My Ever After Promise (10th Anniversary Week-long Series of Posts)

This is the second installment to my 10th Anniversary Week-long Series of Posts.  This time, I'll be posting the words I promised to Randy when we got married almost four years ago.  It took me a long time to say the right words.  And when inspiration hit me, I knew this was it.  I saw several people dabbing their eyes with their hankies when I uttered these words*: Once upon a time, I was a little girl obsessed with fairy tales.  I used to dream of a handsome and intelligent prince whose mere sight would make my heart melt, and with whom I will share my feelings, hopes, and dreams.  … [Read more...]

Our Ever After (10th Anniversary Week-long Series of Posts)

This year, Randy and I have been together for a decade.  A decade, imagine that!  That's six years of being boyfriend-girlfriend and four years of being Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Randy Ladaga.  This June 28, we are going to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary and tenth year of being together... and guess where!  Sirit?  At a pre-trial mediation "hearing" at the Intellectual Property Office in Taguig.  See, we filed a case against another review center (whose name I won't mention YET) that infringed BRAIN TRAIN review materials.  I am supposed to be pissed off that we are to be at this hearing on our anniversary, right?  But I honestly am not.  I even feel that it's a really good gift for us--I feel that we are about to get the justice that we have been waiting for for so long. Anyway, I've been receiving so many requests for me to blog our love story when I started blogging.  I honestly want to, because our love story is very "worth-blogging-about".  Had you seen my husband when he … [Read more...]