The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 3: Superhero Get-ups & Guests

continued from The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 2: The Superhero Party Food, Cake, and Lootbag In fairness, I’m keeping my promise!!! After 3 months, here’s the last installment of Raviv’s superhero-themed birthday party at Gymboree, yahoo! The Amazing Raviv's Costume First, let’s take a closer look at Raviv’s outfit: Of course, he had to be Spider-man!!! Handsome face behind the mask revealed! Raviv loves this costume immensely.  It’s a “muscled" The Amazing Spider-man Costume.  He’s oh so proud when he wears it.  I was lucky to have found a seller online who’s based in Sta. Rosa!  Otherwise I had to order this from the US.  Kumusta naman lang pagdaan pa sa costumes at sa port congestion, 'di ba? This costume is actually for kids 7 and above, so it’s big for Raviv; the seller had no other stock so we had to make do with it. I got it in October, and I told Raviv he has to sleep early so he would grow and then the costume would fit him.  Hahaha! On Raviv’s invitation, we … [Read more...]

The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 2: The Superhero Party Food, Cake, and Lootbag

continued from The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 1: The Superhero Party Program and DIY Event Styling Superhero Fuel: Food Last year, we served Raviv's guests sliders/mini-hamburgers, cookies, spaghetti, fried chicken and fruit and vegetables salad.  Our cook forgot to cook the hotdogs.  At first I thought it was enough.  After all, that’s the same food served at a Jollibee or McDonald’s party, right?  But after the party, both Randy and I thought we should have served more.  Visual feast will always be trumped over by a gastronomic feast, as it’s the hallmark of any party.  So this year, I made sure we add more food.  But my goodness, this was December 26 and we had no catering.  So what happened and what did we serve?!?  Here:           Teacher Joanna said that some of the guests asked her who our caterer was, because the food we served were delicious.  Why, what an honor!  Because actually, we cooked most of the main dishes, and outsourced the others.  Ate Evelyn, my … [Read more...]

The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 1: The Superhero Party Program and DIY Event Styling

The decision to throw Raviv a full-blown birthday party for his 5th was a no-brainer.  First, the 5th birthday party is the last birthday party a child could celebrate at Gymboree, and we still fully remember how much he and his guests loved his 4th birthday party at Gymboree.  Second, he now has sure guests even if his birthday falls on the 26th of December.  Third, his abuelito, abuelita and cousins are coming over for the Holidays.  And fourth, he requested for it.  Anyway, he didn’t have full-blown parties on his 2nd and 3rd birthdays. It seemed everything was all set, until I learned that: The caterer I want to get (Jen-Dre’s Catering—it was our food caterer during our Grand Opening) is not available on Dec. 26.  I also called Center Table (it was our food caterer during Raviv’s baby dedication aka binyag and I love the food!!!) I and asked whether we could pick-up “paluto" from them.  They don’t accept daw, because it’s a busy season. Teacher Roxanne and Teacher … [Read more...]

Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Gymboree Birthday Party Part 3: Wardrobe Diaries

Continued from Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Gymboree Birthday Party Part 2: The Most Fun Party, Ever! and Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Gymboree Birthday Party Part 1: The DIY Decor & Aesthetics I had a difficult time looking for Raviv’s outfit. I looked for it online and in children’s clothing boutiques. Nada. I thought it was easy to look for clothes with dinosaur prints because they were everywhere when Raviv was still a baby. But for some reason, dinosaur prints were no longer as popular for toddlers! I didn’t want Raviv to wear a full-on dinosaur hunter costume because he has worn something like that on his jungle safari first birthday party. Good thing I dropped by SM Department Store a few days before Raviv’s birthday, because I was eager to use the P3,000 worth of gift checks that SM Kids Fashion gave me... …because wouldn’t you know it, I found the perfect ensemble there! Look: I got an inner shirt with the body of a dragon (but looks like a dinosaur when the … [Read more...]

Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Gymboree Birthday Party Part 2: The Most Fun Party, Ever!

Continued from Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Gymboree Birthday Party Part 1: The DIY Decor & Aesthetics Halloooo! I know you’re all eager with my blow-by-blow account of our Grand Launching last Saturday. I am, too! However, I have promised you a part deux of Raviv’s Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party. Moreover, you will know through this blog post how I had the “gutz” to celebrate Zion’s party at Gymboree—that’s because I knew it would be fantastic, just as Raviv’s Gymboree birthday party was. Now, here are more details! Party Venue: Gymboree Sta. Rosa Playfloor You remember how stressed I was with the delivery of our equipment? I’m happy to say that in fairness, the additional crow’s feet and wrinkles I may have added to my face because of all the worry were all worth it. Look at our playfloor that was completed just in time for Raviv’s party: Gymboree Sta. Rosa has the new and improved play equipment that kids 0-6 years old can enjoy! Ang ganda, ‘di ba? It’s really different from the … [Read more...]

Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Gymboree Birthday Party Part 1: The DIY Decor & Aesthetics

Finally more than two months after, I’m now blogging about mi amocito’s super fun and super DIY birthday party at Gymboree Sta. Rosa! This time around, the theme was dinosaurs!  Raviv’s interest in dinosaurs was recycled.  Perfect, because Gymboree already has a customized dinosaur-themed play & learn birthday party celebration. Since I knew that I’d be fulfilling one of my passions—event styling—through Gymboree, I decided to make Raviv’s party super DIY.  As in no catering, no chairs supplier, everything will be done by me and “my team”.  That way, we could already practice our artistic prowess (naks!) in case someone who books a Gymboree party in Sta. Rosa also opts to get an upgrade and have customized and special decors. So without further ado, here are the details:   The Venue Raviv’s birthday party was held at the room adjacent to the Gymboree playfloor.  The room was really bare and had a low ceiling. DIY Dinosaur Party Set-up  Tables and chairs Since I … [Read more...]

God is never late!

Happy Sunday everyone! I was supposed to blog about the (long overdue!) details of Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party, but then I was reminded of how much it almost never pushed through, and how much I just had to keep the faith in Him. (Warning: This may be trivial to some, but I am grateful for little tests of faith like this. Such always, always reminds me that I have a living God whom I can still count on even in situations that others would deem trivial.)  Rationale Here’s the deal: My son’s birthday party would “unlock” Gymboree Sta. Rosa on Dec. 21, 2014.  It was a win-win idea because: 1) Raviv would get to experience the fun of a Gymboree party (it’s only up to 4 years old, and he was turning 4) 2) Having a “deadline” is always good because it pushes people to work doubly hard. 3) We would have a “practice” as to how birthday parties are conducted. Almost all of our guests were either from Los Banos or Metro Manila, so I know I have to make this party … [Read more...]

Madame EKS (aka Motherhood)’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party Part 3: Photo Story

Continued from Madame EKS (aka Motherhood)’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party Part 2: The Great Revelation Here are more up close and personal photos during Motherhood’s 60th Masquerade Themed Surprise Birthday Party, plus comments on my suppliers. Venue: UP Seniors’ Social Garden Honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’ll host a party here.  I pass this almost everyday, and when “undressed”, it looks plain.  Wala man lang flowers to make it a beautiful “garden”.  But since the other options were so ridiculously expensive and my stylist/caterer assured me that UP Seniors’ Social Garden is a great “canvass”, I agreed.  Indeed, it was prettified.  The only caveat is that there is no airconditioning.   Event Styling & Catering: Berris Cuisine I chose Berris Cuisine when I learned they also do event styling.  Surprisingly, only a few caterers also do customized event styling.  I chose not to get a separate event stylist because I feel that a … [Read more...]

Madame EKS (aka Motherhood)’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party Part 2: The Great Revelation

On the day of the party, Tita Len was also at our house because I also “invited her to my launching because of Sharon Cuneta”.  Everything seemed to go well, until I got a phone call just before noon.  It was Tita Romilyn.  She was with one of the guests, Tita Ayet, who came all the way from Pangasinan just to grace Motherhood’s birthday. Ang mahihiwagang bangus at rosas But Tita Ayet’s thoughtfulness did not end there:  she also brought with her 7 bangus fish!  Since they had no ref or anything, Tita Romilyn asked me to get them.  Patay na, because I was also preparing for my afternoon class!  So I asked Tita Len to get the bangus for me.  Tita Len also bought roses from the market because, “Gagawin ko raw bouquet para ibigay kay Sharon.”  Hahaha! Hours before the partey I was not able to primp early because I had classes from 1-3pm. Alangan namang nakatodo make-up at 4-inch stilettos ako sa klase ko dabah? My students might just belt out a mocking “King & Queen of Hearts” … [Read more...]

Madame EKS (aka Motherhood)’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party Part 1: Party Planning

Ako na, ako na talaga!  For the second straight year, I pulled off another surprise milestone birthday party successfully.  Last year it was Randy’s, this year it’s Motherhood’s. Tita Len’s suggestion Some time in July, when my Tita Len (Motherhood’s younger sister) visited us she asked me what my plans are for Motherhood’s birthday.  I told her I had no plans, because we will be in Hong Kong at that time.  She said we should throw a simple surprise birthday party for Motherhood’s because she will turn 60 na!  I was surprised because I didn’t expect that Mom would get her dual citizenship this year (You know—Filipino citizen and senior citizen.  Hehehe)  So of course, I agreed.  Except for one thing:  I did not like the word “simple”.  Allergic ako sa simple.  Motherhood deserves a somewhat bongga birthday party.  And knowing her, that’s what she would want.  Hindi naman bonggang-bongga that would cost hundreds of thousands.  But that party should have a program, nice décor, … [Read more...]