Breastfeeding Survival 101 Part 2

continued from Breastfeeding Survival 101 Part 1

… I seriously considered buying formula for him, and give up breastfeeding.

Good thing I called our attending pedia at Asian.  I told him that my son cried and cried for several ungodly hours, and that I didn’t think I was producing enough milk.  He calmly told me that my son’s insistence at suckling was telling my body to produce more milk, because at the rate my body was going, it was not enough (I imagined my son communicating this message to my body through suckling: Matakaw ako.  Bilisan mo!  Ubos ko na agad yung ginawa mo.  Bilisan mo at damihan mo!).  So I just have to let him suckle whenever he wants to. [Read more…]