Sepanx & Conversations with Raviv Part 8

At this time, Raviv has probably already landed in Davao City.

Screen Shot 2016 04 17 at 12 06 52 PM

He will be in Mindanao for 2 weeks to a month—which is like eons for Randy and me.  The longest stretch of time we’ve been separated from him is 24-48 hours only.  So this definitely is a big deal for us.  That’s why when Mom and Dad asked us whether Raviv could vacation with them during the summer, it took Randy and me a long time to decide.  But eventually, we caved in.  Sending him there is the rational thing to do because:

1) Summer is a busy time for Randy and me—we will be away the whole day and will be doggone tired when we get home;

2) Raviv has no dedicated yaya; and

3) His cousins are also vacationing at my parents’, and he would definitely have fun with them, just as he always has.

Raviv loves his vacation so much because of his Ate Vi. #cousinsforlife #cousins

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At Lake Agco in December  2015

At Lake Agco in December 2015

Raviv thinks that a crowded tub is the most fun! Enjoying his tub with his #cousins! #holidays2015🎄

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They've just finished feeding the bearcats. 👏

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At Tagaytay Highlands in December 2015

At Tagaytay Highlands in December 2015


But these valid reasons didn’t make it easy on us—we still had separation anxieties!  Especially because Raviv has been such a darling the past days.  That or because I took to heart what I said on my previous post.  He has been saying the sweetest and funniest things that would leave me in awe and good vibes.

Like last Thursday night as I was putting him to sleep, we were talking about our activity last Tuesday and being the “winning” it.

I: Would you be happy if you would be the winner?

Raviv:  A little.

I, surprised:  Why just a little?  Won’t winning make you very, very happy?

Raviv:  Because of the (other) kids, they’ll be sad.  How about all of us win?  So all of us would be happy?

Nadurog ang puso ko.  To think he didn’t even befriend the other kids he would feel sorry about.  They never even talked or played.  Raviv has such a generous and unselfish heart, my own (often frozen) heart melted.  Haaay.

Then he showed me the wound on his foot that he said was ouchy.  He asked me to include it in our bedtime prayer.  After praying for the healing of his wound, I also thanked God for him.  He heard me thank God for giving me such a handsome, smart and sweet boy.  Out loud, I also prayed to God to help me be the mom that Raviv deserves, and for Raviv to forgive me during the times I hurt his feelings.

Maya-maya misty-eyed na si Ravivo.  Then he covered his eyes and sobbed.

I:  Raviv, why are you crying?

Raviv, with a serious face na parang pangmatanda na, and nodding his head slowly:  That was a good prayer.  It was a good prayer, Nanay.

Then last night, as I was bathing him to prepare him for bed…

I: (loud sigh while bathing Raviv)

Raviv:  I know why you did that, ‘Nay.

I:  Why?

Raviv:  Because I’m leaving.  I’m sorry about that.


He looked sooo serious and guilty that I wanted to smile and cry at the same time.  And just as he was about to sleep last night…


Raviv: Nay, pupu.  (Andaming nakaing honeydew!)

I:  OK, you go to the toilet na.  Just call me when you’re done.

Raviv:  But I want you to come with me.  I’m scared.

I:  Don’t be scared.  Besides ‘di ba I’m gonna cry here on bed pa because you are going to leave us?

Raviv:  Hmmm, how about you sit and cry (in the toilet) while you watch me pupu?


Of course, that’s what happened.  Except for the crying part because that statement of his made me crack up.

Hay Raviv.  We miss you already!!!

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #34 and #35 : My Funny Valentine (Feb. 14-15, 2016)

On Valentine’s Day, while I was cooking carbonara for breakfast, I heard Randy call Raviv to go out.

A few seconds after, Raviv gave me a bouquet of flowers. Awww. Of course, that was from Randy. It was the first time in a long time that Randy gave me flowers, so I cherished my flowers.

So much that I even brought it with me to our Valentine’s staycation in Hidden Valley Springs.

Raviv absolutely loved our staycation! Of course, having him with us significantly reduced my and Randy’s lovey-dovey couple moments. But it was our (Randy and my) second time here already, and it’s been some time since we had a familia lamyerda. Plus Raviv reached that age where he is obsessed with swimming pools.

Here’s Raviv with his Tatay en route to the natural spring swimming pools of Hidden Valley:

Here’s a closer look at his pre-swimming outfit:

  • polo shirt from Bangkok, Thailand
  • green lounge shorts: Uniqlo
  • rubber shoes: Native
  • hat: SM Dept Store
  • sunnies: Dickies

I love what I made him wear because everything was stylish yet practical. The lounge shorts were very lightweight and the design had that “pambakasyon” theme. Actually, he also has something similar in yellow but it’s much bigger (it was on sale, so I hoarded ;)). I just looked for something that would look baggy with the shorts, and voila it’s his polo from Thailand (ordinary shirts ruin the look). His super duper favorite Native shoes were easy to wear and remove, comfortable and waterproof so there was no reason why he had to wear any of his less favorite shoes. And the sunnies and abaca hat sealed the deal.

The clear water of the pools in Hidden Valley proved too irresistible for our preschooler. Once he saw them, there was no turning back.

Can’t really blame Raviv for wanting to frolick in the cool, clear, clean, natural water of the swimming pools in Hidden Valley!

thumb_P2140184_1024Spider-man swimsuit bought from SM Kids’ Fashion

Randy actually wanted Raviv to take advantage of the Hidden Valley Springs swimming pools. Unlike ordinary “artificial” pools, the water here is really clean. No chlorine or other drying and itchy chemicals. Moreover, we were assured that we were not swimming in pools of urine, spit, sweat or (gulp!) excrement. Keywords: RUNNING. WATER.

After a long time swimming and another long time convincing him to get out of the water, we trekked to the Hidden Falls.

En route to the Hidden Falls is this fallen centuries old tree. When Randy and I first came here years ago, it was standing majestically. But alas, it was ravaged by Typhoon Glenda two years ago. It was sad seeing it like this.

It was a loooong walk but our energetic little boy didn’t seem to mind.

Even the sharp edges of the rocks didn’t deter him from exploring to reach the spot where we could see the hidden falls!

After the trek, we went to our cottage. Check out his review of our Hidden Valley cottage here:

Afterwards, we had afternoon merienda at the Hidden Valley Springs gazebo.

After eating, guess where Raviv forced us to go again?

Clue: This is what he wore when we were walking towards where he wanted to go:


Nope, he did not sleep. Nor did he want to just stay in our cottage to chill, relax and watch TV. And just like earlier, we had to goad and bribe him just to get out of the water.

Come dinner time, he was famished! To the point that when we got to the candle-lit dinner outside the gazebo, he broke the stillness of the evening with his, “I’m really hungry na!” declaration.

Shortly after dinner at our cottage, the little boy went up the loft. And to my astonishment, he slept there. Alone.

I couldn’t believe it, to be honest! When he was saying earlier that he was gonna sleep there by himself, I mocked him, thinking he can’t. But he did.

After Randy and I finally had time to be a couple on V-Day, I tried to sleep. But I couldn’t! And so I went up the loft, crept up beside Raviv and slept fitfully for a few hours. Then I decided to return to Randy.

The following day, I expressed my astonishment to my Ravivo. He just said, “‘Di ba ‘Nay I told you I was gonna sleep there by myself and kaya ko na? And I didn’t even call you for ‘Itchy sa back’ (he usually can’t sleep until after I’ve scratched his back)!”

Sa totoo lang, I was brokenhearted. Proud, but brokenhearted. Just like when he stopped crying when going inside his classroom—alone– at toddler school.

The following day, after swimming (again!), we finally checked out, and this was what Raviv wore:

  • yellow jumper: Alfonso
  • polo: Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends at SM Kids’ Fashion
  • rubber shoes: Native
  • sunnies: Dickies
  • abaca hat: SM Dept. Store

I packed Raviv another “going-home” outfit, but I chose to have him wear the jumper, because the jumper makes him look like a little boy still (and because it was getting too tight). With his jumper on and his naughty poses, at least I know that I still have many nights where I will hear Raviv’s insistent “Itchy sa back!” demands.

When A Child Was Born…Three Years Ago

Dear Raviv,

Christmas lost its spark when I learned Santa Claus was not real.  My excitement over hanging socks and waiting for Santa’s gifts made Christmas special, so Christmas became just an ordinary holiday for me when I learned the truth behind Santa as a kid.

To_e16446_2499761 Image lifted from

My Christmases as a teenager were no better.  Same old every year—my parents would drag me to family reunions (where I had no cousins my age) to eat the walang kamatayang buko salad, spaghetti and chocolate cake that were a staple, and wait miserably until we go home.  If I was lucky I’d receive a present or two.  And that was it.  Honestly, I have always preferred Araw ng mga Patay…at least I could watch Shake, Rattle & Roll reruns during reunions, and upon getting home I raced to our TV set to not miss the Halloween Special of Magandang Gabi Bayan.

Christmas became a tad happier for me when I married your Tatay, as he has always been excited about Christmas.  He was always jovial and always excited about Noche Buena.  He is so childlike—Christmas has always been a big deal for him!  His excitement rubbed a little off me, but most of the time I’d just humor him…I’ll just cook something special for Noche Buena and eat it with him.  I thought Christmas would always be, mediocre at best, for me.  I thought that nothing exciting would ever happen on Christmas.

And then Christmas 2010 happened.  The whole day on December 25 that year, I was in labor.  We were not expecting you for two more weeks, but then you were just so eager to change my perspective about Christmases!  But since you probably wanted your birthday “to have an identity”, you waited a little and popped out of me at 12:10 a.m. on December 26.

baby born on christmas at asian hospital

It has been three years since you came into our lives.  How I now view Christmas definitely changed:  it has become extra special!  And even better, every day with you has become Christmas for us!  You gift us with your smiles, your laughter, the funny things that you do and say practically every second.

And no one else could give us that gift!  After the birthday of Jesus Christ is your birthday!  And next to the gift of eternal life that Jesus Christ’s birth gave the world, the gift of eternal pride and happiness that your birth gave us is the best gift ever.

Tonight, as I remembered that the celebrations are far from over because tomorrow is your big day, a surge of nostalgia enveloped me.  I’m amazed at how far you’ve come!  From being an ugly baby,

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