Choosing a “Big School” for my Big Baby Boy

Randy had a parent-teacher conference with Raviv’s Pre-K teacher at Gymboree, Teacher Clarice. I wanted Randy to attend so he could give a feedback on how Gymboree Sta. Rosa teachers conduct PTCs. Moreover, I wanted Randy to know what Raviv has been doing. ‘Pag ako kasi, I’m sure I will be sidetracked by something and after a few minutes we won’t be talking about Raviv anymore but rather, Clarice and I will be talking about Gymboree in general again. But after Randy and Clarice’s PTC, Randy excitedly told me the great things Teacher Clarice said about Raviv. Based on Randy’s report to me, Raviv is doing very, very well in school. I don’t want to brag about his “analytical intelligence”, but I want to share with you that according to Teacher Clarice, Raviv likes challenging himself and doesn’t give up on his tasks. Like when they’re shooting hoops; when Raviv could easily shoot the ball into the basket with two hands, he would go farther from the basket and try to shoot with only one … [Read more...]

Remembering Paul Sargei Azurin

Guys don’t worry. As far as I know, Paul Sargei Azurin is still alive. He’s just really MIA because of his community work in far-flung areas with poor cellphone signal and no internet connection. Anyway, it was my dear friend & protege Sargei’s birthday two days ago. We tried calling him to greet him a happy birthday but alas, he can’t be reached. Several people have also greeted him on Facebook, no response. Busy-busy ata talaga ang lolo natin. Tonight, his other two closest co-teachers (Patty and Abe) and I bonded over dinner. Nasali siya sa usapan. And then we can’t stop talking about how much we miss him! Kulang ang summer sa Brain Train Sta. Rosa nang wala si Sargei! Achtung! Sargei and I It’s an open secret that Sargei is "my guy”. As in he’s one of my favourites, even if he has had a lot of bloopers. Irvin told me that he noticed I’m often biased for Sargei. I don’t know why, but he has really endeared himself to me. So I was surprised when I learned that Sargei is … [Read more...]

A Weekend in Cebu

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m down with a serious case of coughs, and the only consolation I’m looking forward to is that the “explosions” would be like crunches to help tighten my ever expanding midsection.  In short, I hope that in its own teeny, tiny way, my coughing would help me lose weight.  Because, my goodness, I’m gaining so much weight again.  Waaah! Anyway, as you may already know, I was in Cebu during the weekend sans my boys.  Irvin and I went there for Brain Train’s Intensive ACET and DLSUCET Review. We left on Friday morning, because prior to going to the airport, I took care of two more tasks.  First, I went to White Label Bridal on Yakal St. in Makati.  My friend Irvin is getting married in November and I am one of the bride’s maids (I have just emailed them my gown pegs and I’m so excited about them!  Thus I really need to lose weight!)  Next, I went to the office of Maid Provider to return a yaya and get a new one.  Raviv’s most previous yaya (Yaya Gigi has … [Read more...]

My UPCAT Experience 2: Engr. Pau Perez’s and More!

Part Two of My UPCAT Experience Hello hello!!!  Gravity, two days to go before Day 1 of THE DAY!!! Anyway, you nervous UPCAT takers are in for another treat, because three other successful UPCAT takers have been so generous with their time to encourage you with your upcoming endeavor. Let’s begin with Engr. Jeffrey Paulo Perez’s (who insists on being called “Jeffrey” from now on, because mas tutyal daw pakinggan ang “Jeffrey”, bilang papunta na siyang Belgium in a month..Huhuhu!) UPCAT experience. Engr. Jeffrey Paulo “Jeffrey” Perez (took the UPCAT in…basta a not-so-long time ago; graduated cum laude from UP Los Banos with a degree in Chemical Engineering despite: 1. being president of three student organizations 2. and moments like telling the jeepney driver “Para!” prematurely just to give another Chem Eng student lascivious looks while the latter was playing volleyball at DL Umali Freedom Park, and of wearing eyeshadow to class) I only had one dream in high … [Read more...]

My UPCAT Experience

Hello students (and parents)!  I’m sure you are anticipating this coming weekend with dread.  Those who are well-prepared are eager to take “THE” UPCAT to get it over and done with, while those who aren’t spend more time getting scared than doing actual I right or am I left-handed?  (Well, I’m both!  Hehe) I hope you were able to read the UPCAT tips I gave.  I actually wrote it some years ago, but I believe the tips are still very much applicable. Since you jitterbug UPCAT takers lot want to read anything and everything regarding the UPCAT, I have decided to go on a trip down memory lane and recall the exam that made me a true blue and proud Iska. Image lifted from MomsterTeacher's UPCAT Experience During our time, I was among the first batch of UPCAT takers—that is, I took the exam in the morning of Saturday (so no chance to get a leakage from friends, hihi).  This was unfortunate because I sleep late and of course, I wake … [Read more...]

The Power of Positivity and Prayers

Hello hello!!! I have to sleep in a few, because I have to be up early tomorrow.  Why?  Dahil may pupuntahan kami….pupunta kami sa… Images lifted from Pupunta kami sa Punta Fuego!!! What made this very special is the fact that this post-summer outing almost did not happen!  Like what I had been saying on my blog in my previous posts, bad things happened.  So bad to the point that we thought everything was hopeless.  But praying really does wonders.  Strengthened by focusing on the positive pa! Beginning last week, things started to get rosy.  It was jumpstarted by the visits of people who matter so much to us.  Aside from their ears and heart, may dala-dala pang mga pasalubong: …at touching messages: Basta, sobrang gumaan ang pakiramdam ko. But good things did not end there.  I guess the pinnacle was Pong’s (one of our beloved and loving teachers) sendoff party.  How I wish I could share with you how we made Pong’s dream come … [Read more...]

Summer Post Script Part 2: Simple Joys

That our hectic summer physically and emotionally drained us is but expected.  A lot of not-so-nice things happened during the summer.  At first, I wanted to vent here.  But on second thought, I realized it was better to be a purveyor of joys and positive thoughts.  Tutal, nailabas ko na rin naman.  I also believe that work problems are not for the public. So let’s focus on the positive.  There’s always two sides of the coin:  if bad things happened, so did good things.  And not-so-good-but-funny things.  So, let’s begin? 5.  Aling Aida Since our summer is extra busy (plus Yaya Isay gave birth), we had to look for extra manpower, even just for the summer.  My tita was able to recruit two middle-aged women.  On the day they were supposed to have arrived, we waited in vain.  Waley.  Apparently, my aunt’s recruits got lost.  And since they did not have mobile phones, it was impossible to contact them.  A week after, my uncle brought one of them to us.  Aling Aida was thin and was in … [Read more...]

Manic Monday: Fun Field Trip at Sta. Elena Fun Farm and BT Christmas Party!

Hi everyone!!!  Today is Peter Parker’s 3rd birthday, and we have just arrived home.  Walang party, kasi mahirap maghagilap ng bisita, ergo, umalis na lang kami.  I’ll tell you about his birthday celebrations later alligator.  Kwento ko muna activities namin last week. Last week was a Stress Drilon-filled!  I almost had no idle day, beginning on Monday.  In fact, it was a manic Monday…good thing it was sprinkled with lotsa fun! Sta. Elena Fun Farm Let’s begin with the first highlight:  Raviv’s class field trip at Sta. Elena Fun Farm!  Randy and I accompanied our little boy to his field trip.  Randy drove the Q5, because only one companion was allowed to ride the IRRI coaster along with the kid.  It was timely because we had to drop off our tutor to our Sta. Rosa office, and Sta. Elena Fun Farm was just in Cabuyao—only 10 minutes away from our Sta. Rosa office.  We first went to Raviv’s school and told his teacher of our plan, and then traveled right away.  We were so lucky … [Read more...]

UPCAT 2014 Results Released Two Days Before Christmas!

Alarm bells early Monday morning Last night Randy and I slept late, as we consider Mondays our day off (we work the hardest on weekends).  More so this Monday, as we have already been bitten by the Holidays bug.  But then something roused us from our deep slumber before 5 A.M.: consecutive beeps of my mobile phone and of his iPad.  I tried to ignore it but shortly after, I heard another series of beeps.  And then Raviv, who has been waking up quite late for the past months, woke up early too.  So I had no choice but to wake up and check my cellphone.  This was what removed any trace of antok in me: At first I thought it was a joke, or that Arianne (the student who messaged me), was mistaken!  After all, the previous UPCAT results were released in February this year!  Way, way AFTER the release of the ACET and of the DLSUCET!  As far as I know, the earliest previous UPCAT results were released mid-January, and definitely NOT before Christmas!  But then I also saw another … [Read more...]

Glory of Love

Why the title?  Because one of the famous lyrics of that song is I am a man who will fight for your honor… Pero baligtad.  Kasi ‘yung girls ang nagfa-fight for the honor of the guys here in my stories ;)  Starring Yaya Isay and Ate Alona :) Our household has two pairs of lovebirds.  Our helpers being couples is a double-edged sword:  it’s good because 1) They’re not kitiki-text as their “babes” are working with them; and 2) Because they’re happy that they get their dose of romance—wholesome ang ibig kong sabihin—as they go out at night and have dates on their days off.  But it’s also bad because 1) They tend to always side with their jowas; and 2) They’re a package deal—you keep one, you keep both; you get rid of one, you get rid of two. Anyhoo, I just want to share with you how bemused I was how proud our Ate Alona and Yaya Isay are of their Kuya Peter and Kuya Dodong, respectively.  Adonis na adonis ang trato sa kanila nina Yaya Isay and Ate Alona!  And that’s great of … [Read more...]