An Eventful Week

Happy Monday everyone!  How’s your day so far?  Naku, I’m soooo eager to blog and blab to you how last week went.  Soooo much happened last week, grabe!  After the brouhaha of my and Raviv’s food poisoning drama last week, I thought this week just drag on and be easily forgotten. Well, I must be a poor seer because this week turned out nothing but ordinary.   Shall I commence my chismis?
Let’s begin with Monday. Raviv, Randy and I left a tad early and headed to Sta. Rosa to go to the Fun Farm at Hacienda Sta. Elena. Bakit kamo?  Because there was a yard sale happening there!  Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Instagram of Hindy Weber-Tantoco (yep, the Tantocos behind Rustan’s) and saw that they’re hosting a yard sale.  Since I knew how much of a fashionista Hindy is (and because she’s my new favorite mom and woman!), I knew I HAD to go.  Actually, Day 1 of the yard sale was on Sunday (previous day), but since I had classes, I had to wait until the following day (and felt tortured thinking that the good stuff had already been plundered. Hmpft!). Randy “supported” me, probably because he knows that shopping at the yard sale of the owner of Rustan’s was waaaaaaay cheaper than actually shopping at Rustan’s. Hehe. Moreover, he knew we’d be shooting two politicians with one sharp, fatal stone (ain’t this idiom better than shooting two birds with one stone?): I’d be shopping for super cheap items while he and Raviv will be able to enter and explore the Fun Farm for free. O diba, brilliant?

And boy, was he right! Look at how Raviv (who has just been discharged from the hospital less 24 hours ago) enjoyed!
Guys, ‘yung totootalaga bang kaka-confine lang ni Raviv nang two nights?!?! Para kasing ayokong maniwala! Hehe

But I couldn’t decide who had more fun, because I was also dizzy finding hidden treasures at the yard sale! Lookie lookie!!!

So many pretty things!!! Kakaasar lang because the salesladies would tell me, “Naku Ma’am, lalo na kahapon! Grabe mas marami pang magaganda talaga! Kaso puro nabili na!”

But as a true blue shopingera, I was undaunted and knew I could still find hidden gems!  And I sure did!!!  Take a look at some of my yard sale loot:

You wanna know how much they cost?  Well, first I wanna tell you that these items look super new.  The turquoise floral blouse (Juana) was only P100; the black Marni (yes, Marni!!!) dress was P200, and the mustard pleated dress (Debbie Co) was P250.  The I Spy Game for Raviv was P100.

And then ito pa: [Read more...]

How To Spot Fake and Authentic Cath Kidston Bags

Hello there!  If I was able to convince you on my last post that Cath Kidston bags are a good buy and not really made for grannies, chances are, you’re eager to grab one for yourself.  But be wary, because there are lots of fake Cath Kidston bags out there: there are lots in Greenhills and even in online shops!  While buying from the Cath Kidston website or from a Cath Kidston boutique is the most ideal, I know that some of you may be in a budget or would want to be practical and buy pre-loved items (at alam naman nating lahat that I love ukay, so I don’t want to be prissy and tell you that buying directly from the Cath Kidston website or a Cath Kidston boutique is the only way to go).  Like what I always say, “Mas OK nang second hand kesa peke.” But what’s worse is buying a fake, pre-loved “Cath Kidston” kuno, tapos proud na proud ka pang dala-dala ‘yun, ‘di ba?  Thus, I thought of writing a post on how you could EASILY recognize an authentic or a fake Cath Kidston bag.

With my recent Cath Kidston bag-hoard direct from London (through Motherhood), I guess I can be an authority on how to spot the real from the not (I wonder when the day that I will be able to easily recognize an authentic Birkin will come.  Hehe).  Now, let me do the honor of sharing it with you.

Anyway, here’s a photo of two Cath Kidston Carryall bags.  One of them is a fake, while the other is authentic.  Can you guess which is fake and which is authentic?

fake vs authentic cath kidston bags

At first glance, it would be difficult to determine which is authentic and which one is the fake. It used to be that I thought fake Cath Kidstons were shiny, while the authentic ones were matte. However, I realized that there really were shiny authentic Cath Kidston bags, depending on the material that was used.  But do remember, too, that most “Cath Kidston” bags I saw being sold at Greenhills had shiny finishes.  So if I were you and I’m gonna buy my Cath Kidston bag, I’ll buy one that has a matte finish.

Anyway, back to identifying a fake from an authentic Cath Kidston. I have two telltale signs for you, but these two will be more than enough.

First, check the front logo.

Take a look at these logos:

fake vs authentic cath kidston front logo 1Front logo of fake and authentic Cath Kidston logos

The logo at the top is the logo of the fake Cath Kidston, whereas the logo at the bottom is the logo of the authentic Cath Kidston. Notice that the logo of the fake Cath seems to have “air” inside and is kulubot, whereas the authentic Cath’s logo is laid flat on the bag.  And that’s not just because the fake Cath Kidston is old while the authentic one is new.  Let me show you the logo of my one-year old, frequently used Cath Kidston bag vis-a-vis the logo of the fake Cath Kidston:

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When [the] Mother Ship Landed Part 2: Along Came Lots of “Cath”

continued from When [the] Mother Ship Landed from London (Part 1)

When Motherhood was in London, I kept on bugging her about my pabili.  Mainly Cath Kidston stuff.  See, when Motherhood went to London almost exactly a year ago, she brought me a Cath Kidston bag as pasalubong.

Honestly, I wasn’t THAT excited about Cath Kidston bagsI mean, they’re not LV or Balenciaga or Chanel or Chloe or any other bag that women expectedly salivate after.  Heck, I even find Cath Kidston’s floral designs pangmatanda, as in matandang lola na (because my lola’s daster and umbrella were floral)!

But the first time I carried my Cath Kidston Day Bag, I fell so hard in love.  Inspecting it up and close and personal, you’d know this was far from the cheap “ecobag”-ish waterproof bags that are being sold aplenty.  I also loved that it’s very sturdy and roomy.  And fuss-free—pang-mommy talaga!  Because when I carry a designer bag, I really freak out (as in tumitili ako nang matinis at nakakahiya) when it’s not properly handled:  I am careful not to put it on the floor or for it not to get wet, and I’d even remove some of my stuff in the bag kasi baka mabanat nang sobra ang strap.  Randy would always roll his eyes.  Hehe.

But not with Cath Kidston bags.  Cath Kidston bags allow me to be my carefree (and careless) self!  And later, I realized that Cath Kidston designs were not that lola-ish at all.  They’re perfect when you’re wearing something clean and crisp.

O ‘di ba ang chic?!?  Nothing lola-ish about it!  Nasa pagdadala langyan!
(Images lifted from

wardrobe collage
Photo lifted from this Wardrobe Diary Post

Anyway, to ensure I get the Cath Kidston bags I liked, I checked out its website first.  Of course, I went to the SALE section and took it from there.  I gave the photos to Motherhood (via email and Facebook message), and she did the rest.

Do you want see what she got me?!?

Oh please say, “Yes!!!”  I’m too excited to show you my Cath Kidston loot!

Dahil mapilit kayo, sige na nga ito na….jaraaaaaaaan!!!


Kaka-excite, di ba?!?  But before you say “bag hoarder”, lemme clarify first that not all of those are mine.  Some of them will be given as gifts to people who helped us during the summer in our UPCAT review, and some are Motherhood’s pasalubong for Ravivo.  Ito lang talaga yung mga matitira sa akin:

First, this Patchwork Tablet Case for my iPad mini.  This is actually Mom’s pasalubong to me (kasi babayaran ko ‘yung iba):


P7100133_thumb[11]Perfect Fit! Smile

Next is this this Stanley Foldaway Holiday Bag:

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #27: Sun, Sand and Surf Swimwear (June 24, 2014)

[Oh my goolai, bumabagyo na at lahat hindi ko pa rin pala napo-post ito!!!  I made this draft weeks ago, but was only reminded about this tonight.  Anyway, here it is]

Up to the day before our outing, I was still scouring mall with Raviv’s swimwear.  See, his old swimwear was already too tight.

Raviv and his super sexy swimwear at Tagaytay Highlands last year

When I went to SM, Spandex swimwear for toddler boys his age (or size) was nil.  I was told that it has been a week since the swimwear were pulled out, because it was already way past summer.  I also checked out Robinson’s.  Although it carried swimwear that would fit him, I did not like the designs available.  Chaka.  Tapos mahal pa.  So thanks but no thanks.  I was really desperate, because I knew Raviv would be so disappointed if he will not be permitted to swim in Punta Fuego’s swimming pool if he won’t not be wearing the “proper swimming attire”.

Good thing I remembered that I bought him board shorts about a year ago.  At that time, his shorts were still too big for him (but they were on sale!  So I had to buy!) so I just shoved them in his cabinet, on the “still-too-big-for-Raviv” shelf.

I got the shorts, tried it on Raviv and it was just perfect!  I realized it was even better than the usual Spandex swimwear because Raviv can just wear it and when he want to get wet, we just remove his shirt and voila!—instant swimwear!

Now here’s Raviv when Team Brain Train went to Punta Fuego:





  • abaca hat: from Shopwise (less than P100 ‘yan sa Shopwise!  Saw something similar at Rustan’s, P1,000++ grabe!)
  • white shirt: Old Navy
  • board shorts: Carter’s
  • footwear:  from Novo (P60 lang!)

I forgot to tell you, pati pala sa footwear ni Raviv na-stress ako the night before.  See, I thought he would be wearing the green, military-print Gingersnaps slippers given to him by my pedia friend Sugar, or his blue dog-face rubber sandals (also from Novo—cheaper because the pair’s only P40, but it looks classier) buuuuut—both were chewed by our bull mastiffs!  Ayun, Raviv has no beach-appropriate footwear.  So the night before, I asked Yaya Gigi to buy Raviv the same blue dog-face sandal rubber sandals at Novo.  But Yaya Gigi said that design was no longer available, thus she settled on the yellow footwear.  So ayan, mejo sablay ang footwear ng bagets.

Here are more photos of Ravivo at Punta Fuego:

With his pretty Nanay (sino kayayun? Winking smile)

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Wardrobe Diary #60: Si Misis! (June 28, 2014)

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have finally accepted the term.  I realized that after six years of being married, OK na sa akin matawag na “Misis Ladaga”.  ‘Yan ang breakthrough ko on that day.

But still, I refuse to look like the quintessential “misis“.

For our super wholesome sixth anniversary celebration, I wore something super wholesome as well (but not misis-y, I hope).  Here I was on my and Randy’s anniversary:



At para medyo sensual kunwari:


Now here’s a closer look at the outfit details:

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Wardrobe Diary #59.1: Post-Summer Swimsuit!!! (June 24, 2014)

Guuuuuuuuys!!!  I have good news!  And bad news.

Good news:  Randy allowed me to put some Club Punta Fuego pictures wearing my white swimsuit here!!!

Bad news:  Ito lang ang in-approve niya:

2014-06-24 14.42.11

2014-06-24 14.42.14

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Wardrobe Diary #59: Post-Summer, Before-Hitting-The-Beach Wear (June 24, 2014)

No, this is not about my white maillot.

I won’t be posting a full body picture of me and my short limbs in that swimsuit.  Bawal daw sabi ni Randy.  #AlamNyoNamanYun.  Especially because there was recent news of a minor who posted her sexy selfie photo online that was nenok-ed and used by a beer house in advertising!  While watching the news, Randy was saying, “Ayan na nga ba ang mga post nang post ng sexy pictures!”  He felt sorry for the girl, but I know he was saying it so I would realize the “dangers” of posting “provocative” photos online.  But honestly, he need not worry because I don’t intend to post a full body “in a swimsuit” photo of me.  Not because feeling ko gagamitin din ng isang cheap beerhouse, but because despite my weight loss, I’m still not contented with my body. Especially with my lower half.  Anlaki talaga ng hita ko, I swear!  Given na na gusto ni Randy ang thunder thighs ko, but when I look at my photos and see my legs, kinikilabutan talaga akoHayst.

So anyway, let’s focus on what I wore before I swam.  At least it just showed the right amount of flesh, but hid the huge amount of flesh (and fats) na nagkumpul-kumpol sa isang lugar.

Pau-pau, my colleague, kept on telling me how bongga it looks daw.

So here’s my post-summer, before-hitting-the-beach wear at Punta Fuego (see previous post):


Pre-Swimming Beachwear at Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas


Punta Fuego2

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Wardrobe Diary #58: The Nanay on Father’s Day (June 15, 2014)

Father’s Day this year was “celebrated” in a way that couldn’t have been better for Randy than how we spent it: the entire Familia Ladaga with some friends went to a Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI) dog show, where Khaleesi and Khal Drogo joined.  This was quite a big deal for us because it was the first time after a long time that Randy’s dogs were gonna join a dog show again.  It used to be that Randy and I were a common sight during dog shows.

Vanguard during a dog show, with handler Mario Palicpic

But after Randy’s dobermann Vanguard got his Philippine Champion title; after we sold my winning pug, Whirlwind; and after our weekends became so hectic, we no longer joined dog shows.

But now that Randy renewed his interest in bull mastiffs and took the plunge to import two bull mastiffs from reputable bull mastiff breeders abroad, it was expected of us to be back. Smile

From past experiences, I knew that dog shows not done inside malls mean lagkit and pawis galore.  I remember the times when I would even ask our dog handler to talk to the shi-tzu and poodle handlers to give me some of their dogs’ powders (Johnson’s Baby din naman).  Moreover, Raviv was coming with us (and would ask to be carried).  Thus, I chose to wear something an ensemble that’s cool and frill-free, never mind that it may be dowdy.

Here’s the Nanay on Father’s Day at the PCCI Activity Center in Marikina City:





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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #26: The Bad Boy Look…and the Bad Nanay (Apr. 20, 2014)

A weary hello here!  I soooo missed chatting with you all, but first things first.  As I keep on saying here in my blog, summer is sooo toxic for us.  I have saved so many stories to tell; I just don’t have the time to blog about them yet.

Anyway highway and expressway, I have this story to tell you about Ravivo.  Medyo fresh pa, because it just happened yesterday.

Since this is still a wardrobe diary, here’s what Raviv was wearing when we went to church and did some grocery shopping on Easter Sunday:



2014-04-20 13.05.37

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Wardrobe Diary #57: Flower Power in the Summer (Mar. 12, 2014)

Last March 12 Raviv and I attended another kids’ fashion show, this time the launch of the summer collection of my favorite carrier of fashionable and reasonably-priced kids’ apparel, SM Kids’ Fashion.

The invitation said to wear something floral, as we were to have “garden party” at Shine Bakery at SM Aura Premiere.  Honestly, I had a hard time choosing which dress to wear because I have plenty of floral dresses in my cabinet–most of them I have never even used.  You may have noticed that I have a penchant for feminine fashion.

But I finally settled on this one:



Randy actually chose this after I modeled about five dresses for him.  He said he liked this best because of the 50’s vibe it gave.  And I agree!  I love how dainty it is, and how soft and flowy the skirt of the dress is.  Indulge me in my arte poses:

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