Beauty, He-Man, Itsy, and Co.: The Ladagas’ Best Friends Part 2

  • Oversized “Beauty”:  Our Bull Mastiffs

I was not particularly fond of dobermanns because I prefer flat-faced canines.  True, I appreciate the elegance and intelligence of the doberman pinscher, but there’s something about flat-faced dogs that charm me.  Randy shares that sentiment as well, so we were very glad when we had bull mastiffs!

Our gentle giants: Gorilla (RIP) and Tabachingching

Bull mastiffs are gentle giants.  They look scary alright, but they are sluggish.  It’s just because of their looks that they make good guard dogs (and massive weight na rin.  But they do not hold a candle to dobes when it comes to guarding.  Dobes keep on pacing back and forth, making sure no stranger can enter their master’s fortress.  Still, our bull mastiffs, Gorilla and Taba, looked intimidating.  And when they get mad, oh my!  There was time when these two bull mastiffs ganged up on Vanguard, and Vanguard got beaten up (and was bit too).  Too bad though, because Gorilla passed away because of erlichia.  I was at a teaching stint in San Pablo when it happened.  Randy even kept that information from me (that Gorilla died) until I finished teaching, because he knew I’d be crestfallen.

I with Gorilla

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Puppy Love

Last summer when Yoona vacationed in Mindanao; Randy and I were busy; and there was no available driver to pasyal him, Raviv found himself a new best friend in Itsy, our female toy poodle.  Actually, he has been “friends” with Itsy even when he was very young.  In fact, I have a video of him as a four-month-old baby harut-ing (“nakikipagharutan”, hehe) with Itsy.  And then he grew up and got preoccupied with other things.  But last summer, Itsy and Raviv’s bond got tighter.  They just love each other–Itsy follows Raviv wherever he goes, and Raviv cries when Itsy leaves him.  Raviv even quickly learned how to call Itsy: he has learned to snap his fingers (no sound comes out of it though), bend his knees, and call out, “Tseee, tsee!”

Raviv ad his BFF, Itsy

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