When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 3)

continued from When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 2)

The next day (Wednesday), we brought you to Asian for an available anesthesiologist to check you.  The anesthesiologist who checked you was so very nice (too bad I forgot her name!  I’ll try to check who she is).  She looked so gentle and compassionate.  She cleared you and asked why you were to undergo an MRI.  She told me, “Pray lang kayo.”  Again, I felt God’s presence in her.  She even praised your nose, “Grabe ang tangos ng ilong!” she said.

Feb. 3, 2012

Dear Raviv, 

That Wednesday night (Feb. 2, 2011), you slept with your Yaya Michelle (she was your first long-term yaya–she was a gem!  Too bad she had to leave to care for her own children) and Ate Alona.  This was because your Tatay and I had to sleep well for we will have to wake up early to bring you to Asian.  Still, I kept getting out of our room to check on you…I can’t sleep fitfully without you by my side.  Moreover, I had to make sure that your last feeding would be four hours away from your scheduled sedation (I pumped my breastmilk).

At 1 a.m. on Feb. 3, 2011, I rose and checked on you.  You underfed yourself–you didn’t finish your normal bottle, and this was supposed to be your last feeding!  This had me worried: ever since you were born, you’ve always had a voracious appetite!  Infants are supposed to feed every 3-4 hours, right?  But in your case, you start wailing for your milk less than two hours after your last bottle, begging to be fed.  You were such a pleasant baby, but when you’re hungry, all hell broke loose!  You cry loudly and start kicking!  Thus I was worried, because that was supposed to be your last feeding and yet for some reason you dud not finish it!

At around 4 a.m., we roused you from sleep.  I was so nervous of waking you up, because when you wake up you usually ask for your milk.  We tried to feed you water (which was OK up to two hours prior to the sedation), but you refused to.  To add insult to the injury, the onesie I prepared for you to wear was already tight (it was the first and last time you were able to wear it), and we had trouble putting it on you.  I was panicking that you would be irritable, especially because you were supposed to be very hungry…but you were not!  I started to be amazed…little miracles were already taking place!

The onesie Raviv wore (for the first and last time) during “THE day”

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