Wardrobe Diary #72: Second Rate, Trying Hard Copycat (Feb. 9, 2016)

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, Randy and I have been going to the chiropractor for weeks now. Bakit kamo? Remember when Raviv fell into the Lake at Nuvali and Randy swooped in to the rescue? After that, Randy’s arm and back have been aching like crazy. To the point that one time, he slept on the recliner. He hasn’t been able to bike, run, or even walk our dog. He has seen several doctors/healers: cardiologists (with an “s”; he got scared the pain might be related to his heart), orthopaedic, physical therapist, and even manghihilot (not the type who does bulung-bulong, though). Then his friend, Dr. Raffy Barrozo (who studied Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Ayurveda in India and Sri Lanka, and Oriental Medicine in Japan and Korea) recommended that Randy see a chiropractor. After Randy’s first session, he seemed satisfied. And because he knows that I’ve been suffering from chronic upper back and neck pain of almost a decade, he suggested I go with him on his second session. Randy … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #15: Truly Lovely! (Guest Fashionista)

To make me feel even older (and better, because I KNOW I still look fab after all these years!), I am featuring Lovely Angelica Nagpala, another fashionable lass who has been my BRAIN TRAIN student twice (both in high school entrance and college entrance reviews) like Christmas Astronomo.  Both reviews seemed to have worked really well, as she got into the Philippine Science High School and UP Manila.  And take note, she did not just pass the UPCAT--she was an Oblation Scholar (Top 50 out of about 70,000 examinees) and an INTARMED Qualifier. As if her reviewing at BRAIN TRAIN twice (plus summer enrichment workshops) was not enough, she furthered her loyalty by becoming a BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT Review teacher herself!  And because she learned from the best (ehem, ehem), she was an A-1 teacher!  Despite teaching for the first time this summer, she taught excellently.  Well, I kinda expected that from her.  With  her sheer, natural intelligence; amiable personality (nope, she's not nerdy); … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #14: Summer-y Christmas by the Beach (Guest Fashionista)

Nope, not the actual "Christmas" as in December 25!  I'm talking about my gorgeous former student (not just once, but twice!) Christmas Astronomo! I first met Christmas when she was just a petite, quiet sixth grader with puppy dog eyes, reviewing at BRAIN TRAIN to get into the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) and/or UP Rural High School (UPRHS), and had written her name as "Christmas Astromo". I remember my husband telling me, "Ano kayang nangyari dito kay Tuesday (she used to go by the name Tuesday then, haha!), ang tali-talinong bata nagkamali pa ng spelling sa pangalan!"  Harhar. I also remember being fond of how she sweet and innocent she looked...little did I know that fast forward to just a few years, I'll be asking her about her clothes and hair.  Why?  Take a look at her now: … [Read more...]

MomsterTeacher’s Prom Belles 2012 Part 3

Continued from MomsterTeacher’s Prom Belles 2012 Part 2! Pardon my long blogging hiatus!  It's just that, with everything that happened in Los Banos, it just felt wrong for me to dabble in my usual shallowness.  I am glad to say that my posts about Rochel "Cesil" Geronda reached so many people who did/are doing/are going to do something.   Aside from that, notice to that I have transferred to my new home!  I am currently communicating with an awesome blog designer--after about two weeks, the customized design of this blog is going to be awesome! Anyway, weeks have passed and I guess I could return to being, well, the usual MomsterTeacher...this time, here's the anticipated Part 3 of our Prom Belles (my first post here on my new home!!!) Let's begin with Bea Abello: … [Read more...]

MomsterTeacher’s Prom Belles 2012 Part 2!

And here's the anticipated second installment of the prom belles: First, we have Paula Villaranda: … [Read more...]

MomsterTeacher’s Prom Belles 2012 Part 1!

Whenever I check my Facebook these days, I always see my former student-friends posting their prom pictures.  Honestly, I feel envious!  I feel happy stalking their prom pictures...takes me back in time.  Gusto ko uli mag-prom!   I want an excuse to wear a beautiful prom dress!  By the way, I have a story about my prom dress.  You see, in my sophomore year, I was a bride's maid in the wedding of a family friend.  The gown was really gorgeous.  So in my junior year, when I was looking for a prom dress, my relatives suggested that I use my bride's maid gown.  Of course I did not want to, because I wanted a new gown.   I saw a stunning dress on my classmate's  YM Prom Edition magazine, and I wanted it copied.  I went to a dressmaker and instructed her to copy it.  When it was done, it looked horrendous!  As in.  And when the dressmaker saw my disappointed face, she even had the gall to be annoyed, telling me that if I wanted to really have the dress copied I should have had a bigger … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #7: Verannie Alcantara at Tagaytay Highlands (Guest Fashionista)

When I saw this photo of Verannie on Facebook, I knew it has to be featured here! Who is Verannie, btw?  She was my student twice:  first for the high school entrance review when she was a pretty, smart little sixth grader girl, and then last summer for UPCAT/College Entrance Tests Review when she blossomed into a gorgeous, fashion savvy, still smart and still little (hehe, joke!) incoming high school senior. When I told her I wanted to put her here, she messaged me this: Hi Ma'am Dewmaine! Wooooow! Thank you po  It's really overwhelming to be a guest in your blog. I really adore your blog po. Anyway, this was taken in Tagaytay Highlands po pero I forgot the date na. Nakakahiya naman po but these clothes are not that 'branded branded' pero okay lang po. I'm really not that brand conscious naman po. Hija, OK lang 'yun, nasa nagdadala yan! Without further ado, let me present to you Verannie: … [Read more...]