Wardrobe Diary #52: Beautiful (Dec. 26, 2013)

Remember when I was so touched with Randy’s Facebook post? :) When, for a change, he posted a decent photo of mine (not for long, though)?


But more importantly, nakakakilig ang caption…he simply said, “BEAUTIFUL”.  O ‘di ba?  Ayiiiiiiiiiiiiii!  Sabi nga ng friends ko, naisip daw nila nang makita nila ang post ni Randy na, “Hay naku.  Na-in love nanaman si Randy sa asawa niya!”

At sino ba namang hindi mai-inlove sa napakagandang…(shucks what am I?!?  Ayoko ng misis!  At lalong nakakakilabot ang “ginang ng tahanan!”)…babaeng katulad ko? ;)

Well, here are more photos of me that day, and a closer look to what I had to wear for my husband to gush that I’m BEAUTIFUL.


Here’s a closer look:

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Randy’s Grrr-istmas “Gift” and “Naudlot” New Year’s Resolution

That’s not a typo—that’s really Grrr-istmas!  Because he did it again!  Take a look:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.08.51

‘Di ba?!?  And what’s worse, he deceived me.  See, one early morning after more than a month of abandoning my Balik Alindog Project, I moved my tushy and mowed our lawn.  Randy, Raviv and Khaleesi were with me.  Then I saw Randy with his camera.  Alarm bells—the really loud and irritating ones—rang in my head!  Nakow nakow baka picture-an nanaman ako!!!   For one, bagong gising uli ako.  Baka may panis na laway pa sa mukha ko.  And more importantly, I was wearing the same faded and “hole-y” pambahay t-shirt I wore the first time Randy did this to me.  Gravity!!!  So I glared at him.  He immediately asked me, “Akala mo ikaw pini-picture-an ko?  Hindi!  Si Khaleesi!” and he gave me this look that screamed, “Feeling ka ha!”  And so against my better judgment I left him in peace. I should have known better!  Because just a few days before Christmas, instead of giving me an LV or Balenciaga bag or Tiffany’s jewelry, this was what I got!  Imagine my consternation and utter shock when I just saw the my photo was “trending” on Facebook!!!  At kumusta naman ang caption?!?

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.08.51

So I fought back…alam n’yo naman tayo, feminist (hehe).

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.09.10

And the people who’ve seen my pain and suffering supported me.  Look o:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.09.23 I love you Lauren Lopez!  I could just imagine your dad.  Ahahahaha!

Diva?!?  And aside from simply “Like”-ing my threats at retaliation, they even suggested more plots to hatch the perfect vendetta against my husband.

And wouldn’t you know it, after a few days, he posted this on Facebook. [Read more...]

Randy Is In Love With a Young Bitch!

Randy’s concubine

Randy is in love.  As in crazily in love.  He normally sleeps early and almost nothing can rouse him from his sleep.  But the past weeks, isang tunog lang ng Ipad n’ya kahit madaling araw, bangon agad to check his Facebook.  And for several days he couldn’t concentrate on his work.  So talagang na-in love siya.

To a young bitch!

Aaand, sa sobrang pagkahumaling niya sa young bitch na ‘yun, ibinahay na niya.  Yes, this young bitch is living under the same roof as we do.  Now, I’d like you to see the bitch that Randy is so crazy about, at i-judge natin.

The bitch in the flesh

Guys, meet Randy’s bitch, Khaleesi:

khaleesi Our three-month old female bull mastiff, Khaleesi


What a bitch, right?!?  And as if it wasn’t enough that this young bitch made Randy fall in love with her…



She made Raviv fall in love with her too!!!

So essentially, this bitch captured the hearts of the two important men in my life!



And take a look at how maharot this bitch is:

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Fighting for My Dignity: Randy’s Wife Now Refuses to Suffer in Silence

Guys, Randy did it again.  I have been abused many times as a wife.  That’s why I’m taking a stand against Randy.  Sobra na siya.  Hindi ko na kaya.  Here’s a draft of my demand letter to him.


2 December 2013

Mr. Ramon Randy C. Ladaga
Los Banos, Laguna

Dear Mr. Ladaga:

This law Office is writing you in connection with the complaint of your beautiful wife, Ms. Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga, summarized briefly as follows:

1. Some time in July you posted these discriminating photos of complainant on Facebook:

Screenshot5_thumb Screenshot (7) Notice that complainant chose the HIDE FROM TIMELINE feature, and commented “I will pretend as though this photo does not exist.”  Clearly, Complainant is embarrassed by these photos, the major reason being that these photos show a fraction of her cleavage, unartistically accentuated by cut grass.  As her husband, you know that Complainant is very conservative and demure–a woman of upstanding character…a paragon of perfection and the epitome of virtue.  The fact that these photos show her eye wrinkles, her just-woke-up look, and that her limbs look short and squat is not really her concern.

2. Then in September, you posted another discriminating photo of Complainant:

owl eyes

Again, this picture painted her negatively: it implies that she is being cruel to animals by scaring an innocent owl (see comment by a certain Abel Manalo).

owl eyes


3. In November this year, you posted another unflattering photo of Complainant as your Facebook cover:

momsterteacher profile pic

Although Complainant sees nothing legally wrong about your posting of this photo, Complainant has begun to seriously wonder why you kept choosing to upload photos of her that does not let the public see how utterly and undeniably sophisticated, classy, and beautiful she really is.


4. Just recently, you again uploaded another unflattering photo of Complainant.  This time, you even tricked her.  According to Complainant, a few minutes before you uploaded this photo, you showed her this photo:
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Guys, please tell me why!!!

Yes, please explain to me what’s running in your (assuming you’re a guy) heads.  I just really need to decode Randy’s acts and source of happiness.  See, he has recently changed his cover photo on Facebook.

From this:

raviv cover photo

Randy’s previous Facebook Cover Photo

to this:

momsterteacher profile pic

Randy’s current Facebook Cover Photo

So you ask, “What about the ‘new’ Facebook cover photo?”  Well, lemme ask you what my pouting photo/Randy’s latest cover photo has in common with the other photos of me he excitedly and super happily posted on Facebook:

Exhibit A:

owl eyes
Remember this?  I had a blog entry about this.

And here’s another one.

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Conversations with Raviv Part 2

Just when I thought naubusan na si Raviv ng mga kalokohan, or that nothing he says will shock me anymore, here I am again with a collection of the crazy things my little tyke said.  Here are some funny things my kid said in the past weeks.

Conversation 1

Setting: Nanggigil si Randy sa ka-cute-an ng anak niyaKinagat ang paa ng bagets.

Tatay Randy:  I will eat you Raviv, you’re so cute!

Raviv: ‘Wag mo ako kainin Tatay—people ako!  Hindi kinakain ang people!  Hindi ako yummy!  ‘Yung carrots ang kainin mo!

Oo nga naman Tatay!  Unless you’re a “carnival”, ika nga ni Melanie Marquez.  Mwehehehe!

father and son in swimming poolMay maitim na balak na ba si Randy kay Raviv?!?

cute chubby babyCan’t really blame Randy for biting Raviv!!!

Conversation 2

Alam n’yo naman ang kabaliwan ni Raviv kay Spiderman ‘di ba?  If not, READ THIS and THISHindi n’yo pagsisisihan:)

Setting: Raviv spat out his food after chewing. I got angry.

Nanay Dew:  Raviv, bad ka!  Papaluin na kita!

Knowing I will keep my word, Raviv went to me scared.  He hugged me, and then he begged…

Raviv: Nanay, ‘wag mong paluin si Peter Parker. ‘Wag Nanay, ‘wag paluin si Peter Parker”.

Hindi ko napalo.  Kayo ba, papaluin n’yo ba ang superhero?!? I just buried my face into his back and laughed. ♡♥♡

Conversation 3

Setting: I was talking to my colleague, (itago na lang natin sa pangalang…) Dela Renta in front of Raviv who was playing.  “Dela Renta” is gay (yet his parents do not know it yet, thus the codename).  Then all of a sudden Raviv said:

Raviv:  Nanay, si Tito *Dela Renta* and si Tito Pao, same sila?

Nagkatinginan kami ni *Dela Renta*, because Pao was also gay.

Nanay Dew:  Yes baby, they’re the same.  What are they, boy or girl?

Raviv thought hard (unusual, because he usually answers quickly; he already knows how to distinguish a boy from a girl), and then said…

Raviv:  Boy na girl!

At nagkatinginan kami ni *Dela Renta*!  Amazing!!!

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Of Blogging, Social Media, and Being Jean Napoles-esque: This is for those who both love and hate MomsterTeacher

Randy’s concern

Alam n’yo naman that Randy is my complete opposite when it comes to the spotlight, right?  So when I started posting my outfits, our travel, what we eat, our cars, and other material things on this blog and on Instagram, this was one of his concerns:

Hindi kaya mukha kang mayabang?  Baka para kang si Jeane Napoles!?!

At paulit-ulit n’ya itong sinabi when he bought me a new car, as he know I’d blog about it and post photos of it on Instagram.

Actually, Randy has a valid point.  In fact, I thought of the same thing before I started to blog full blast.  There were really several times when some bloggers annoyed the hell out of me for posting the most mundane things, tapos wrong grammar pa at pangit pa ang quality ng photos!  Years ago, I was prim and proper when it came to social media.  Expect only momentous photos on my albums on Facebook (my wedding, when Raviv was born, when we went to tourist destinations, etc.)

The story behind my “mundane” uploads

And then I got addicted to blogging, and got exposed to other bloggers.  Before I knew it, I was also posting photos of Raviv’s baon and his other stuff, and even of what’s for dinner (this used go be something I sooooo hated seeing on social media: food posts!)

Now you ask, “Anyare?!?”  For one, I want to be a successful blogger.  I don’t hide that fact.  And it entails being active on social media.  When you have sponsors, they expect you to post photos of their wonderful products on all your social media accounts.  Believe me, I’m not papampam like that.  So to all my “friends” on Facebook who get annoyed by my constant posts of what they deem as mundane, my apologies.  I get you, I swear.

Why you should not hate us

But really, is it so bad to post your activities and great finds?  True, it may be annoying for some BUT!!! Aminin natin: they’re sometimes or even often informative.  I remember being in a pickle where to give birth.  My sossy friends advised me to give birth at the Asian Hospital.  But like what I keep on saying, I’m very kuripot.  I thought, “If ever I’d give birth at the Asian Hospital, it has to be super duper to the max worth its expensive price tag!”  Since I was the first of my friends to give birth, I had no one to give me a blow-by-blow birthing story.  I checked the website of the Asian Hospital.  But of course, it said good things about it, whaddya expect?  I also bought a magazine that featured the birthing rooms and costs of hospitals.  Asian was there, but it was described as though there were a 160 characters limit per hospital!  So what finally convinced me to give birth at Asian?  A blog by Anton Diaz, detailing his wife’s giving birth at the Asian Hospital!  I digested every word until I decided that giving birth at the Asian Hospital was probably worth our hard-earned money.  And both Randy and I did not regret that decision.

Through a blog entry that recommended the Asian Hospital, I could still smile in between contractions

I was so grateful to that blog that when I started MomsterTeacher, my own giving birth at the Asian Hospital story was among my first posts.  And I’m glad to say that my post helped several first-time moms too!

sophiagingerjhelia pineda

Blogs are also our (“our” includes blogger haters) go-to when we go on vacation or when we want to get ideas about a party.  Even when it comes to products we’re thinking of buying!  Wikipedia and online magazines just aren’t enough—they are too “detached” and too play-it-safe!  We want the raves and the rants!

Why I really will never be a Jeane Napoles [Read more...]

Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 3: Photo Story

Continued from  Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 2: Finally!!!

As promised, here are more photos during Randy’s special day.  This time, I’ll let the photos tell the story behind Randy’s Lebron James/Miami Heat basketball-themed party.

Basketball-Theme Party Set-up

desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up

Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up

Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up

CFC (12)

Randy’s age above ;)

CFC (126)

Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up background Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up background

The Food


blowing lebron james design fondant cake

miami heat lebron james cake for basketball theme party Lebron James birthday cake by Rainbow Confections

cupcake with basketball toppers for basketball theme party

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Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 2: Finally!!!

Continued from Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 1: Pre-Party Story

Randy called the salesman he was talking to at Sony Center and came clean.  He revealed that our receipt mysteriously got lost.  I, on the other hand, called the DTI asking for advice.  The salesman said that what we could do was to present a notarized Affidavit of Loss.  I heaved a sigh of relief because that meant we would still go out!  We immediately went to the nearest law office to get an Affidavit of Loss.  Whew!!!  I was starting to relax.

Falling into place

Right after we procured a notarized Affidavit of Loss, we proceeded to Bellevue in Alabang for Randy’s often-postponed birthday buffet lunch.

buffet lunch at Bellevue Manila

main course at bellevue manila buffet

dessert at bellevue manila buffet

buffet at bellevue manila Lunch buffet at the Bellevue Manila

The food was terrific, but I was too nervous to really enjoy it.  After our lunch at the Bellevue, we proceeded to Makati to go to the Sony Center at Glorietta.  Randy showed the scratches of the “brand new” laptop Irvin bought for him, and thoroughly inspected the upgrade replacement laptop.

Afterwards we window shopped a bit (to stall him) and then we drove home.  I was doing breathing exercises on our way home, because I was just oh so nervous!!!  I was also texting and updating my cohorts of our whereabouts every now and then so they know what to expect.  Just when we were near Los Banos, boom!  Kamote, umulan na naman nang malakasGrrrrrrr!!!  Anyhoo, the plan was that I’d pretend I will attend a Bible study at a restaurant near our place and I’d have to be dropped off.  This way:

  1. The view from where the party is will be obscured; otherwise, Randy would use his usual route and he would see the party set-up; and
  2. Randy will open the gate himself (usapan ay walang magbubukas ng gate no matter how much honking he does); if I were with him he’d ask me to open the gate and we won’t see his reaction as he the sight unfolds.

Does the kamalasan ever end?!?

And ayun na nga.  As we were very entering our subdivision, syet na malagkit!  I saw my brother seeking shelter at a nearby establishment.  He was out and had no umbrella and no vehicle, and since the rain was so heavy he decided to wait.  Of course Randy stopped and offered him a ride.  I love my brother but I wanted to tiris him at that moment.  I was silently cursing him!

When it was time for me to alight from the car, I told my brother to go down with me.  This puzzled Randy, but I was adamant that my brother TJ get down too!  At ang TJ, nagreklamo rin bakit ko s’ya pinababa at mababasa daw ang sapatos n’yaGrrrr!

Let the party begin!

After alighting, we hurried to get home because as soon as Randy’s car honks, the festivities will begin.  True enough, still a few meters from our place we heard the sound of The Eye of the Tiger (Why the music?  Eh sayan ang napagkasunduan namin eh, bakit ba!), the party hosts, the guests’ chanting of Randy! Randy! Randy!

CFC (84)CFC (92) 

CFC (102)

CFC (95)

Party host Deo Cajano and company welcoming the astonished birthday celebrant

CFC (82)Did I say that the birthday celebrant was astonished?
It still is too weak a word to describe Randy!

CFC (83)  Knowing Randy, I’m sure he was thinking:  Ano nanamang kalokohan ni Dewmaine ito?!?

Good thing our photographer was able to capture Randy’s priceless expressions!

And even of my and my brother’s arrival:

CFC (93) Basang-basa sa ulahahahaaaaaan…

When TJ and I arrived, Randy’s cake was brought out.  Blowing of candle na agad!

CFC (105)To my cohorts:  Hindi n’yo man lang tinanggal sa box?!?

Of course, kelangan umeksena ni Baby Raviv!

Then the program began.  That time, I knew Randy was cringing inside.

CFC (135)and outside palaHaha!

He’s really not one to revel in the spotlight.  But I knew that as the night goes deeper, the objective if this party will be met:  he’d feel loved and special.

Here are more pictures:

King Lebron James basketball party theme
Mwahahaha!  Look at that face!  S’yempre may crown kasi siya si

Lebron James Basketnall theme party setup

.King LebRandy James!!!  This was what I was doing while I was waiting for my turn to teach in QC the before Randy’s party.

As the program unfolded, I could see Randy warming up to his party.  He started feeling more comfortable and started to appreciate the sweat, tears and blood (exag, I know!  Hihihi) that were poured for this special day.

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Practice-practice din mag-drive kahit walang time…

Hi sweethearts!  I feel a lot better now.  I’m still worried but I figured worrying won’t do any good as of this time.  To make good use of my time, I tried to be productive today.

One thing I did under the “productive” classification was that I practiced driving with Randy right after we dropped Raviv off to school.  After almost a week, ngayon ko lang uli napasok ang loob ng koche ko (I can’t believe I’m saying this—that I have my OWN car!)  Nagsentimiyento na si Randy eh.

Randy: May balak ka pa bang pansinin ‘yang koche mo?

Me:  Oo naman Babe.

Randy:  Siguro kung bag na worth [amount of car] ang ibinili ko sa ‘yo nabutingting mo na nang nabutingting nang maraming beses.  Grabe ka, ‘pag nag-ukay ka nga ‘pag dating mo sa bahay nilalabhan mo agad tapos isusukat-sukat mo pa…e ‘yang koche ilang araw nang nakatiwangwang!

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday

At natameme na ako.  My husband has a point.  Buuuut, in my defense, these were what transpired after my birthday:

Thursday – we went to Cavite and Alabang for business, and arrived home at around 7 p.m.

Friday – nag-office

Saturday – we had classes the whole day

Sunday – it rained and my head and back were aching terribly

Monday – kahaponyundepressed-depressed ako remember?  Plus Raviv had stomach flu.

Anyhoo, I believe in the “Where there’s a will there’s a way” saying.  So really, no excuses.  But it’s not that I was not excited about drivinglike what I’ve been saying, I’m so grateful my husband got me a car that he believes is perfect for me, in the color I wanted (even though it left him with no choice but to buy the more expensive make)it’s just that I’ve been scared!  Yes, takot pa rin talaga ako mag-drive.  And I was not excited because I knew Randy would make me circle this deserted grassland nanaman (sasabihin nanaman ni Randy, “Ano ba takot ka o bored?”  Hehe.)

Last night, I tried browsing through the manual of my car.  Hilung-hilo ako sisters!  Everything was Greek to me!

mitsubishi mirage car manualI want to complain that it’s too thick but I know Randy would argue that I could devour a paperback 10x thicker than this is hours.

mitrsubishi mirage manual
Kelangan bang i-memorize ‘yan?!?  Randy says I need to to maximize the cool features of the car.

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