It’s the Grand Finals of The Voice Kids, and all the people in our house are glued on the boob tube. It’s not that I’m not interested to watch, but I’ve never really been super hooked on any singing contests. I would have watched, if not for the fact that I’m in a somber mood. There’s something I’ve been sooo looking forward to the past month that I feel won’t materialize anymore, and I honestly feel like crying. So idinadaan ko na lang sa blogging. Don’t worry guys this doesn’t affect my health or my family. It’s business-related.

Aside from that, I’ve been feeling down na rin talaga the past months. My mind is swimming with a lot of concerns, although I’m trying to kick and drown those that I think I will not be able to solve no matter how much I overthink. Concerns like, “What if I or Randy die early—what would happen to Raviv?” ‘Yung mga ganun. ‘Di ba wala naman akong magagawa dun? Although worrying about that made me do something wise this month: I finally got a PruLife life and/or health insurance and/or investment. Randy got from Sun Life last year, so ako PruLife naman. I finally decided to get one because of the depressing death and deadly diseases news I get on my Facebook News Feeds regularly. My PruLife plan is more hospitalization-centric; I’m preparing for when I get sick. Two of my aunts on my mother side have/had cancer, so cancer seems to be in our genes. Katakot. So if (God please ‘wag naman po!) I get cancer, I don’t want to scrimp on my hospitalisation. At least I won’t think twice about getting the best medical care because I’ll have an ample budget for my recovery, ‘di ba? And when I don’t get sick, the money I invested would be earning naman.

Another thing that really bugs me is the lack of reliable help. Na-rant ko na ito two blogposts ago. I couldn’t help but miss Alona and wish that Isay and Dodong were still childless. My domesticated diva mojo has gone already, simply because it’s so tiring to give instructions to new helpers every so often. And I also dread seeing our helpers’ kapalpakan because that would definitely get me more depressed. Or angry. So when I’m home, I no longer try to cook or decorate or make kalkal.

Then there’s my poor self-image these days. I’m seriously not fishing for any compliments, but I really feel that I’ve lost “it” already. Wala na, ang pangit ko na. Notice I haven’t been posting my own Wardrobe Diaries for so long. That’s because…’yun nga, adwang-adwa na ako sa ichura ko. When I see recent photos of me, I just want to delete them right away. I have gained so much weight already, as in my jeans are already very tight. I’ve also lost interest getting dressed up because no matter what I wear, I know I’d look fat in them. But what’s even more depressing is that I just feel so tired and jaded that I seem not to care. I am—or I WAS—very vain.

Way, way, wayback throwback. Dear Waistline: When will I see you again?

So the fact that I’m somehow just “accepting” my weight gain means there’s something very wrong with me. I haven’t even shopped for new clothes in months!!!

To add insult to the injury, my crow’s feet seem to be getting worse. It used to be that only my left eye had them. But now, I’m getting them in my right eye as well.  And the circumference is getting bigger.

Why I’m smiling less often now :(

I blame it on sleeping on my tummy and side. I should sleep on my back, but I love hugging my boys and pillow that’s why I can’t sleep on my back. Dermatologists tell me that the solution is Botox, but after seeing the pretty face of Renee Zellweger distorted partly because of Botox, wag na lang.

Image lifted from

Hahahay. This could be overfatigue on my part, or just plain period problems (second day today) talking. But I’m glad to say that after typing away these concerns, I feel a lot better now. Maybe I just really missed blogging and being with my longtime friends. Blogging and being with my longtime friends bring out the lighter side of me all the time. These days with work and the pressure of perfecting everything, “MissMinchin” ang peg ko eh—utos-utos, serious-serious. ‘Yung ganun. Hindi ako sanay. I’m more used to saying and doing silly things and just laughing frequently. I think Randy misses the irresponsible and petiks mode sides of me, too, kahit hindi niya aminin. I think it’s one of the main reasons why the thing I was talking about probably will not materialize. Because if it does, lalo akong magiging Ms. Minchin.

At dahil nag-lighten na ako nang konti (thanks blog!), I have another kaloka kwento nga pala: last week, we had a maid applicant named Josie. Josie worked for us for five days, but it didn’t work out. Pa’ano ba naman, on the first ever day that we were in Los Banos (after four days in Sta. Rosa), she arrived at our house at 11 a.m. Traffic daw (uhm, galing lang din naman siya sa Los Banos…) This was the day I ranted on my blog about our helpers. She just had lunch and then later she told Isay she wanted to leave before 3 p.m., kesho may a-attend-an na meeting daw.  In fairness she didn’t have the gall to ask my permission to do that.  Then at 5 p.m., she said she had to go because she didn’t bring clothes. What the?!? She knew she’s a stay-in maid, and yet she didn’t bring a change of clothing?!? I told her I’ll just lend her my clothes, and that she shouldn’t leave because Isay will be left alone again.  But nooooooo. She still left.  Sabi ba naman daw, “Wala silang magagawa kung gusto kong umalis.” #Pabebe?!? The following day, Josie returned, but I had Isay tell her that she’s no longer welcome. We just gave her wages, and we parted amicably.  Then Isay told me later that she’s glad I fired Josie because Josie was really lazy and was always complaining.  Our other maid, Joy, agreed with Isay that indeed Josie wasn’t a good addition.  Worse, Josie’s even a bad influence to our other maid Aira who befriended her.  She was “encouraging” Aira to be as lazy as she was, and to be hostile to  Isay and Joy who were very diligent. Fast track to today.  An unidentified number was calling my phone.  I answered. [Read more…]

Raviv’s Predicted Predicament

OMG OMG OMG!!! I am not supposed to blog tonight but I feel that I have to. Something nacacaloca has just happened a few hours ago. Picture clue:

Sirit na? 😉 But before that, let’s rewind way, way back.

This morning I woke up really early. Early, as in 4 a.m. Guess what made me wake-up. The stench of Drogo’s poop. Yes, Drogo is sleeping in our bedroom. Khaleesi is in heat again, and Randy thinks that Khaleesi’s alindog is torture for Drogo, as we don’t plan to breed them again this season. Khaleesi’s body needs to recover, especially because she gave birth via Caesarean section. That’s why we need to separate them. Randy wants Drogo to sleep in an airconditioned room, as well. So roommate na namin si Drogo.

Our houseboy forgot to let Drogo poop yesterday. I guess hindi nakatiis si Drogo so at 4 a.m. ayun nangamoy pupu ang kwarto. I tried sleeping again, but I couldn’t anymore. It was a good thing because I did a lot of paper work from 4 to 6 a.m. in our bedroom. I was productive—naaks!

Then at past 6 a.m., Raviv suddenly woke up in a panic. He saw me, and buried himself on my chest and sobbed quietly. I asked him what was wrong, and he just sobbed more. I pried, and he told me: “In my dream, I lost Tatay.” And then he cried even more. I told him it was just a dream. He begged me to call his Tatay (who went out of our room). When Randy answered the phone, a huge grin broke into his face. Then he more calmly told me more about his dream: In Raviv’s dream, Randy told him not to jump, but Raviv still did, thinking his Tatay would go after him. But his Tatay didn’t, and Raviv lost Randy and could no longer find his Tatay. Raviv was asking people to help him find his Tatay, but nobody would.

“In my dream, I lost Tatay.” And then he cried even more. I told him it was just a dream. He begged me to call his Tatay (who went out of our room). When Randy answered the phone, a huge grin broke into his face. Then he more calmly told me more about his dream: In Raviv’s dream, Randy told him not to jump, but Raviv still did, thinking his Tatay would go after him. But his Tatay didn’t, and Raviv lost Randy and could no longer find his Tatay. Raviv was asking people to help him find his Tatay, but nobody would.

Anyway, fast forward nang konti. One of my Gymboree teachers was on leave, and I was the only one left to (wo)man the reception desk. Since this week is all about Community Workers, I invited the Greenfield City firefighters and firetruck to come and visit our preschoolers.

The kids love it more when we have actual community workers come and visit. Their roles and tools are more ingrained in their minds. Plus, they have lotsa fun! Note: The parents of these kids gave explicit permission for the photos to be posted on social media.

Sorry for the plug. I’m just excited to share it with you as well. 😀 Fast forward na.

This afternoon, Randy enticed me to join him walking Drogo around Nuvali. I said I’ll go with him and Raviv, though honestly I wanted to stay back home and just catch up on my favorite novel or watch Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Wife. But you know, these days I’m making more effort to be a better wife and Nanay. Totoo ‘yan. That means I have to set aside some “me”-times for “we”-times. Which includes being with Randy and Raviv. And…Drogo. LOL!

In fact I joined my boys last Monday in walking Drogo at Paseo…and look how cute Drogo was:

So today I joined them, too. Randy was so obsessed in taking photos, as in we kept on stopping. Ang ganda raw kasi ng lake as background, which is true.

And then Raviv would also insist on taking some pictures by himself…

…and at times, he would like a view and ask to be photographed. Ang cute lang! These are some of the “backgrounds” he wanted to have a photo with:

So everything was really going well. It was a simple activity made special by the fact that we were together and we were just relishing each other’s company. And I was also looking forward to dinner after: we were going to Claw Daddy’s for some crab (yum yum!)

Then we moved along this are with a great vista of Seda Hotel Nuvali. FYI, Raviv is so addicted to hotels. Super. He has been bugging us to have a staycation again. When he enters hotel lobbies, he’d get really excited. So as consuelo, I just told him and Randy to pose on the boardwalk plank near the lake with a great view of Seda Hotel behind them. I took a photo of them using my mobile phone:

How scenic, right? Everything looks placid and all. Then I got Randy’s DSLR. The settings and size were totally different so I was adjusting stuff. As I was peering through the lens…

PLOK! [Read more…]

I Need You, Mr. Carson!

I’ve just gone ballistic.

We are in our “real” home in Los Banos today, and only Yaya Isay is on duty. The others are all in Sta. Rosa. I wanted to help Isay, so I volunteered to do the laundry. I was trying to postpone it because the laundry paraphernalia were all in our houseboys’ bedroom, which is adjacent to the laundry area. I was postponing it because I felt like I’d explode if I discover the mess that is our laundry area and our boys’ bedroom.

Turns out, tama ako.

First, I saw our bathroom mats. Wet and nakatambak lang sa kahon. OK, fine. Forgiveable. Sanay na ako.

Then I saw how messy our boys’ bedroom was. I got irked because our lone houseboy (who has been our “caretaker” in Los Banos for two weeks now) admitted he was doing almost nothing as all activities were happening in Sta. Rosa. But I was still calm. I even tried to fix his bedroom. Baka mahiya na ako ang naglinis at maglinis na lagi.
And then as I was fixing his pillows, lo & behold: I found out he’s been using our goosedown feather pillow. It’s OURS, as in it belonged to our bedroom. Uminit na ang ulo ko. What the fart was it doing in his bedroom?!? It was supposed to just be in OUR bedroom!

And then my eyes caught several things: our lapel microphones (used in our classes—just last week nag-aagawan na ang teachers ng lapel microphone kasi kulang—that he was using as his radio), two standfans that were so dirty (to think I had to keep on carrying standfans from one area to another in Sta. Rosa because again, kulang).

Then I exploded. I just suddenly wanted to throw the mug with day-old coffee that was near his bed. I almost did, had Randy not stopped me. I was so so so so angry. More than angry, I felt frustrated. Just two days ago in Sta. Rosa when I wanted to cook something, I saw that our non-stick pan was non-stick no more. The “black” part that makes it non-stick was scrubbed off! The handle was also removed. Iilan lang ang non-stick namin because non-stick pans are, for me, too expensive. And now I see how it looks like your ordinary kalan from the palengke.

A week or so ago, my blouse was ruined because our helper soaked it in chlorine. That was just a few days after I reminded all our helpers that we never ever use chlorine in washing our clothes. I’d rather have a patch of stain than a whole faded blouse that looks so worn away. Then a few days after that, another helper presented me Raviv’s blue denim pants that have become white. What happened? You guess is as good as mine.

All of these happened just recently. Several, as in more things happened in the past. Like, a helper who was stealing from our office, helpers who were disrespectful, a helper who made our other helpers fight by creating intrigues among them…andami.

Nakakaiyak. We have 4 maids and 4 houseboys/drivers plus a stay-in carpenter/handyman. One would expect that our houses would be sparklingly clean because of that. But no. Our houses are messy and I’ve long given up trying to decorate them. What for? I would buy matching bed sheets and they would put mismatched sheets on our bed, or see the comforters strewn on their bedroom floors. I would buy good china but I would see them broken and nobody would admit who broke them. I would buy quality utensils but they end up in the garage, under the helpers’ beds, and even in the dog kennel.

Randy told me that I should monitor them. But the heck?!? Do I watch them while they wash my clothes? Do I watch them when they wash the dishes? Do I inspect their bedrooms all the time? Or should I really?!?

Right now, all I want is someone to breathe down our helpers’ necks. I don’t want to do that, but it seems necessary. So I couldn’t help but feel envious of the Crawleys of Downton Abbey for having a Mr. Carson.

Image lifted from www.pbs.or

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, I’m sure you’re also a bigger fan of the Crawleys’s butler, Charles Carson.

Carson is a man who takes his job seriously. He is very strict about the standards at Downton, and gets really upset whenever they are disrupted or breached by his coworkers. However, he does have a deep respect and admiration for the Crawley family and others of the “upstairs” world. Mrs. Hughes accuses him of worshiping them. Despite his stern exterior, he shows almost fatherly concern for his coworkers. Thomas is surprised to see him teaching Alfred about spoons, as he had never done anything like this for Thomas. Carson replied that Thomas had never asked. Though he is determined that they ensure that the house is run efficiently, and they never seek to cause trouble. He is initially against the employment Mr. Bates because he believes that his lameness will cause dissension as others will have to do his work for him, but later admitted he could not imagine Downton without him. – lifted from Wikipedia

Sarap ‘di ba?  Emphasis on the “He is very strict about the standards at Downton, and gets really upset whenever they are disrupted or breached by his coworkers. However, he does have a deep respect and admiration for the Crawley family“.

Sigh. If only there’s a Mr. Carson here somewhere.  ‘Yung medyo pangmasang version, baka uniform pa lang hindi ko na afford.

Shakey’s Goes Big in Cebu City!


It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s here! After 40 years of making pizza, Shakey’s newest and BIGGEST branch in Cebu is now open to serve Guests!

The best legacies come from the most passionate endeavors. Shakey’s Philippines has been a strong brand in the pizza segment of the local food service since its inception in 1975 when they opened their first store in Makati. Developed by four of the food industry’s giants, Shakey’s emerged as an avenue for marketing San Miguel’s newest draft beer.

Almost four decades later, Shakey’s is now a successful nationwide franchise with over 150 restaurants. Their latest innovation exhibits a change in image and ambiance to feature the present family-oriented, wholesome, and fun atmosphere. Constantly in tune with their roots, the brand maintains the warmth and familiarity that have made their stores a sensation.


Shakey’s Cabahug is the sixth and largest store in Visayas, having the capacity to seat up to 52 tables, or a total of 140 persons. And because this is the biggest branch to come to Cebu, room for parking 21 vehicles has been allotted for the convenience of Guests so no time is wasted in getting the Good Times and Great Memories rolling.

Need to throw a pizza party to celebrate the latest milestones, or a little one’s birthday? Guests can now book the largest Shakey’s function room in town, which seats up to 80 persons. Choose from the three new birthday party themes, namely Looney Tunes for the rambunctious tots, Hot Wheels for the grease monkeys, and Barbie for the little ladies in the family. But parties are not just for the little ones. Take your next business or corporate function to Shakey’s as well, or bring the family to watch the next big championship or playoff on one of the four wall mounted televisions. There is nothing Shakey’s  wouldn’t love to celebrate with its Guests.


Bring the family out for pizza night and enjoy your pick from the selection of 18 available flavors of World Famous Thin Crust Pizza. And don’t forget, no meal at Shakey’s is complete without the awesome twosome Chicken ‘N’ Mojos.

Need a night of drinks with friends? They’ve got you covered with another feature, the Bar area. Order a round of cold brews for the boys, or pick from the slew of cocktails or wines for a ladies night of good fun!

Shakey’s is excited and deeply pleased to bring yet another branch closer to their Guests in Visayas, employing well-trained friendly Cebu City locals, contributing to employment. Whether it’s to dine in, take out, celebrate or order a meal to come to you via the 254-7777 delivery hotline.

Raviv is Ready for Rainy Days!

I’ve been MIA from my blog because there are a LOOOOOT of things to do when you’re running a preschool pala! The kids are adorable and cute and all, but preparing the lesson plans, the art activity materials, the clean-up, etc. are not for the faint of heart. I really, really want to make a difference in the lives of our students so kebs na kahit nalolosyang ako dahil sa work.

I feel guilty, but the rainy days a month or so ago were a welcome respite for me. The irony is, I call the rainy days my “ray of sunshine”. The class postponements allowed me to breathe and relax.

Thing is, I love rainy days (not typhoons of course). Randy and I do. Some of our friends are depressed whwn it rains, but not us. Definitely not us. I love being woken up and being lulled to sleep by the sound of raindrops pitter-pattering on the roof and on concrete. I love how the rain makes everything cool and clean.

Moreover, I also love the outfits we could wear during rainy days!!! Especially for Raviv. I love knits, long sleeves, layering, hoodies, etc. Unique eh! For me, it’s the best opportunity for young boys to be fashionable without looking ridiculous (and in Raviv’s case, not sweat profusely).Imagine how thrilled I was when I was “tasked” by SM Kids’ Fashion to shop rainy day clothes for Raviv.

Raviv being helped by the sales assistant fit clothes

Thank you so much SM Kids’ Fashion for sending theses GCs for Raviv’s rainy day outfits!


Take a look at some of my finds, as worn by my unico hijo:

The Layered Looks

Layering with a Knitted Vest

I simply adore this ensemble. I find layering very chic and fashion forward, and I love how whimsical knitted vests could be…they have this homespun aura that makes cute kids even more adorable! This rainy season, my usually pawisin boy could pull this off!

  • red knit vest: BGS (Boys Got Style)
  • navy blue polo shirt: Garfield
  • jeans: Zap
  • shoes: Florsheim kids

And the nice thing about the knitted vest is that when it’s not too cold, you could remove the inner part and just let the kiddo wear the vest! Lookie lookie:

Randy said that the first time Raviv’s Teacher Meg saw him wear this vest (no inner garment), Teacher Meg squealed with delight!

Layering with a tailored jacket

Another of my favourites! I love how sleek yet casual Raviv looks like here! I can’t decide whether he looks like a grungy rockstar or a stylish office manager!

  • tailored jacket: BGS (Boys Got Style)
  • navy blue polo shirt: Garfield
  • jeans: Zap
  • shoes: Florsheim kids

[Read more…]

No More UPCAT for 80,000 Public High School Students? Really?

I was shocked when I saw this headline: Why new law exempts 80,000 students from taking UPCAT. According to this article:

More than 80,000 graduating public high school students will be exempt from taking college entrance examinations in state universities and colleges (SUCs), including the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT), Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo said Tuesday.


“The scholars do not have to take the competitive entrance tests of state universities, including […] UPCAT. All that they have to do is apply for admission, and they will be allowed in, as long as they choose the campus in their home region, and provided that the school’s quota for the Iskolar ng Bayan is still not full,” Romulo said.

I didn’t want to comment at first, because everyone knows we are in the UPCAT review business. One might think I’m grumbling because we will lose students. That’s true, we might lose students. But so what? That shouldn’t stop me from asking the following questions:

1. UP only accepts a total of more or less 12,000 students every year. That’s nationwide. And yet 80,000 are exempted from taking the UPCAT?!?

2. If still only a certain percentage of these 80,000 get admitted to UP, what exactly would the parameters be to determine who are and who are not eligible? School grades? Uh-oh, there’s more reason to cry, “Favoritism!” (Remember the salutatorian who ranted during her speech? Many sided with her at first but upon learning that the valedictorian passed the UPCAT but the grumbling salutatorian did not, the valedictorian was vindicated). Connections? Relatives? Hmmmm! Without any unbiased exam, this isn’t farfetched!

3. Does this mean almost all of the UP students would come from public schools already? Imagine that’s 80,000 clamoring for more or less 12,000 slots. How many slots would be left for private school students, then?

4. Hate me for saying this, but face it: there are a lot of “running for valedictorian” students from several public (and private!!!) schools who are less smart than the worst students of other schools.

5. OK, so UP will be more “pangmasa” because majority of the students will come from public high schools. But because of the this law don’t you think that public high schools will start swarming with rich kids? You know, those who graduated from good (and expectedly, expensive) elementary schools will choose to go to a public school because they’ll have greater chances of going to UP. Don’t you think that would be worse? High school pa lang, nawawalan na ng slots ang mahihirap—the private elementary school students will top the public high school entrance exams and take the “pilot section” slots where the Top 10 would of course come from.


6. When exactly would the students know whether they would get qualified? Do they apply at the start of the schoolyear? If at the start of the schoolyear they belong to the Top 10 but later on they fall behind, are they still eligible? If they apply after they graduate but do not get accepted to UP because of their grades, would they not have wished they had taken the UPCAT instead? Would they have blown their chances of going to other schools (and getting scholarships) like La Salle or Ateneo or aother prestigious universities thinking they’ll go to UP anyway?

7. Will there still be UP Oblation Scholars? I think it’s fine even if there is none. However, how would UP choose the INTARMED Candidates? Would a Top 10 student of Philippine Science High School who did not take the UPCAT not be qualified to be an INTARMED Candidate?

If at the end of it all the top 10 graduating students of public high schools still need to take the UPCAT to help them guarantee a slot in UP, then what is this all for?


Disclaimer:  I’m just reacting from article I read.  Yes, my view is myopic and my knowledge is limited, as this is just a blog post written to let off some steam, not a well-researched investigative journalism article.  Feel free to enlighten me.  Thanks!


UPDATE: A reader/friend on Facebook just posted this on my Timeline:

SEC. 4. Admission in SUCs. – Any public high school student who belongs to the top ten (10) bracket of the graduating class shall be entitled to the scholarship grant provided under this Act in any SUC of choice upon compliance with the following conditions:

(a) The student has graduated from any public high school in the country within two (2) years prior to the academic year being applied for in the SUC;

(b) The student has complied with the application requirements of the SUC;

(c) The student’s rank is reported by the public high school principal or administrator in a certificate bearing the name of the school and its location, the number of students, the rank of the student applicant in the graduating class, and other relevant information; and

(d) After taking the entrance examination in the chosen SUC, the student has obtained a rating which has been designated by the SUC as the minimum rating for a student to be able to qualify for the scholarship program.

SEC. 5. Limitation in the Acceptance of Top Public High School Graduates by SUCs. – All SUCs shall provide scholarships to qualified public high school graduates under this Act: Provided, That the applicants have successfully passed the entrance examination and have complied with the admission requirements of the SUCs.

According to him, “parang mali naman yung ‘NO UPCAT’ report ng media.  

Thank you Kuya Mark Nas for clarifying!



Another update, DMed to me by a former student:

As posted by the UPLB USC Chairperson Ronald Gem Celestial in the UPLB Batch 2015 group:

  • “Points of Clarification on the Implementation of theIskolar ngBayan Act in UP: Only 5% of the incoming freshman population will be allotted to theIskolar ngBayan Program. Top ten HS graduates who took theUPCAT would be prioritized over those top ten HS graduates who did not took theUPCAT. Why? Since only 5% is allotted to the incoming freshmen, theUPAI scores (not the HS grades) will be used to rank all thoseINB applicants todetermine who qualifies for the limited slots. Fornon-UPCAT takers, they are automatically admitted to the university but this is not tantamount to qualifying for their degree program of choice. The university shalldetermine its priority programs and these are the only programs wherenon-UPCAT takers shall have automatic admission, provided that there are available slots. Also, in order for you to have automatic admission, you should come from the region where the UP campus is situated.Diliman and Manila for NCR, Baguio for CAR, Pampanga for Region III, LosBanos forCALABARZON,Miagao and Iloilo for WesternVisayas, Cebu for CentralVisayas, Tacloban for EasternVisayas, Mindanao for Davao Region and Open University for all regions. Therefore, in UP, graduating as one of the top ten in your HS does not guarantee you automatic admission. These points were clarified yesterday (21 July 2015) at the University Committee for Scholarships and Financial Assistance where I was theUPLB Student Representative.”
    Thank you, Romel Amboy for sending me that!
    So I guess…may UPCAT pa rin talaga?

Sale Alert: Ital Design Offers Dunlopillo Mattresses at Special Prices!


When it comes to matters of the home, even the smallest details count for a great deal. Dunlopillo, a certified name in quality sleep, has partnered with Ital Design, an authority in home décor, to create a one-of-a-kind showroom.

Ital Design Showroom

Known for its thoughtfully engineered mattresses, Dunlopillo has created for itself a legacy of comfort through the years. The latex boasts of being the best in the world, providing unparalleled support and high elasticity. Its mattresses allow for exceptional air ventilation and breathability for ideal temperature control. To prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, the mattresses incorporate the use of silver, which is proven to possess antibacterial properties. For minimal partner disturbance, its springs are designed to ensure uninterrupted slumber. Carefully crafted to ensure a restful night, Dunlopillo puts a premium on comfort and sleep.

Ital Design’s Managing Director, Jam Chan, is enthusiastic about their newly renovated showroom at MC Home Depot in Bonifacio Global City. “Instead of doing a cluttered display of mattresses, we decided to play with the store and make it more visually appealing to our clients.”

Ten decorated vignettes of different themes are on display to encourage customers to imagine the possibilities the mattresses and furniture hold.

Bedroom displays tastefully decorated in neutral colors and rustic accents provide a classic and homey appeal.

Nothing spells bold femininity more than bright crimson, an eye-catching arrangement with an elegant feel.

There’s also a twin set designed to symmetrically split the room between a teenage boy and a teenage girl is a practical option for those who share a space without compromising individuality, and so much more!

In line with the launch of the newly renovated showroom at MC Home Depot in Bonifacio Global City, Ital Design will be providing special prices for its premium Dunlopillo mattresses from July 16-19, 2015.

This generous gesture celebrates their one of a kind luxurious showroom, innovated to enable customers to imagine the possibilities that the mattresses and furniture hold. Ten uniquely decorated vignettes in styles appealing to every type of customer feature the Dunlopillo mattresses, which are highlighted in every display. Whether you’re a bachelor, a student, or a mother of five, Ital Design and Dunlopillo have furniture pieces and sleeping solutions for your personal haven in store.

What can customers expect from visiting the new showroom? An introductory discount for Dunlopillo’s new model mattress Elena, which will be sold at the special price of 50% off! All-time favorite mattresses Romero Premium and Firmest Luxe will also be included at reduced prices. With premium goods at reasonable prices, those who are looking to decorate and furnish their homes certainly have every reason to visit the new Ital Design showroom.

Dunlopillo is also available at the Libis Showroom, the Edsa-Cubao Showroom, MC Home Depot in Bonifacio Global City, MC Home Depot in Pasig, Ayala Center Cebu, and Abreeza Mall Davao. Follow Ital Design on Facebook and on Instagram through @italdesignph

To the Best Husband & Dad: 7 Years and Counting

I realized that two consecutive Sundays have come to remind me how blessed I am to have Randy in my life: Father’s Day last Sunday, and our 7th Wedding Anniversary today.

How time flew!

Salamat Facebook sa pagpapaalala!

Honestly (and sadly), I almost forgot our anniversary. And last Sunday, I was just too tired to honor Randy as a father: I was not able to buy him a gift and I didn’t have the time and energy to, once again, laud him publicly how truly happy I am that he is the father of my son. I was that busy and tired. I felt like there’s no room in my head to reminisce and be sentimental about us, puro work, work, work, work na lang ang laman ng utak ko! That’s why when Randy said he’ll be joining the dog show in Angeles this weekend, I didn’t protest.

But now I realize that having two consecutive Sundays to celebrate the important roles Randy has been playing are not to be ignored. After all, not everyone gets to snag a handsome, smart and faithful partner…

Ay mali! Hahaha! But LeBron James, Randy is very loyal to you. More loyal than your own wife. LOL!

Ito na talaga:

Kunsabagay, what reason does he have not to be faithful to me? Hihihi!

…and not all children have a loving, patient and generous father!

Ay mali uli! Si Raviv pala dapat! Hahaha! But with how he took care of his puppies, multiply that a thousand times over…that’s how he is with our son.

So let me remind myself why my husband is truly a gift from God.

Here are my Top 7 (for the 7 years of blessed wedded bliss.) reasons why he’s the best, ever!

  1. He is such a great, great dad. May aaminin ako sa inyo. A week before Father’s Day, Randy and I had a fight. I was emotional, fuming mad and irrational. So emotional and irrational that I wanted to leave him. But what primarily held me back was Raviv—I could never ever deprive him of any minute away from his Tatay. I really can’t. Sabihin na ng mga tao ang gusto nilang sabihin against Randy, but what I could never ever deny is how great of a father he is to Raviv. I woudn’t be able to forgive myself if I take that opportunity away from Raviv.
  2. He is so dependable. Randy is my North, and even though I would sulk when he sermons me, many of my newfound good traits are because of him. I am not scared of the future, because I know he makes sound decisions. And if ever he is wrong, he will work doubly hard to make it right. He is THAT kind of man. Truly, I will be lost without him.
  3. He prioritizes us. Yes, his family. Not his work, not his barkada, not social gatherings, not a drinking spree…it’s family first to him. And by the way, his family includes Raviv, me…and the dogs and LeBron James. LOL! On a more serious note, what really proves this is the fact that he tends to be more careful with his words towards me and Raviv. He is usually brutally frank with other people especially when he is cross, but he is careful with his words when reprimanding me and Raviv. ‘Di ba usually baligtad? But no—he cares more about not to offend the people he loves.
  4. He is smart and intelligent. Alam naman natin ang academic credentials ni Randy, ‘di ba? Moreso if you know of his childhood and how he became who he is. But what’s more amazing about him is that even those with “higher academic credentials” are in awe of him. I’ve often heard them say they’re astonished how Randy could pull off something, how he manages to organize things, how easily he could explain something, and many more.
  5. He is good to my family. One of the things Randy did that I will never forget and forever cherish was when he suggested we shoulder three sessions of my tita’s chemotherapy. I didn’t need to ask him to give—he just did on his own. Moreover, he never sulks when my folks are around, and even always tells me to ensure they are comfortable. I love him all the more for loving my family!
  6. He is not fat. Hehe. I’m not body shaming anyone (especially because I’ve packed a few extra pounds in the last two months myself), but I want to give credit where credit is due. Randy is among the least vain men I know, but for a long life with his family, he’s very disciplined when it comes to his diet and exercise. I’m just glad he’s not like most men who expect their wives never to get fat but allow themselves to look likeBaymax.More than a designer clutch, a handsome husband on the red carpet is a woman’s more preferred accessory.
  7. He is sappy in his own way.  It’s kinda hard for those who know Randy to imagine how sweet he is with me. Even I. When I see him in action at work, I feel special because I can’t imagine how this driven, hardworking, no-time-for-idleness man could have made me blush with his sweet words and gestures. But he is, in private. I remember being envious of other women because their husbands are very showy on social media, whereas Randy is more often reserved.


    But I felt a wave of relief because I have a Facebook friend who was what I had hoped Randy to be: he keeps on posting how lovely his wife is, how much he loves his wife, etc. But I know for a fact—yes—FACT, that he’s cheating on his unsuspecting wife. In his own words, “Huli ka balbon!”



I’m happy that even though Randy isn’t showy like that on social media, he has–in real life–shown me what a great husband and father is.  And I’m blogging about it not because I’m insecure, but because he deserves to be acknowledged, after all he’s been doing for us. So this blog entry is actually me taking a break and just marvelling and consciously reminding myself what a great man God gave me. It’s not that I need to convince myself—hell no—but I just want to reflect on why he’s the best husband I could ever have, so I won’t take him for granted. And more so, to inspire me to be the wife that he needs.

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary, Sweetheart! Thank you for allowing me to soar, for always being the wind beneath my wings. However I try to “make it on my own”, I will always acknowledge that what I’ve become, what I’ve achieved and what I have are all because of your intellectual, emotional, financial, and moral support.

I love you, always and forever.

He never looks for praises
He’s never one to boast
He just goes on quietly working
For those he loves the most
His dreams are seldom spoken
His wants are very few
And most of the time his worries
Will go unspoken too
He’s there…. A firm foundation
Through all our storms of life
A sturdy hand to hold to
In times of stress and strife
A true friend we can turn to
When times are good or bad
One of our greatest blessings,
The man that we call Dad.

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When & Where a Toddler Should Go To School

Several people I talk to are flabbergasted when I tell them that Raviv started going to school when he was only 1.5 years old. It’s either they say that he was too young, or that it might backfire as Raviv might get tired of school very early. They have valid points, but I don’t regret sending Raviv to school “that early”. In fact, as I read and research more about early childhood education, the more happy I feel that I sent Raviv to school “that early”. Many studies show that the most critical stage in a person’s development is in the first three years of life when 75% of the brain is developed.

Like constructing a house, brains are built upon a strong foundation. This starts before birth, and is very important during the first three years of life. Brain cells are “raw” materials — much like lumber is a raw material in building a house, and a child’s experiences and interactions help build the structure, put in the wiring, and paint the walls.

An infant’s repeated exposure to words clearly helps her brain build the neural connections that will enable her to learn more words later on. Language can be learned a multitude of ways, like casual conversation, songs, rhymes, reading, music, story telling and much more. Early stimulation sets the stage for how children will learn and interact with others throughout life.

[…]In the brain, the neurons are there at birth, as well as some synapses. As the neurons mature, more and more synapses are made.

[…]The brain eliminates connections that are seldom or never used, which is a normal part of brain development.

[…]If a child receives little stimulation early on, the synapses will not develop, and the brain will make fewer connections.

– snippets lifted from THIS ARTICLE

Lifted from

I am just happy that in those critical years of Raviv’s life, we helped him develop his synapses, and one of them is through sending him to school. I normally don’t like to dwell on the thought that Raviv is “advance” for his age, yet I can’t help but be impressed by the things he knows: he learned to read quickly, he can recite all the planets in the Solar System (in order from the Sun, and we don’t know how he learned that!) and he knows a thing or two about each planet, he knows all the seven continents and some countries in each continent (he loves looking at maps & globes, as in he studies them!), and he is always curious about his surroundings (“Why does the moon seem to follow us?”)

Whether he is really inteligent or average, I am just happy that he has such a positive attitude towards learning.

So in my opinion, when exactly should toddlers or kids go to school? My frank answer is ANY TIME and AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

This was applicable to my family, and may not be applicable to yours. It worked for us, but it may not work for you. Let me explain first why it worked for us, before you rush to enroll your kid to the nearest toddler school in your subdivision. [Read more…]

Bag Raid: Inside Raviv’s Lily & Tucker Bag (Traveling Essentials of Toddlers)

Raviv was ecstatic when he received his Lily & Tucker “Danny” bag. We’ve long waited for an opportunity for him to use it, because school was still out.

And then when Randy announced we were going to Dinosaurs Island in Clarkfield and stay there overnight, I knew we didn’t have to wait for school to use it.

I stuffed Raviv’s things in his Lily & Tucker Danny bag. This is supposed to be a school bag, but it’s roomy and sturdy enough as a “weekend bag” for kids’ stuff.

Let me share with you what I put in Raviv’s Danny bag during our overnight stay in Clark. These are what I consider as “toddler’s essentials” when traveling.

So what exactly are these?

Let’s begin with what are inside Raviv’s Disney toiletries pouch, which you may want to include in your checklist:

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