Guess Who’s Back!!!

Nope, not Raviv. Anyway, it’s my rest day today (after 4 consecutive days of gruelling, intense-na-intense teaching), and what I want to do is maglaba! Yes, you read that right.  I want to do the laundry, because it’s so freaking hot and I’m hopeful that if I do the laundry I’ll keep on touching the water and water will spill onto my body so I’ll groan with relief (eeew, did it just sound sensual?). Earlier Randy told me to just turn on the aircon in our bedroom while I was watching the 1994 Miss Universe pageant--that was held here in the Philippines--on YouTube.  In fairness, natuwa ako. :)  I remember watching it when I was 11 years old, stood 5’1”, and was worried because I had a keloid on my knee—the surefire sign that I was not meant to be a beauty queen, hehe.  Today, I thought that I would find the whole thing baduy, but surprisingly I didn’t. And two things stood out for me. First, I now realize I got a good reason aside from “patriotism” why the 11-year-old me was … [Read more...]

Tiffany’s “Drop a Hint”

Hello February! One of my Facebook friends's status today that made me smile was: "February na pala. Kaya pala malamig.”  Boom! :D So yes, it’s already February!  I’m glad January is over because honestly, January wasn’t so good to me.  I was full of angst in January.  And because February is the month of love, I want to feel and relish love this February. Yesterday I was in the beauty parlor.  Sa wakas!  If you must know, going to beauty parlors is huge deal to me because I rarely do it.  Before yesterday, last I went there was about eight months ago.  I left Raviv with Randy at home, sans any helper.  Randy urged me to push through despite that because he wants me to be happy.  Seryoso.  I was a total grinch almost the whole month of January.  Actually, more like a ticking bomb that even the gentlest nudge would detonate me.  Thus, Randy and I kept on having arguments.  To the point that he called … [Read more...]

A Domesticated Day

I’ve received several private messages—both from my readers and friends—regarding my last from-my-bitter-and-angry-heart post.  Kumusta na raw ba ako.  Well, I’m glad to say that I am surviving.  I went to work last Monday to welcome the students and teachers after the long Christmas break, then we went back to Los Banos because I wasn’t able to prepare our stuff for one whole week dahil nga haggardous ako since New Year.  We were supposed to return to Sta. Rosa the following day, but when I saw the state of our house in the morning, I blew my top.  I started hyperventilating because I somehow expected that either Randy or Dodong would have prepared breakfast or cleaned-up while I was taking care of Raviv that morning.  Pero bilang mga lalaki, deadmabelles sila.  Kotse muna bago bahay ang dapat linisin ang motto nila.  So even though I was already all dressed up, I decided to stay home to do the chores.  Dodong drove Raviv to Gymboree, and Randy called my mother-in-law to borrow her … [Read more...]

My Birthday Bawl

To all who greeted me on my birthday, thank you so much. You just don’t know how much each greeting meant to me. Or do you know want to know how precious each one was? Like what I said in one of my previous posts, I really wasn’t expecting much of my birthday. And that was true, especially because exactly a week from my birthday, the brother of one of my employees passed away. Of course, it was expected that she’d be absent for a week or so. As usual, ngarag uli. Last week—just like my weeks the past months—was bustling with activities especially because one of our main teachers was absent. Then may drama pa ‘yung new teacher aide ko. I was too stressed that I discontinued my diet and started binge-eating. I’m a stress eater kasi. I’m fat and bloated when I’m stressed. I eat my way to temporary happiness. My birthday was a holiday, that meant we were be in Los Banos on that day. But my mind was too busy thinking of how we’d survive the week without the teacher on leave that I … [Read more...]

Bring Home the Beacon

Happy Sunday! I am in Quezon City right now, waiting for my turn to teach. I hope there won't be much traffic later this afternoon as I look forward to going to church. Our move to Sta. Rosa made me “homeless” spiritually for a few months, but now I can say I’ve found a new home in Victory Sta. Rosa (Nuvali). I love listening to Pastor Janssen’s deep and thought-provoking (but never boring!) preachings. I also love spending time with my new Victory group mates. We meet every Thursday morning; I try to make time to get out of my busy schedule to attend because it gives me respite. I feel refreshed and I am inspired to be a better person (particularly wife, mom and Christian) after each session. The word last Thursday was particularly striking, and I really want to share it with you, especially to the moms who are having trouble juggling everything and not knowing what and whom to prioritize. Let’s begin with this story from Max Lucado’s book, "Just Like Jesus”: A … [Read more...]

To the Best Husband & Dad: 7 Years and Counting

I realized that two consecutive Sundays have come to remind me how blessed I am to have Randy in my life: Father’s Day last Sunday, and our 7th Wedding Anniversary today. How time flew! Salamat Facebook sa pagpapaalala! Honestly (and sadly), I almost forgot our anniversary. And last Sunday, I was just too tired to honor Randy as a father: I was not able to buy him a gift and I didn’t have the time and energy to, once again, laud him publicly how truly happy I am that he is the father of my son. I was that busy and tired. I felt like there’s no room in my head to reminisce and be sentimental about us, puro work, work, work, work na lang ang laman ng utak ko! That’s why when Randy said he’ll be joining the dog show in Angeles this weekend, I didn’t protest. But now I realize that having two consecutive Sundays to celebrate the important roles Randy has been playing are not to be ignored. After all, not everyone gets to snag a handsome, smart and faithful partner... Ay mali! … [Read more...]

The Bad Weather of May!

Ang init kasi ‘di ba? LOL! Of course, you know what I’m saying. Like many people (including non-Pinoys), I felt like Mayweather was cheated. Yep, Mayweather was denied by the judges the humble pie that his malnourished conscience has long been craving for. I’m not saying this simply because I’m a bitter Filipino. I really thought Manny was gonna win. We (I including those who were watching with us on Pay per View at home) were all optimistic that Pacquiao had it in the bag, until the announcer said, “…and still undefeated...” Then the whole world crashed. Earlier, we were preparing a mini-feast for lunch. We grilled fish, squid, tahong (super sarap!) and liempo. Then I also prepared ensaladang talong at manggang hilaw, and I cooked yang chow fried rice. Nagpa-beer pa si Randy for our boys! We were supposed to eat that while watching, but the fight started earlier than we expected so we ended up delaying lunch (hindi pa luto ang pusit!) and just focusing on the fight. And … [Read more...]

Randy the Proud “Feeling New Tatay Again” and the Bitch He Got Pregnant!

Yesterday, Raviv and I were invited to watch the block screening of Cinderella at Shangri-La Plaza.  It’s part of my project with PLDT Telpad—because Disney is now on PLDT Telpad!  It’s all very exciting and I’m gonna tell you more about it on a separate post. Two days before the event, I was told to dress up Raviv in a prince costume. And honestly naloka ako sa kakahanap ng prince costume.  Every nook and cranny of department stores there are all kinds of princess costumes with all the effects and abubots, but there was nary a prince costume!  Not even a prince crown!  Or kahit anong crown na buo na walang balahibo!  Then I realized why there was a dearth of prince costumes: I have yet to meet a little boy who fantasizes of being garbed in fancy clothing to pursue a "beautiful princess” just to dance and sing with her.  Kaya siguro walang prince costumes. Buuuut, being the ever innovative and resorceful mommy that I am, nagawan ko nang paraan.  And what’s the result?  My … [Read more...]

You Wanna Know What Love Is?

Before February ends, I want to share with you what I have learned about love in the past years.  I am in my guru mood, so pagbigyan n’yo na. Disclaimer muna:  I’m no love expert—I hold no psychology degree, I don’t avidly attend seminars about love or relationships (never did)…heck, I don’t even read self-help books on love and relationships (or any book from the Self-Help Section in particular)!  And Randy and I still have regular shouting matches and cold wars. Now what gives me the credibility to talk about love?  Because I have been in love with the same man for more than a decade, and I know he has been with me for a longer period of time (lagot siya sa akin kung hindi!)  It’s still a relatively short period of time for many, but it’s also a long period of time for some.  So for whatever it’s worth, I want to share with you things that I’ve learned about love for the past years, which I deem are nuggets of wisdom. … [Read more...]

Bad Morning :(

Hi guys, finally, I’m back!  I really hope I’ll be able to maintain a regular gabfest with you. So how are you today?  I hope you’re doing fine!  As for me, I’d say that this week has been pretty good to me.  Even though I had to wake up earlier than usual to drag my lethargic body to Sta. Rosa everyday and I have a lot in my mind, I’m still happy. Why? Because since Gymboree Sta. Rosa opened on Monday, we have new enrollees everyday.  Indeed, God is good!  Ang saya ko!  I feel that our efforts are starting to pay off. HOWEVER!!! Naku however, I started the day today by being super pissed off.  That’s because at past 1 a.m., my mobile phone rang, e nasa ulunan ko pa naman.  I remember that before I fell asleep, I felt at least 3 relatively strong earthquakes (did you also feel it last night?!?  Scary!!!)  So I was already worried to begin with.  Now back to the call.  I was shaking as I reached for my cellphone, anticipating the to hear the worst.  I mean, why would … [Read more...]