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Dew Drops Wisdom chronicles my thoughts about life, education, learning, and everything else in between!  These are actually my musings about anything amusing for me, or anything that gets me thinking.  Some may make you laugh, smile or utter, “Oo nga!”  Or perhaps even, “Hindi kaya!”

When the Brain Train Folks Got Brain-Drained and Scatterbrained Playing Scattergories

The BRAIN TRAIN Family Anva-yeah Getaway Part 3

The BRAIN TRAIN Family Anva-yeah Getaway Part 2 (Baby Perks)

The BRAIN TRAIN Family Anva-yeah Getaway Part 1

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Life Given By Jasmines, Life Taken Away By Rapists

Justice Must Also Be Given to Rochel Geronda!

Thank you, thank you!

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Passion for Work

Random Thoughts

Reaction to James Soriano’s “Language, learning, identity, privilege” aka “Filipino is the language of the streets”