Superheroes at a Shakey’s Birthday Party!


Casual dining restaurant showcase the biggest league of superheroes for unforgettable birthdays!

As a mom of a toddler boy, I know how much little boys love super heroes.  So much, to the point that I have to namedrop them when I have to ask Raviv to do something.  Little boys are just in so much awe of superheroes!  Like two weeks ago when we attended a dog show, we “rewarded” Raviv’s patience during the dog show with a stop over at this place where stone figures are being sold.  Of course, he spent much of his time just touching and staring at the superhero statues.

I could only imagine how exciting it is for Raviv to gather his playmates for a superhero-themed afternoon playtime!  And the thrill Raviv would if I can actually bring that theme into play for his birthday party!  The caveat is that throwing these “lavish” parties may take so much time and effort.  Kung dati keri ko pa, ngayon hindi na because of my workload!

But I heard some great news:  Raviv’s favorite pizza restaurant chain Shakey’s is making this possible for those who want to throw an unforgettable party for their kids!


Bringing in the “superpowers” of DC’s Justice League, Shakey’s is now offering the Justice League Unlimited party package, inclusive of signature dishes, activities, and even props that will further enliven the gathering. Mind you, they even encourage guests to dress up for the party!

JLU Image

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Raviv’s Amazing(ly Simple) DIY Spider-Man Themed 3rd Birthday Celebration at School

Hi there friendly neighborhood critters, este, creatures!  I want to share with you how we celebrated Raviv’s birthday at school last Thursday.  All in all I think prep was just two days.  Talaga!  Like I said, last week was super busy:

  • Monday – Raviv’s field trip + Brain Train Christmas Party
  • Tuesdayhabol ng work sa office + review ng Rejoinder ng kaso namin; then in the afternoon ginawa ‘yung invitation ni Raviv.  I was so lucky because our student assistant Jonathan Austria (who happens to be a amateur great layout artist) dropped by, so hinugot ko siya to create my concept of Raviv’s Spider-man-themed invitation.  It’s simple yet many complimented it.  Here it is:

…which I put in a brown paper and sealed with a Spider-man sticker.

2013-12-18 08.12.52

  • Wednesday – went to DOJ to file our Rejoinder sa case namin, and then when I got home at about 4 p.m. that’s when I started preparing for Raviv’s birthday celebration, which was on the following day at 9:40 a.m.!
    Grabe no?!?  Bad trip talaga ‘yung kasong ‘yunNakakaubos ng time.  I want to rant about it more but I want to stay positive.  After all, we are talking about my son’s birthday celebration.  Plus, I’ve already surrendered this case to the Big Guy up who knows everything.
    Anyway, here are some photos of Raviv’s simple Spider-man themed birthday celebration at school:


spiderman party lootbag diy

Why the balloon?  Nako, nagkamali ng balloon na inilagay ‘yung saleslady!  I ordered 30 Spider-man mylar balloons like these:
spider-man mylar baloons

and four of these small balloons.  Binaligtad!  I discovered late that she put only four of the Spider-man-shaped mylar balloons and 30 of the round ones.  Hay naku!!!

By the way, these are the contents of the lootbag:

contents of spiderman themed party lootbagContents: Spiderman balloon, jigsaw puzzle, M&M’s milk chocolates, homemade chocolate chip cookies + snickerdoodles, bath gel, fruit pudding gelatin and tiny fruit-flavored juice


Nako, the cakes were rushed!  Since my sched was so hectic I totally forgot the cakes!  As in I told the cakemakers only a few days before!  Buti na lang they were so nice to singit my request!

The mini-cupcakes were from Bites, whose owner is my blogger friend Maggie Agustin.


And this amazing Spider-man cake was from another friend, Iris de Ramos of Rainbow Confections:


What I love about Bites and Rainbow Confections is that aside from the cakes looking pretty, they are yummy too!  These days kasi there are lots of cakemakers who just focus on the aesthetics, kebs na kung lasang papel ang cake.  But not Bites and Rainbow Confections.

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Party Pooper Parents

Two Sundays ago, Raviv attended a bonggels birthday party without Randy and without me.  It was the first birthday and christening celebration of the baby girl of an acquaintance (whom I hope to be a lot closer to in the future), Lindsay Abcede-Sese.

Lindsay invited me months before the party.  We were never really close but there were instances when we talked years ago about dogs (she and Randy belonged to the same canine club), and she was always super nice!  Walang kaere-ere!  Thus I told her Raviv will definitely come even if we can’t (it was scheduled on a Sunday…and you all know how crazy our weekends are!)

Since our Sundays have been pretty flexible lately, Randy and I thought we could attend the par-tey with Raviv.  The Friday before the party, I learned that the guests are requested to wear a superhero costume because the theme was superheroes.  I got more excited for my Ravivo!

On Saturday—a day before the party—we learned that Randy and I both had six-hour classes the following day!  Bummer!  That means we can’t accompany Raviv.  But we really want Raviv to go because the theme was his thing!  Good thing that one of my best friends and one of Raviv’s ninangs, Chrysanthemum Collado, was also attending the party.  So I asked her to take care of Raviv and Yaya Isay on the party.

raviv and ninang chrys

When Raviv learned he was attending a party and will be dressed as Spiderman, he was beyond excited.  In fact, right after he took a bath he was drumming on the Spidey costume—motioning that it was time for his transformation!

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Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 3: Photo Story

Continued from  Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 2: Finally!!!

As promised, here are more photos during Randy’s special day.  This time, I’ll let the photos tell the story behind Randy’s Lebron James/Miami Heat basketball-themed party.

Basketball-Theme Party Set-up

desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up

Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up

Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up

CFC (12)

Randy’s age above ;)

CFC (126)

Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up background Desserts/sweet treats table  basketball theme party set-up background

The Food


blowing lebron james design fondant cake

miami heat lebron james cake for basketball theme party Lebron James birthday cake by Rainbow Confections

cupcake with basketball toppers for basketball theme party

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Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 2: Finally!!!

Continued from Randy’s Surprise Basketball-Themed Birthday Bash Part 1: Pre-Party Story

Randy called the salesman he was talking to at Sony Center and came clean.  He revealed that our receipt mysteriously got lost.  I, on the other hand, called the DTI asking for advice.  The salesman said that what we could do was to present a notarized Affidavit of Loss.  I heaved a sigh of relief because that meant we would still go out!  We immediately went to the nearest law office to get an Affidavit of Loss.  Whew!!!  I was starting to relax.

Falling into place

Right after we procured a notarized Affidavit of Loss, we proceeded to Bellevue in Alabang for Randy’s often-postponed birthday buffet lunch.

buffet lunch at Bellevue Manila

main course at bellevue manila buffet

dessert at bellevue manila buffet

buffet at bellevue manila Lunch buffet at the Bellevue Manila

The food was terrific, but I was too nervous to really enjoy it.  After our lunch at the Bellevue, we proceeded to Makati to go to the Sony Center at Glorietta.  Randy showed the scratches of the “brand new” laptop Irvin bought for him, and thoroughly inspected the upgrade replacement laptop.

Afterwards we window shopped a bit (to stall him) and then we drove home.  I was doing breathing exercises on our way home, because I was just oh so nervous!!!  I was also texting and updating my cohorts of our whereabouts every now and then so they know what to expect.  Just when we were near Los Banos, boom!  Kamote, umulan na naman nang malakasGrrrrrrr!!!  Anyhoo, the plan was that I’d pretend I will attend a Bible study at a restaurant near our place and I’d have to be dropped off.  This way:

  1. The view from where the party is will be obscured; otherwise, Randy would use his usual route and he would see the party set-up; and
  2. Randy will open the gate himself (usapan ay walang magbubukas ng gate no matter how much honking he does); if I were with him he’d ask me to open the gate and we won’t see his reaction as he the sight unfolds.

Does the kamalasan ever end?!?

And ayun na nga.  As we were very entering our subdivision, syet na malagkit!  I saw my brother seeking shelter at a nearby establishment.  He was out and had no umbrella and no vehicle, and since the rain was so heavy he decided to wait.  Of course Randy stopped and offered him a ride.  I love my brother but I wanted to tiris him at that moment.  I was silently cursing him!

When it was time for me to alight from the car, I told my brother to go down with me.  This puzzled Randy, but I was adamant that my brother TJ get down too!  At ang TJ, nagreklamo rin bakit ko s’ya pinababa at mababasa daw ang sapatos n’yaGrrrr!

Let the party begin!

After alighting, we hurried to get home because as soon as Randy’s car honks, the festivities will begin.  True enough, still a few meters from our place we heard the sound of The Eye of the Tiger (Why the music?  Eh sayan ang napagkasunduan namin eh, bakit ba!), the party hosts, the guests’ chanting of Randy! Randy! Randy!

CFC (84)CFC (92) 

CFC (102)

CFC (95)

Party host Deo Cajano and company welcoming the astonished birthday celebrant

CFC (82)Did I say that the birthday celebrant was astonished?
It still is too weak a word to describe Randy!

CFC (83)  Knowing Randy, I’m sure he was thinking:  Ano nanamang kalokohan ni Dewmaine ito?!?

Good thing our photographer was able to capture Randy’s priceless expressions!

And even of my and my brother’s arrival:

CFC (93) Basang-basa sa ulahahahaaaaaan…

When TJ and I arrived, Randy’s cake was brought out.  Blowing of candle na agad!

CFC (105)To my cohorts:  Hindi n’yo man lang tinanggal sa box?!?

Of course, kelangan umeksena ni Baby Raviv!

Then the program began.  That time, I knew Randy was cringing inside.

CFC (135)and outside palaHaha!

He’s really not one to revel in the spotlight.  But I knew that as the night goes deeper, the objective if this party will be met:  he’d feel loved and special.

Here are more pictures:

King Lebron James basketball party theme
Mwahahaha!  Look at that face!  S’yempre may crown kasi siya si

Lebron James Basketnall theme party setup

.King LebRandy James!!!  This was what I was doing while I was waiting for my turn to teach in QC the before Randy’s party.

As the program unfolded, I could see Randy warming up to his party.  He started feeling more comfortable and started to appreciate the sweat, tears and blood (exag, I know!  Hihihi) that were poured for this special day.

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Raviv’s 2nd Birthday: Simple DIY Circus-Themed Party at School

Bree van de Kamp no more!

Barely finishing my sigh of relief when the Holiday Show at Raviv’s school was finished, Raviv’s teacher approached me and asked, “Ma’am, asan po ‘yung invitations sa birthday celebration ni Raviv sa Friday?”

It was already Wednesday, and I did not prepare any invite!!!  I thought there was no need to because the “party” will be at school anyway.  With saucer-round eyes I  muttered, “Ha?  Kelangan pa ba?!?”  Teacher Helen said, “Yes of course Mommy.”

The world suddenly spun and the feeling that I was “the” mom of the hour (because of Raviv’s DIY owl costume) evaporated…I was back to Dewmaine, the nanay who was still inept.  Nawala na talaga ang mga Martha Stewart at Bree van de Kamp illusions ko!

Simple party

If you remember, I went full blast last year for Raviv’s jungle safari-themed 1st birthday party.  Career kung career ‘yun, DIY pa since we held it in our province in Mindanao where there weren’t many party suppliers who understood my visions (and kakuriputan).

But this year Randy convinced me to keep it simple…promise daw next year for Raviv’s 3rd birthday papayagan na niya akong magpaka-Bree nang todo.  Moreover, many of Raviv’s classmates wouldn’t have been available on December 26th.  So we decided on a simple school party.  Raviv’s school doesn’t allow over the top parties–they (administrators) want the party to be done within 30 minutes during the toddlers’ snack time.  OK rin para hindi magpatalbugan ang parents ‘di ba?

Circus-themed party

I opted for the circus theme because there were still animals (and tapos na ang jungle safari theme) alam n’yo naman ang obssession ni Raviv sa animals!


After the Holiday Show, I had my forty winks that barely made up for my sleepless nights.  Soon after waking up I was in front of my laptop to rush Raviv’s invitation.  A few hours later, I printed the invitations and spent another hour or two cutting.  So nakahabol naman ang invites on Thursday morning.  Raviv and Yaya Isay hand-carried the invitations.

Raviv's DIY circus-theme invitation

Raviv’s DIY circus-theme invitation

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Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 3

Continued from Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 2


Cakes, with an “S”

What’s a birthday without a cake?  At first, I thought he’s not gonna have a nice birthday cake (the one on top of the cupcake stand, because I wanted to DIY his cupcakes), so imagine my glee when he had two jungle-themed cakes:  I ordered the fondant cake while the fondant-looking one was given as a gift. I wanted Raviv to have a really nice birthday cake, and at first I was worried that I won’t be able to get a fondant cake artist in our place.  Good thing my sister-in-law Ruth told about KC Cakes from (not-so) nearby Kidapawan City.    Aside from the 9-inch cake on top of the five layer cupcake stand, I also ordered matching cupcakes.

Raviv’s Jungle Safari-Themed Top Cake and Cupcakes

As you can see, the design really looks good!  And I really wanted a lion because Raviv’s costume is a lion.  Plus, Raviv is the King of the Republic of Raviv, remember (in the AVP I created, the background music is “I Just CAn’t Wait to be King” from the Lion King) ?  So lion is perfect.   We were really pleased with the design.  Downside is, nakakahinayang kainin!  Parang crime kainin!  Until now, the animal toppers are still in our ref. Raviv’s other cake is a gift from my Mama Cristy.  Mama Cristy is almost like my tita, and one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know (along with her daughter, my kababata Bubbles).  The cake she gave isn’t fondant—pero look at it!  The cake artist is really, really good!  Sugar icing lang ito:

Can you believe this isn’t fondant? This jungle safari themed cake is Raviv’s cake #2, given by a very thoughtful Mama Cristy.  Love you Mama Cris!

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Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 2

Continued from Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 1

Here are the decors of Raviv’s jungle safari-themed party.  I conceptualized the design, and had a group do the rendering for me.  I was at my proudest moment when guests gushed how nice the decor is was…I really think Task Force Raviv was able to get the jungle safari look for the party.

Jungle Safari Venue Set-up (Party Venue: Cafe Martina, USM Compound)

You might be wondering why the table cloth and chair covers are white…well, that was it or pink!  Unfortunately, my venue only has these two colors.  To mitigate, we just tied each chair with cut pieces of cloth that have animal prints then inserted anahaw leaves at the back of the chairs.  It’s not perfect I know but voila: we got matching jungle safari chairs at almost no cost!


Jungle Safari Set-up Stage Decor 1

Jungle Safari Stage Set-up Decor 2

This was how the stage looked like.  As you may know, the invitation to Raviv’s party is a passport to the Republic of Raviv (DIY too), thus my idea of putting a huge seal of the Republic of Raviv at the center stage.  The idea was, the invitation was the guests’ passport to enter the Jungle Kingdom of the Republic of Raviv.

We put animal mylar balloons in between the plants, to make it look as though the animals were hiding (and were terrible in camouflaging, hahaha!).  After the party when we announced that the mylars may be taken home, the kids went crazy over collecting them.  Hubby told me I should have bought more, seeing how much the kids loved them.  These mylars were bought from Divisoria.  On the ceiling, we hung balloons (also from Divi) and zoo animal dangling swirls I ordered from Oriental Trading.  The shipping address I gave Oriental Trading was my mother-in-law’s in the US, and then my mother-in-law sent them to us in a balikbayan box along with my other orders.

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