Allergy-Free Raviv at Kidzania


From when I was pregnant until  I was breastfeeding, I avoided eating peanuts like the plague.  That’s because I was allergy-prone, and I wanted to do everything in my power to prevent my son from developing allergies.  I believe my prudence paid off, because as far as I know, Raviv could eat anything and use any soap without developing any rashes.

Unfortunately,  the unpredictable weather plus dust still cause Raviv to develop allergies.  There’d been so many times I was worried he’s got some nasty bacteria in his system because of his sniffles, only to find out his frequent singhot-sipon is just caused by allergies.  And our trusted pedia would always recommend Allerkid to combat the W.R.I.S.T. symptoms caused by allergy attacks:

  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy ears, nose & throat
  • Sneezing
  • Tickles in throat
Cetirizine Allerkid is the Most-doctor prescribed and No. 1 Allergy Medicine for kids. It is effective in relieving allergy symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis such as sneezing, nasal itching, watery eyes or what we call as “hatsing-singhot-kamot”. It is also used for Allergic conjunctivitis and Atopic dermatitis. Allerkid controls allergy in as fast as 20 minutes that lasts up to 24 hours, thus it can only be taken once a day. Kids will surely love the great grape taste of Allerkid because it uses TasteRite Technology which masks the bitter taste of medicines.
When Raviv and I were among the few mommy-and-child tandems invited to Kidzania sponsored by Allerkid, I grabbed the opportunity because:
  1. We haven’t been to Kidzania!
  2. …and Raviv really drinks Allerkid and in can say in all honesty that it works.
Basically, the mom and child bonding event was put together by Allerkid to increase awareness and promote allergy education.  Allergy education on the signs, symptoms and management of the condition will be presented by Dr. Shirley Kwong, an allergist from the Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (PSAAI) and Mr. Ony Carcamo, a renowned-ventriloquist to capture both the doctors and their kids through edutainment.

And what fun did Raviv have during his first trip to Kidzania!

Let’s check out what he wore first:

Thumb P6090089 1024
Thumb IMG 7890 1024

  • shirt: Guess Kids
  • pants: Maui & Sons
  • shoes: Native


Now here are Raviv’s moments at Kidzania:

Thumb P6090070 1024
 Checking out available jobs for him.

Thumb IMG 7879 1024

His dream job. 😬

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

First job:  Builder!  His dream job.

Thumb IMG 7882 1024His first earnings from his first job!

Thumb P6090074 1024

Thumb P6090078 1024

Thumb P6090080 1024

Thumb P6090086 1024My little firefighter!  Inarguably the most exciting career path he followed that evening!

Thumb P6090095 1024

Thumb P6090098 1024

The next time our dogs get sick, he'll be in charge. 🐶 #RavivongBata

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The dashing dog doctor!

Thumb IMG 7888 1024Reunion with Rafael, the little kulit of Mommy Anna

Thumb IMG 7892 1024Mommy bloggers’s kiddos

 Notes and tips if you’re planning to go to Kidzania:

  1. Call Kidzania first before going, and ask what “jobs” would be available on the day you’re planning to go.  On the evening we went there, an exciting “job” was unavailable: being a pilot.  Sad 🙁 
  2. If your child is 4 years old and below, better save this trip for when he/she is older.  Many jobs disallow grown-ups from participating, as in you can’t even go inside the “workplace”.  Best you can do is look from the glass doors.  So if your child will just cry if you don’t go with them, sayang lang ang entrance.  Better go to Gymboree. 😉
  3. One of the jobs Raviv wanted was in the Milo Stadium.  However, it’s only for 7 years old & up and kids should wear rubber shoes.  The Native “rubber” shoes Raviv was wearing didn’t make the cut (and his age, of course).
  4. For grown-ups, wear comfy footwear as well.  Like what I said, you’ll just be watching from the outside, standing.  There are no chairs except for the ones near the restaurants.

Thank you so much Allerkid for the wonderful time we had at Kidzania, and more thanks for being a great go-to medicine everytime Raviv gets bothered by pesky allergies.

The Waiting Game

I’ve waited for today (Sunday!) the entire week, because it’s my only rest day amidst a really gruelling week.  But after three consecutive episodes of The Good Wife, I feel restless, bored and lonely.   Randy is in Taguig, teaching. Good thing Raviv called earlier to talk to me.  It was the highlight of my morning.

I just realised that if I were the single, childless, career-driven woman I still sometimes wish I were, this would be my life:  looking forward to a day off, and then getting bored on my day off.  See, I’m not a very sociable person (believe me!)  Neither am I adventurous, and I hate road trips (so I probably won’t be one of those single ladies enjoying the good life going to beaches or climbing mountains).  And I’m sure I won’t be living with my parents or relatives as well.  I’ll be really lonely.

One of the most memorable sad memories I have is Valentine’s Day 2002.  My a-few-months-old relationship has just ended, and the UPLB Feb Fair was in full swing.  Our dorm was empty because my dorm mates were either in their org booths/tents or with their jowaers, while my DevCom friends were at home with their families (they were all Los Banos-based).  Eh ‘yan lang circle of friends ko nung college (dorm mates and Dev Com barked) na natutuwa akong kasama.

But everything changed when Randy came into my life (yeeeessss! 😉 )  Even more so when Raviv was born.  With these two around (Randy the workaholic na allergic mahiga at matulog sa araw and Raviv aka “What, ‘Nay?” and “‘Nay, look at me!”), na-miss kong ma-bore.  Hahaha!

Speak of Raviv and of waiting, I’m just so excited to see him again on Tuesday, after almost two months!  I don’t expect him to be as thrilled to see me, because he is having such a swell time at my parents’ house with his cousins.  Although to be honest, I was also grateful that when I go home on busy days, I could just plop down on bed and do whatever I want to do.  No Raviv to feed, bathe, or entertain anymore.  Randy and I took advantage of being “dalaga” at “binata”: we would watch our favourite TV series, read on bed, occasionally go out with friends, and go to the mall to eat and shop.

Let me share with you my other “mga katas ng walang anak” adventures:

First, I realised that my long, straight hair is so blah.  So I got a haircut.

Thumb IMG 7388 1024Haircut done at Kate Spade Salon located at 2/F, Laguna Central Mall, Greenfield, Sta. Rosa City

 Verdict:  It’s awesome when I style it.  Otherwise, I just tie it.  I don’t regret it, neither am I too crazy about it.

Second, shoe shopping with my friend Zaira.  My reliable comfy everyday Grendha sandals gave and my years-old, reliable Outland clogs have gone missing.  That means napilitan akong mag-shoe shopping.  Hehehe.

Thumb IMG 7322 1024

Thumb IMG 7323 1024

Thumb IMG 7325 1024

Verdict: From P5,395 to P3,800 to finally, P2,200!!!  Not bad for a pair of genuine leather clogs!  Randy even complimented it, ang ganda raw.  The only caveat was, it was still heavy and too high for me.  Remember, I teach for 6 hours.  At hindi ako nakaupo magturo.  Buwis-buhay ako magturo.  That means I have no choice but to buy another pair.  Hay, kainis (hehehe).

So off I went to another outlet store, this time to Charles & Keith at Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Thumb IMG 7421 1024

Thumb IMG 7514 1024

Verdict:  It was love at first sight for me for this pair.  Even for my friend Zaira.  In fact, when I was checking out other pairs, she just removed the footwear from my hand unceremoniously and told me, “Tumigil ka, alam mong pangit ang mga ‘yan.  Alam mo kung and ang gusto mo talaga!”  So what’s a girl got to do? 🙂  Anyway, the reason I was checking out other pairs was that I found this pair expensive.  It cost more or less P2,000, e the material isn’t leather unlike the Aldo shoes I got earlier.  However, I’ve worn this for 2-3 weeks now and I must say that save for the kalyo I got while I was breaking them in, this pair’s perfectly comfortable.  Stylish, too! 🙂

Third, Randy and I went on a date.  We decided to have a quiet dinner at Cafe Arabella, located in Solenad 3.

Thumb IMG 7502 1024Ang haggard namin dito, I know.

Verdict:  Cafe Arabelle is a restaurant in Solenad 3 that serves American-Italian food.  I love its eclectic interiors and homespun ambiance.

Thumb IMG 7505 1024

Thumb IMG 7504 1024

Thumb IMG 7510 1024

Thumb IMG 7506 1024

The place and service were awesome.  But the food…not so much. 🙁  We ordered their specialties…

Thumb IMG 7508 1024Pork ribs in barbecue sauce (I forgot the exact term)

Thumb IMG 7509 1024Sloppy cheeseburger (I forgot the exact term)

Thumb IMG 7511 1024Guyabano with herbs smoothie

…sadly, none of them tasted really special.  Between the two of us, we spent approximately P1,300 and we can’t help but wish we ate at Kanin Club or Rack’s instead.  After that, we headed home.

Fourth, dress shopping.  Yesterday my class in Katipunan area ended at 12:30, so I was able to attend the birthday party of my friends Gerry and Mars’s daughter.  I rode a taxi to SM Aura from Katipunan.  It was my first time again after a long time to ride a taxi, and josko na-stress ako sa pagpapatakbo ni Manong.  If I were with Raviv I’d definitely have reprimanded the driver.  Nagdasal na lang ako.  Anyway after the party, I decided to just wait until the classes were finished so Dodong could just pick me up.  And I decided to shop.  I first tried going to the other boutiques that weren’t in Sta. Rosa.  However, sa Uniqlo pa rin ako bumagsak.  Uniqlo has become our family’s go-to shop.  Almost all of Randy’s walking shorts and polos are from there.  Raviv’s shirts, too.  In fairness naman kasi, the quality is good and the price is competitive.

At the party, seated behind me was an elegant-looking mom.  She wasn’t classically beautiful but she had this oomph.  Lash extensions (na hindi OA), check.  Discreet diamond studs, check.  But what struck me most was her dress.  She was not thin, but her sleeved shirt dress camouflaged whoever needed camouflaging well.  So I decided to get bulge-forgiving dresses, too.  I got two:

Thumb IMG 7517 1024Red orange crisp cotton shirtdress, Php1990.  I have come to accept that red orange is the color that best complements my skin tone, and not yellow. 🙁

Thumb IMG 7518 1024Striped short-sleeve dress, P1290.

Thumb IMG 7520 1024Soft white tailored jacket, from Php1990 on sale at Php1490.

Verdict:  I enjoy shopping alone, to be honest.  I get to buy what I really like, walang kontrabida at walang nagmamadali.  Anyway, it’s saddening that these photos failed to show the beauty of the dresses, because they’re really pretty!  Both dresses hide what need to be hidden, and they’re comfortable.  The red orange shirt dress is 100% cotton, so it’s not as stiff as it looks.  Pair it with a chunky necklace and it’s going to be a knockout.  Especially kung papayat ako.  Hehe.  The striped dress naman, well, Randy said it’s really cute.  It’s not often that Randy compliments my clothes, but he did when I tried it on yesterday. 🙂  As for the jacket, I was supposed to buy its thinner version.  However, this is what’s on sale.  I figured that it’s on sale because it’s summer.  Come the rainy season (soon!), the thinner version will be the one on sale.  But right now I’m crazy about this jacket.  It’s baggy with anything.  Added sophistication agad. 🙂


But to be honest guys, the real waiting game for me is over.  I’ve waited for something the past six days.  I happily thought it won’t ever come, but it did today.  I was disappointed, but at least I could drink tea again, and get my 8th underarm diode laser session.  Oh well, there’s always a next time.


The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 3: Superhero Get-ups & Guests

continued from The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 2: The Superhero Party Food, Cake, and Lootbag

In fairness, I’m keeping my promise!!!

After 3 months, here’s the last installment of Raviv’s superhero-themed birthday party at Gymboree, yahoo!

The Amazing Raviv’s Costume

First, let’s take a closer look at Raviv’s outfit:

IMG 0109Of course, he had to be Spider-man!!!

IMG 0170

IMG 0185Handsome face behind the mask revealed!

Raviv loves this costume immensely.  It’s a “muscled” The Amazing Spider-man Costume.  He’s oh so proud when he wears it.  I was lucky to have found a seller online who’s based in Sta. Rosa!  Otherwise I had to order this from the US.  Kumusta naman lang pagdaan pa sa costumes at sa port congestion, ‘di ba? This costume is actually for kids 7 and above, so it’s big for Raviv; the seller had no other stock so we had to make do with it. I got it in October, and I told Raviv he has to sleep early so he would grow and then the costume would fit him.  Hahaha!

On Raviv’s invitation, we encouraged Raviv’s guests to come wearing superhero costumes, except for Spider-man.  Mamaya may guest si Raviv na Spider-man na mas bonggacious pa ang outfit sa kanya, kawawa naman ang birthday boy.

League of superheroes, assemble!

In fairness, all of Raviv’s guests came as different superheroes.  No one else came as Spider-man.

But, there were 2 Spider…er…girls.

IMG 0330

IMG 0172This is Bella.  Her mom, Lindsay Abcede-Sese asked me first whether her lovely daughter could be Spider-girl.  Pwedeng-pwede!

Aside from Bella, Raviv’s cousin Yoona also came as Spider-girl.  The kwento is that my sister-in-law Ruth forgot that guests should wear costumes!  So the night before Yoona’s flight from Davao to Manila, Ruth and I were brainstorming what Yoona would wear.  Magpa-panic daw si Yoona if she learns she doesn’t have a costume on a costume party (Yoona is arte like her Tita Dewmaine.  Hehe).  Then we finally agreed on something:  Raviv’s other Spider-man costume plus Yoona’s tutu.  Lookie-lookie:





Most of Raviv’s guests were also dressed to the nines, superhero na superhero!

IMG 0965Raviv’s classmate Ethan as Batman, and his classmate’s brother as Superman

IMG 0250

IMG 0768Raviv’s schoolmate Sean as Wolverine…

IMG 1160

IMG 0237…while his other schoolmate Anton was Capt. America!

IMG 0978

IMG 0200Lia, daughter of my good friends Gerry & Mars, charmed everyone as Wonderwoman!

NewImageThis boy came as Thor.  His dad is Randy’s childhood friend and compadre

IMG 0995Juanmig—son of Randy’s friend—was either Ironman or a Transformer, according to Raviv.


Super duper daming “Super”!

And of course, there were lots of Supers: Superman, Superbly, Supergirl and Superwoman!

IMG 0988My inaanak Chug Chug was Superman…

IMG 0165 Lucas and Ethan, too!

NewImageTatay Randy was Clark Kent (who has undergone LASIK, I suppose, thus the missing spectacles)

IMG 0825Daddy Mike and Baby Marcus were a Superman & Superbaby tandem!

IMG 0029Kuya Dodong and Yaya Isay’s Baby Bethany was Supergirl…

…and of course, I was Superwoman!  Here I was with my “minions”:

IMG 0993

Even those who came without costumes went home as superheroes, thanks to the arts & crafts activity that was cape decoration.

IMG 0798


IMG 0807

IMG 0827

IMG 0829

IMG 0945

Even though this party has since been months ago, I am still grateful to everyone who came!  You amazed The Amazing Spider Raviv and his Super Parents.

Thanks @luther_abcede for the wonderful photos! 👍🏼👏 Can't wait to blog about #TheAmazingRavivTurns5

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

Thank you, thank you, you all!


IMG 1172








IMG 1154




 (All images courtesy of Luther Abcede)

PS:  In case you’re wondering where I got my costume, Lindsay—who’s from Australia—got it for me.  She brought it when she arrived here in the Philippines only 2 days before Raviv’s birthday.

IMG 0315

It came with everything, on the photo: top, skirt, boots, belt and cape.  The blue leggings, however, were not included.

Wardrobe Diary #37: Ravenous Reader Raviv’s Moving Up Day at Gymboree (March 19, 2016)

March 19 was a day of oxymorons.  It was bittersweet, and “Whew” and “Sigh” kept taking turns in my mind.  Many were happy, but many were also sad.  Parents were also both excited and apprehensive.  Especially the Pre-K parents.  And that includes me.

So yes, on that Saturday, Raviv has officially “graduated” from preschool (I surmise kindergarten is no longer “preschool” since it’s already required by our DepEd?)  Thus the contradicting emotions.  As the cliche goes, how time flies.

Look at my little big boy during Gymboree Play & Music Sta. Rosa Preschool’s Moving Up Day, aka the First Annual Gymbo Awards:

Onesimus Coat Tie KidsYep, our peg was the Oscar’s!  So my son was among the cuties who sizzled on the red carpet.
Walking on th
e red carpet and striking a pose for the “paparazzi”

Thumb 10352607 980280505381872 5109496988463713793 n 1024Accepting his award from his Teacher Clarice

Thumb 12366326 980280548715201 2077863288395421435 n 1024Posing with his award, the Ravenous Reader Award.  The recipient of the award was described by Teacher Clarice as, “Shows outstanding reading skills and passion for reading at such a young age.”

Before the ceremony concluded, Teacher Clarice had such a sweet message for each of her six “graduating” boys.  Most of us Pre-K parents were holding back tears, because it’s palpable how much Teacher Clarice loves them.  For Raviv, Teacher Clarice advised him to never quench his thirst to learn.  She highlighted how much Raviv loves to learn; even when no one else is listening, Raviv is still intently listening to her.

It truly warmed my heart, because that’s what I think is important.  Kebs na even if he’s not the smartest in class, as long as his passion to learn is burning inside him.  It dawned on me again how great it was that: 1) Raviv went to school as early as 1.5 years old, that during the critical years his brain was stimulated; and 2) Raviv went to a progressive school where he got the idea that learning is fun, as it allowed him to be the active, inquisitive toddler that he was.


Outfit details and kwento:

10400061 980247038718552 5816490195378696155 nFamilia Ladaga…we are all wearing red of different shades! 

1012569 980247622051827 6503379229000262661 n

21473 980247212051868 1852492890442264727 n

IMG 7023

  • matching coat and slacks: Onesimus
  • long-sleeved polo: Blue Zoo by Debenhams
  • black leather shoes: Florsheim
This time, I won’t be shy in saying, Ang gwapo ng anak ko!  Good thing Randy and I decided to buy na rin the coat & tie ensemble.  Originally, I just wanted Raviv to recycle his outfit to his Abuelita’s 60th birthday: long-sleeves, tie, vest and dark denims.  After all, I can’t think of any other occasion where he could wear his formal clothes again.  But when I surveyed what his classmates would be wearing, I changed my mind.  All moms I talked to actually bought their boys matching amerikanas.  “Kasi ‘di ba formal?  Red carpet eh.” Gulp.  Kaartehan ko pa naman ‘yang red carpet-red carpet theme na ‘yan!  Not wanting my son to look kawawa vis-a-vis his classmates, Randy and I canvassed for affordable yet nakakagwapong matching amerikana for Raviv.

We first went to H&M at Festival Mall Alabang, and Raviv fit the dark blue matching amerikana there:

Shopping for the little boy's graduation outfit. This is Option 1. #RavivongBata #RedCarpetOutfit #GymboreeStaRosaPreschool

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

 Randy was away when Raviv was fitting. When I sent Randy this photo of Raviv, bihin ko na raw.  LOL.  That was the first time we saw Raviv in americana, and ampogi!!!  But what discouraged me was the fact that the slacks were just as expensive as the coat!  A day or two earlier, we dropped by the Onesimus boutique at SM Sta. Rosa, and the price of the slacks there was almost half the price of the coat.  Which makes perfect sense, ‘di ba?  So I told Randy to look some more.  We checked Rustan’s next.  There was a whole set for P4,000: coat, slacks, tie, and vest.  We don’t need the vest, so ‘wag na. Then we went to SM South Mall and checked SM Department Store.

 I’ll be honest ha?

 Sometimes what I hate about some brands sold at SM is that despite the fact that their labels are not sikat and the material of their apparel is not exactly outstanding (and let’s face it, may pagkachaka pa ang designs), mas mahal pa ‘yung sa kanila.  Like the kids’ americana set we saw there.  Haller, mas mahal pa sa Onesimus na expertise ang formal wear, at sa H&M na ang ganda ng tela at sikat (although to be fair, there are a lot of labels at SM Department Store that I love, including Boys Got Style, Sugar, Modern Prince/Princess, Just Tees and Lizzie, etc.)
But in there we ended up buying Raviv’s black leather shoes from the Florsheim stall.

IMG 7024

 I’ll give you a tip:  laging may sale ang Florsheim sa big SM stores (very rarely in Rustan’s).  As in. Like this pair of shoes.  Its original price is P2,000+++, which honestly would have been sulit anyway because it’s pure leather and because Raviv could wear it with his uniform in his new school.  But since this pair was on sale, we got it for only P600.  Yes, P600 lang for a pair of comfy Florsheim leather shoes.  And to prove my point earlier, across the Florsheim stall was a local shoe brand stall selling similar shoes for P1,000.  See what I mean?

(To clarify, I have nothing against local products.  All I’m saying is that if it’s local and is not exactly “quality”, and if it’s not investing on brand imaging/advertising and is not up-to-date with the latest in fashion, it should be less expensive than other more established and internationally-known products).

Then we looked for the Onesimus boutique outside the department store and voila:  they have matching americana in dark gray that’s perfect for Raviv.

Ready na for Saturday. #GymboreeStaRosaPreschool #RedCarpetOutfit #RavivongBata #TheFirstAnnualGymboAwards

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I hope any one of my close friends would get married,and ask Raviv to be a ring/coin/Bible bearer so he could wear this outfit again!  LOL. 😛

(Thank you Luther Abcede for the “red carpet” photos.)

Wardrobe Diary #73: A Blessed Sunday (February 21, 2016)

Many families take their Sun-dates for granted, as it’s already a given. But not I. When our family does the usual Sunday family routine, my heart sings a merry tune. That’s because we usually still work on Sundays.

So last Sunday was very special to me, as neither Randy nor I had work. I looked forward to it, especially because we were supposed to go to Tagaytay and cheer Drogo into getting his Hall of Fame title at the dog show there. But when Randy, Dodong and Drogo came home talunan on Saturday night (the dog show was 2 days), Randy decided not to go to Tagaytay anymore. Tinamad na. I kept convincing him for us to still go, but he wouldn’t budge. He just sent Dodong and Yuske with Drogo to Tagaytay. K, fine. We just decided to go to church, have lunch, and then watch a movie with Raviv.

Here’s what I wore:

  • gray ruffled vest top: ukay
  • blue camisole: Aeropostale
  • jeggings: Uniqlo
  • orange peep-toe wedge sandals: Charles & Keith
  • hobo bag: Cath Kidston

Grabe I realized—it’s been a while since I posted an OOTD of me wearing ukay! Actually this top has been lost in a sea of my messy dress closet. Someone thought it was a dress and put it there. 😛

And let’s talk about my orange peep toe wedges, ‘k lang? Actually it was the first time I wore them.

I bought this pair a few days earlier when Randy was scouting for a backpack at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. See, one of the great things about Paseo de Sta. Rosa is the outlet stores. And there’s a Charles & Keith outlet store there. I decided to buy a new pair because my old one got damaged. Repair would cost around P300, tapos may tahi pa. Whereas this pair only cost me P799. Yes, P799 only! Original price was P2,100. They’re comfy pa, as I am still able to walk around well. I love how these wedges make me look slim and tall. My self-confidence is boosted up to 75%. ‘Di ba nagpaka-low key low key ako last year? Remember my flat canvas shoes haul? Well, I now remember why I resisted flats for the longest time, at bakit tinitiis ko ang heels dati. May magandang dahilan. At ‘yun ay ang pagiging feeling maganda. 😉 Feeling beautiful and slim over comfort.

Anyway, here are some snapshots of this wonderful Sunday:

Our first stop: Sunday Service at Victory Nuvali. We specifically went to the 11 a.m. service because that’s when my favorite pastor, Pastor Janssen, preaches.

How I love listening to him. My faith in and love for God are always refreshed. #SundayService #VictoryNuvali

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on


Second stop: Lunch at Pepper Lunch in Solenad.

thumb_Pepper Lunch Nuvali Solenad_1024

Third stop: Zootopia!

For days, Raviv kept on asking when we could watch Zootopia raw ba. So we decided that if Zootopia is showing, we will watch it. We checked out the cinema, and it was!!! Randy and Raviv first went without me because two UP Diliman students interviewed me (as a blogger) for a paper or project they’re making.

I had fun talking to these two that I almost forgot to join Randy and Raviv at the cinema! Good thing I was able to join habol and still watch with them. Zootopia was a great movie, by the way. Randy said he liked it a lot.

Actually, I thought Randy didn’t like it because in the middle of the movie, Randy was texting intently.

‘Yun pala he received huge news. Huge! Good news and bad news.

Good news: Drogo got Group 4 in two show rings!!! (If you are not familiar with dog shows ‘wag n’yo nang ipa-explain muna kasi ang hirap i-explain) But the point is that it was a big deal!!! Drogo beat so many other dogs in two consecutive show rings!!! Gravity!!! On that very day, Drogo has become the first and only bullmastiff in the Philippines who’s a Hall of Famer!!!

Drogo and the other Best of Breed winners on Saturday when he never won

And the bad news? We were not there to witness it. Hay nakoooo.

Still, it’s a simple Sunday I will cherish for a long time. 🙂

Wardrobe Diary #72: Second Rate, Trying Hard Copycat (Feb. 9, 2016)

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, Randy and I have been going to the chiropractor for weeks now. Bakit kamo? Remember when Raviv fell into the Lake at Nuvali and Randy swooped in to the rescue? After that, Randy’s arm and back have been aching like crazy. To the point that one time, he slept on the recliner. He hasn’t been able to bike, run, or even walk our dog. He has seen several doctors/healers: cardiologists (with an “s”; he got scared the pain might be related to his heart), orthopaedic, physical therapist, and even manghihilot (not the type who does bulung-bulong, though). Then his friend, Dr. Raffy Barrozo (who studied Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Ayurveda in India and Sri Lanka, and Oriental Medicine in Japan and Korea) recommended that Randy see a chiropractor.

After Randy’s first session, he seemed satisfied. And because he knows that I’ve been suffering from chronic upper back and neck pain of almost a decade, he suggested I go with him on his second session.

Randy got a 12-session package; I got a 6-session package. Randy goes to the chiropractor 3x/week; I go 2x/week.

We went there for my 4th session yesterday, and here’s what I wore.

  • red long-sleeved collared blouse: Old Navy Stretch
  • boyfriend jeans: Uniqlo
  • handbag: LV Mulicolore Alma
  • wedge sandals: Grendha
  • freshwater pearl long-strand necklace: Greenhills tiangge

So sa tinagal-tagal ng huli kong OOTD post, sobrang simple pa ng comeback ko. At ang taba ko pa rin. Rather, antaba ko pa lalo. LOL. Actually, I didn’t at all plan to post this OOTD. After all, I just grabbed this blouse at the last minute this morning when I realized it was my chance to wear my long sleeves because of the weather. Then when Randy saw me, he said, “Wow!”

That was a big deal to me because these days, he rarely tells me I look great (sniff, sniff). In fact, when he was taking my picture earlier and I told him not to get low angle shots because they make me look “malaki”, he told me: “Eh malaki ka naman na talaga.” (‘Wag na ‘wag kang mangalabit! Gigisingin ko si Raviv! Hehe)

Anyway, the next question in your mind is probably: “At ano naman ‘yang pearl strand drama mo?”

Well. That was inspired by a mom I saw at Poveda last Sunday. Brain Train sponsored its musical entitled “Level It Up”. Since we had a new marketing personnel, I came with them to man our booth to supervise. And I entertained myself by looking at the moms’s outfits. There were plenty of well-dressed mommies, but two outfits stood out for me.

First runner up:

Laidback yet elegant. The jumpsuit and ballet flats looked very comfy. The “ribbon”back detail added a certain flair. The short hair made it all very chic. The gold-studded belt added a hint of elegance. And of course, the well-shaped and flawless legs finished the look.


I hate that I wasn’t able to take a front view photo. None of the two photos did her any justice. This mommy was wearing a simple, nicely-tailored top; slim black pants, Tory Burch wedge sandals…and the perfect accessories! She layered her pearl strands perfectly, wore simple yet elegant hand burloloy… and I now realize: iba talaga ang dating ng classic Chanel flap bag.

And so the following day, I was inspired to wear the medyo pangmahirap version of this mom’s outfit. My answer to her Chanel was LV; Grendha to her Tory; and a freshwater pearl strand to her strands and strands of South Sea. 😉 Parang “The Look for Less” lang ng magazines.


I actually saw several women wearing avant-garde tops and flamboyant dresses. And they looked terrific. But for some reason, these two women really stood out for me. I don’t know why. Maybe because they looked so comfortably elegant in their clothes. They moved around comfortably, unlike others who obviously looked either too conscious or uncomfortable. Like there was a woman who had a very pretty face, but a bit on the heavy side. Perhaps to make her look slimmer, she wore really high wedges, mga tipong 5 inches. But it was obvious she wasn’t comfortable. You can see it by the way she walked. She looked pained. Sayang.

Another thing about the two women who stood out in my eyes is that they were both slim. There. Kelangan talagang pumayat.

My Favorite Golden Globe 2016 Gowns & Styles

I told you I’ll be back! 🙂

Prom time is near, and how I wish that Wifi were omnipresent when I was in high school as it is now.  Getting gown inspirations would have been easier.  During my senior prom, my peg was Julia Roberts’s gown in My Best Friend’s Wedding.  I just loved that gown, especially the bodice.

Julia roberts gown my best friend s wedding

You know what I did?  I sent for the mananahi to my Tita’s house, because my Tita had a VHS tape (wahahaha!) of that movie.  Rewind-forward kami, until we got to the scene where Julia Roberts was wearing the gown.  Then pause during this scene while the mananahi was sketching the gown:


During our prom, one of my classmates actually called out my gown, saying it looks so much like Julia Roberts’s.  I acted nonchalantly, hehe.  Well that means my mananahi got it right.  Haaaayy high school.

Anyway, if you or your daughter or niece or sister doesn’t have a gown yet, well, you still have about a month.  If you’re going to a designer (because “mananahi” sounds so last decade ago), you can get inspirations from the gowns of the belles that graced the red carpet in the recently concluded Golden Globes.

Though honestly, most of the gowns seemed boring to me.  Many played too safe and didn’t take risks.  Many also wore the same styles that have worked in the last years.  An example of that would be the goddess gown.  I normally rave about such a feminine design.  But this year, I didn’t see any head turning variation.  The only two I liked a tad are these two:

Lily James

Lily James surely didn’t look like a cinder girl in this pastel chiffon Marchesa gown!

Saorise ronan drupal 0

Saiorse Ronan looked like a modern-day Greek goddess in this Yves Saint Laurent Couture gown.  The white color and Saiorse’s slick hair made the overall look clean, but also removed any whimsical and romantic appeal.

The others that (actually) stood out, in my humble opinion, are the following:

Heidi Klum

So you think she looks like she’s wearing a giant feather duster, eh?  But she’s Heidi Klum, and she’s not a supermodel for nothing.  Make her wear a rag and she’d still sizzle! Now admit it, you’re now maliciously eyeing your father’s pansabong because you realised its potential.  Too bad, because that’s Marchesa’s expertise.  Seriously, Marchesa gowns amaze me.   They’re always so whimsical and romantic aaaand they make your usual nakakataba gown slimming.

Zendaya drupal 0
Don’t believe my last statement about Marchesa?  Here’s another proof:  Zendaya.  I don’t know who she is, but her gown blew me away!  If she were a bit bulkier and a bit shorter, this gown would be wrecked.  But her lithe frame made her the perfect model for this tiered Marchesa gown.  The color and the details were screaming, “Notice Me!”

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s emerald gown by Versace showed just the right amount of flesh at the right places and accentuated her hourglass figure.  Now who wouldn’t be green with envy with that?

Jennifer lopez drupal 0

Ah J. Lo. J. Lo is another caped crusader in the red carpet.  I’m not too crazy about the drapes at the hips (as if J. Lo needs an illusion of a bigger booty or hips, duh!).  Despite being covered, the wreath necklace teamed with the cascading drop necklace from no less than Harry Winston plus her fierce stance made her look really hot in that mustard Giambattista Valli gown.  So hot that she had baskil (yes, that’s not a shadow, sadly). =D


Lady gaga drupal

If quite a few were surprised with J. Lo’s balot na balot look, I’m sure every jaw dropped when they saw a normal-looking Lady Gaga (yes, that’s Lady Gaga!!!) in an elegant Atelier Versace gown.  Her platinum blonde hair and peaches and cream complexion stood in stark contrast with the elegant (I am overusing this adjective, I know!) gown.  Gawd I love everything about the gown:  its seamlessness, the way it exaggerated Gaga’s butt, how it fell on the floor, how it subtly fell off Gaga’s shoulders.  And don’t get me started on how Gaga wore the perfect jewellery!  Love love love!


Jennifer lawrence

Speaking of the perfect accessory, J. Law also donned the perfect neckpiece!  What would have been an otherwise pa-Gwyneth Paltrow boring minimalist fashion ek-ek (I love Gwyneth, OK?  But not her gowns.  Because I could never pull off her gowns.  There!) was brought to life by the perfect accessory.  Well, forgive me.  Even without the necklace, this Dior Haute Couture is a work of art.  It used the peek-a-boo technique buuuuut not in the usual places.  No cleavage, no thigh.  Just the ribcage.  And yes, it’s as flaming hot as the color of her dress (whoever thought rib cages are sexy?  Dior!)

But ever being the “weird is wonderful” believer that I am, my favourite look of the night is…

300191DD00000578 0 Fringe from tip to tail Cate Blanchette 46 was all lace fringe a a 91 1452478219819

3001926A00000578 0 Fringe from tip to tail Cate Blanchette 46 was all lace fringe a a 92 1452478219822

…Cate Blanchett in Givenchy.  Now some of you are probably clucking your tongues.  I won’t take that against you.  I know that this gown is either a “love me” or “hate me” dress, no in-between.  Yes I know, it kinda looks like tassels or even a vintage lampshade.  But still, I freaking love it.  If reincarnation were true, I’d have been in the 1900’s and went to jazz clubs wearing something akin to this in the 20’s.  That’s why.

What about you?  Who’s your favourite girl on the red carpet during this year’s Golden Globes?  🙂

Note:  All of the images courtesy of Google.  None of them were mine.  No copyright infringement intended.

Raviv’s Long Weekend Adventure #3: At the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao + Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #33: The Snake Charmer

Yes, hindi pa tapos ang kwento about our Mindanao trip last December. 🙂 This time, let’s talk about our 2nd day in Davao.

Remember how tiring our first day in Davao was? Exactly. So we all slept fitfully, and the following day we all woke up feeling refreshed and energized. I would have wanted to lounge and just chill in our hotel room for a longer time, but we wanted to drop by The Philippine Eagle Center and the Eden Farm before heading home to Kabacan. So we had to move quickly. After we all took baths and packed out stuff, we headed to Cafe Marco of Marco Polo Hotel Davao to have our buffet breakfast.

Quick Review of Cafe Marco of the Marco Polo Hotel Davao: First things first, sorry I don’t have lots of photos. Just those two. Aside from that we were in a hurry, nahiya naman ako to take too many photos. Baka sabihin ng mga sosyaling guests excited ako. 😀



Anyway, food at Cafe Marco was great. Not outstanding compared to the other hotel buffet breakfast we’ve gone to. If I say, “OK lang”, please don’t think I’m saying that food is bland and so-so. The variety of food is wide, almost everything is delicious. By “OK lang”, I mean it’s pretty much the same breakfast buffet we had recently at the Disney Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong, Century Park Hotel in Bangkok, and Acacia Hotel in Alabang (though the food variety at Acacia Hotel is less. Buti na lang super sarap ng beef tapa!) But what we were looking for but did not find was yogurt!!! Walang yogurt! The interior and ambiance of Care Marco are also great.

We had to rush breakfast because of two things: first, minamadali na kami ni Motherhood. Gagabihin na raw kami. And second, my goolai, in the middle of our familia lafang-fest, sumakit ang chan namin. One by one nag-LBM kami. Must be the food we ate last night! Good thing we had lots of Dutch Mill yoghurt drink. No seriously, fan kami ng Dutch Mill. Although to be sure, we also bought some loperamide for Randy and me and Erceflora for Raviv.

Our first stop was The Philippine Eagle Center. This was probably my 4th time there. Before we even reached the entrance, Raviv got excited over something. He asked Randy to take his picture together with that something. Brace yourselves guys, here’s Raviv:
boy with huge albino snake
How brave he is! This is a huuuuuge snake, and he volunteered to hold it and have a photo with it. Alone. Bravo!

Anyway, here are more photos of Raviv inside The Philippine Eagle Center:


Yes, behind Raviv is a Philippine Eagle! Gawd these birds look so fierce and majestic! There were lots of other birds but it was hard to take good photos of the. So instead, I just took photos of my charming boy.



Here’s his outfit details:

[Read more…]

Raviv’s Long Weekend Adventure #2: Up, Up & Away + Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #32

Hello! Our Mindanao vacation is over, and we’re back! I still don’t have a laptop, though. Yesterday, we attended the 2nd birthday of an amiga’s daughter at Fun Ranch near Tiendesitas, and traffic was horrible! The bad traffic would have been sulit because I spent time contacting MacBook Air online sellers, so we could meetup in Tiendesitas. Unfortunately, none of them even replied to my SMS inquiry. I tried calling them, too, but none was picking up. What the?!? I came ready with cash and all, and nada. Pwes, bahala sila. ‘Yun lang, wala pa rin akong own laptop. Huhuhuhu.

Anyway, here’s a lowdown of the events that transpired on Saturday last week.

We left Sta. Rosa City at 12:30 a.m. en route to the airport, because our flight was at 4 a.m. Raviv went to sleep wearing his travelling clothes already. He’s been so excited about this trip that when he heard some hullabaloo when Randy and I were getting dressed, he woke up on his own.

Raviv and Randy at NAIA Terminal 2. Raviv’s outfit details:

  • long-sleeved shirt (because it’s cold in the airplane): Blue Zoo by Debenhams
  • checkered shorts: Uniqlo
  • rubber shoes: Native (he wears nothing but these shoes!)
  • newsboy cap: unbranded; got it from a boutique at Festival Mall

We met Mom at the airport. By the way, we forgot to bubble wrap our luggage. We just kept our fingers crossed that we wouldn’t fall victim to the infamous laglag-bala modus. And thank God, hindi naman. One personnel (whom Motherhood already befriended out of her very frequent air travels—daig pa ni Motherhood ang flight attendants sa byahe eh!) said that the laglag-bala often happens at Terminal 3 (we were at Terminal 2) to those with connecting flights and OFWs.

Raviv stayed with Motherhood at the Mabuhay Lounge while Randy and I stayed with the “commoners”. LOL! On the airplane, he was very happy to have been seated beside the window. It’s like it was his first time to ride an airplane!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.14.01 PM

Upon touchdown at around 6 a.m., we proceeded to the Marco Polo Hotel Davao to rest for a bit. It was good that there were empty rooms, so we were able to chreck-in early.

Raviv was again very happy, because he loves hotels. Hotels are his happy place, so we have been willing to spare extra bucks to check-in at good hotels. Remind me to make a separate blogpost about our stay at the Marco Polo Davao.

After resting for a bit, off we went to meet my brother and his family at the Davao Crocodile Park. Raviv bathed in the tub so I changed his clothes. Here’s what he wore for the rest of the day:

  • white shirt: Uniqlo
  • shorts: Maui & Sons
  • sunnies: SM Kids’ Fashion
  • rubber shoes: Native
  • bag: Cath Kidston
  • newsboy cap: unbranded; got it from a boutique at Festival Mall

It was actually our 3rd time at the Davao Crocodile Farm. (a more detailed description/review of the Davao Crocodile Park HERE). However, since Raviv can no longer remember the times we visited it, off we went there again. Here are some of our familia photos at the Davao Crocodile Farm:

My handsome man and my handsome boy

My little boy holding a little croc

My family, clockwise from leftmost top: Dad, my brother TJ, my husband Randy, TJ’s wife Ruth, Raviv, TJ’s daughter Yoona, Mom and I

Raviv and his cousin Yoona, reunited!

After touring the Davao Crocodile Park, we proceeded to our favorite restaurant in Davao: Ahfat Seafoods Plaza. This restaurant is actually within the immediate vicinity of Victoria Plaza. And be careful: for some reason, there’s more than one Ahfat restaurant in the area. Motherhood says these branches are not at par with each other. She said, “Tamo dito sa pupuntahan natin, andaming tao. Dun sa kabila, wala.” [Read more…]

Wardrobe Diary #71: Welcome Back, Self-Esteem! (November 8, 2015)

Happy Sunday everyone!

I feel great about the past week because I was able to rest. A lot. Classes at Gymboree resumed (after sembreak) only on Wednesday, and I had no classes this weekend. So hooray!!! Because I was relaxed—and because my jeans are all super tight now—I was (finally!) compelled to get physical. But to get there, I have begun sleeping and waking up early. I think I have to thank PLDT’s palpak na internet for that. Since wala nang magawa sa gabi, derechong tulog na. Result? I’d wake up early the following day.

From this, to…

…this!!! (sana magtuluy-tuloy!)

I feel happy doing it because I know it’s the right thing. I’m not getting any younger and my metabolism has slowed down, especially postpartum. Moreover, Randy’s really happy to see me up and about. He has long begged me to join him in biking, running and dog walking. But since I’m not a morning or a nature-nature person, he’d always go alone.

When we returned to Los Banos, I realized that I left my running shoes in Sta. Rosa. Fart. Buuuuut, ika nga eh ‘pag gusto may paraan. So yesterday morning, I watched Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag while on the elliptical machine (that I haven’t used in more than a year). Look, look, look:

Calories of 2.5 donuts burned after 70 mins. Waaah! #HirapMagpapayat

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

Yes, lampas isang oras para i-burn ang 2.5 donuts. #AsanAngHustisya. But still, I feel good that I’m doing something about it. And exercising might awaken my sleeping metabolism. Actually, my mood has improved overall. Totoo ngaata ang sabi ni Elle Woods:

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.

‘Di ba? 🙂

And though I know I still haven’t lost weight, I just feel so good that today that I felt confident to take a photo of me–whole body—for a Wardrobe Diary entry (but not that confident to ask Randy to use his DSLR. Mirror selfie lang muna). Here’s what I wore to church today:


And here are my outfit of the day details:

  • black sleeveless blouse: from one of the stalls at Olivarez Plaza, Los Banos (I bought this when I was a freshman in college, grabe!!! Two for P180 ang price)

  • white skirt with floral prints: Cacharel

  • white kitten heels: Prada

  • leather bag: YSL Chyc Cabas

I see from the photos that my arms still need some serious toning and that my waist is barely recognizable from my hips. But the fact that my last Wardrobe Diary post was in April, well, this speaks volumes about my regained self-esteem.  Iba talaga ‘ata ang nagagawa ng endorphins. 😉

Have an endorphine-filled week ahead!