Bethany Loves Circles Co.!


Yaya Isay and Dodong’s beautiful baby, Bethany, is staying with us.  It’s our way of helping them, as they really are very good employees (and we’d hate to see them leave us).  Moreover, Bethany is really mabait and really pretty that we just love being with her.  Even Raviv loves her, treating and calling her his “baby sister”.


About two weeks ago, Aiza Marcos-Balinos of Circles Co. paid me a visit.  During our tête-à-tête, I learned that she is the wife of a good friend.  I immediately warmed up to her because her husband, Memen, is a great guy.  It has been a decade since I last saw Memen, but thoughts of him evoke warm thoughts.  He’s the type of guy who is mabait and malambing, but definitely not malandi to his female friends.  That’s quite a combination, don’t you think?

Anyway, aside from gazillions of chika, Aiza also came bearing gifts for beautiful Bethany.  Look at the lovely sets of clothing Aiza brought for Bethany:

The dresses from Circles Co. made Bethany look even more beautiful, doncha think?


Circles Co. is actually the brainchild of three moms, Anne, Aiza, and Christine, who are equally passionate about providing their little girls fashionable yet quality clothing.  Just like them, I’m sure you are, too! Each Circles set is made of cotton garments to ensure the comfort of your babies, especially those with delicate skin. Each Circles set comes with an adorable dress, a matching bloomer, a must-have hanky, and a lovely headband! The embellishments attached to the dresses and headbands are all hand-made.

Look at some of their sets:

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How Randy Proposed

People often ask me how Randy proposed, expecting to hear a butterflies-in-the-stomach inducing story.  To their dismay, my reply is always, “Next question please!” Hehe.

Kasi naman, the proposal was the antithesis of romantic.  As in waley talaga.  I remember it was our fifth anniversary as bf-gf.  Honestly, I already had an inkling that that was when he would propose.  Since it was during the summer (where he was at his busiest–I was still working as site manager of Canyon Ranch, one of Century Property’s projects then), I somehow accepted that his proposal would be olats.  He would not have had the time to prepare for any kind of gimik. But because I know people would ask me about how he proposed, ako ang um-effort.  Since he will be fetching me from Carmona, Cavite, I suggested that we have our anniversary dinner at Antonio’s in Tagaytay.  At least kahit dry ang proposal, romantic ang lugar. Pwedeng ikwentoSo I called Antonio’s and made dinner reservations.

However, ang lolo Randy natin ay naipit sa traffic. When he reached Carmona, it was almost 8 p.m., and Antonio’s was closed at 7:30.  Hayst.  Since I knew he was tired, I just suggested we unwind at the nearby Manila Jockey Club Casino Filipino (because at that time, medyo napahilig kami sa slot machines).  But as I rode his car at Canyon Ranch before going to the Manila Jockey Club he pulled a small box.  I thought to myself, “Thiiiiz eeez eeet!”  In a flash, I tried to recall how the sales agents of Canyon Ranch described our projectrolling hills, cool breezeayun! I could romanticize the surroundings and tell people that Randy proposed to me “in the middle of somewhere cozy and private amidst rolling hills and the cool summer breeze one romantic evening”.  Then I was holding my breath as he opened the box and asked the predictable question, “Sweetheart, will you marry me?” And then my jaw dropped.  Because I had to squint to find the pebble stone set on the ring.  Hihihi.  And then later, we went to the Casino and shared a slot machine after that.  Like I said, ang anti-romantic, dabah?

(Although at the first free time we had together, we eventually headed to Antonio’s in Tagaytay.  I wanted this to be the place where Randy supposedly proposed, but no, hindi talaga eh!)

antonio's tagaytay

from-dews-camera-phone-004At Antonio’s Tagaytay.  Could you see the rock on my hand?  Hehehe.

Like I said, it really was anti-romantic. But I’m holding no grudges because in fairness to Randy, he gave me the wedding that I wanted.  Probably even more than what I wanted (I hope I’d have the time to blog about it).

fernbrook wedding

Then he gave me a super handsome and adorable son.  And now, he is being the husband and father that most women think were just products of the imagination.

So really, kebs na ba kung ano man ang nangyari sa proposal ni Randy.  If I meet a pompous woman na niyayabangan ako sa proposal ng husband or fiancé niya at ayokong magpatalo, I could always say that my husband proposed “in the middle of somewhere cozy and private amidst rolling hills and the cool summer breeze”, with matching pa-mysterious smile.  O davah?


Anyway, the reason I remembered Randy’s proposal is because of THE proposal of Dingdong Dantes to Marian Rivera. I have long refused to acknowledge that I am a fan of the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera loveteam for many shallow reasons. First, I prefer the Kapamilya over the Kapuso channel by a long mile. Second, Randy likes Marian so much that it makes me jealous. Third, affected much ako sa mga reported wrong grammar and mispronunciations ni Marian. But the not-so-shallow reason I have against them is the fact that their relationship is covered with a shroud of dishonesty. I could not get it out of my head that the two were unfaithful to their respective partners.

But their years of bliss together and engagement made everyone forget the perceived shady kickoff of their relationship. They now have this romantic “we were meant to be” story, and people (including me) have forgiven their “affair”. They were not just a pair of cheaters who just stomped on their ex-boyfriend’s and ex-girlfriend’s hearts just because of infatuation or tawag ng laman–no, they were soulmates who had to follow their hearts. Charot!

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My UPCAT Experience 2: Engr. Pau Perez’s and More!

Part Two of My UPCAT Experience

Hello hello!!!  Gravity, two days to go before Day 1 of THE DAY!!!

Anyway, you nervous UPCAT takers are in for another treat, because three other successful UPCAT takers have been so generous with their time to encourage you with your upcoming endeavor.

Let’s begin with Engr. Jeffrey Paulo Perez’s (who insists on being called “Jeffrey” from now on, because mas tutyal daw pakinggan ang “Jeffrey”, bilang papunta na siyang Belgium in a month..Huhuhu!) UPCAT experience.

Engr. Jeffrey Paulo “Jeffrey” Perez

(took the UPCAT inbasta a not-so-long time ago; graduated cum laude from UP Los Banos with a degree in Chemical Engineering despite:

1. being president of three student organizations

2. and moments like telling the jeepney driver “Para!” prematurely just to give another Chem Eng student lascivious looks while the latter was playing volleyball at DL Umali Freedom Park, and of wearing eyeshadow to class)


I only had one dream in high school—to get into UP. Back then, I believed that being an Iskolar ng  Bayan will be an affirmation of my insatiable hunger for knowledge, a validation that I am meant for greater things, and, most importantly, a proof that all of our family’s sacrifices have finally paid off.

Just days before UPCAT 2014, let’s see how terrorific I was during that fateful day.

My UPCAT schedule was set on a Sunday at 6:30 AM. I did not have that much sleep the night before.  I was very anxious even though I have prepared myself academically.  I was assigned [to take the test] at the CEM Function Hall, which I decided to visit a day before just to make sure that I won’t get lost.

On exam day, I arrived at the assigned room 30 minutes before the examination starts so that I will have time to calm my nerves.  There were already a lot of students when I got there.  I felt so out-of-place because everyone had someone to talk to (or someone to panic with).  They also crammed extra topics that they think will be essential for UPCAT.  I had to plug-in my earphones and blast some feel-good music so that I won’t feel nervous and distracted.

Then, a few minutes before 6:30 AM, the examiner asked us to enter the room and proceed into our assigned seats.  My seat assignment was near a tower-type air conditioning unit.  Fortunately, I brought a jacket with me because I heard there was this kid who peed in his pants while in the lecture hall.  The first subtest administered was Science. In our batch, most of the questions came from General Science and Physics, a few from Chemistry and a little bit on Biology.  Of course I was very happy with the question mix since it was like competing once again in Science and Chemistry Olympiads.  Furthermore, there were questions on optics and sound, my two favorite topics on Physics.  Nevertheless, I was very confident with the first subtest.  There were a few items which I was not really familiar with so I had to use my powers of deduction (Naaaaaaks! In short, hinulaan ko.).

I was aware of the “Right Minus 1⁄4 Wrong” rule, but I still decided to guess the answer for the other questions.  Why, you ask?  Statistically speaking, there is a very high chance of getting the answers correctly if you can eliminate other choices.  While reviewing for UPCAT, I noticed that most of the choices in college reviewers can be narrowed down into two – leaving you with a 50:50 chance of getting a correct answer.  As one of my colleagues in Brain Train, Sir Jhabs, pointed out, the deductions we would incur will be trivial if we “scientifically” guess the answers.  I am not saying that you guess the answer for every blank item.  I think it would be better if there are SOME questions that you choose to answer. If you feel guilty because you guessed “too many” items, most probably the others did the same thing.  Remember that your UPCAT scores are in percentile so guessing MAY increase your rank.

The next subtest was Mathematics. Now, this one is a tricky subtest. Many questions were from Algebra and Geometry (especially the shaded areas). I think the subtest was constructed so that many students won’t be able to finish. I, for one, finished just in time, meaning I had no time to review some of my answers. So you better be fast and not think twice if you want to finish the exam in time! Just remember all the shortcuts and techniques we taught you so that you won’t be MA-BA-GAL (Hi Sir Mark!).  And, yes, that’s the Brain Train Advantage!

For Language Proficiency and Reading Comprehension, they were a combination of English and Filipino questions and passages.  Also, there were some editorial cartoons and caricatures that were asked to be interpreted. I can say that the difficulty of the last two remaining subtest during our batch was moderate, not too easy but not too difficult.

I did not bring food during the exam because I know I won’t have time to eat. Just like what I did in my Philippine Science High School Entrance Test, I brought a chocolate bar and bottled water, in case I got hungry. I also did not eat heavy breakfast so that I won’t feel drowsy or go the comfort room to do some “dirty business”.  After the most grueling five hours of my life, I emerged feeling victorious in the depths of that highly academic lair. I felt like a winner because I know I just conquered one of the most difficult college entrance exams in the country. And, most of all, I felt satisfied because I know I am already one step onward to a bright future, no way but UP!

20140624_234719Engr. Perez with the object of his lascivious glances

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Best Friends Zone

Yesterday I had an impromptu date with my college best friends. It was a simple dinner and bonggang chikahan. My friend Zaira fetched me. She left her car at our place while I drove us to the quaint restau where we dined.

While I was driving, my phone rang. It was our other ka-date, Chrys. I told Zaira to answer the phone.

Zaira: Huy Chrystela, ‘wag kang magulo at nagda-drive si Mrs. Ladaga. (Sabay nag-flirty laughs and giggles).

I think Chrys asked where we were because Zai continued:

Zaira: Palabas na kami ng subdivision…mamaya pa kami darating diyan kasi 5 km/hr ang takbo namin.

I was about to protest vehemently. Good thing I decided to check the speedometer (tama ba?) first. And true enough, I was really driving that slow. Hrmpft!

When we three were already seated, we couldn’t wait to blurt out our respective chimis-es. Of course, my chismax was about my preggers helper.

Zaira: Ba’t ganun ‘yung mga nagtatrabaho sa inyo puro nagjojowaan at nabubuntis?!? Pwede ba ako mag-apply sa inyo para mabuntis din ako? Sige na!


Zai, Chrys, and I. Photo taken early this year as we were lining up to watchhay nakuGirl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. I know–how profound.  Hehe.


Anyway as we were eating, one chika led to another until we came to a point that we were sharing how much we love our friendship. Personally, Zai and Chrys are friends whom I’m most comfortable with. I have several other friends, and I also love their company. But Zai and Chrys and Kat (our “Eat, Pray, Love” ang peg friend in Germany) go a looong way back. Wala na kaming hiya-hiya. With them, I am no longer shy to show them how matakaw I am. They would even always remind me how pataygutom-esque I once pounced and slurped a forkful of Nissin’s Yakisoba. They told me that with the way I eat, I had no right to be carrying an LV or Balenciaga—pang-Secosana lang daw dapat ako! And we would all laugh. And when I cook and it’s palpak, they make fun of it to my face. No whispering behind me! I also like that I don’t need to be dainty and mahinhin and sosyal-sosyalan in front of them. Although I love the fact that we can be burgis-burgisan when we need to. But then afterwards we would all have a good laugh about talking in slang Taglish in a sugary-sweet voice for the sake of an audience.

Don’t you just love having friends like that?

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My UPCAT Experience

Hello students (and parents)!  I’m sure you are anticipating this coming weekend with dread.  Those who are well-prepared are eager to take “THE” UPCAT to get it over and done with, while those who aren’t spend more time getting scared than doing actual studyingam I right or am I left-handed?  (Well, I’m both!  Hehe)

I hope you were able to read the UPCAT tips I gave.  I actually wrote it some years ago, but I believe the tips are still very much applicable.

Since you jitterbug UPCAT takers lot want to read anything and everything regarding the UPCAT, I have decided to go on a trip down memory lane and recall the exam that made me a true blue and proud Iska.

Image lifted from

MomsterTeacher’s UPCAT Experience

During our time, I was among the first batch of UPCAT takers—that is, I took the exam in the morning of Saturday (so no chance to get a leakage from friends, hihi).  This was unfortunate because I sleep late and of course, I wake up late.  To add insult to the injury, I always have MORE trouble sleeping when I know I have to wake up early.  Knowing that, I made sure I was prepared for it the day before my exam:  before going home, I bought my snacks (Konjac Jelly—tanda ko pa!) and lunch (my favourite spiced beef meal from Shanghai Expresstoo bad sarado na ’tong SEx!).  Of course, I also brought water.   I also checked and rechecked my test kit: school ID, test permit, pencilSSSSSS, eraser, and sharpener.  So the following day, after an uneasy sleep, I woke up just in time.  I took a bath (which took away some of my grogginess), stuffed everything I needed in my bag, tried to eat a “safe” breakfast (no milk, no greasy food, no caffeine)and wore a new blouse.  Baket kamo?  Because I anticipated that there may be a cute boy in the same room as where I would take the UPCAT, hehe.  HOWEVER, that proved to be a major blunder.  First, the blouse I was talking about wasn’t really new, as in newly bought.  I’ve had it for some time but refused to wear it because it somehow showed my “baby fats” and was not made of cotton ergo it wasn’t too comfortable.  Anyway, it was a good thing I arrived at the testing site early (I made myself comfy and did not have to panic).  And if at first I tried to suck in my stomach so my bulges would be hidden, I realized that none in our room would care about my protruding belly anyway.  So I just made myself comfortable and answered the exam confidently.  Of course, I uttered prayers:  before I started the exam, during the exam, and another prayer of thanks as I finished before time was up.

Anyway, since my UPCAT Experience dates back to2010 (joke!!!), I also asked some of my former students to share with you their own UPCAT stories, so you would have an idea how theirs went.  Of course, these are all UPCAT passers.  Let’s hear their stories:

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An Eventful Week

Happy Monday everyone!  How’s your day so far?  Naku, I’m soooo eager to blog and blab to you how last week went.  Soooo much happened last week, grabe!  After the brouhaha of my and Raviv’s food poisoning drama last week, I thought this week just drag on and be easily forgotten. Well, I must be a poor seer because this week turned out nothing but extraordinary.   Shall I commence my chismis?
Let’s begin with Monday. Raviv, Randy and I left a tad early and headed to Sta. Rosa to go to the Fun Farm at Hacienda Sta. Elena. Bakit kamo?  Because there was a yard sale happening there!  Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Instagram of Hindy Weber-Tantoco (yep, the Tantocos behind Rustan’s) and saw that they’re hosting a yard sale.  Since I knew how much of a fashionista Hindy is (and because she’s my new favorite mom and woman!), I knew I HAD to go.  Actually, Day 1 of the yard sale was on Sunday (previous day), but since I had classes, I had to wait until the following day (and felt tortured thinking that the good stuff had already been plundered. Hmpft!). Randy “supported” me, probably because he knows that shopping at the yard sale of the owner of Rustan’s was waaaaaaay cheaper than actually shopping at Rustan’s. Hehe. Moreover, he knew we’d be shooting two politicians with one sharp, fatal stone (ain’t this idiom better than shooting two birds with one stone?): I’d be shopping for super cheap items while he and Raviv will be able to enter and explore the Fun Farm for free. O diba, brilliant?

And boy, was he right! Look at how Raviv (who has just been discharged from the hospital less 24 hours ago) enjoyed!
Guys, ‘yung totootalaga bang kaka-confine lang ni Raviv nang two nights?!?! Para kasing ayokong maniwala! Hehe
But I couldn’t decide who had more fun, because I was also dizzy finding hidden treasures at the yard sale! Lookie lookie!!!

So many pretty things!!! Kakaasar lang because the salesladies would tell me, “Naku Ma’am, lalo na kahapon! Grabe mas marami pang magaganda talaga! Kaso puro nabili na!”

But as a true blue shopingera, I was undaunted and knew I could still find hidden gems!  And I sure did!!!  Take a look at some of my yard sale loot:

You wanna know how much they cost?  Well, first I wanna tell you that these items look super new.  The turquoise floral blouse (Juana) was only P100; the black Marni (yes, Marni!!!) dress was P200, and the mustard pleated dress (Debbie Co) was P250.  The I Spy Game for Raviv was P100.

And then ito pa: [Read more...]

How To Spot Fake and Authentic Cath Kidston Bags

Hello there!  If I was able to convince you on my last post that Cath Kidston bags are a good buy and not really made for grannies, chances are, you’re eager to grab one for yourself.  But be wary, because there are lots of fake Cath Kidston bags out there: there are lots in Greenhills and even in online shops!  While buying from the Cath Kidston website or from a Cath Kidston boutique is the most ideal, I know that some of you may be in a budget or would want to be practical and buy pre-loved items (at alam naman nating lahat that I love ukay, so I don’t want to be prissy and tell you that buying directly from the Cath Kidston website or a Cath Kidston boutique is the only way to go).  Like what I always say, “Mas OK nang second hand kesa peke.” But what’s worse is buying a fake, pre-loved “Cath Kidston” kuno, tapos proud na proud ka pang dala-dala ‘yun, ‘di ba?  Thus, I thought of writing a post on how you could EASILY recognize an authentic or a fake Cath Kidston bag.

With my recent Cath Kidston bag-hoard direct from London (through Motherhood), I guess I can be an authority on how to spot the real from the not (I wonder when the day that I will be able to easily recognize an authentic Birkin will come.  Hehe).  Now, let me do the honor of sharing it with you.

Anyway, here’s a photo of two Cath Kidston Carryall bags.  One of them is a fake, while the other is authentic.  Can you guess which is fake and which is authentic?

fake vs authentic cath kidston bags

At first glance, it would be difficult to determine which is authentic and which one is the fake. It used to be that I thought fake Cath Kidstons were shiny, while the authentic ones were matte. However, I realized that there really were shiny authentic Cath Kidston bags, depending on the material that was used.  But do remember, too, that most “Cath Kidston” bags I saw being sold at Greenhills had shiny finishes.  So if I were you and I’m gonna buy my Cath Kidston bag, I’ll buy one that has a matte finish.

Anyway, back to identifying a fake from an authentic Cath Kidston. I have two telltale signs for you, but these two will be more than enough.

First, check the front logo.

Take a look at these logos:

fake vs authentic cath kidston front logo 1Front logo of fake and authentic Cath Kidston logos

The logo at the top is the logo of the fake Cath Kidston, whereas the logo at the bottom is the logo of the authentic Cath Kidston. Notice that the logo of the fake Cath seems to have “air” inside and is kulubot, whereas the authentic Cath’s logo is laid flat on the bag.  And that’s not just because the fake Cath Kidston is old while the authentic one is new.  Let me show you the logo of my one-year old, frequently used Cath Kidston bag vis-a-vis the logo of the fake Cath Kidston:

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Giveaway: MomsterTeacher X Friggies


The Babypalooza Bazaar is back! Sellers of baby products and service providers will once again come together to showcase their businesses on the only baby fair that features not only brand new but gently used (aka pre-loved) items for babies and pregnant mommies. Parents can get access to the latest and cutest baby products and shop to their hearts’ content in our air-conditioned venue on August 16 & 17, 10 am to 7 pm, Walter Hogan Conference Center, Ateneo de Manila in Quezon City.

Visitors can also enjoy chilling out in the air-conditioned Babypalooza Family Room. This is where kids can play, babies can get their diapers changed or get breastfed and daddies can hang out while they wait for their wives to finish shopping.

The Great Leap Academy, the first enrichment center to offer the Music Together program in the Philippines will also be conducting demo classes during bazaar hours. Be one of the first to experience first-hand this award-winning program and discover the pleasure and developmental benefits of Music Together. Demo classes will be held at 10 am and 4 pm on August 16 & 17 in the Babypalooza Family Room. To pre-register for one of the classes, please get in touch with them through

Shoppers can get a chance to win awesome prizes such as the Sophie the Giraffe teethers from France, Enchanted Kingdom tickets, Sansfluo products, The Buffet tickets and other special Babypalooza items!!!

Visitors need not worry about spending on entrance fees because entrance is FREE so bring the entire family and all your friends! If you’re a parent and you’re looking for high quality yet affordable baby products, you shouldn’t miss the Babypalooza Bazaar on August 16 & 17.

And as usual, Babypalooza is giving MomsterTeacher readers another great giveaway!  Check out what’s in store for you: [Read more...]

When [the] Mother Ship Landed Part 2: Along Came Lots of “Cath”

continued from When [the] Mother Ship Landed from London (Part 1)

When Motherhood was in London, I kept on bugging her about my pabili.  Mainly Cath Kidston stuff.  See, when Motherhood went to London almost exactly a year ago, she brought me a Cath Kidston bag as pasalubong.

Honestly, I wasn’t THAT excited about Cath Kidston bagsI mean, they’re not LV or Balenciaga or Chanel or Chloe or any other bag that women expectedly salivate after.  Heck, I even find Cath Kidston’s floral designs pangmatanda, as in matandang lola na (because my lola’s daster and umbrella were floral)!

But the first time I carried my Cath Kidston Day Bag, I fell so hard in love.  Inspecting it up and close and personal, you’d know this was far from the cheap “ecobag”-ish waterproof bags that are being sold aplenty.  I also loved that it’s very sturdy and roomy.  And fuss-free—pang-mommy talaga!  Because when I carry a designer bag, I really freak out (as in tumitili ako nang matinis at nakakahiya) when it’s not properly handled:  I am careful not to put it on the floor or for it not to get wet, and I’d even remove some of my stuff in the bag kasi baka mabanat nang sobra ang strap.  Randy would always roll his eyes.  Hehe.

But not with Cath Kidston bags.  Cath Kidston bags allow me to be my carefree (and careless) self!  And later, I realized that Cath Kidston designs were not that lola-ish at all.  They’re perfect when you’re wearing something clean and crisp.

O ‘di ba ang chic?!?  Nothing lola-ish about it!  Nasa pagdadala langyan!
(Images lifted from

wardrobe collage
Photo lifted from this Wardrobe Diary Post

Anyway, to ensure I get the Cath Kidston bags I liked, I checked out its website first.  Of course, I went to the SALE section and took it from there.  I gave the photos to Motherhood (via email and Facebook message), and she did the rest.

Do you want see what she got me?!?

Oh please say, “Yes!!!”  I’m too excited to show you my Cath Kidston loot!

Dahil mapilit kayo, sige na nga ito na….jaraaaaaaaan!!!


Kaka-excite, di ba?!?  But before you say “bag hoarder”, lemme clarify first that not all of those are mine.  Some of them will be given as gifts to people who helped us during the summer in our UPCAT review, and some are Motherhood’s pasalubong for Ravivo.  Ito lang talaga yung mga matitira sa akin:

First, this Patchwork Tablet Case for my iPad mini.  This is actually Mom’s pasalubong to me (kasi babayaran ko ‘yung iba):


P7100133_thumb[11]Perfect Fit! Smile

Next is this this Stanley Foldaway Holiday Bag:

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When I Poisoned Raviv and Myself

(Draft written on Aug. 2, 9 a.m.-ish at the hospital)

Not many days ago, I was thinking whether I have a tendency of being a Münchausen mom.  Ever since I watched a documentary about Münchausen moms on Discovery Channel pre-Raviv, I have always thought about them.  See, Münchausen moms are moms who have Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy–these are moms who deliberately make their children sick because they love the attention they get when people fuss over them and feel sorry for them.

Right now I’m with Raviv at the hospital.  He has gastroentiritis and is a victim of food poisoning.  What and who are the culprits?  It was the tuna in the spaghetti I put and made him eat.

In short, I’m the culprit.  Am I a Münchausen mom?!?

Yesterday (Friday), I did not go to the office because I was avoiding someone.  To make myself productive and to be able to serve merienda to my guests (and for me to feel a modicum of domestication in my blood), I decided to cook.

First thing I cooked was spaghetti.  After cooking the pasta and sauce, I baked them together.  But since my container was small, there were some leftover pasta and sauce that did not fit into the container I put inside the oven.  I decided to call Raviv, who was then playing in our lawn, to eat what I was not able to bake.  Since not much meat was in the sauce, I poured our leftover sautéed tuna (which I found stored in the oven) into my spaghetti.  While waiting for Raviv, I tasted my spaghetti with tuna and ate some of it.  When Raviv came, he ravaged my spaghetti.  Then I moved on to cooking mini-burgers and revel bars.

Almost right after I was done cooking, my blogger friend, Architect Ging Domingo-Santos, arrived. With her were her husband, 3-year old daughter Allie, and foreman.  Ging was actually at our home because we plan to renovate our abode, and we hope she be our architect/interior decorator.  While we adults were discussing our plans for our home over dinner, Raviv and Allie were having the time of their lives sword fighting, “swimming” through Raviv’s toys, “reading” books, and finally, watching “Frozen” while eating mini-hamburgers.

Yaya Gigi said that the two bagets had huge appetites, and almost finished the mini-burgers I gave them.

Afterwards, a sad Raviv sent Allie to her parents to go home.


Not long after our guests left, Randy was shouting and calling my name. Entering our bedroom, I was surprised to see a puddle of vomit on our bed, by Raviv’s feet. Raviv was staring agape at his vomit, not saying anything. I assured him it was alright, and that people really vomit. I had Yaya Gigi bathe him again, while Randy and I changed sheets. Yaya Gigi surmised it was because Raviv was overfed. And then I let Raviv lay on the bed again. 

A few minutes later, I felt Raviv convulsing, and his stomach and chest were twitching! I panicked and was shouting! Then, after much effort, Raviv vomited again. Andami uling isinuka! I felt sorry for my little boy, and brought him to our bathroom to bathe him once more. But I have barely removed his clothes when he started convulsing, and with more difficulty, he vomited again. And then again, and again. He was already vomiting his gastric juices, as it seemed there was not a morsel of food stored in his stomach. I told Randy to bring Raviv to the nearest hospital ER.
Unfortunately for us, the nearest hospital to us was the hospital I loathed when I was pregnant. More misfortune, because it was almost filled and the doctor on duty barely had time to see us. Imagine, when Raviv was to vomit again, it took them about five minutes to hand us the kidney bowl where Raviv could vomit into!
Randy: Hay, bakit ngayon pa nangyari ito? Kung kelan pa Friday at may klase tayo bukas…
I: Onga e. Babe ganito na lang, ‘pag ni-confine si Raviv, ikaw ang uuwi ako na lang magbabantay. Kasi out of town ka bukas tapos maaga pa byahe mo. E ako UPCAT Refresher lang sa LB.
Randy: O sige. Tawagan ko si Irvin para itanong kung pwedeng sa hapon ka pa magturo.
While Randy was making the call, poor Raviv kept on vomiting. Kahabag-habag talaga because you can see he was in so much pain–it was as though his body were seized by an unearthly entity and was making him do things he did not want to!  At eto pa–he did NOT complain and he did NOT shed a single tear.  Yes, wala talaga! Even when the nurse came (finally!!!) and pricked him for the dextrose.  He just tried to pull his hand away when he felt the needle, but when I told him not to, he just relented quietly.

Grabe, sobrang bait ng anak ko! Kaya all the more nakakaawa.  All through his difficult ordeal, all he said was a quiet and croaky, “Water”. I was asking myself what could have caused this: was it because he grabbed dirt and ingested a minutiae of it?  Was it because I sprayed Baygon in his playroom earlier and he inhaled it or touched surface that still had the deadly pesticide residue?  Or was it…good heavens, No! It could not have been the food I cooked.  It just can’t be!
However, as we were waiting for Raviv to be transferred to a private room, I suddenly felt all queasy, and felt like vomiting, too.  I told Randy what I was feeling.