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Visitors can also enjoy chilling out in the air-conditioned Babypalooza Family Room. This is where kids can play, babies can get their diapers changed or get breastfed and daddies can hang out while they wait for their wives to finish shopping.

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Shoppers can get a chance to win awesome prizes such as the Sophie the Giraffe teethers from France, Enchanted Kingdom tickets, Sansfluo products, The Buffet tickets and other special Babypalooza items!!!

Visitors need not worry about spending on entrance fees because entrance is FREE so bring the entire family and all your friends! If you’re a parent and you’re looking for high quality yet affordable baby products, you shouldn’t miss the Babypalooza Bazaar on August 16 & 17.

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Randy’s Grrr-istmas “Gift” and “Naudlot” New Year’s Resolution

That’s not a typo—that’s really Grrr-istmas!  Because he did it again!  Take a look:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.08.51

‘Di ba?!?  And what’s worse, he deceived me.  See, one early morning after more than a month of abandoning my Balik Alindog Project, I moved my tushy and mowed our lawn.  Randy, Raviv and Khaleesi were with me.  Then I saw Randy with his camera.  Alarm bells—the really loud and irritating ones—rang in my head!  Nakow nakow baka picture-an nanaman ako!!!   For one, bagong gising uli ako.  Baka may panis na laway pa sa mukha ko.  And more importantly, I was wearing the same faded and “hole-y” pambahay t-shirt I wore the first time Randy did this to me.  Gravity!!!  So I glared at him.  He immediately asked me, “Akala mo ikaw pini-picture-an ko?  Hindi!  Si Khaleesi!” and he gave me this look that screamed, “Feeling ka ha!”  And so against my better judgment I left him in peace. I should have known better!  Because just a few days before Christmas, instead of giving me an LV or Balenciaga bag or Tiffany’s jewelry, this was what I got!  Imagine my consternation and utter shock when I just saw the my photo was “trending” on Facebook!!!  At kumusta naman ang caption?!?

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.08.51

So I fought back…alam n’yo naman tayo, feminist (hehe).

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.09.10

And the people who’ve seen my pain and suffering supported me.  Look o:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.09.23 I love you Lauren Lopez!  I could just imagine your dad.  Ahahahaha!

Diva?!?  And aside from simply “Like”-ing my threats at retaliation, they even suggested more plots to hatch the perfect vendetta against my husband.

And wouldn’t you know it, after a few days, he posted this on Facebook. [Read more...]

Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 1: Pre-Party Story

Hallooo!!!  I know, I know—this is a super late post!  But as promised, ito na talaga!

Of you’re my regular reader, you’d surely know that Randy hit a milestone on August 19 this yearmilestone, because his “life began” on that day (wink!)

Just the laptop

Since it was an extraordinary birthday, I racked my brains on how to make my husband feel special on his birthday.  I can’t think of any gifts—he usually buys what he wants right away (well, not exactly right awayhe’d first research about that item, and sometimes even create a comparative chart).  But not this time; there was something he wanted so badly, yet haven’t bought it because of guilt: a laptop.  See, ever since his Macbook Pro got stolen, he had not bought a new laptop.  He thinks that his laptop was stolen because of his carelessness, and he deserves the punishment of not having a new laptop.  But oh how badly he wanted a new one.  So, EUREKA!  Alam ko na ano’ng gift sa kanya!  Since I knew he would not be happy with just any laptop, I sought the help of our friend Irvin.

2013-10-02 17.21.46

2013-10-02 17.21.06
So I thought, OK na ‘to.  Randy does not really like parties so I decided that there’ll be no parties for him.

Na-pressure dahil kay Donya Isay

But two weeks before Randy’s birthday was Yaya Isay’s birthday.  Aaand, hindi ko kinaya ang handa ni Isay (from her own pocket)!  Bonggacious ang handa niya, may shrimps paBasta if you were there on her birthday you’d think CEO namin si Isay!  And then I realized Randy probably have never had a bonggels birthday celebration all his life, and his birthday this year is the best time for it.

2013-08-04 19.18.18

2013-08-04 19.19.06

2013-08-04 19.31.28

I talked to Irvin that night and he agreed that Randy deserved a party.  The following day, I started to work.  Alam n’yo naman ako ‘pag dating sa pag-o-organize ng parties, OC.  I was a nervous wreck!  I hated the fact that I can’t DIY because: one, I only have two weeks; and two, mahahalata ni Randy.  So my first mission was to book a caterer that also does event-styling.  Second, I had to make sure that Randy’s friends could come, and that they’d also keep it a secret.  It was a good thing that I was surrounded by people who also loved Randy—they surely helped me big-time with the planning and all.  I constantly bugged Irvin with my worries—sanay kasi ako na shine-share lahat kay Randy.  But this was something I had to keep a secret.  There were countless times I almost shared my party-planning gripes to him!

The plan

By the way, the theme that easily came to mind was basketball themed party for adult (Miami Heat & LeBron James, specifically), since it’s no secret that Randy is crazy about NBA, especially of LeBron James.

The plan was that on Randy’s birthday, I’d bring him to Bellevue in Alabang to have buffet lunch. Yun na kunwari ang birthday celebration n’ya.  Meanwhile, the catering and my minions would be preparing for his party.  Venue ay ang lawn lang namin.  And then when we go home, SURPRISE!!!

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My A to Z

First, thanks Marsy for telling me you and the Yummy Mommies tagged me.   And for giving me a relatively easy new blog entry.  :) So here goes mine:

A. Attached or Single? Attached.  Happily (most of the time) attached.

B. Best Friend? My husband.  Can’t resist not telling him everything.

C. Cake or pie? Cake

D. Day of choice? Monday.  Because most of the time, I work on weekends.

E. Essential Item? Cellphone

F. Favorite color? No-brainer: yellow!

Lifted from

I love yellow, and I love bags. But the (not really) funny thing is, looking at Miley Cyrus carrying a yellow Celine mini-luggage depresses me.  Oh why oh why didn’t I become Hannah Miointana?!?  That way I’d be carrying THAT yellow bag!
(Image lifted from

G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears!

H. Hometown? I was born in the faraway land of Kabacan, Cotabato, but I’ve lived in Los Banos, Laguna for a much longer time.

I. Favorite Indulgence? from college until now, it’s been Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar + Oreo Double Stuf

J. January or July? January.  Full of exciting new things.  July is boring—just the month after school began.

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Last Mother’s Day…

…Raviv and I played in the rain!  T’was a hot Sunday, and we were sweating profusely.  But the heaven poured its heart out for this mother and son tandem.


playing in the rain

So let’s sing!!!

Ooh, I hear laughter in the rain
Walking hand in hand with the one I love
Ooh, how I love the rainy days
And the happy way I feel inside….

Ladies and gentlemen, that by the way is from Neil Sedaka’s Laughter in the Rain  Neil who?  THE Neil Sedaka.

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The Dodong Song

Some nights ago, Randy had to call me from our bedroom to ask, “Ano ‘yung ‘Dodong Song’?  Kanina pa request nang request si Raviv na ‘Dodong Song’ daw ang gusto niyang panoorin dito sa Ipad.”

I smiled, for I know the ‘Dodong Song’.

A little background first:  Dodong is one of our drivers, and is Yaya Isay’s jowaers.  Raviv is so fond of him, because Dodong also loves kids.  There was even a time when, during Yaya Isay and Kuya Dodong’s day off, they wanted to borrow Raviv from me.

Yaya Isay: Dalhin namin sa Jollibee Ma’am.  Gusto ko pagkamalan si Raviv na anak namin ni Dodong.  Ay kaya lang baka magsabi naman ng ‘Yaya’ e ‘di bistado na na alaga ko pala!

Hay naku Isay!  Anyway, here’s a photo of Dodong:

Dodong on his birthday

Dodong on his birthday

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Thank you, thank you!

This post may not be “attractive” to readers, but I have to publicly thank these people who made my heart do cartwheels..

First, I’d like to thank Sir Rem De Leon for this:

Sir Rem’s favorite parenting blog

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Happy 1st Monthsary, Momsterteacher!

Happy 1st monthsary, blog!  Keeping you has been such a chore but if I’ve made anyone learn or laugh, you’re worth it.

Image courtesy of

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