Justice Must Also Be Given to Rochel Geronda!

In just more or less three months, I have shuddered twice during our Victory Small Group Meeting.  First was last October when I heard of what happened to Given Grace Cebanico.  And today again when my groupmate Chi Cariaso asked us to utter a word of prayer for Rochel Geronda, the Los Banos National High School student/sampaguita vendor who was mercilessly raped (probably) and killed in the evening of February 28.

When I saw her picture flashed on TV earlier, I am pretty certain I’ve seen her a couple of times, trying to sell her sampaguita.  Chi and Rhia (my other groupmate) mentioned that they were able to invite Rochel and her co-sampaguita vendors to church several times.


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Justice Should be (for) Given

During our Victory Small Group (aka Cell Group) Meeting this afternoon, our group leader Rhia Frio told us about the sad fate of our churchmate, Given Grace Cebanico (she attends our youth services but her mother church is in Rizal).  According to Rhia, Given’s lifeless body was found near the International Rice Research Institute on Tuesday at 6.30 a.m.  Her legs were bruised (thus the speculation that she was raped) and she was shot.  Rhia told us that Given was last seen by at 2 a.m. after joining a group study (this is Finals Week for UPLB students) held at a classmate’s house in Umali Subdivision to return to her dorm which was not very far.  Rhia added that Given was the daughter of a pastor. [Read more…]