Sepanx & Conversations with Raviv Part 8

At this time, Raviv has probably already landed in Davao City. He will be in Mindanao for 2 weeks to a month—which is like eons for Randy and me.  The longest stretch of time we’ve been separated from him is 24-48 hours only.  So this definitely is a big deal for us.  That’s why when Mom and Dad asked us whether Raviv could vacation with them during the summer, it took Randy and me a long time to decide.  But eventually, we caved in.  Sending him there is the rational thing to do because: 1) Summer is a busy time for Randy and me—we will be away the whole day and will be doggone tired when we get home; 2) Raviv has no dedicated yaya; and 3) His cousins are also vacationing at my parents’, and he would definitely have fun with them, just as he always has.   But these valid reasons didn’t make it easy on us—we still had separation anxieties!  Especially because Raviv has been such a darling the past days.  That or because I took to heart … [Read more...]

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #34 and #35 : My Funny Valentine (Feb. 14-15, 2016)

On Valentine’s Day, while I was cooking carbonara for breakfast, I heard Randy call Raviv to go out. A few seconds after, Raviv gave me a bouquet of flowers. Awww. Of course, that was from Randy. It was the first time in a long time that Randy gave me flowers, so I cherished my flowers. So much that I even brought it with me to our Valentine’s staycation in Hidden Valley Springs. Raviv absolutely loved our staycation! Of course, having him with us significantly reduced my and Randy’s lovey-dovey couple moments. But it was our (Randy and my) second time here already, and it’s been some time since we had a familia lamyerda. Plus Raviv reached that age where he is obsessed with swimming pools. Here’s Raviv with his Tatay en route to the natural spring swimming pools of Hidden Valley: Here’s a closer look at his pre-swimming outfit: polo shirt from Bangkok, Thailand green lounge shorts: Uniqlo rubber shoes: Native hat: SM Dept Store sunnies: … [Read more...]

When A Child Was Born…Three Years Ago

Dear Raviv, Christmas lost its spark when I learned Santa Claus was not real.  My excitement over hanging socks and waiting for Santa’s gifts made Christmas special, so Christmas became just an ordinary holiday for me when I learned the truth behind Santa as a kid. Image lifted from My Christmases as a teenager were no better.  Same old every year—my parents would drag me to family reunions (where I had no cousins my age) to eat the walang kamatayang buko salad, spaghetti and chocolate cake that were a staple, and wait miserably until we go home.  If I was lucky I’d receive a present or two.  And that was it.  Honestly, I have always preferred Araw ng mga Patay…at least I could watch Shake, Rattle & Roll reruns during reunions, and upon getting home I raced to our TV set to not miss the Halloween Special of Magandang Gabi Bayan. Christmas became a tad happier for me when I married your Tatay, as he has always been excited about Christmas.  He was always … [Read more...]