5 Simple Yet Very Common Grammatical Mistakes Part 1

Yes, they irritate me.  Yes, I feel smug whenever I hear them.  And yes, I know my grammar isn't perfect.  Yes, I feel like I am doing our society a favor by posting this.  No, I INSIST that I have a right to write as though my grammar were impeccable even though I know it isn't. So, here goes: Cashier: "Ay Ma'am, baka po may 50 cents na lang sila..." I feel like saying:  "None, and if I do have one I won't give it to you in exchange for your one peso because 50 cents is approximately 20 pesos." Explanation kung hindi mo pa rin gets: cents is to dollar as centavos is to peso. Kuya Kim: "At ito ho ang pinaka-latest ngayon mula sa PAGASA tungkol kay Bagyong Blah Blah Blah..." I feel like saying: "Ang pinaka ay nagmula sa Tagalog na ang ibig sabihin sa Ingles ay most o puwede rin itong pamalit sa suffix o hulapi na -est ". Explanation kung hindi mo pa rin gets: Pinaka-latest is equivalent to most latest, which is a double superlative. Mostly newbie conyos: "I will … [Read more...]