Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 1

Foreward Kuwento

This is THE day! Image courtesy of clipartof.com

Finally, it happened!  The moment which I’ve been both dreading and anticipating has arrived:  On December 26, 2011, my son turned a year old, and at the end of that day, I heaved a sigh of relief.  You see, Raviv’s party was such a humongous deal for me.  Just how big?  Before he turned a month old, I’ve already started SERIOUSLY planning his birthday party.  Seriously.  At first (when he was about three weeks old, hehe), I wanted a pirate-themed party for him but both hubby and my mom were contravidas, “Pirate?  E di ba masama yun?  Tapos gagawin mong theme ng birthday ng baby?”  Hmpf.  Hindi kasi nila na-visualize yung mga vini-visualize ko.   So anyway, I researched further and then suggested a jungle/animal/safari themed party.  Hubby, being a BS Zoology graduate, immediately liked the idea. [Read more…]