Conversations with Raviv Part 6

This November, Raviv will be taking his first entrance exam to a big school.

Gravity, hindi na baby ang baby boy namin!!! One of the things I love about blogging is that old entries make me smile. There are times I can’t believe something really happened, but since I know I’m very honest on my blog, I knew they happened if they’re documented here. I could revisit Raviv’s childhood again and again, and I’ll remember what a funny and adorable baby he has been.

Speaking of funny, let me share with you some of the hilarious things I remember Raviv saying over the past…well, ever since I wrote Conversations with Raviv Part 5.


Conversation 1: Calling a Spade a Spade

I once brought Raviv to a training. At lunch, we were served a KFC lunch box with two pieces of fried chicken. I gave Raviv the chicken because he loves fried chicken. He ate heartily. Afterwards, I told him to thank the person who provided our food.

I: Raviv you have to thank Ms. P****

Raviv: Who is Ms. P*****?

I: The one wearing pink.

Raviv: Which one?

I: That lady (pointing to Ms. P****), o.

Raviv: You mean ‘yung mataba?

I: Sssshhh Raviv don’t say that! Don’t say someone is mataba!

Raviv: OK. So you mean the fat one?

At that point, wala na akong masabi. Hehehe. Euphemism and politcal correctness are not expected of kids.


Conversation 2: A Jollitown-er at McDonald’s?

Last summer I “enrolled” Raviv at as a McDonald’s Kiddie Crew (Do I recommend it? Mmm, perhaps not for really young kids. For 6 and above. The “facilitator” isn’t too hands-on and might just leave your kid doing something else—good thing I did not believe them when they told me to just leave my four-year-old with the facilitator. Most participants were also older, and I was afraid they might bully Raviv) His favorite part is when they would go to the counter and get customers’ orders. S’yempre bili ako nang bili, at dapat s’ya ang nasa counter. He was super cute!

Para mas cute, I taught him something.

I: Raviv when someone is at the counter, you should tell them, “Welcome to McDonald’s!”

Then Raviv proceeded to the counter. When he saw a customer over the counter…

Raviv: Welcome to Jollibee!!!

Ayayay!!! Hahaha! Sinasadya n’ya ‘yun, because he flashed that adorably naughty grin of his!


Conversation 3: Boys’s Secret!

Randy and Raviv were in the living room watching TV while I was in our bedroom. Then Randy called me, laughing. Apparently he and Raviv had this conversation when a chocolate drink commercial aired.

Raviv: Tatay, I think I want to drink my chocolate drink (we have stock in the ref for his baon; I don’t allow Raviv to drink it just because).

Randy (ever being the spoiler): OK, get one from the ref.

Raviv: Pero ‘wag natin ipakita kay Nanay, OK?

But of course Randy told me, pointing out what a spoilsport I was! Actually, that wasn’t the first time it happened. Yaya Isay told me that once he saw Raviv hiding in our laundry area. Apparently, one of our drivers offered Raviv the Nova (chips) that our driver was eating. Looking around, he told our driver to follow him to the secluded laundry area. There, Raviv munched on the chips. When his Yaya Isay saw them, she told Raviv, “Hala ka! Bawal sa ‘yo ‘yan ‘di ba?!?” Raviv looked like he was about to cry and returned the chips to the container. Our driver, feeling sorry for Raviv, begged Yaya Isay to allow Raviv to eat and not tell me. They kept that secret for a long time, actually. It was only recently I learned about it whwn someone accidentally let the chips—er, the cat—out of the bag. [Read more…]

Conversations with Raviv Part 5

Earlier this evening as we were walking home from dinner at Karne Frio, Raviv was happily chasing his shadow.  It was so cute!  Randy must have been as amused because he just suddenly declared: “I couldn’t ask for more from a son!”  Kinilig ako.  I really love it when Randy expresses how happy he is with our son.

Speaking of Raviv, homaygas, would you believe he’s already turning four this December?  Grabe, parang kelan lang when he was still a helpless baby!


But now, he’s already an active and inquisitive little man…who says the funniest things!  Here are some of the things I remember him saying these past months.


Conversation 1: Kelangan bang i-memorize ‘yan?!?

When Randy was still a toddler, he got lost in a big park.  But he was able to go home because between sobs, he was able to tell the police officers their telephone number.  So one day at home, Randy was teaching Raviv basic stuff about himself (Raviv) in case (Lord wag po please) Raviv gets lost.

Randy:  What is your name?

Raviv:  Raviv Sales Ladaga.

Randy: Very good!  What’s your father’s name?


Randy:  Nye!  What’s the name of your Tatay?

Raviv:  Tatay Randy Ladaga!

Randy:  Good.  Where do you live?

Raviv:  Here!

Nyehehehe!  Naku, bawal ka talagang mawala anak!


Conversation 2:  Patience

Everyone knows my penchant for big eyes.  I’ve always been frustrated about my almond-shaped eyes, because I wanted soulful, doe eyes.  When I was pregnant with Raviv, I kept on wishing my child would have big eyes.  But wouldn’t you know it, God gave me a chinky-eyed son.  One time I was telling a friend about my sadness over Raviv’s chinky eyes.

I to a friend: Pinagdadasal ko nga dati na sana malaki ang mata ng anak ko, kaso ginawang singkit…

Friend:  Maganda naman ang singkit, mukhang Korean.

I: Oo pero gusto ko talaga malaki sana ang mata ni Raviv.

Raviv, butting in: Nanay magiging big din ‘yang eyes ko…small ‘yan kasi small pa ako eh, ‘di ba?


Ano’ng singkit?!?  Sino’ng maysabing singkit ako? – Raviv


Conversations 3 & 4: English Only, Please

Last summer, Raviv was almost 24/7 with his former nanny, Yaya Gigi (Yaya Isay got preggers, ‘di ba?  And Randy and I were too busy).  The thing with Gigi is that she can’t help but speak in Bisaya even when talking to someone who doesn’t understand a Bisaya word.  So of course, Raviv was already imitating her “Hala natagak!” (translation: Nabutas Nahulog), “Ay wa’y agas! (translation: Walang tubig), “Istoryahi!” (translation: Ikwento mo!”) and many more.  When he returned to school in June, we encouraged him to start speaking in English again (not because we just wanted him to sound sosyal but because they have to speak in English at school as he has several foreigner classmates) and told him that if he doesn’t speak English he won’t have friends as his classmates won’t understand him.

One night he approached me.

Raviv: “Nanay can I have some cookies?”

Before I could give him an answer he immediately followed up with…

Raviv: “English ba ‘yun?”

And then he groaned.  It was so cute!


But his obsession with the English language did not stop there.  One time I was telling him about his ancestry.

I: Raviv when people ask you why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because of your Lolo Roger.

Raviv:  Why?

I:  Because you got your eyes from your lolo who’s pure Chinese.  So when people ask you why why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because you’re part Chinese.

Raviv, shouting:  No, no!  Hindi ako Chinese!  English ako!


Conversation 5:  A valid question

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Missing My Man, Mainly :)

[Draft written on Saturday, Sept. 6 in the evening]

Greetings from Cebu!!!

It’s my second day in Cebu, and I’ve just finished a Skype conversation with Randy and Raviv.  Man, I miss them so much!


I missed Raviv all the more after I saw him on Skype.  He’s just too cute for words!!!


I think this is the first time I am without any one of them at an unfamiliar place.  Although I admit that I also like these alone times with just myself, it’s palpable that I miss them both terribly.

So since yesterday, I have been double tasking:  I was drinking the sights and sounds of Cebu, while also drowning myself in thoughts of Randy and Raviv.But surprisingly, I find that I miss Randy more, actually.  Although I love my son so much, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I also long for us to travel together, alone.  Thus I keep on thinking of my husband while being on “foreign” land.  Yiheee!!!And here comes another surprise:  the thoughts I have of Randy aren’t romantic-romantic…actually, it’s his trademark sarcasm.  And as I reviewed our recent conversations, here’s what I realized about my husband:  Randy secretly loves bursting my bubble!  It’s like he knows the answers I expect of or hope from him, but then he would say something else, either because he’s unbelievably clueless or just because he want to piss me off.

To illustrate, here:

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Conversations with Raviv Part 4

Hi guys!  Our busy season officially began last week.  Aside from that I have to wake up very early everyday, “perform” in class for six-seven hours everyday and do administrative jobs before, after, and in-between each teaching stint, what’s so difficult for me is the fact that I’m separated from my boys most of the time.  Last week was the longest I’ve been away from them.  Randy and Raviv had been in our Sta. Rosa building from Sunday to Friday, while I had been in our condo here in Manila.  So yesterday (the only day when I had no classes), I spent much time with Ravivo talaga.  And boy I’m glad I did because now, I’m “single” and “childless” again.

So para hindi ko ma-miss nang todo si Little Boy Ravivo, I’m reminiscing the funny things he has been saying.  So ladies and gents, here’s Conversations with Raviv Season 4. Winking smile

Conversation 1

Randy bought Raviv this toy:

2014-03-10 14.22.56

Raviv loved it so much that he would play with it night and day.  Two days after its purchase, I noticed that the battery-operated car already had difficulty going up ramps.

2014-03-10 14.24.482014-03-10 14.24.25
When we saw this at Toy Kingdom, Randy initially did not want to buy as he thought it cost at least P4000.  When he learned it was only P1000, wala nang isip-isip, buy na agad!

Me: Raviv I think your car needs a rest.  Look o, it’s no longer moving.  It’s already tired.

Raviv:  No Nanay, hindiyan tiredna-traffic lang.


Conversation 2

One time I was teaching Raviv the sounds of each alphabet letter…

Me:  “A”—its sound is “ah”…

Raviv:  Ah-ah-ah…apple!

Me: Very good!  Next this letter naman.D!

Raviv:  Duh-duh-duh…dede!

Me:  Nye!  That’s right.  But there are other words that start with letter “D”duh-duh-duhDog!

Raviv:  OK.  Duh-duh-duhdog!  Duh-duh-duhdoor!

Me:  Very good!  Next is the letter P.  Its sound is “puh”.  What starts with the letter P?

Raviv:  Puh-puh-puh…pitoytoy!!!

Me: Whaaaat?!?  Other words anak that start with “puh”!

Raviv:  Puh-puh-puh…puwet!

At may narinig akong malakas na tawang guilty sa labas ng kwarto sa likodSi Yaya Gigi. Mga pinagtututuro talaga sa bata!

Conversation 3

I was nagmamaktol to Randy because the bag I’ve been eyeing and intended to buy was no longer available.  I was supposed to buy it weeks ago when we were condo-hunting, but Randy did not want to drive to Greenbelt.

Me:  Baaaaaabe!!!  Wala na yung gusto kong bag!!!!

Randy:  Ow ganun ba?

Me:  Nabiliiiii naaaaa!

Randy:  ‘Yaan mo na.  Marami pa namang iba.

Me:  Wala na!  ‘Yun na ang gusto ko!  Bihira magka-available na yellow na Twiggy!  Tapos mura pa ‘yun!  Perfect nayun eh!

And then I was pouting and sulking and frowning.  And then biglang sumingit ang Raviv.

Raviv:  Nanay, ‘wag ka na ngang sensitive!

In fairness, napangiti ako kahit sobrang depressed ko.  I got a dose of my own medicine—see, when Raviv cries over something said to him, we always tell him, “Raviv ‘was kang kang sensitive.”  Ayun, ako naman ang nasabihan.

Similar to the bag that got awaywaaaah!!!! Image courtesy of

Conversation 4


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Conversations with Raviv Part 3

Are you ready for more of Raviv’s wisdom and wit?  Pwes, lezz hear it!

raviv the sageHe’s blunt, he’s frank, and he’s witty!

  • Raviv the Ultimate Ladies’ Man

    One madaling araw, as I was soundly asleep, Raviv was probably bitten by a mosquito and was awakened.  He woke me up to scratch him.

Raviv:  Nanay!  Nanay!  Itchy, Nanay…

Me:  [deadma, tuloy tulog mantika]

Raviv (begging in a more insistent tone): Nanay Nanay itchy!!!  Nanaaaay!!!

Me: [walang awa, tuloy tulog mantika]

Raviv, in a softer tone: Pretty Nanay itchy…Pretty Nanaaay…

At sino namang hindi magigising n’yan ‘di baMadaling araw may tatawag sa ‘yo nang, “Pretty Nanay!”  Of course, I woke up even though I was groggy.  With a smile pa.  I have a feeling he will be able to make any woman do as he bids in the future.  So girls, beware!

nanay dew and raviv at bioresearch zoo A much younger Raviv and his charmed pretty Nanay Dew

  • Raviv the Understanding Son of a Working Mom 1

    On my lunch break, I lay beside Raviv so he would have his afternoon nap.  However, lunch break was almost over and yet he was still wide awake.  I rose from the bed, but he held me so I won’t leave.  I lay down beside him again and spoke to him gently.

Me:  Raviv, Nanay has to leave.

Raviv:  No!!!  No!!!  Nanay dito ka lang!

Me:  Raviv, I have to work anak…

Raviv:  ‘Wag kang work Nanay…’wag nang work…

Me:  Baby if Nanay does not work we won’t have money.  If we won’t have money, we cannot buy milk for you, toys for you, food for you…so Nanay has to work.

Raviv:  ‘Pag hindi ka nag-work wala na akong toys?

Me:  Yes baby.  Wala na tayong pambili ng toys mo…

Raviv kept quiet and got his feeding bottle and drank his milk.  Then he turned and saw me still lying down beside him.  He removed the bottle from his mouth, stopped drinking from it, looked at me with much conviction and said…

raviv drinking milk

Raviv:  O Nanay, alis ka na!  Work ka na.  Para may pambili tayo ng toys ko.

At bumalik sa pagdede.  OK, so dismissed na talaga ako!

  • Raviv the Understanding Son of a Working Mom 2

Just a few hours ago, while Raviv and I were resting…

Raviv:  Nanay hindi ka na work?

Me:  Yes Baby.  Nanay is finished working.

Raviv:  Work ka pa Nanay work ka pa!  Para marami akong toys…

Nyeh.  If he were older I’d have thought he was being sarcastic.  Or was he?

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Randy’s Grrr-istmas “Gift” and “Naudlot” New Year’s Resolution

That’s not a typo—that’s really Grrr-istmas!  Because he did it again!  Take a look:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.08.51

‘Di ba?!?  And what’s worse, he deceived me.  See, one early morning after more than a month of abandoning my Balik Alindog Project, I moved my tushy and mowed our lawn.  Randy, Raviv and Khaleesi were with me.  Then I saw Randy with his camera.  Alarm bells—the really loud and irritating ones—rang in my head!  Nakow nakow baka picture-an nanaman ako!!!   For one, bagong gising uli ako.  Baka may panis na laway pa sa mukha ko.  And more importantly, I was wearing the same faded and “hole-y” pambahay t-shirt I wore the first time Randy did this to me.  Gravity!!!  So I glared at him.  He immediately asked me, “Akala mo ikaw pini-picture-an ko?  Hindi!  Si Khaleesi!” and he gave me this look that screamed, “Feeling ka ha!”  And so against my better judgment I left him in peace. I should have known better!  Because just a few days before Christmas, instead of giving me an LV or Balenciaga bag or Tiffany’s jewelry, this was what I got!  Imagine my consternation and utter shock when I just saw the my photo was “trending” on Facebook!!!  At kumusta naman ang caption?!?

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.08.51

So I fought back…alam n’yo naman tayo, feminist (hehe).

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.09.10

And the people who’ve seen my pain and suffering supported me.  Look o:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 22.09.23 I love you Lauren Lopez!  I could just imagine your dad.  Ahahahaha!

Diva?!?  And aside from simply “Like”-ing my threats at retaliation, they even suggested more plots to hatch the perfect vendetta against my husband.

And wouldn’t you know it, after a few days, he posted this on Facebook. [Read more…]

Fighting for My Dignity: Randy’s Wife Now Refuses to Suffer in Silence

Guys, Randy did it again.  I have been abused many times as a wife.  That’s why I’m taking a stand against Randy.  Sobra na siya.  Hindi ko na kaya.  Here’s a draft of my demand letter to him.


2 December 2013

Mr. Ramon Randy C. Ladaga
Los Banos, Laguna

Dear Mr. Ladaga:

This law Office is writing you in connection with the complaint of your beautiful wife, Ms. Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga, summarized briefly as follows:

1. Some time in July you posted these discriminating photos of complainant on Facebook:

Screenshot5_thumb Screenshot (7) Notice that complainant chose the HIDE FROM TIMELINE feature, and commented “I will pretend as though this photo does not exist.”  Clearly, Complainant is embarrassed by these photos, the major reason being that these photos show a fraction of her cleavage, unartistically accentuated by cut grass.  As her husband, you know that Complainant is very conservative and demure–a woman of upstanding character…a paragon of perfection and the epitome of virtue.  The fact that these photos show her eye wrinkles, her just-woke-up look, and that her limbs look short and squat is not really her concern.

2. Then in September, you posted another discriminating photo of Complainant:

owl eyes

Again, this picture painted her negatively: it implies that she is being cruel to animals by scaring an innocent owl (see comment by a certain Abel Manalo).

owl eyes


3. In November this year, you posted another unflattering photo of Complainant as your Facebook cover:

momsterteacher profile pic

Although Complainant sees nothing legally wrong about your posting of this photo, Complainant has begun to seriously wonder why you kept choosing to upload photos of her that does not let the public see how utterly and undeniably sophisticated, classy, and beautiful she really is.


4. Just recently, you again uploaded another unflattering photo of Complainant.  This time, you even tricked her.  According to Complainant, a few minutes before you uploaded this photo, you showed her this photo:
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Guys, please tell me why!!!

Yes, please explain to me what’s running in your (assuming you’re a guy) heads.  I just really need to decode Randy’s acts and source of happiness.  See, he has recently changed his cover photo on Facebook.

From this:

raviv cover photo

Randy’s previous Facebook Cover Photo

to this:

momsterteacher profile pic

Randy’s current Facebook Cover Photo

So you ask, “What about the ‘new’ Facebook cover photo?”  Well, lemme ask you what my pouting photo/Randy’s latest cover photo has in common with the other photos of me he excitedly and super happily posted on Facebook:

Exhibit A:

owl eyes
Remember this?  I had a blog entry about this.

And here’s another one.

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Conversations with Raviv Part 2

Just when I thought naubusan na si Raviv ng mga kalokohan, or that nothing he says will shock me anymore, here I am again with a collection of the crazy things my little tyke said.  Here are some funny things my kid said in the past weeks.

Conversation 1

Setting: Nanggigil si Randy sa ka-cute-an ng anak niyaKinagat ang paa ng bagets.

Tatay Randy:  I will eat you Raviv, you’re so cute!

Raviv: ‘Wag mo ako kainin Tatay—people ako!  Hindi kinakain ang people!  Hindi ako yummy!  ‘Yung carrots ang kainin mo!

Oo nga naman Tatay!  Unless you’re a “carnival”, ika nga ni Melanie Marquez.  Mwehehehe!

father and son in swimming poolMay maitim na balak na ba si Randy kay Raviv?!?

cute chubby babyCan’t really blame Randy for biting Raviv!!!

Conversation 2

Alam n’yo naman ang kabaliwan ni Raviv kay Spiderman ‘di ba?  If not, READ THIS and THISHindi n’yo pagsisisihan:)

Setting: Raviv spat out his food after chewing. I got angry.

Nanay Dew:  Raviv, bad ka!  Papaluin na kita!

Knowing I will keep my word, Raviv went to me scared.  He hugged me, and then he begged…

Raviv: Nanay, ‘wag mong paluin si Peter Parker. ‘Wag Nanay, ‘wag paluin si Peter Parker”.

Hindi ko napalo.  Kayo ba, papaluin n’yo ba ang superhero?!? I just buried my face into his back and laughed. ♡♥♡

Conversation 3

Setting: I was talking to my colleague, (itago na lang natin sa pangalang…) Dela Renta in front of Raviv who was playing.  “Dela Renta” is gay (yet his parents do not know it yet, thus the codename).  Then all of a sudden Raviv said:

Raviv:  Nanay, si Tito *Dela Renta* and si Tito Pao, same sila?

Nagkatinginan kami ni *Dela Renta*, because Pao was also gay.

Nanay Dew:  Yes baby, they’re the same.  What are they, boy or girl?

Raviv thought hard (unusual, because he usually answers quickly; he already knows how to distinguish a boy from a girl), and then said…

Raviv:  Boy na girl!

At nagkatinginan kami ni *Dela Renta*!  Amazing!!!

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Why I Hate Kirsten Dunst

You’ll appreciate this post better if you read this first:

The Real Raviv Revealed!

If you’re a fan of hers, stop reading.

Image lifted from

It used to be that I liked seeing Kirsten Dunst on the silverscreen.  Not in the same way that I do when I watch Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl, or the girls in Pretty Little Liars.  I watch Leighton and the PLL girls because I love looking at their clothes and pretty faces.

The PLL girls.  It’s always a feast for my eyes whenever I watch PLL!

P’wedeng bawasan ang ganda and pagka-fab Leighton?
Image grabbed from

But not Kirsten.  I liked watching her portray leading lady roles or roles that hint she’s beautiful becausebecause in my honest and not-so-humble opinion, she’s not really pretty.  Hindi nakaka-insecure masyadoNagkakaro’n ako at sampu ng mga ibang kababaihan ng fantasy na pwede rin kaming maging Hollywood leading ladies.  Hukhukhukhuk!

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before I go further, lemme just clarify: it’s not that she’s ugly, not even that she’s not the least pretty (she actually has these beautiful emerald-green eyes!)it’s just that I think she’s not THAT pretty.  At least, not classically beautiful.  She may be charming and cute, but definitely miles and miles behind so many other Hollywood leading ladies.

BUUUUUT!!!  I hate her now.  As in I do.  Mangaagaw siya.

Last Thursday evening, Raviv was watching Spider-Man (as usual).  He smiled when he saw Kirsten Dunst, who portrayed MJ (aka Mary Jane Watson, the love of Spider-Man’s life).  Then I asked my son…

Me: Raviv, is MJ pretty?

Ngumiti ang bagets.

Raviv: Pretty.

Me: Baby, who’s prettier: Nanay or MJ?

Raviv: MJ and Nanay.

Me:  Choose only one.  Nanay or MJ?

Raviv: Pretty si Nanay (at natuwa ako)at si MJ!

Me:  Isa lang anakNanay or MJ?

Raviv: Si MJ.

Hu-waaaaaaat?!?!? Noooooo!  My goodness!  As early as now ipinagpapalit na ako ni Raviv-o!!!  This is a first time.  He would always, always, always choose me.  The only time he’d have second thoughts is when it’s between Randy and me.  Pero carry lang even if and when he chooses Randy, as it is Randy who spoils him.  Pero ang ipagpalit ako kay Kristen Dunst?!?  What a travesty!!!  A blasphemy of mother and son love, and of judgment of beauty (hihihi)!!!

Here are the pieces of evidence that my unico hijo blasphemed the bond between us.  Aaand, insulted his Nanay’s timeless beauty:

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