The Love Story

I have a blog post that has been sitting on my drafts folder for months now.  It’s filled with my raw emotions, because I wrote it hours after reading some posts on my Facebook newsfeed mocking God.  I read the posts during the time I was full of angst and almost had no passion for God.  But the funny thing was that instead of shaking my faith, the posts mocking God were what brought me down on my knees, back into His loving and forgiving arms.  I was hurt for my God.  I wanted to cradle Him in my arms and tell Him everything will be alright, and that these people will eventually discover how great He is.  I also asked for forgiveness because I know I’ve been hurting Him with my apathy the past days. I was angry, and I wanted to call out:  Why do you have to lambast my God?  What is so great about it?  Why do you have to use Him?  To be controversial?  To be funny?  To show the world you are no fool for believing in "fairy tales”?  To make you look smarter?  I wanted to be rabid to … [Read more...]

God is never late!

Happy Sunday everyone! I was supposed to blog about the (long overdue!) details of Raviv’s Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party, but then I was reminded of how much it almost never pushed through, and how much I just had to keep the faith in Him. (Warning: This may be trivial to some, but I am grateful for little tests of faith like this. Such always, always reminds me that I have a living God whom I can still count on even in situations that others would deem trivial.)  Rationale Here’s the deal: My son’s birthday party would “unlock” Gymboree Sta. Rosa on Dec. 21, 2014.  It was a win-win idea because: 1) Raviv would get to experience the fun of a Gymboree party (it’s only up to 4 years old, and he was turning 4) 2) Having a “deadline” is always good because it pushes people to work doubly hard. 3) We would have a “practice” as to how birthday parties are conducted. Almost all of our guests were either from Los Banos or Metro Manila, so I know I have to make this party … [Read more...]

The Power of Prayer

As you may know, our whole family has been deeply traumatized ever since we experienced Glenda’s wrath.  Even Raviv.  Sometimes, even a gust of wind will stop him in his tracks, give him that faraway look and then he would say, "Nanay I'm scared of the storm."  Randy has been preparing for Ruby for days now, giving our helpers instructions on how to secure our windows and roof.  We’ve been constantly monitoring weather reports, jumping onto our feet every time there is a development.  Paranoid na kung paranoid, pero buti na ang handa. But more than any preparation, we need to pray.  I tell you, our prayers can do wonders.  Remember the miracle God has shown us—when Raviv dodged a major skull surgery?  I actually had an encounter with God’s power and mercy recently.  Not as major as what happened to Raviv, but I still want to share it with you to encourage you to talk to The Big Guy Up There. Anyway, I told you some weeks ago my problems with my new business.  You know when I … [Read more...]

Acts 16 : 31

I should be working now but I can’t.  I am so down.  Ironic, because in my last post I was expressing how very happy I was.  But I got a phone call early this afternoon with terrible news.  Dears, ibigay n’yo muna sa akin ‘to, ayoko munang i-share.  Baka naman (sana!) wala lang.  What’s holding me together now is God’s promise. Acts 16:31, New International Version (NIV) 31 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” Anyway, I’m trying to be positive today amidst the negativity.  For one, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to rekindle my fire to be in His presence, just like what happened with Raviv before.  These past days I’ve been backsliding…this is probably brought by the fact that I haven’t been attending weekly Bible studies.  The schedule of my group went from Thursdays to Saturdays and you all know how crazy my Saturdays are.  But I hope I’ll be able to attend again.  You know, attending these groups are a lot of help.  When … [Read more...]

When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 3)

continued from When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 2) The next day (Wednesday), we brought you to Asian for an available anesthesiologist to check you.  The anesthesiologist who checked you was so very nice (too bad I forgot her name!  I’ll try to check who she is).  She looked so gentle and compassionate.  She cleared you and asked why you were to undergo an MRI.  She told me, “Pray lang kayo.”  Again, I felt God’s presence in her.  She even praised your nose, “Grabe ang tangos ng ilong!” she said. Feb. 3, 2012 Dear Raviv,  That Wednesday night (Feb. 2, 2011), you slept with your Yaya Michelle (she was your first long-term yaya--she was a gem!  Too bad she had to leave to care for her own children) and Ate Alona.  This was because your Tatay and I had to sleep well for we will have to wake up early to bring you to Asian.  Still, I kept getting out of our room to check on you...I can't sleep fitfully without you by my side.  Moreover, I had to make sure that your last feeding … [Read more...]

When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 2)

continued from When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 1) ...A few hours after, she came.  I told her about what the neuro-pedia said.  She told me to pray, and I told her I didn’t want to because I think it’s futile.  She explained to me that God wants us to ask from Him, to put our faith in Him, to be closer to Him.  Before Li’Ann left, she laid her hands upon your lump, and we prayed.  That jumpstarted my deeper relationship with Him. Jan. 31, 2012 Right after Li'Anne left, I started to pray.  Other relatives called, and I still cried whenever I talked about it.  But then when I was alone, I'd pray again.  I finally took you from your nannies, looked at your face, touched your lump, and prayed while I cried. The following morning (Sunday), we were able to get your X-ray, urinalysis, and CBC results. … [Read more...]