Wardrobe Diary #64: Failed Flapper Girl Getup (Oct. 4, 2014)

If you’ve been reading my blog, chances are, you’d be able to guess what this wardrobe diary entry is.  If you’re thinking that this is about what I wore when I went clubbing, then BOO, you’ve been absent for a long time!!!  Or is it you’re first time here?

But those who have been in my loop would surely know that this is about my outfit/OOTD during Motherhood’s surprise 60th birthday celebration.  Since the theme was masquerade and most of the guests were, well, uhhh…”vintage”, it was but fitting that the guests (and host) wear something glamorous and Old Hollywood-ish.  And since one of my current favorite TV series is Downton Abbey, I chose outfits from the roaring twenties!  Here’s what I wore on Motherhood’s Masquerade Theme Surprise 60th Birthday Party Celebration:



Lemme hear a roar if wagi ang outfit natin!  Kung hindi, tumahimik na lang kayo.  Hihihi!  Anyway, I actually got a lot of compliments for my dress.  Another guest whose outfit I loved was Tita Romilyn’s. Look:

cfc (616)

Davah?!?  Complete with fishnet stockings pa ‘yan!  The other guests actually commented that our dresses were similar—I guess in the sense that they’re both fab—and because of that Tita Rom and I had a “contest”…

Tita Rom:  Oo nga parang pareho tayo ng outfit na makislap-kislap.  Pero mura lang ‘ting akin!
I: Ay Tita, mura rin itong akin!
Tita Rom:  Hoy, sa tiangge ko lang ito nabili…P750 lang ito!
I:  Wala ka Tita, ukay lang itong akin—P150 lang ito!
Tita Rom:  Ay panalo ka nga!

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FOREVER 21 Debuts Holiday Campaign Featuring Iggy Azalea and Nick Young


Forever 21 announces the launch of their Holiday 2014 campaign featuring recording artist Iggy Azalea and Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young.

This year marks several milestones for Iggy Azalea.  2014 saw the Australian artist hold simultaneously the number 1 and 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as become the female rapper with the longest-leading number one single on the chart.

Iggy 1

Iggy 4Iggy Azalea for Forever 21

Lakers’ shooting guard and Los Angeles native, Nick “Swaggy P” Young had quite the year himself. He recently signed to 4 more years with the Los Angeles Lakers and also made his runway debut walking in New York Fashion Week.

Nick 3

Nick 4Nick Young for Forever 21

The real life celebrity couple has gained recognition not just for their many talents but also for their distinct and complementary style. Iggy describes her style as “quirky, bold and strong,” while Nick enjoys being “daring and risk-taking” with his choices.

“Fashion plays an important part in the lives of Iggy and Nick; they are both at the top of their games and we felt they were the perfect pair to highlight our Men’s and Women’s collection this Holiday,” said Linda Chang, Vice President of Merchandising. “Iggy and Nick are known for their bold style and were chosen as a way for a broader audience to experience the Forever 21 brand and lifestyle.”

The Forever 21 Women’s Holiday Collection includes velvet knit cropped tops, fit and flare dresses, printed metallic shorts, oversized cardigans and cozy pullover sweaters. The assortment carries a diverse range of tactile and festive fabrics from velvet to metallic fabrics to sequins.

The Forever 21 Men’s Holiday offering features suiting for all occasions. This unique collection includes suits of brushed flannel, wool blends, marled textures as well as tweeds in silhouettes that vary from slim to classic.

1 2


Forever 21 Holiday collection will launch globally this quarter and feature various mini collections.


If you and your sweetheart want to channel Iggy and Nick’s fashion sense, head to the nearest Forever 21!  In the Philippines, Forever 21 is located at SM Megamall, SM Makati, SM City Cebu, The Block North Edsa, Mall of Asia, Lanang Premier, Aura Premier, SM City Fairview, SM City Clark, and SM Southmall.

The newly-renovated Forever 21 store in SM Megamall

Wardrobe Diary #63 (Hong Kong Trip Day 3): Ribbon and Lace (Sept. 24, 2014)

As I said on my previous blog entry, this is probably my happiest day in Hong Kong! Being in Disneyland gave me a sense of déjà vu, because everything seemed so familiar.  I felt like I’ve already sung and danced in the cobblestone streets there.  And when I saw the Disney princesses—Belle in particular—I was torn between feeling like I was best friends with her and that I was she in my past life, LOL!

Anyway, isa pang ikina-torn ko ay ang OOTD ko on this day.  See, I brought the black lace shorts I bought from Bangkok last year.


It’s really sooo cute and I’ve wanted to wear it for the longest time.  However, you guys know naman that I have issues with my legs.  Plus Randy is also in the ultra-conservative side.  Aside from these usual issues, I was also scared I won’t be comfy because I really am not used to wearing shorts.  I was also scared that while walking to the MTR or crossing the street, Raviv might pull my shorts down and BOOM, another Hong Kong blooper nanaman!  But when Randy told me there was no way we would be boarding a bus/tram/MTR on the way to Disneyland with our luggage, I decided to wear these shorts. I just had a good feeling that Disneyland would be more relaxed than Ocean Park, plus we would be staying in a Disneyland hotel.  I showed my OOTD to Randy and he gave it a thumbs up.  Napansin niya sigurong malayong mas malalaswa ang outfit ng ibang mga turista, hehe.

Anywho, here are photos of my full ensemble on our 3rd day in Hong Kong.

At the lobby of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel after check-in:


At the corridor of our hotel room:


At Fantasyland in Disneyland:


  • white blouse with puffed sleeves: Kashieca
  • black lace shorts:  Bobae Market in Bangkok 
  • gold metallic ballet flats: Yosi Samra
  • red leather bag: Balenciaga City


By the way, I have a confession to make: a bad mommy moment. ;)  See, when we left our hotel, it was drizzling.  I borrowed an umbrella from the concierge before boarding the shuttle to Disneyland.  It was still drizzling when we reached Disneyland (because hello, it was only five minutes away).  I started to panic because I didn’t want my baby to get wet.  So anong bad mommy dun?!?  Weeeeeell, the baby I was talking about was not Raviv…it was…my bag.  Hehehe!  Of course I also did not want Raviv to get wet—but honestly, I was more scared for my bag.  Raviv is a healthy boy so I was sure the light drizzle won’t harm him.  As for the bag, well, that’s a different story altogether.  But because I did not want to be a terrible mom naman to my little boy, I thought of something:  I wrapped my bag in its dust bag (Randy said, “Grabe dala mo talaga ang dust bag?!?”  I told him I really brought the dust bag in case of rain and because I always have a water bottle with me.  Ayoko nang maul it ang nangyari sa Chloe bag ko dati), wrapped it in my cardigan and put it on Raviv’s lap.  I gave Raviv strict orders to take care of my bag.  My sweet little boy must have known how serious I was, thus he really took my instructions to heart.  Then I held my umbrella over my two beloved babies.  Look at us:

And even when it stopped raining, Raviv still took care of his nanay’s other beloved:

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #28: Bear and Green It! (Sept. 23, 2014)

On our second day in Hong Kong, Raviv looked about as fresh as a Judge spearmint chewing gum.  Take a look at my toddler boy’s OOTD:

Before entering Ocean Park


Aboard the Sea Carousel at Ocean Park
By the fountain at the entrance

Actually, I love this look so much that this ensemble had a repeat performance less than a week after.  That was when we attended the Family Day at Raviv’s school on Friday last week.

  • polo: Garfield
  • mint green jeans: Mossimo Kids
  • shoes: Florsheim Kids
  • sunnies:  SM Kids’ Fashion


Repeat performance at the Family Day

Look at Ravivo:



Naiba lang ang shoes-ey!  These Florsheim boots are actually Raviv’s favourite footwear.  As in.  It is the only pair of footwear he asked me to buy for him. Almost every time I think aloud which footwear to make him wear, he would always mention his boots.  He actually wanted to bring these boots to Hong Kong, but I was scared his feet would hurt from all the walking.  Anyway, the reason I made him wear this ensemble again was because I wanted him to be terno with Randy.  Look at my mag-ama here:


Sinong mas pogi?
‘Di ba halos terno? I was wearing brown because the theme of our familia was nature-nature kuno.  Sila yung dahon, ako ang lupa, hehe.  Hindi ko nga lang kayang pagsuotin si Randy ng mint green skinny jeans.  Haha, hindi ko rin ma-imagine!


Watching Raviv being bullied

Anyway may kwento ako sa inyo about that Family Day.  Warning, baka ma-OA-yan kayo sa akin.  After the program during socialisation time, we told Raviv to play with his classmates.  The thing that we noticed about Raviv is that he’s a tad shy around other kids, pero bibo with adults.  I guess it’s because we always have adult guests at home pero walang ibang bagets ever since cousin Yoona went to live in Davao.
So ayun na nga, we told him to play with the other kids and he did.



As he was playing, we noticed that there’s a kid na parang dinidibdiban si Raviv tapos may sinasabi-sabi.  Raviv would move away from him, but this kid would follow him around na nakatingala pa kay Raviv with a grimace at bulung-bulong.  I called Raviv and asked him why that kid was following him.  Ravivo told me that the kid was saying bad things.  I told him not to go near that kid and just play with the nice kids (note:  all the kids in the photo above were the nice kids).  But “dibdiban” boy was really following him.  As in sunud nang sunod kay Raviv!  And then it became obvious from the boy’s expression that he was saying nasty things to Raviv.  So I kept close watch, while the boy’s parent was busy chika-chika with other people.  Then later, I saw him wrestling Raviv.  Raviv was moving away from him with a somber expression on his face.  Naiiyak na ako nang mga panahong ‘yun, and I was keeping myself from making patol to the kid.  And, masama ba that I wished Raviv would fight back?!?  I know it was bad but at that time I was a lioness who wanted to protect her cub.  You know I kept telling Raviv not to fight back whenever may nang-aaway sa kanya, but at that moment I wish I had ESP to mentally instruct Raviv to fight back!  Well, I must have ESP because not long after Raviv started fighting back!  He started throwing punches that would make Manny Pacquiao proud, at hindi na nakalaban si dibdiban boy!  The boy just stood there receiving Raviv’s wrath, until I sprang to my feet to pull them apart.  Dibdiban boy went away, and Raviv hugged me.  He buried his face on me and I could feel he was fighting back tears.  Kung hindi lang ‘yun school event, umiyak na talaga ako.  I really fought back tears because I knew that dibdiban boy hurt Raviv a lot for him (Raviv) to have reacted that way—‘yung parang lumabas ‘yung naipon n’yang galit.  


Reality bites

Anyway, now I feel more for the parents who seem to overreact when their kids are bullied.  Masakit pala talaga.  However, I’m also against being too protective of children especially of their feelings.  The big world out there is full of cruel people who will trample on our feelings, that’s a fact.  Another fact is that we can’t protect our kids from such people 24/7.  Ergo, our kids also have to learn how to handle unpleasant people and unpleasant situations on their own.  I don’t want my son to be spineless.  So I was also proud of myself because even though I was watching live how my kid was being hurt emotionally and physically, I allowed him to handle things, and I meddled only when I saw that he was the one who might hurt the other party.
Moral lesson?  There are stressful times that we just need to “bear and grin (green) it” O di ba na-connect ko ang title?!?  Tapos may panda “bear” pa sa umpisa!


Can you give me tips on how to handle bullying?  What do you tell your kids and how do you keep your emotions in check?

Kids Gone Kawaii! SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest 2014


Retail giant sets Japanese kawaii trend for the country’s stylish tots

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—A prominent aspect of Japanese culture, and embraced by the most fashion forward of stylephiles, “Kawaii” is the theme of this year’s SM KIDS’ FASHION TOON FEST, incorporating bright colours, graphic visuals and everything cute and lovable.

For this stand out collection, three categories take the lead—Princess, Cutie, and Hero.

Princess goes with a glitzy slant on the trend with playful tutu skirts and pretty tulle dresses matched with princess tees in colourful pastels. Watch out for those hoodies with built-in tiaras, it’s perfect for today’s modern little princesses that want to juxtapose their royal style with a little street flair.

1SM Kids Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest princess


Character tees, fun hoodies and vibrant button-downs are the highlights of the Cutie category. Garfield, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the lovable Sesame Street characters provide an eclectic mix of colours, prints and quirky pieces that will definitely be “conversation-starters” at school or the playground.

1SM Kids Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest cutie


Everybody wants to be a Hero—especially if the look comes with head-turning graphics, colourful denims and hip hoodies. Ben 10, The Avengers, Adventure Time and Cars provide items to help show off super style that your kids will surely love and have fun with.

1SM Kids Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest hero


Every piece from the collection carries the quintessential appeal of kawaii trend; looking fun, vibrant, and adorable. With SM Kids’ Fashion Kawaii Toon Fest, dressing up is made more fun and imaginative for the tiny trendsetters.

See the collection with your kids at the SM Store.

Wardrobe Diary #62 (Hong Kong Trip Day 2): Now, I’m the Star! (Sept. 23, 2014)

If you have already read our Ocean Park adventures (thank God it’s no longer misadventures!), then you already know that on this day, I was no longer just hobnobbing with the stars because, well, I was one of the stars!  Yeah, promise!  This is no joke!  I was actually one of the stars during the dolphin show at Ocean Park.  Because when the staff was asking for volunteers, I volunteered.  Thus, the pa-star actually and finally became a star.  Hihihi!

But before I give you tips on how to be a star at a dolphin show (errr, that didn’t sound too flattering), lemme first show you what I was wearing on our second day in Hong Kong:

Posing by the stores of “Old Hong Kong” at Ocean Park


  • gray beaded top: bought from Gallery F
  • gray cotton cropped pants: J. Crew
  • gold ballet flats: Yosi Samra
  • red leather bag: Balenciaga City
(Note:  You will get tired of my shoes and bag because these were the only bag and shoes I brought to Hong Kong.  They will be a staple to my wardrobe diary entries until the last day.)

Here are more photos of me in my almost-monochromatic outfit-ey:

Against the vista of South China Sea


Reporting for my mommy duties

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #27: Raviv in Hong Kong (Sept. 22, 2014)

Walang kwenta ang title ko ‘no?  Hindi pangmatalino, LOL!

Anyway, I would have wanted the title to go something like it’s nice to be young and not know all the troubles hounding your parents, because as you may already know, boggang kamalasan ang inabot namin sa Hong Kong (whaaaat you haven’t heard yet?!?  HERE!)  But since it’s too wordy and I can’t think of a way for that to sound witty, I decided to stick to the boring title above.

Anywho, I realized that it’s been such long time since I last featured Raviv’s outfitey!  The last one was in April pa!  I guess it’s because RAviv really has no penchant to mowdel-mowdel, much to his nanny’s dismay.  Although I console myself with the fact that:

  1. Magkaka-baby girl din ako, and when that time comes, maghanda ang SM Kids’ Fashion, Gingersnaps, etc…at ang bank account namin.  Hehehe
  2. In the recesses of my mind, I don’t want Raviv to grow up vain or a metrosexual.  I honestly want him to be nonchalant about his natural good looks and natural flair in dressing up.  I want him to care more about manly (sports) and intellectual (books, debates) things.

But because he is still my baby and I still do not have a baby girl, wala siyang choice but to be my baby mow-del.

Here’s Raviv’s outfit of the day/wardrobe diary last week on our first day in Hong Kong:


  • polo shirt: Guess Kids
  • striped shorts: Levi’s
  • shoes: Florsheim Kids
  • hat: from a store at Festival Mall

I am very proud of my boy because despite that he woke up very early on this day (I just shook him and said, “Anak, wake up na because we’re now going to Hong Kong”, he sprang up and even allowed me to bathe him…at 3:30 a.m. ito ha!) and even if he somehow sensed how stressed we were, he was behaved.  Behaved, as in he was not throwing tantrums (but not behaved as in he does not move…asa pa tayo kay Raviv!)  He just bore and grinned when we were running circles looking for places.  Anyway, part of his being relaxed I guess is the fact that he was in his stroller.  I tell you, a stroller in Hong Kong is a must!  Imagine na lang if Raviv was also walking during the two hours we were looking for that darn “Citybus Service Centre” ‘di ba?!?

Lemme show you more of his pictures at Madame Tussuads.  You would notice that it isn’t that many—that’s because at first, he was scared of the wax figures.  I would have wanted him to stand between and against the Brangelina wax figure para kunwari anak soya hung dalawa, but he was scared.

Later, however, we persuaded him to get “inside this Rembrandt painting”:

Look at that smile!  There was even another Chinese tourist who took photo of him and Randy, and in her rusty English, told me that Raviv was so cute.


Then little by little, we were able to remove his fear of the wax figures.  Pa’ano?  By checking out the wax figures’…

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Wardrobe Diary #61 (Hong Kong Trip Day 1): Hobnobbing With Celebrities (Sept. 22, 2014)

If you have read my previous post, you already know how depressing this day went.  But since I’ve already poured out my emotions on that blog post, I want to focus on the good side of this day.

Because on this day, I hobnobbed with my fellow celebrities.  Take note:  celebritiES, plural.  And not just starlets but true-blue celebrities.  So buti na lang hindi masyadong halata ang pagka-haggardous versoza and stressed drilon ko!
Here’s my outfit of the day/wardrobe diary on our first day in Hong Kong when I met celebs:
  • white dress: ukay
  • gold ballet flats: Yosi Samra 
  • red leather bag:  Balenciaga City

At NAIA, I already saw a reporter with a cameraman…inaabangan ata ako, LOL!  Later, I saw Marian Rivera and her posse in the same terminal as we were.  She’s really pretty and her skin was immaculate.  I took photos of her using my smartphone, pero alam naman natin kung among nangyari sa smartphone ko ‘di ba?  Hayst.  Normally, I’d feel super ugly whenever I see celebs in the flesh, but on that day, I didn’t.  Of course, Marian was drop dead gorgeous but I must say I didn’t look so bad, partida at puyat pa ako n’yan!  In fact, look at what my normally later BFF commented on my photo:


  Zoom natin ha?



So anyway, after Marian Rivera, I advanced on to Hollywood superstars, icons and sports stars in the afternoon.  I literally rubbed elbows with them.  Don’t wanna believe me?
MomsterTeacher giving Prince Charles pointers on how to improve the economic situation of UK… ;)
Then I told Führer Hitler how bad the Holocaust was, but if he insists on being a Nazi, there was a good kind of Nazi…a grammar Nazi!
Heil good grammar!!!!

At nagpaka-deep din ako with Gandhi…we were talking about…life.  Hehe

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An Eventful Week

Happy Monday everyone!  How’s your day so far?  Naku, I’m soooo eager to blog and blab to you how last week went.  Soooo much happened last week, grabe!  After the brouhaha of my and Raviv’s food poisoning drama last week, I thought this week just drag on and be easily forgotten. Well, I must be a poor seer because this week turned out nothing but ordinary.   Shall I commence my chismis?
Let’s begin with Monday. Raviv, Randy and I left a tad early and headed to Sta. Rosa to go to the Fun Farm at Hacienda Sta. Elena. Bakit kamo?  Because there was a yard sale happening there!  Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Instagram of Hindy Weber-Tantoco (yep, the Tantocos behind Rustan’s) and saw that they’re hosting a yard sale.  Since I knew how much of a fashionista Hindy is (and because she’s my new favorite mom and woman!), I knew I HAD to go.  Actually, Day 1 of the yard sale was on Sunday (previous day), but since I had classes, I had to wait until the following day (and felt tortured thinking that the good stuff had already been plundered. Hmpft!). Randy “supported” me, probably because he knows that shopping at the yard sale of the owner of Rustan’s was waaaaaaay cheaper than actually shopping at Rustan’s. Hehe. Moreover, he knew we’d be shooting two politicians with one sharp, fatal stone (ain’t this idiom better than shooting two birds with one stone?): I’d be shopping for super cheap items while he and Raviv will be able to enter and explore the Fun Farm for free. O diba, brilliant?

And boy, was he right! Look at how Raviv (who has just been discharged from the hospital less 24 hours ago) enjoyed!
Guys, ‘yung totootalaga bang kaka-confine lang ni Raviv nang two nights?!?! Para kasing ayokong maniwala! Hehe

But I couldn’t decide who had more fun, because I was also dizzy finding hidden treasures at the yard sale! Lookie lookie!!!

So many pretty things!!! Kakaasar lang because the salesladies would tell me, “Naku Ma’am, lalo na kahapon! Grabe mas marami pang magaganda talaga! Kaso puro nabili na!”

But as a true blue shopingera, I was undaunted and knew I could still find hidden gems!  And I sure did!!!  Take a look at some of my yard sale loot:

You wanna know how much they cost?  Well, first I wanna tell you that these items look super new.  The turquoise floral blouse (Juana) was only P100; the black Marni (yes, Marni!!!) dress was P200, and the mustard pleated dress (Debbie Co) was P250.  The I Spy Game for Raviv was P100.

And then ito pa: [Read more…]

How To Spot Fake and Authentic Cath Kidston Bags

Hello there!  If I was able to convince you on my last post that Cath Kidston bags are a good buy and not really made for grannies, chances are, you’re eager to grab one for yourself.  But be wary, because there are lots of fake Cath Kidston bags out there: there are lots in Greenhills and even in online shops!  While buying from the Cath Kidston website or from a Cath Kidston boutique is the most ideal, I know that some of you may be in a budget or would want to be practical and buy pre-loved items (at alam naman nating lahat that I love ukay, so I don’t want to be prissy and tell you that buying directly from the Cath Kidston website or a Cath Kidston boutique is the only way to go).  Like what I always say, “Mas OK nang second hand kesa peke.” But what’s worse is buying a fake, pre-loved “Cath Kidston” kuno, tapos proud na proud ka pang dala-dala ‘yun, ‘di ba?  Thus, I thought of writing a post on how you could EASILY recognize an authentic or a fake Cath Kidston bag.

With my recent Cath Kidston bag-hoard direct from London (through Motherhood), I guess I can be an authority on how to spot the real from the not (I wonder when the day that I will be able to easily recognize an authentic Birkin will come.  Hehe).  Now, let me do the honor of sharing it with you.

Anyway, here’s a photo of two Cath Kidston Carryall bags.  One of them is a fake, while the other is authentic.  Can you guess which is fake and which is authentic?

fake vs authentic cath kidston bags

At first glance, it would be difficult to determine which is authentic and which one is the fake. It used to be that I thought fake Cath Kidstons were shiny, while the authentic ones were matte. However, I realized that there really were shiny authentic Cath Kidston bags, depending on the material that was used.  But do remember, too, that most “Cath Kidston” bags I saw being sold at Greenhills had shiny finishes.  So if I were you and I’m gonna buy my Cath Kidston bag, I’ll buy one that has a matte finish.

Anyway, back to identifying a fake from an authentic Cath Kidston. I have two telltale signs for you, but these two will be more than enough.

First, check the front logo.

Take a look at these logos:

fake vs authentic cath kidston front logo 1Front logo of fake and authentic Cath Kidston logos

The logo at the top is the logo of the fake Cath Kidston, whereas the logo at the bottom is the logo of the authentic Cath Kidston. Notice that the logo of the fake Cath seems to have “air” inside and is kulubot, whereas the authentic Cath’s logo is laid flat on the bag.  And that’s not just because the fake Cath Kidston is old while the authentic one is new.  Let me show you the logo of my one-year old, frequently used Cath Kidston bag vis-a-vis the logo of the fake Cath Kidston:

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