The Waiting Game

I’ve waited for today (Sunday!) the entire week, because it’s my only rest day amidst a really gruelling week.  But after three consecutive episodes of The Good Wife, I feel restless, bored and lonely.   Randy is in Taguig, teaching. Good thing Raviv called earlier to talk to me.  It was the highlight of my morning. I just realised that if I were the single, childless, career-driven woman I still sometimes wish I were, this would be my life:  looking forward to a day off, and then getting bored on my day off.  See, I’m not a very sociable person (believe me!)  Neither am I adventurous, and I hate road trips (so I probably won’t be one of those single ladies enjoying the good life going to beaches or climbing mountains).  And I'm sure I won't be living with my parents or relatives as well.  I'll be really lonely. One of the most memorable sad memories I have is Valentine’s Day 2002.  My a-few-months-old relationship has just ended, and the UPLB Feb Fair was in full swing.  Our … [Read more...]

My Favourite Not-So-Popular TV Series

The past nights, Randy and I have begun watching the latest episodes of Game of Thrones.  Our original plan was to just binge-watch in after all episodes have already aired.  But then two things: 1. I already know about Jon Snow.  Someone posted it the day after it aired.  Asar na asar ako. 2. I realized that once Raviv returns from his vacation, Randy and I would have trouble finding time to watch again.  If we don’t sleep early at night, Raviv will try to keep up with us.  And we can’t very well allow him to watch GoT with us because… #AlamNa Thus we began watching Season 6.  And OMG, grabe ang ganda talaga!  The ending of Episode 4 left me in awe.  And made me rewind and rewind.  Basta, grabe!  Too bad we have to wait for next Monday pa uli. So tonight, Randy and I will begin watching the episodes of the latest season of The Walking Dead naman.  And I’m excited!!! Aside from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, I’m also hooked on other ongoing/recently concluded … [Read more...]

Let’s All Go To Shakey’s!

Advertorial For Filipinos, going out to eat is never just about enjoying good food. It is now an opportunity to bond and spend quality time with loved ones. It is a special time carved out in our schedules to relax and reconnect with our friends and family, which is why finding the perfect setting is so important.  These days, however, with the constant sprouting of new concept restaurants all around the metro, choosing your next dining option can seem endless and exhausting. But most of the time, all you want is something familiar, a place that feels like home. A place with a menu that you know by heart, you know exactly what you are getting. Where you are sure you will have fun in the company of family and friends. That place is Shakey’s – where all you need is one word to express exactly what you mean, where all you need to say is “Let's”, when you want to go to Shakey’s. Famous for its Thin Crust Pizza and Awesome Twosome Chicken N' Mojos, Shakey's is everyone's favorite fun, … [Read more...]

Long Distance Mom Affair

My “doubled eyelid surgery" secret I love my eyes today, because they were “pugtu”/“namumugtu” when I woke up.  See, I’ve always coveted deep, soulful eyes.  Unfortunately for me, I have regular almond-shaped eyes.  Buuuut, when I cry at night—as in mega cry me a river—I wake up with more obvious eyelids.  It’s like I underwent a double eyelid surgery overnight! 'Di baaa?!?! Anyway, bakit ba ako umiyak?  Last night I was rereading Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon (I first read it when I was in high school), and there was this part there when the heroine’s 7-year-old son died.  It has been established in the book how the heroine—a career mom (like me!)—doted on her smart, handsome son who says the funniest things (like Raviv!)  So of course, mega relate ako.  I could easily slip into the shoes of the heroine.  Mga linyang, “Jennifer had sat at his side, studying the face of her young son, filled with a love that was so strong it choked her”—pak na pak!  So when it was carefully … [Read more...]

A mother’s love never goes unnoticed

Advertorial Ariel Celebrates Working Moms with a Mother’s Day Tribute Film It’s no secret that mothers are amazing. They dedicate their whole lives taking care of their family. When you see a mom care for her family, it’s like seeing the very definition of unconditional love come to life. However, it’s the work that goes on behind the scenes, what we don’t see moms do, that makes them so incredible. More and more moms in countries like Vietnam and the Philippines have become empowered to join the workforce. Some of them are inspired with career growth opportunities, while some recognize the need for paid work so they can provide the best for their family. But while they are starting to pursue careers outside the home, their responsibilities to their family stay the same. No matter how many hours they dedicate to their jobs, and no matter how tired they are, they’ll always go home and make time to care for their children. Whether it’s waking up early to prepare the … [Read more...]

Weekend Drama

Not too long after I blogged last Saturday, I started fixing some of our clothes in the cabinets where we are supposed to put our curtains, bed sheets, etc. (because our clothes cabinet are not yet finished).  I googled the KonMari way of folding clothes, and I was pleasantly surprised that it’s similar to how I fold clothes, except for the part where you make clothes stand.  In fairness, I loved the KonMari method of folding and storing clothes.  Makes perfect sense: saves a lot of space and easy to maintain!  Even though it’s not our final storage area, sarap tingnan na maayos na ‘yung clothes. It's temporary but I already love how neat it looks!  And how easy it is to pull out clothes! As I was fixing our clothes--listening to Marie Kondo’s audio book (thanks Charissa!)—Randy barged into our bedroom and said that Ivy, our executive assistant was outside shaking and tearing up. Sinugod daw kasi ng kapitbahay.  Walastik. According to Ivy, our middle-aged neighbour who was a … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s Back!!!

Nope, not Raviv. Anyway, it’s my rest day today (after 4 consecutive days of gruelling, intense-na-intense teaching), and what I want to do is maglaba! Yes, you read that right.  I want to do the laundry, because it’s so freaking hot and I’m hopeful that if I do the laundry I’ll keep on touching the water and water will spill onto my body so I’ll groan with relief (eeew, did it just sound sensual?). Earlier Randy told me to just turn on the aircon in our bedroom while I was watching the 1994 Miss Universe pageant--that was held here in the Philippines--on YouTube.  In fairness, natuwa ako. :)  I remember watching it when I was 11 years old, stood 5’1”, and was worried because I had a keloid on my knee—the surefire sign that I was not meant to be a beauty queen, hehe.  Today, I thought that I would find the whole thing baduy, but surprisingly I didn’t. And two things stood out for me. First, I now realize I got a good reason aside from “patriotism” why the 11-year-old me was … [Read more...]

Sepanx & Conversations with Raviv Part 8

At this time, Raviv has probably already landed in Davao City. He will be in Mindanao for 2 weeks to a month—which is like eons for Randy and me.  The longest stretch of time we’ve been separated from him is 24-48 hours only.  So this definitely is a big deal for us.  That’s why when Mom and Dad asked us whether Raviv could vacation with them during the summer, it took Randy and me a long time to decide.  But eventually, we caved in.  Sending him there is the rational thing to do because: 1) Summer is a busy time for Randy and me—we will be away the whole day and will be doggone tired when we get home; 2) Raviv has no dedicated yaya; and 3) His cousins are also vacationing at my parents’, and he would definitely have fun with them, just as he always has.   But these valid reasons didn’t make it easy on us—we still had separation anxieties!  Especially because Raviv has been such a darling the past days.  That or because I took to heart … [Read more...]

Not for a minute, not for any reason.

Raviv and I have been together practically the whole day today. It was a long and exhausting day for both of us, but I'm sure it was even longer and more exhausting for him. I apologize I don't want to tell you (yet) where we've been, all I can say is that it had been physically and emotionally draining for us. With today's brouhaha, there were times when I made Raviv feel inadequate. My justification for that? To challenge him to be better, for him to strive harder. But tonight, seeing my innocent boy sleep peacefully beside me, I'm overwrought with emotions. By God, it dawned on me how utterly cute and handsome he is (if your opinion is otherwise, I couldn't care less anymore)! And how smart he is, drawing the most complicated mazes on his Sketcher and pointing out all road signs we came across today while being shuttled from one place to another. But what made tears form in my eyes the most was the thought of how much he loves me. What he did today, he did to make me … [Read more...]


Strike 1   Two days ago as I was strapping Raviv to his carseat in our garage, I heard a motorcycle and voices from beyond our gate.  Voices of kids and grown-ups who were obviously targeting the mango fruits of our Indian mango tree that’s thriving beside our garage.  There are fruits kasi on branches that have crossed over—that is, nasa labas na ng bakod namin. I have no problem with their getting these fruits because legally speaking, it’s no longer ours and it’s free for all (and those who ask from us whether they could get, we say yes).  But what first caught my attention was their conversation: Child 1: Kunin natin ‘yung mangga! Child 2: E ang liit naman! Grown-up 1:  Eh masarap nga ‘yung bubot! Child 1: Malalaki ang mga aso ng mga ‘yan! Child 2:  Eh ano naman?  Aso lang eh. At that point things have already been thrown, and a slipper fell into our lot beside the car.  The child who probably said, “Eh ano naman?" was propping himself up our fence.  The … [Read more...]