immediately followed up with…

Raviv: “English ba ‘yun?”

And then he groaned.  It was so cute!


But his obsession with the English language did not stop there.  One time I was telling him about his ancestry.

I: Raviv when people ask you why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because of your Lolo Roger.

Raviv:  Why?

I:  Because you got your eyes from your lolo who’s pure Chinese.  So when people ask you why why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because you’re part Chinese.

Raviv, shouting:  No, no!  Hindi ako Chinese!  English ako!


Conversation 5:  A valid question

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Is Your Baby’s Diaper Making Him Cranky?


Diapers are a must for babies—everyone knows that.  And with the bevy of diapers in supermarkets (and even in sari-sari stores!), it’s hard to choose.  Being the kuripot I am, I usef to look for the cheapest.  Totoo ‘yan!  Pinagtawanan pa ako ng mga tita ko when they saw the diaper brand in my diaper bag.  But I thought to myself there was no need to be brand conscious when it comes to disposable diapers, right?  True.  But let me tell you too that I regretted buying the “cheapest” because I found out almost immediately that it’s actually costing me more.  Financially and physically.  So what should you consider in buying?  We’ll tell you what to look for in a diaper—read on.

When I was preggers with Raviv, I was sooooo eager for him to get out of my tummy.  I usually sleep on my tummy (blame it on the horror movies I used to watch when I was young—I trained myself to lie on my tummy when sleeping to protect my heart and lungs from a manananggal’s tongue.  Hehehe), but of course my humongous butete stomach didn’t allow me to.  Ergo, sleepless nights.  I thought the cure for my sleepless nights was giving birth.


Photoshot days before I gave birth…see the eyebags?

And then I gave birth. Hard part over?  That’s what I thought: it was actually the beginning of super restless nights, since both Raviv and I were adjusting to our new setup!  Days felt like weeks, and weeks felt like months!  Sometimes, I can’t help but simply give up because I really didn’t know what Raviv wanted. Is he hungry? But I just fed him! Does he need to burp? But he just made a burpie!

Is Your Baby’s Diaper Making Him Cranky? - Baby|

Like me, new parents wonder endlessly their baby is cranky.  We could even go as far as thinking perhaps it’s because he is feeling cold or has a slight fever.

But one of the reasons may actually be as simple as using the wrong diaper on our baby!

First and foremost, you should know that a baby’s skin is very delicate. As such, exposure to wetness or irritants such as bacteria from pee or poo could cause even the slightest irritation on his skin.  A baby’s cry can be a signal of a wet diaper. But why is it wet when you just changed it? You could be using a faulty, disposable diaper and you wouldn’t even know it until your baby screams and skirmishes with all his might. Before you know it, he is in agonizing pain due to discomfort from a diaper rash.  No mother would want that!

Having a baby can entail around a dozen diaper changes a day. You may be thinking that disposable diapers are just pee and poo catchers, merely discarded on a day to day basis. Hence, it is easy to be lured by a lower priced diaper to rack up some savings. But paying a little bit more for a better quality diaper can actually reap more satisfying results! Do yourself and your baby a favor by being smart about your diaper choices.

How exactly do you know you’ve picked out the wrong kind of diaper? Here are some signs to look out for:

1. A diaper that leaks and has to be changed after one wetting
Take note of how fast you have to change your diaper. If it immediately leaks or stays wet even after one wetting, then you know it’s of poor quality. A good disposable diaper should be able to absorb multiple wettings and still keep baby dry be it daytime or nighttime, so that his sleep is uninterrupted.

2. A diaper too snug or too loose
A good-fitting diaper should be stretchy enough to adjust to your baby’s movements and snug enough to avoid leakages. See how it looks on your baby! A good diaper should fit well to keep your baby comfortable and serve its purpose whether at rest or at play.

3. A diaper that has an abrasive cover
Remember, your baby’s bottom is just as sensitive as the skin on the rest of his body. A diaper made of material that feels rough to the touch could seriously irritate your baby’s skin. Choose one with a soft fabric, preferably cotton-soft, so as not to chafe his sensitive skin.

Is your baby’s diaper exhibiting any of these signs? Then it’s time for a diaper change (pun intended!)

Keep your baby stress- and fuss-free by using a diaper that can protect his sensitive skin and keep him comfortable, from day to night – such as Pampers Active Baby.

Pampers Active Baby was awarded as the “BEST disposable diaper” by Smart Parenting Best For Baby Awards 2014. This is because it consists of cotton-like material and gentle ingredients such as a protective lotion to help protect your baby from skin irritation and the dreaded diaper rash. It is also able to absorb multiple wettings faster than other disposable diapers and keeps baby’s bottom dry even after he pees. Plus, it has stretchy sides that adjust to your baby’s movements, to help make sure he stays comfortable whether he’s active or sleeping. Diapers can significantly change the way your baby behaves, and this is why spending a bit more for a top-performing diaper can help you take care of your baby’s needs in the best way.

Say goodbye to your cranky baby and welcome the happy baby that he really is. Now that he is all smiles, more relaxed days and restful nights are in store for both you and your baby!

To know more about Pampers Active Baby’s 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website:

Get-Up, Dress Up! SM Kids’ Fashion Holiday Collection


Each year, one season brings a holiday rush so distinct that the usual urge to get dressed for the seemingly endless revelries has already become synonymous with it: Christmas. Appropriately enough, this season ushers in styles that complement the jovial mood, that even the kids get all excited dressing to the nines.

This is why SM Kids’ Fashion decided to offer what is perhaps the bestest among the best sets for its holiday collection every year. This year’s ensembles showcase a wide variety of styles—from plains to prints, from laid-back casual to prim and proper looks, from dresses to tops and bottoms that are all ideal for one’s mix-and-match technique.

Fashionable Holiday Treat

It’s the season to get dressed to impress, with SM Kids’ Fashion’s dresses that are soaked in red, pink, blue, and even in the softness of pastels. So for girls who want to strut as modern princesses or be the cutest little misses, there will surely be a right outfit for every occasion. Aside from very feminine pieces, SM Kids’ Fashion has a variety of dresses that can also give that casual look.

This year’s holiday collection also inspires boys and girls of all ages to make a statement from the vast choices of colors, prints, and patterns that delight and uplift. The cropped shirts and skater skirts for example; with all the styles, textures, and prints that girls can mix and match. They can dress up like their favorite pop icons, or simply become the most fashionable version of themselves.


SMHoliday-Print-Dressy-GirlsGirls' Casual-Rev



The boys, on the other hand, would surely love the modern and visually appealing tees that are flexible enough to complement their mood to dress up or dress down for the party. To add edge to one’s favorite denims, boys can simply pair these with a graphic tee. And because the shirts in this collection are flexible and fashionable enough for any gathering, adding cardigans, hoodies, button downs, or blazers can surely further the look. After all, the holiday season also ushers in that breezy atmosphere, so boys can go and take advantage of it with a trendy layered outfit.
Indeed, just in time for the Yuletide season, SM Kids’ Fashion has expanded its collection so boys and girls can dress up and be whoever they want to be.

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The Power of Prayer

As you may know, our whole family has been deeply traumatized ever since we experienced Glenda’s wrath.  Even Raviv.  Sometimes, even a gust of wind will stop him in his tracks, give him that faraway look and then he would say, “Nanay I’m scared of the storm.”  Randy has been preparing for Ruby for days now, giving our helpers instructions on how to secure our windows and roof.  We’ve been constantly monitoring weather reports, jumping onto our feet every time there is a development.  Paranoid na kung paranoid, pero buti na ang handa.

But more than any preparation, we need to pray.  I tell you, our prayers can do wonders.  Remember the miracle God has shown us—when Raviv dodged a major skull surgery?  I actually had an encounter with God’s power and mercy recently.  Not as major as what happened to Raviv, but I still want to share it with you to encourage you to talk to The Big Guy Up There.


Anyway, I told you some weeks ago my problems with my new business.  You know when I blogged about it, I was actually trying to console myself.  That’s why I seemed optimistic.  Ang totoo n’yan, I was carrying so much burden in me.  I no longer bothered telling Randy about them because I wanted to solve them myself.  Well, I did tell Randy pala, but only in passing—I just mentioned them casually as though they were no big deal.  I guess it’s pride—these problems that I keep to myself are problems I initially shrugged off as small problems that I could solve in no time.  And then they snowball into something big.

Teacher problem

I’ll be honest with you: when one of my teachers quit on me because she had a “miscarriage” (there are quotes because until now, she hasn’t presented a medical certificate yet.  She also does not reply to my text messages as to when she’ll give me her medical certificate and does not answer my calls. #shady), I did not worry that much because I have several other prospects (besides, I was told that she wasn’t “Gymboree material” anyway).  I had a very good prospect who was definitely Gymboree material and really wanted the job.  Unfortunately, her dad had other plans for her.  Then there’s another one who kept on postponing her interview until she just vanished into thin air.  Others naman, hindi talaga Gymboree material.  My training was impeded because I had to interview so many applicants.

Port congestion problem

And as if my teacher problems were not enough, I also struggled—no, wrestled—with the port congestion issue.  See, I scheduled Raviv’s Gymboree birthday party this December.  And then I heard about the port congestion issue.  I acted and started bugging our broker.  I learned that we have two shipments coming: one from Busan (South Korea), and one from the US.  At that time, the ship from Busan has arrived, but a week in the Philippines and still it hasn’t docked!  After docking daw, mga one week pa before the cargo would be delivered to me.  Then the ship from the US—the one carrying 75% of my play equipment—was supposed to arrive here on Nov. 26, pero malamang delayed daw.  The broker told me she thinks I would receive the cargo in the 3rd week of December paWhaaaat?!?  E December 21 ang birthday celebration ng anak ko!!!  I panicked but started to solve the problem again.  I asked the Gymboree Manila Polo Club to lend me their play equipment.  They initially offered to host Raviv’s birthday for free, but I refused because that’d be too far from my guests.  They said tatlong balikan daw para mahakot ko lahat ng play equipment, pero kebs na lang.  Anyway, they will close for Christmas break beginning Dec. 19.  I gave myself a pat on the back, telling myself I was sooo darn good.

But then two days after I “solved” my equipment problem, I learned that someone booked a party at Gymboree Manila Polo on Dec. 20.  Hapon pa ang party.  That means male-late ang hakot namin pag nagkataonSabado ito guys, malapit na sa Pasko.  Malamang alamang gravity ang traffic nito papuntang Laguna!  I was really, really, really down.  The birthday party is very important to me because:

  1. Raviv is so excited about his birthday party.  Dati kebs siya sa party, but now almost every morning when he wakes up he would ask how many more days are left before his birthday party.  What kind of mother could stomach not pushing through with her son’s party given that?!  Raviv hasn’t had a “proper” birthday celebration since his 1st birthday party so deserve niya ito.
  2. As bad as it sounds, this is also a business decision.  Birthday parties are a major event for parents, so we don’t want to bungle our first party clients.  Better to “practice” on Raviv’s party rather than on a paying customer.  Moreover, we could use Raviv’s party’s photos to give parents an idea what to expect from Gymboree Sta. Rosa parties, right?

Tables problem

And there’s also my problem on where to get my tables.  See, Gymboree requires us to use a specific kind of table and chairs set.  And they’re quite difficult to find.


I was advised to order from China, pero hel-loow, yun ngang equipment kong antagal nang na-order waley pa rin, paano pa itong table na ito?!  Then I was told by the Gymboree Alabang branch that they got their tables and chairs from the Gymboree Eastwood owner.  Yipppeee!!!  I contacted them with glee, only to shatter my hopes again:  they are no longer selling these tables and chairs. #basagnanaman  I found a supplier online that was selling something slightly different from this at P19,800 per set.  Ang mahal di ba?  I told myself that if I don’t get a supplier soon, I have no choice but to close my eyes and buy 4 freaking sets of this.

One time I just burst and told the people at the Gymboree back office, “Lahat na lang ng kamalasan ibinigay sa akin dito.  Akalo ko solve na, ‘yun pala hindi pa rin.”

I was sooo tired worrying and troubleshooting problems that just grew worse every day.  Then the Metro Manila commuters’ problem also took a toll on me: waiting for taxi for almost an hour, riding a taxi for almost two hours (from Forbes Park to EDSA Shangrila lang ito!), then paying almost P300 for that snail of a ride.  Then the next day, I would wait for a taxi to take me to Forbes Park for more than an hour again, battle heavy traffic, and then pay an exorbitant amount.

I was mentally and physically tired.  I tried everything in my power to troubleshoot problems, but there was nothing I can do.  One evening while I was travelling back to our condo during heavy traffic, I started meditating on His Word.  This was what struck me the most:

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Hate To Irritate: Protect Your Baby’s Skin from Irritation!


What causes irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin? Read on.

Itchy skin? Red spots? Rashes on your baby’s skin? These are just some of the common skin problems your baby encounters.  Since baby’s skin is so sensitive, it could react to almost anything—intense sunlight, insect bites, room temperature, food, clothesthe list is endless. In fact, baby’s skin is a lot thinner than adult skin and produces fewer moisturizing oils compared to an adult’s, which is why their skin easily flakes, chaps, and gets irritated.


The good news is that there are ways to combat baby’s skin irritation.

Here’s are some tips that can help prevent, address and protect your baby’s skin against these common skin problems:

1. Dry Skin

Hate To Irritate: Protect Your Baby’s Skin from Irritation - Baby|

As baby’s skin absorbs and loses moisture quicker than an adult’s skin, it’s more prone to drying out. To help prevent dry skin, keep baby’s baths short, preferably under 10 minutes, and use lukewarm water and gentle skin cleansers. After bath time, apply an extra gentle hypoallergenic lotion or oil on your baby’s skin and re-apply every 12 hours to help keep it moisturized.

2. Infant Eczema

Hate To Irritate: Protect Your Baby’s Skin from Irritation - Baby|

That red, inflamed itchy rash you see on your baby’s skin is usually hereditary and is triggered by skin dryness, allergens and irritants, and sometimes by heat and sweat. While there is no cure for eczema, it usually becomes less severe over time. To help prevent your baby’s eczema from flaring up, make sure that his skin is always moisturized. Keep your baby’s nails trimmed as well or let him wear hand mittens to avoid any scratching on the rash. You can also use anti-inflammatory medications and topical steroids but they must be prescribed by a pediatrician.

3. Infant Acne


Yes, your baby experiences this because of some hormonal imbalance. But it is nothing to worry about – those little zits on your baby that appeared a few weeks after birth will clear up eventually. What you can do to help clear the acne is to cleanse your baby’s skin daily with gentle cleansers, though avoid excessive washing and remember to gently pat dry to not aggravate the bumps. Never apply acne cream, lotion or gel meant for adult skin to your baby’s skin.

4. Diaper Rash

Hate To Irritate: Protect Your Baby’s Skin from Irritation - Baby|

When poo and pee come in contact with your baby’s bottom for prolonged periods of time, flat red patches or diaper rashes are likely to appear and these make your little one extremely uncomfortable. To help soothe the irritation, you may apply petroleum jelly or an emollient cream, but prevention is still the best way. It has been proven that the best way to prevent diaper rash irritation is to use a good quality diaper that protects baby’s skin. A good quality diaper—like Pampers Active Baby—not only keeps baby’s skin dry but also has baby lotion that prevents rashes.

Smart Parenting Best for Baby Awards 2014 named Pampers Active Baby the BEST disposable diaper versus four other leading brands. They’ve discovered that Pampers Active Baby really does have 5 star skin protection — including a soft cottony cover, 12 hour dryness for baby’s skin, and stretchy sides to fit baby comfortably. It also has hypoallergenic baby lotion on its top sheet which acts as a protective layer between your baby’s sensitive skin and the diaper to reduce friction and skin irritation.

To know more about Pampers Active Baby’s 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website:

Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal: Pizza Plus Pizza Plus Mooooore!!!


They say there is something about the appetizing look of pizzas that whets every food lover’s appetite, no matter what time of the day it is.  But the operative word here is, “they”.  Because I have a confession to make:  I do not like pizzas all that much.  I like them, but not like others (like my husband and son!) who are willing to eat pizzas 24/7.

So wait, what am I doing, writing advertorials about Shakey’s?!?

For one, Randy and Raviv loooooove pizzas so much.  Second, we are talking about Shakey’s, bey-beh!  And Shakey’s isn’t just pizza!  Whenever I’m with my man and my boy or with friends, and they say they crave for pizza, I’d always suggest Shakey’s.  Why?  Because even when I’m in no mood for pizza (but usually my mood changes when it’s thin crust and still hot and smellin‘ so good!), Shakey’s has a lot, lot, lot more to offer.  And I have a lot, lot, lot more to salivate after!  Whenever I’m at Shakey’s, I always have a difficult time deciding which one to buy because I love everything on the menu!

That’s why I’m so psyched with Shakey’s latest Grand Slam offering: the Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal!  This deal is so super and grand because it allows guests to pair their favorite pizza combination with a generous serving of signature starters or pasta, plus a pitcher of Nestea Iced Tea or Coca-Cola softdrink. It’s an immediate feast, no matter what the occasion is!

Shakey's Super Grand Slammin' Deal Poster

So here’s how the Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal works.

  1. Choose any of your favorite starters or pasta; this could be the seasoned and deep-fried Calamari Crrrunch or the tender and juicy Buffalo wings or the hot and crispy perfection of Wings’n’Rings. If you’re a pasta lover, perhaps try the deliciously creamy Carbonara Platter or the delightful Spaghetti Platter.
  2. Select your 18-inch Grand Slam Pizza flavor combination, Original four delicious flavors: Shakey’s Special, Pepperoni, Classic Italian Sausage and Friday Special or New Combination flavors: Angus Steakhouse, Hi-Protein Supreme, Pizza Castellana and Managers Choice.
  3. And lastly, top it all off with a refreshing pitcher of your choice drink.

If that treat isn’t enough, ordering the Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal also entitles you to one (1) free SuperCard, all for only Php999! Shakey’s SuperCard allows card holders to enjoy discounts and freebies, including a free pizza for every pizza delivery order with drinks to match. So upon having the SuperCard, you can start enjoying all the amazing treats from Shakey’s.  So, is this a grand deal or a super deal?!?  Well, it’s both!

The promo runs until December 17 only, so make sure you get your Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal in any Shakey’s branch near you!  I know our family will!!!

Wardrobe Diary #65: 31-year olds at the Forever 21 Fashion Show (Oct. 24, 2014)

This is a blog post I’ve been sooooo excited to share with you for a long time!  That’s because for the first time ever–at 31 years old–I was finally able to attend a fashion show for grown-up (because all I’ve been attending were for kids).


I’ve actually received several invites in the past.  Yun lang, I was always unavailable.  So when Krissy of ARC PR sent me an electronic invite and passes to attend—get this—the Forever 21 Fashion Show during the Fashion Week, boy was I in Cloud 9 because I had no other commitments on that day aside from a small task in Makati hours before the fashion show.  Krissy allowed me to invite two more friends, so talagang it was fun!

Anyway, here is what this 31-year old was wearing at the Forever 21 (gaaah, I’m a decade older than Forever 21’s target clientele!!!) Fashion Show during the Philippine Fashion Week:


PA240148I know mejo suman ako sa suot ko, but I hope hindi pa ako mukhang nagmumurang kamias.

  • blue and black block dress: Blessed Shop
  • black quilted leather bag: Marc Jacobs Stam
  • gold infinity bracelet: Divisoria
  • leather wedge sandals: Aldo

And guys, please ask me kung nagpa-hair and make-up ba ako (kasi ang ganda ng hair ko diba?)  Because I’m proud to say that I did, pero libre langyan!  How and where?  Well, I’ll let you in on a secret how you could get your hair and make-up done for free!  Since the fashion show was done at the SMX Convention Center (sooo near SM MOA), I first went to the hair and beauty department of SM.  I first went to JML.  I told the SA that I bought a JML plantsa-cum-curler from them.  Then she volunteered to curl my hair.  O di ba?  Then I went to the make-up counters, stopping at the Majolica Majorca counter.  The SA again volunteered to line my upper lid, which she winged very well.  She also did a bit of contouring on my face using the brand’s blusher/bronzer.  Since she did very well and since I also needed one, I bought the eyeliner she used on me.  So the next time you buy your make-up (kung hindi naman nagmamadali), I suggest you it when you are headed to an event. Winking smileSo back to the event.  I arrived at SMX Convention quite early, and my friends have yet to arrive.  I was beyond thrilled when Krissy gave me Forever 21 gift cards!  I mean, I love Forever 21!  I could spend hours at a boutique just admiring the quirky and fashionable clothes and accessories!  After that, I headed in because there was a mini-Forever 21 boutique.  Several celebrities were also there, shopping.  I literally rubbed elbows with Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Bubbles Paraiso, etc.  Aaaaand, may chismis ako sa inyo.  But before that, take a look at this photo that I grabbed from ARC PR’s Facebook PageOpen-mouthed smile:

Diba wala lang naman?  But my malicious friend Teta was insinuating something:

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New Business Birthing Pains & Gains

Hello everyone!  It’s been a looong while since I posted random things about my life’s happenings.  I really wanna do it, but I swear, sobrang busy lang talaga!  These days all I’ve been blogging are sponsored posts and advertorials!  I am happy because they are blessings: aside from that it’s extra moolah for me, they also make my self-esteem high because it means MomsterTeacher is trusted by recognized and highly esteemed brands.

But I really miss my usual chika with you guys and girls and gays.  So many things have been happening in my life, and believe me that at each time, I long to share it with you.

Anyway, let’s get it out of the way:  Bakit nga ba busy-busy-han ako these days? If you follow me on Instagram, then you’d know I’ve been hands on with my new baby: Randy and I are the new proud owners of the soon-to-open Gymboree Sta. Rosa!!!



It’s a lot of work, but I am immensely enjoying!  Andaming stress (as is expected when opening a new business), but they are often quickly negated.

Mga stress:

1. The delay of construction of Gymboree site – supposedly, kahapon ang Grand Opening namin.  However, because of the frequent rains, the construction was often put to a halt.

2014-11-09 15.13.38The second floor that’s under construction is where Gymboree Sta. Rosa will be

2. The Search for the Next Gymboree Sta. Rosa teacher eto pa.  It all started when I lost my phone.  As early as September, I already had two prospects.  But since I lost my phone, I lost contact with them.  It took me a while to contact them.  And when I finally did, one of the two had already accepted another job offer because she thought I didn’t like her.  Asus!  Then I interviewed more.  And then after so many candidates, I got another one.  We started our training na and all.  Then after two weeks, she dropped a bombshell:  she didn’t know she was preggers, and she had a miscarriage.  She underwent a D&C procedure, and her doctor told her she can’t be moving around.  Kumusta naman?!  Until now, I’m still looking for another teacher.

3. Port congestion – I guess you’ve heard this news: there’s a port congestion!  My Gymboree equipment were ordered from Gymboree US.  And now I don’t know when they’ll become available.  I can’t open without my equipment!!!

But there are a lot of positive things that make me super excited and still optimistic about this whole Gymboree Franchising thing:


Things that get me excited

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Tips on Caring for Baby’s Sensitive Skin


One thing that makes us crazy about babies is their smooth, velvety skin.  I remember using every minutiae of my willpower just to prevent myself from biting almost all of Raviv—his cheeks, his hands, and even the supposedly icky places like toes and, yes, his bum!
Raviv at 6 months old…you get what I mean now?

However, things can take a disparate turn when our baby’s skin develops rashes and allergies.  A simple rash is very visible.  Worse, babies would feel very uncomfortable.  They might start scratching and before you know it, the circumference of your little bundle of joy’s rash has already ballooned plus you have an irritable crybaby pa!  Suffice it to say, taking care of our babies’ skin—especially those with sensitive skin—is a major (and should be!) a major concern!  It’s so unlike our own skin because a baby’s skin is thinner than an adult’s skin.  It’s definitely more delicate and more sensitive, so it’s important you take extra precautions to protect your baby’s skin.

Here are some tips to ensure your baby’s skin is velvety smooth all the time:

1.  Use products that do not irritate baby’s skin.
Be more discerning about products you use on your baby, such as soaps, detergents, and diapers. Soaps and detergents may contain harsh ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin. Opt for gentle cleansers and detergents which are hypoallergenic and will not cause your baby’s skin allergies. To know which skin product  is best to use on your baby, you could do a simple skin test on your arm. Products that are too harsh for your  skin may cause redness or even tingling, causing even more irritation on baby’s skin.

2.  Choose soft clothing. 
Consider the materials your baby’s clothes are made of.  I learned this lesson early.  I remember being in a mall and seeing fasyon baby clothes that were cheap.  As expected, I hoarded.  But when I made Raviv wear them, I regretted it immediately.  Clothes come in direct contact with their skin, and these clothes were really rough on Raviv’s soft skin.  I could not subject my son to such torture—I really felt that the rough texture would rub and might wound my son’s skin.  So from then on, I only bought clothes with a soft, smooth material such as 100% cotton instead of other fabrics that can chafe and mark on a  baby’s extra-sensitive skin.

3.  Keep out of the sun. 
As much as possible, avoid leaving the house with your baby during peak hours, 10AM  to 4PM, as this is  when the sun can get ultra-hot. Harmful UV rays will not only darken baby’s skin, but possibly result to  dryness, blemishes and even worse, sunburns which can turn into blisters.

4.  Use a diaper that has 5-star skin protection.
Your baby’s bottom is even more sensitive than skin on other parts of his body because it is exposed to pee  and poo every day. Prolonged wetness on baby’s skin makes his skin prone to irritation, causing diaper rashes  and other allergies. It is so important to use a good quality diaper that will make sure the skin on baby’s  bottom is protected every day, even if it is exposed to continued wetness.

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Mockingjay Part 1 Special Screening at SM Calamba!

If you’re like me who was so bitin with Catching Fire, then you’re in for a treat!!!


Guys, this is it!!!  We “’provinciated” fans of The Hunger Games Trilogy no longer need to go to the Metro to watch because the UPRHS Class of 2013 (about 90% of whom were my students when they were in Grade 6 and in third year high school—hay, how time flies!!!) is bringing the special screening of this much-anticipated movie to Calamba City, bey-beh!!!  This special screening is gonna be on Thursday already, so better reserve a ticket now!

Hope to see you on Thursday at SM Calamba, OK? Winking smile